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					So Cal H & I InterGroup


                                  MAY 22, 2005 ~ MEETING MINUTES
         Because it is such a great idea, the following abbreviations will continue to be used:
   “IG” = InterGroup; “Mtg” = Meeting; “Comm.” = Committee; “GSO” = General Service Office; “GSC” = General Service
                 Conference; “TF” = Treatment Facility; “CF” = Correctional Facility; “CO” = Central Office

          IG mtg was hosted by Intervalley Group at West Covina Alano Club in Covina, California. Greg opened
the Mtg. at approximately 1:30 p.m. with Fernando leading in the serenity prayer. Scott R. read the 12 traditions.
Bob C. read the statement of purpose. Roll call taken along with secretary’s announcements. The minutes from
the prior month were approved with no changes.

TREASURER’S REPORT ~ Ron T. reported for Nat B. in her absence these balances as of May 22, 2005.
     $ Book Fund Bal:                      $2,576.09
     $ General Fund:                       $1,573.43
     $ Total Combined Funds:               $4,149.52

          $ Year-To-Date Book Fund Income:            $467.25
          $ Year-To-Date Book Fund Expense:           $(565.68)

NEW REPS ~ None.

POLICY CHAIR ~ Scott R. – No new changes were reported.


NEW BUSINESS ~ Agreed to bring motion at next meeting to name signatory for 2006 & H & I Conference
checking account. Proposed revision to the H&I Conference of Southern California Guidelines is as follows: As
written: No trinkets or souvenirs will be sold during the H&I Conference, however, audiotapes of this conference
and prior Southern California H&I Conferences may be displayed and sold. Proposed revision: No trinkets or
souvenirs will be sold during the H&I Conference, with the following exceptions: (a) the company providing
audiovisual services to the Conference may display and sell audiotapes; (b) the Carrying the Message committee
may display and sell commemorative conference t-shirts and coffee mugs, with an emphasis on distributing pre-
ordered items. The quantity of items that are not pre-ordered shall be approved in advance by the Conference
Planning Committee, after considering SCHII’s desire that there should be no leftover unsold items that would be a
financial detriment to the intergroup. Purpose of the Revision: To carry the message of the Conference to those
who did not attend, in the form of the message on the t-shirt or cup; To provide a pleasant reminder to those who
attended the Conference, as an encouragement to participate in H&I and come to the Conference again next year; To
provide to those who cannot afford the ticketed events an inexpensive and useful item to take away from the
Conference; To encourage those who will not attend the Conference to provide financial support in the form of
scholarships to those who cannot afford to attend. After discussion, it was agreed to revise the proposed guideline
to be more general as to the description, and to require Intergroup approval, of items to be sold. Sue M. will submit
these changes next month." Comments to: Sue M. at

     1) Archivist ~ Gary A. - Not present. No report.
     2) Central California Area 93 ~ Debbie J. – Present. Central California Area 93 of Alcoholics Anonymous
        includes approximately 880 AA groups and covers, San Luis Obispo County, Bakersfield & Kern County,
        Antelope Valley, San Fernando Valley, Ventura & Santa Barbara Counties. We have 5 assemblies a year
        that rotate in the area and 5 committee meetings a year in Goleta. Our delegate, Vicki, gave her report from
        the GSO Conference to the area assembly last weekend. She will be visiting different counties and giving
        her report to smaller groups throughout the next few months. Many of you heard her at the H&I
        Conference discuss one of the changes to the pamphlet the AA Group that includes under group jobs, the
        wording Hospital and Institutions (sometimes known as H&I) representatives. The new pamphlet should
        be coming out of New York in September. I have brought a couple of hand outs with me today that are

