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Campaign Manager – Job Description

The Bike Station is a busy organisation, providing a wide range of services on the
premises and at other locations in Glasgow and beyond. Our staff are committed to
working for a successful community business which carries out recycling/refurbishment of
donated bicycles, and supports many people to start or extend their cycling through
provision of good second hand bicycles, cycling and cycle repair training and a self-help

We have secured funding from the Scottish Government's Climate Challenge Fund for an
exciting new project.

This project aims to encourage and promote sustainable commuting to employees in
community projects and small and medium sized businesses in Glasgow. The Bike
Station, along with a number of partners supporting sustainable transport, will be
attempting to change people's attitudes and commuting habits, whether it is moving from
driving towards taking the bus, cycling, walking or promoting car sharing and eco-driving.

As a result of this new project we are pleased to offer the position of Campaign Manager.
The post holder will be responsible for managing the individual campaigns within the
project, working in conjunction with the partners and supervising the work of the Travel
Planners, Cycle Trainers and Dr Bike Mechanic working on the project This post will be
supervised by the Bike Station Project Manager.

These campaigns will involve personal travel planning, inter-company cycle challenges
and events, free trial bus Ridacards, cycle training, loan bikes, health checks and free
walking/cycling maps amongst others.

More information about the project is given below.

The Campaign Manager will work closely with the Project Manager to ensure the individual
campaigns run to schedule and will report on progress to meetings of the Project Partners.

This will involve working closely with not only The Bike Station staff but a wide range of
partners and the small/medium businesses.

Essential qualities:
Experience of working in the field of sustainable transport and its promotion
Experience of working with the business community including contact at senior level
Experience of managing a large budget (£450,000 over 36 months) and of reporting to a
funding body
Experience of supervising staff.
Experience of partnership working
Good knowledge of email, word processing and the use of spreadsheets and databases
A high level of organisation,
attention to detail and high standard of accuracy
Excellent written and spoken communication skills and telephone manner
Experience of prioritising work and referring enquiries on to other staff when necessary
Desirable qualities:
Work or volunteering experience within a voluntary sector organisation
Sales experience, either face to face or by phone

Responsibilities :
• Direct and manage project development from beginning to end.
• Effectively communicate project expectations to team members.
• Liaise with development officers on an ongoing basis.
• Estimate the resources and participants needed to achieve project goals.
• Draft and submit progress reports, and recommend subsequent changes
where necessary.
• Delegate tasks and responsibilities to appropriate personnel.
• Identify and resolve issues and conflicts within the project.
• Plan and schedule project timelines and milestones using appropriate tools.
• Track project milestones and deliverables.
• Develop and deliver progress reports, proposals, requirements documentation,
and presentations.
• Define project success criteria and disseminate them to involved parties
throughout project life cycle.
• Coach, mentor, motivate and supervise project team members,
and influence them to take positive action and accountability for their assigned
• Build, develop, and grow any business relationships vital to the success of the
• Conduct project post mortems and create a recommendations report in order to
identify successful and unsuccessful project elements.
• Develop best practices and tools for project execution and management

Salary. The salary starts at £23,976 – 25,576 per annum depending on experience.
Hours. 35 hours per week. Hours are flexible, and will include evenings and weekends.
The contract will be for up to 36 months with the possibility of renewal subject to funding.

Better Way to Work Project outline

The BWTW Project will help and support staff working for small and medium sized companies in
Glasgow to cut their car use. This shift in travel behaviour will reduce carbon emissions, cut
pollution, reduce traffic congestion and boost health and fitness of participants.

Glasgow residents live in average 8km from their workplace so there is considerable potential for
change, particularly from solo car journeys to active travel. For those with longer journeys or who
don't want to walk or cycle, journey planning information and free trial bus passes will be offered,
along with advice on car sharing, car club membership and eco-driving.

Small and medium sized companies (up to 500 staff) are less likely than larger organisations to
have dedicated staff time devoted to promoting sustainable travel, and are likely to find it more
difficult to provide facilities. This project will carry out these functions.

It is likely that one result will be to shift some bus users into walking or cycling, but campaign
messages will also support public transport use, and acknowledge that walking and cycling may
not be a year round option for everybody. A key part of the message is to stress the financial and
health benefits from walking or cycling to work regularly, while using public transport as your main
back up. Using the car club when you need to drive then becomes a more attractive option than
owning your own car.

This unified approach aims to offer something for almost everybody in the targeted companies.

While not underestimating the challenges involved, our approach utilises well established
techniques including workplace champions, inter-company challenges, provision of trial bikes and
equipment and low-cost purchase. It also includes encouragement to take part in leisure cycling
and walking events including charity and social rides, and career/personal development
opportunities including certificated training and volunteering opportunities.

Participants will be offered the chance to borrow good bikes and get help with cycle training and
maintenance. Try-out bus passes will be available for those who want to sample commuting by
bus, and trial memberships of the City Car Club will also be provided.

Employers will be offered advice about providing facilities to encourage cycling and walking, and
assisted to obtain cycle friendly and health promoting employer status. For employers, the package
is sweetened by the prospect of fitter employees, positive publicity, external recognition of their
green credentials, reduced car parking requirement and staff travel costs and the chance to run
motivational schemes for their staff, all at little or no cost to the company.

The project will operate at a time when cycle use in Glasgow is increasing, the City Council and
Scottish Government have supportive policies and targets, and city centre congestion is severely
aggravated by tram construction works – all factors which will help this shift.

Uptake and changing attitudes will be monitored in participating employees and employers.

See for further details of our work.

To apply, send/email a completed application form to the Project Manager, Gregory
Chauvet by 12 noon on Monday 23th April 2012 by email to or
by post to the address below.

Shortlisted candidates will notified of an interview within 48 hours of the closing date. The
interviews will be held on 26h and 27th April 2010.

Thank you for your interest in this post.

The Bike Station, 65 Haugh Road, G3 8TX

Registered as Glasgow Bike Shed Ltd, a charitable company limited by guarantee.
Registered in Edinburgh under number 376469. Scottish charity number SC042707.

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