RESEARCH ENTRIES
1. Provide a link to a news article. Briefly summarize the news story and fully explain
   its connection to the chapter(s) read. Support this connection with a quote.

2. Create links to at least three advertisements that express values or commentary on
   life. Sports, car, fashion, and beer advertisements are usually good for this (think
   “Just Do It”). Write a post that discusses what our society values.

3. List several (more than two) government policies depicted in the novel that the
   characters seem to follow blindly. Provide a link to information on a current U.S.
   government policy that seems to go unquestioned. Briefly summarize the information
   on website, and explain how the two policies (book and website) are related?

4. Research information about the time period in which the book was written (Brave
   New World-1930’s, Fahrenheit 451-1950’s, A Clockwork Orange-1960’s, Feed-
   2002). What were some changes in government, social conditions, technology,
   environment, entertainment, etc. that were happening at the time? Provide links to
   websites you find. Summarize this information. Based on this research, what do you
   believe the author’s view of the future was at the time the book was written? Support
   your points (cover more than one area) with evidence (quotes and/or examples) from
   the novel.

5. Relate some of the research you are doing in your paper to social changes. How can
   restrictions in the rights of teens or new social pressures parallel events in the book?
   As with the other research entries, you need to provide a link to a website, summarize
   the content of the site, and explain the connection you’re making.

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