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So Cal H & I InterGroup

           copies of information that I have received from GSO and Kansas City Area Central Office. The GSO piece
           is a Newsletter for Professionals entitled ABOUT AA . The Kansas City information is about the 15 th
           Annual Bridging the Gap “Temporary Contact Workshop Weekend” on September 9-11th in St. Joseph
     3)    Contact Upon Release: Harbor Area ~ Ron T. – Present. Nothing recent to report on Contact Upon
     4)    Contact Upon Release: Orange Co. ~ George R. – Present. Had one request. Within 10 days a new
           member stepped up and handled it! That was a great experience to share in.
     5)    Contact Upon Release: Coachella~ Arnie T. – Not present. No report.
     6)    Information Booth ~ Jose M – Present. Oral report was given at meeting. No written report.
     7)    Mtg Directory Librarian ~ Sean M. – Not present. No report.
     8)    Tape Librarian ~ Gary A. – Not present. No report.
     9)    Mid So Cal Area 9 / CFC ~ Alex N. – Not present. No report.
     10)   Mid So Cal Area 9 / HTFC ~ Pat S. - Present. GSR MSCA09 Announcements for H&I Intergroup,
           Sunday 5-22-05 (West Covina). Area Web Site is excellent: MSCA09
           Newsletters are available on area web site by the 1st of every month. T.F. Questionnaire Summary
           Synopsis is available, just ask for a copy. At our last Area Assembly. Our Delegate (Nancy J.) gave her
           report on the 55th General Service Conference. Copies of her written report are available and additional
           oral reports will be done at combined District meetings. The Final (written) Report will be published in
           about 3 mos. Among the issues voted upon at the Assembly: Approved revision to our Archives
           Committee Guidelines; Approved revision to our Foro Guidelines (Foro is on Sunday July 10 in Placentia);
           Voted to make Cooperation with Elder Community (CEC) into a standing committee. MSCA 09
           Upcoming Area Events - Area Service Committee will be on Sun., June 12 @ Community Center at 5720
           Clark Ave. in Lakewood. Committee meetings start at 10:15 and ASC is at noon; Foro de MSCA09 on
           Sun., July 10 at 8 AM at Community Bldg. 201 N. Bradford Av. in Placentia; Area Service Committee will
           be on Sun., Aug. 14 – hosted by District 11; Heritage Day will be held on Sat., Sept. 17; Area Elections
           will be held on Sun., Oct. 9. AA’s 70th Anniversary - International Convention – Toronto, Canada - June
           30 – July 3, 2005. Passport is suggested (or original birth certificate & picture I.D.) – BUT, if you have
           DUI &/or Felony convictions, get busy ASAP – Get application for “Approval of Rehab” @
   Complete Form & Submit ASAP. Beware: Canada considers ALL DUI’s felonies,
           so hurry up and resolve this if you plan to go (Thanks Sandi). Grapevine Digital Archives ONLINE
   $15/ yr. (or only $10/year if you already have subscription to printed
           Grapevine). Check out - say where you can share about the topic of the week.
     11)   So Cal Area 5 Assembly ~ Charley W. – Present. Southern California General Service Area 5 meets
           from Mullholland Drive to Rosecrans Avenue, from Malibu to Ontario. I want to report that I really
           enjoyed the H&I Conference in Orange. I’m still trying to figure out how I can report all the happenings to
           my Area. I hope to encourage more people from the Area to attend next year. Our Delegate came back
           from the Conference stoked. He’s busy giving reports all over the Area. I’ve heard him three times so far.
           He does a great job. There wasn’t much happening on Jim’s committee, which is Finance. They are raising
           the Delegate suggested annual fee for the Conference from $800.00 to $1200.00. I have early bird editions
           of box 459 our newsletter from GSO with the Advisory Actions, Additional Considerations, a short version
           of the budget reports and other information for all of you. It explains what happened much better than I can.
           I continue to look forward to working with all of you. Thank you for letting me be of service.
     12)   So Cal Convention H&I Speaker Chair ~ Dusty B. – Present. Oral report was given at meeting. No
           written report.
     13)   So. Cal Convention H & I Speaker Co-Chair ~ Gary A. – Not present. No report.
     14)   Website Chair ~ Sue M. – Present. Website address: or . 1,463 hits
           since February. For the conference, I set up an experimental online store for registration. About 10 people
           registered this way, and I amassed some information about what can go wrong (and right) to pass on the
           George, our conference chairman for next year. The update on the website is progressing: (A) Based on
           complaints from Bruce H. and conversations with Nick M. (copies of Bruce H.’s emails provided to
           intergroup members), I’ve added a disclaimer page which states that the purpose of the website is to
           provide information and not immediate assistance, and refers those needing meetings, help, etcetera to a list
           of California central offices that is maintained by the World Service website. (B) There are two sections
           now on the website main page: Intergroup Information and Intergroup Activities. I posted in
           downloadable .rtf format: Intergroup Information: (1) SCHII Statement of Purpose; (2) SCHII Members
           with links to their websites (I need to update this for the new members, please give me your information);
           (3) Vicki’s conference talk about “Is H&I a Part of A.A.”, which I transcribed from the conference

