SANTOS A high performance application interface for WINDOWS 2000

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           A high performance application interface for
                   WINDOWS 2000 platforms
                                          Yves Meyer (Siemens), Philippe Tour (Dolphin)

                                                                    programmer investments in the WinSock API, while
                                                                    delivering low latency, high bandwidth interconnect
Abstract                                                            benefits on cost-effective Microsoft Windows 2000-based
                                                                    systems using SAN technologies.
In this paper a project that will bring significant performance
improvements to standard Windows Socket applications will be
presented.                                                                II. W INDOWS 2000 DIRECT PATH BASED ON SCI
                                                                    The fundamental requirements for fast interconnects (SAN
                    I. INTRODUCTION                                 technologies) are the ability to provide reliable, high
                                                                    bandwidth and low latency communication between nodes.
Enterprise computing solutions are more and more built              They have to avoid the overhead of enforcing reliable
with multiple applications thus increasing demand for inter-        delivery by software (TCP/IP) protocol therefore enabling
application communication bandwidth and availability.               for higher speeds and lower latencies at lower CPU cycle
Siemens and Dolphin have identified several areas that they
expect will gain significant cost/performance benefits from         Dolphin’s products meet these requirements and have
fast interconnects. Examples:                                       proven their ability to meet real system requirements set by
                                                                    supplying customers like Siemens, Data General, SUN
1.   The growing market of Internet applications with large         Microsystems, and more.
     back-end database servers interfaced with several front-
     end application servers, which provide more                    Siemens and Dolphin feel confident Dolphin’s products
     scalability, reliability, performance linearity and
                                                                    together with the « SANTOS » product will also deliver the
     manageability. Increasing the number of Web servers            best performing openly available interconnect solution for
     when the traffic grows without modifying the back-end          Microsoft Windows 2000 operating system. They further
     server is one of the major advantages of such
                                                                    believe Dolphin’s technology is the best positioned one,
     architecture. It also provides fault-tolerance through the     both in terms of price/performance requirements and
     use of alternate routes. This kind of configuration            adaptability to future standards direction.
     tightly depends on a high-speed and reliable
     communication between servers.
                                                                                 III. THE SANTOS WS DP PRODUCT
2.   On Windows 2000, kernel services like redirector
     (remote disk access), distributed file system use the          This product will be an openly available solution providing
     TCP/IP stack. These services could also benefit from a         significant performance improvements over traditional
     fast interconnect solution without major changes.              interconnects for inter-application communication such as
                                                                    web server to database, decision support, file transfer,
3.   Distributed object technology is now available (e.g.:          backup/restore solutions running on commercially-available
     DCOM for Windows 2000 and Unix). Even if the                   servers. Combined with low cost and high availability
     volume of data exchanged between objects is relatively         features meeting the requirements for mission-critical
     small, the latency is crucial in this kind of environment.     applications « SANTOS » will enable « Affordable
     This technology has no advantage if time to provide            Enterprise servers ».
     parameters between objects is bigger than time to
     execute the object itself.                                     The SANTOS product will be designed and positioned as
                                                                    an open high-speed interconnect for all Intel platforms
In Windows 2000 Datacenter, the Microsoft Windows                   running Windows 2000 Data Center.
Socket Direct Path Open Industry Initiative will link the
WinSock API to system area network technologies such as
Dolphin’s. This innovation protects existing application and

"SANTOS " features                                                     ITEM                             Short description
                                                                       SCI NIC                          D320 PCI-SCI Adapter card
•     Fully socket compliant and transparent for the user.             IRM                              Low level device driver
•     All application based on Winsock 2 or Winsock 1 over             NDIS                             NDIS device driver
      TCP/IP on Gigabit Ethernet should be able to run                 SCI SAN PROVIDER                 Windows       2000      SAN
      without modification with Dolphin SCI PCI card.                                                   PROVIDER for SCI
•     Low latency capability.
•     High bandwidth performance.                                      Phase 1 – Initial prototyping and validation phase: June 99
•     Reduced CPU usage.
                                                                       Phase 2 – Final « SANTOS » version 1 development phase:
                                                                       December 99
                                                                       Phase 3 – « SANTOS » version 1 product qualification and
The « SANTOS » core product will consist of the                        release: first half 2000
components as listed in the table and illustrated in the figure
below.                                                                 Acknowledgements
The « SANTOS » product will be implemented in a 3-                     The SANTOS project is sponsored by the Esprit project
phased approach and will be finished first half 2000.                  Nephew.
Dolphin and Siemens will provide benchmark results
compared to a Gigabit Ethernet configuration

                                             WinSock Application
                                                WinSock (WS)                                       ”SANTOS”

    WS SPI
                                                                  SCI SAN SWITCH                        The SCI
                                                                     PROVIDER                            NIC

                      Microsoft     base WinSock
                                                                   VMlib -                     DMA
                                                             ”VI-like” Messaging
                                                                                                             Bulk transfer
                                                                    library                     PIO
                              (TCP/IP stack)
    User                                                      SISCI & ConMan API

                                                             SISCI & ConMan driver
                        NDIS NIC device driver                                                 Pro-

                                                                                               Heart-        Management
                                           Interconnect Resource Manager (IRM)
                                                 NIC hardware device driver

                                               D310/D320 (SAN NIC Hardware)

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