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					Literacy Coalition Newsletter
Monday April 9, 2007
                                                                                              Bill Vargo, Editor

Literacy on the School Front

New Post
(submitted by Dennis Gray)

Hammond Reads Sixth Annual Essay Contest

                                                                  (Photo provided by Dennis Gray)
Pictured under the stage lights of the Towle Community Theater are winners of Hammond Reads Sixth Annual
Essay Contest. Left to right: Jeanene Barnes (adult category winner, Hammond resident), Abigail Bondi (sixth-
grade student at St. John the Baptist School), Kenyondra Johnson (fifth-grade student at Lafayette Elementary),
Khadijah Jones, (third-grade student at Lafayette Elementary), Alyssa Lopez (first-grade student at Morton
The 2007 contest was open to Hammond residents or students attending school in
Hammond. This year’s theme was, “Who is your favorite author, and why?” Each
winner read their essay on the stage of the Towle Community Theater to an
audience of families, friends, school officials, business and community leaders on
Tuesday evening, March 20.

The event was held in conjunction with a Lakeshore Chamber Business After
Hours. Chamber Executive Director, Dave Ryan, served as Master of Ceremonies.
Harris Bank was recognized as the event sponsor.

It is the mission of Hammond Reads “to make Hammond a city of readers”
through various literacy efforts. An all-volunteer Board of Directors guides
Hammond Reads under the leadership of President Nancy Machnikowski, who is
the Partnership Representative for the School City of Hammond.

Literacy News and Notes
New Post
(submitted by Dian Reyome)
Centier Bank offers incentives for consumers to increase their financial

Recognizing the importance of financial education, the Federal Deposit Insurance
Corporation (FDIC) has created a program titled, Money Smart, which is available
in both English and Spanish. Their computer based instruction (CBI) is a friendly
and easy to use learning tool that teaches ten computerized money management
lessons. The CBI can complement formal classes or enable people to study
independently at their own pace. Each module takes approximately 20-30 minutes
to complete. Students receive ongoing feedback and, upon successful completion
of each module, can print out a personalized certificate of completion. “We believe
this project will help students enhance their money skills and open the door for
them to create positive banking relationships for their future.” said Glenn Brewer,
Acting Community Affairs Officer for the Chicago Region of the FDIC.

Centier Bank, an FDIC Money Smart Alliance member, is now offering incentives
for completion of the ten modules, which are:

1. Bank on It – an introduction to bank services
2. Borrowing Basics – an introduction to credit
3. Check It Out – how to choose and keep a checking account
4. Money Matters – how to keep track of your money
5. Pay Yourself First – why you should save, save, save
6. Keep It Safe – your rights as a consumer
7. To Your Credit – how your credit history will affect your credit future
8. Charge It Right – how to make a credit card work for you
9. Loan to Own – know what you’re borrowing before you buy
10.Your Own Home – what home ownership is all about

Participants must live in an area where Centier Bank has a presence. Students will
be able to print a personalized certificate upon successful completion of each
module; which should be dated by the student. Centier Bank will mail one
(1) $25 gift card to each participant upon receipt of the certificates of
completion for the first eight modules (1-8), offer a ¼% reduction on a
mortgage loan with the certificate of completion for module 9, and a ¼%
reduction on a home equity loan with the certificate of completion for module
10.. Michael E. Schrage, Centier Bank’s President and CEO, stated “This unique
partnership allows Centier Bank the opportunity to partner with the communities
and schools in Northern Indiana in both classroom and individual settings. We
believe this project will enhance financial literacy and create positive banking
relationships well into the future.”
The School City of Hammond is the first school entity to offer the program to their
students. Dr. Steve Watson, Director at Hammond Adult Education, believes that
“This is another tool to be used in making effective financial decisions for both our
English, and limited English speaking adults. They will be able to acquire the
financial knowledge and skills they so critically need to better manage their
personal financial affairs.”