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So Cal H & I InterGroup

         audiotape; (4) SCHII Guidelines; (5) H&I Conference Guidelines; (6) I’m working on handouts -- one for
         H&I history entitled “About H&I in Southern California” (not complete), and the other, “H&I and the 12
         Traditions”, whose purpose would be to provide information that counters claims that H&I is in violation of
         the traditions. This would be just an information reference for A.A.’s who are dealing with this issue, not
         meant to further but rather to calm the fight. I will bring these to the intergroup for approval when they are
         done. Intergroup Activities: (7) Conference report, which is only the LA Sounding Board, and a list of
         raffle winners. Please send me any other information you’d like to post; (8) SCHII Meeting Calendar and
         Minutes – these are webpages and not downloads; (9) I’m working on the Corrections Correspondence and
         Contact Upon Release section; (10) Sandi is working on an Upcoming Events calendar. If you want
         something posted on the website, please let me know by emailing
     15) 12-Step Advisory Comm. Rep ~ Dave M. – Present. The May 25th meeting at Corcoran has been
         cancelled. The meeting is being rescheduled, probably for June 22nd and possibly at same location. The
         delay does give me a chance to work on the New Employee Orientation program for CDC. We were all
         given the portion on “12 Step Groups” and asked for proposed revisions. The current version consists of a
         few rather bland paragraphs on “Oxford Group”, “Bill and Bob” and “12 Steps”. It is all informative but
         hardly motivating. Somewhere, sometime, I cam e across some data regarding changed inmate attitudes
         and “ease of handling” for those participating in 12 step programs. I don’t mean the San Quentin/Warden
         Duffy information but something more current. If any of you know what I am talking about, I would
         appreciate the material. Someone working in a prison is going to be interested in “what’s in it for me” and
         ease of inmate handling should certainly be of interest. If any of you have personal experience or
         observations, please tell that also. I have a copy of the current effort for those who would like to look at it.
         Please see me if you would like to review it.
     16) Liaison Between SoCal and NoCal H & I ~ Dave M. – Present. Nothing new to report here. The next
         General Committee Meeting of Northern California H & I will be held June 13 th in the San Francisco Bay
         area. I will attend. A clarification of my comment last month concerning Don H., the speaker who talked
         about the history of H & I and AA. I have the CD here for Gary, but was not proposing him as the main
         banquet speaker, but rather as a “presentation” during the conference. NorCal H & I had five
         “presentations” and they seemed to go well. So maybe Gary can listen to the CD and then forward it to
         whomever is doing the program for the conference.
     17) Conference Report ~ Nick M. – Present. Reconciliation of the hotel bill and the bank account is not
         complete. The 2006 H & I Conference will receive $5,000 seed money. Ron T read the registration and
         meal numbers for the conference, which are final. The numbers read by Ron reflect the Planning
         Committee’s hard work and the H & I Intergroup’s strong support. We will be writing a letter to the hotel
         thanking them for their efforts on our behalf in ensuring a successful conference. We will be with the
         Orange/Doubletree Hotel for the next four years. I know you will be lending George and the 2006
         Committee the same wonderful support you gave me. Thank you. I will now join Paul P. in the back row
         of the rooms where the H & I Intergroup meets. A financial report was given by Ron T.


     1) Antelope Valley ~ WHERE ARE YOU?!?! (Meets 10:30 am, 2nd Sunday @ the Arid Club). Not
        present. No report.
     2) Bakersfield ~ WHERE ARE YOU?!?! Not present. No report.
     3) Central Coast ~ Dave M. (Meets 6:40 pm, 3rd Tues @ SLO Alano Club) Present. Our treasury is back up
        and all panels are covered. All is well. The AW at CMC still has not gotten back to me, but once I
        reported that I would talk to Jeanne Woodford at the SoCal Conference, there have been some stirrings at
        OSAP in Sacramento.
     4) Coachella Valley ~ Arnie T. (Meets 6:30 pm, last Wed @ Eisenhower Hosp Café) Arnie was not present.
        Mike gave an oral report of all the goings on. We've had some problems retaining a place for our monthly
        meetings due to one reason or another, but have made a home in our AA central office. The atmosphere
        there is much more friendly and conducive to what we are all about. We continue to meet the last
        Wednesday of the month. All of our panels are filled and we continue to carry the message into 22
        different facilities. The panel into Chuckawalla Valley State Prison had a pleasant surprise when arriving
        last month. The warden just happened to have been there when we checked in so we had an opportunity to
        speak with her. She was very gracious and related how happy she was that we continue to come in. She
        also encouraged our panel captain to contact her office at any time if we were experiencing any problems.

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So Cal H & I InterGroup

           HOORAY!! The door has been opened and we will step through. Our current operating balance is
     5)    Foothill Group ~ WHERE ARE YOU?!?! Not present. No report.
     6)    Harbor Area ~ Ron T. for Jimmy S. (Meets 8:00 pm, 3rd Wed @ the American Legion Hall; newcomers
           @ 7:30 pm) Present. We had approximately 79 members in attendance with four newcomers. We had
           two members celebrating May birthdays for a total of sixteen years of Biscuits and Gravy. Our General
           Fund and Literature Fund are looking good with $1,889.6 in our Literature Fund and $1,412.61 in our
           General Fund. If needed and approved we can always transfer money from one fund to another, as our
           annual operating expenses are $1,230 and the year is half over. We spent $694.10 on literature this month.
           We have two information meetings scheduled in May. The purpose of these meetings is to bring new
           members into H & I. The first Harbor Area Service Committee fundraiser for 2005 was Casino Night held
           on April 16th and raised approximately $000 for Central Office. Our July 4th picnic will be held Sunday,
           July 3rd in Eldorado Park. Harbor Area Central Office’s budget for the month of April finished with an
           operating loss of $1,974. This gives Harbor Area Service Committee a four-month loss for the year of
           $3,808. Once the proceeds start coming in from our fundraisers, things will look better. Speaking of
           fundraisers, planning meetings have begun for our annual H & I Mass Meeting/Chili Cook-off to be held
           on September 24, 2005, at Wilson High School Bruin Den in Long Beach. More details next month. All of
           our panels were filled with no mention of dark nights from any facilities. Our next Business Meeting will
           be on Wednesday, June 15th at 8:00 p.m. Newcomer orientation and the Mass Meeting Planning meeting
           will be at 7:30 p.m.
     7)    High Desert ~ Jon L. (Meets 6:30 pm, 3rd Mon @ Apple Valley Alano Club) Present. May’s meeting was
           held on the 16th with 15 people in attendance. Orientation was given to one newcomer. 2004 High Desert
           Convention resulted in $5,000 going to support our central office. The first 2006 Convention Meeting was
           held on May 18, 2005. High Desert fund raiser to be held on August 27, 2005. Flyers will be available in
           the near future. Maratha Correctional Facility will be closed in June 2005. Operating Fund: $ 72.35;
           Literature Fund: $1167.84; Prudent Reserve: $2,500.00; Total: $3740.19.
     8)    Inland Empire ~ Russ D. (Meets 12:30 pm, 3rd Sun @ Patton State Hospital, newcomer orientation at
           12:00 pm) Not present. No report.
     9)    Inter-Valley ~ Glenn W. (Meets 6:30 pm, 1st Mon @ Covina Alano Club) Present. The committee met on
           5/2/05 with 22 members and one newcomer. 28 facilities were served with weekly panels. The Salvation
           Army Center (City of Bell) was taken on as a weekly panel. There has been trouble getting enough
           participation for the CIM panel. It will be discussed again @ next month's mtg. It appeared that the LA
           Central H&I were no longer covering the panel. I want to also add that I enjoyed the H&I Conference.
           Volunteers were solicited to help out with the May 22nd Intergroup meeting @ the 502 Club. It was my
           first since 2001. I plan to keep coming back and to get involved in the planning committee.
     10)   Los Angeles ~ Sue S. (Meets 7:30 pm, 2nd Mon @ Church Hall, newcomers at 7:00 pm ). Present. Hospital
           side: ~ 250 panels. Corrections side ~ 100 panels, some of which we share with San Fernando Valley and
           Santa Clarita H&I. We have 200-300 in attendance at each business meeting, which is held the 2 nd Monday
           at 7:30 pm at 4350 Wilshire Blvd. (at Plymouth), Los Angeles, CA 90010. Our committee has revamped
           their orientation procedures to include: (1) a new orientation formation; (2) H&I sponsorship to show
           newcomers all they need to know, and to encourage them to come back; and (3) humor. David Z., a well-
           known stand-up comedian/celebrity, is now chairing the orientation sessions. In Los Angeles, that should
           keep them coming back. Sandi resigned the Sounding Board and then re-enlisted when her replacement up
           and moved to Hawaii without notice. I’m still doing the LA website and also H&I Information Chair,
           which involves outreach – a good fit with my conference commitment with Sandi for next year, Carrying
           the Message. Toward that end, I am contacting H&I members and asking them for their home group
           information, to find out which groups are not represented. Sandi suggests asking H&I members to also
           carry the message, subject to group approval of course.
     18)   Orange Co. ~ Mark B. (Meets 2nd Sun @ Garden Grove Alano Club, CF – 4:00 pm / TF – 6:00 pm) Oral
           report was given by George R. at meeting. We just picked up 8 new hospital panels. This brings O.C. H
           & I to 189 Institutional panels and 300+ Hospital panels. All being serviced by 225 active members.
     11)   San Diego-Imperial ~ Erica D. (Meets 1:15 pm, 3rd Sun @ Machinists Union Hall) Present. Ten showed
           up for orientation. Around 40 attended business meeting. Ad Hoc Committee formed response to
           concerns/issues raised by a group regarding accounting of green can monies. Currently servicing 43
           correctional panels and 42 treatment panels. Policy Committee approved August for hosting IG meeting
           (in place of traditional October). Received lots of positive comments on conference.