The individual lessons are currently available on Centier’s financial literacy page – and; School City of Hammond’s website – ; FDIC’s link is

Centier Bank also welcomes the opportunity to coordinate “train the trainer”
sessions for schools or organizations that prefer to use these programs in a
classroom setting. For more information, contact Dian Reyome, Centier Bank
Community Relations Coordinator at or 662-3333 x 323.
All successfully completed module certificates should be mailed to her at 109 East
Joliet Street, Crown Point, IN 46307. Please include return name and address so
that the incentive/coupon can be mailed to the student.
For more information on Centier’s financial literacy efforts, please visit

Contact Dian Reyome, Centier Bank Community Relations Coordinator at 662-
3333 x 323 or for more information.

Calendar of Events
New Post
(submitted by Dian Reyome)

The American Bankers Association’s has chosen Tuesday, April 24, 2007 as
Teach Children to Save Day (NTCSD). The effort is an annual, nationwide
event to increase children’s financial literacy. Associates from Centier Bank will
help start third, fourth and fifth graders on the path to a positive financial future by
participating with interactive presentations on saving money in their classrooms.

“While today’s children can receive e-mail through their cell phones, or use a
computer to do their homework, many don’t know the basics of saving and money
management. Studies show that people who learn to save early in life usually make
smarter financial decisions later. National Teach Children to Save Day starts
children off on the right path to saving for their future.” said Mike Schrage, Centier
Bank President and Chairman of the Board.

“Bankers are experts at saving and investing, so it’s a natural fit for them to visit
classrooms to teach students how their money can grow,” said Donald G. Ogilvie,
executive vice president of the American Bankers Association. “Student who
become smart savers today can become smart investors and money managers

In an effort to reach as many students as possible, Centier Associates will offer the
presentations beginning March 22nd through May 4th, with three weeks notice
requested. In 2006, Centier Bank reached 3,000 elementary students with over 100
presentations in the schools, and plans to increase that number this year. They will
teach children about money and savings and give them an opportunity to apply
concepts and practices through hands-on activities. Centier Bank worked with
the Indiana Department of Education, Indiana Bankers Association,
Networks Financial Institute and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
to make certain these classroom materials were correlated to Indiana’s state
For more information, or to schedule a presentation, call Dian Reyome, Centier
Bank Community Relations Coordinator at 662-3333 x 323 or contact her at Centier is requesting three weeks’ notice to assure all
necessary materials and handouts are available for each student.

New Post
(submitted by Dian Reyome)

Save the Date; Y.E.S. is Coming!!
Saturday, May 5, 2007

Youth Economic Summit
Y.E.S. is a one-day power filled summit especially designed for youth
ages 5-18. Our goal is to teach our children about finance and expose
them to careers in finance.

Y.E.S. will also provide the youth with the opportunity to explore non-
traditional careers that provide a
sound economic base. Students can select from multiple career options

Our Sponsors:

“10 minute Mentors”
Our 10-minute mentors have much expertise in their chosen fields and
they are here to plant seeds.

“It’s All About Economics”
Our Mentors are willing to provide vital information about their careers
in the area of:

   Finance
   Health Care
   Entrepreneurship
   Non-Traditional Careers
Thus raising awareness to our children, which we know will stimulate
their mental and financial growth and development.

Financial Workshops
Financial Workshops are designed to be interactive and fun so the
children can learn about finance and how to manage money

9:00 - 9:15   Opening Ceremony
9:15 - 10:00  GACC
10:15 - 11:00 GACC
11:00 -12:15  Lunch
12:15 - 1:00  GACC
1:15 - 2:00 C ACC

Here are Just a Few of the Sessions
 You Can Bank on It!
 Mudpies to Mutual Funds
 Taxes for Teens
 Financial Parenting Strategies
  ( Talking to your kids about money)
 Can You Pay My Bills
 Universal Savings Accounts
 Magic of Money
 Save, Spend, Invest, Give (It’s the Slice of Life)

Y.E.S. to Our Future is free and open to the public. Youth ages 5-11
must be accompanied by an adult. Lunch will be served.

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