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So Cal H & I InterGroup

     12) San Diego-North ~ Bob C. (Meets quarterly @ Oceanside Alano Club) Present. Next recruitment is July
         22, 2005. New panels have been requested for Camp Pendleton in Oceanside and Solution for Change in
         Vista. $5,000.00 in funds on hand.
     19) San Fernando Valley ~ Dusty B. (Meets 8:00 pm, 3rd Mon @ St. Innocence Church in Tarzana, 7:00 pm
         orientation) Present. Oral report was given at meeting. No written report.
     13) Santa Barbara ~ Nat B. (Meets 6:00 pm, 2nd Mon @ SB Central Office) Pete P. gave oral report for
         Natalie in her absence.
     20) Santa Barbara-North ~ Pete P. (Meets third Thursday 6:30 PM rotating sites) Present. Oral report was
         given at meeting. No written report.
     14) Santa Clarita ~ Shannon D. (Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Thurs @ St. Stephens Church). Not present. No report.
     15) South Orange County ~ Chuck I. (2nd Thursday of the month, 7:30 pm. with Orientations at 7:00pm.m at
         Laguna Beach Canyon Club) Present. We had our regular business meeting Thursday 12th, 2005, 7:30 at
         the Laguna Beach Canyon Club. This meeting was well attended with many new attendees from San
         Clemente and Dana point meetings. We have another new hospital panel and are setting up panels to go
         into a new women’s 21-day detox center, and are in the process of filling these panels. The Traveling
         Twelve Steppers is the name that has been selected for the panels that are being taken into to assisted living
         homes and to infirmed or ill people who cannot get out to meetings. We have a dozen people carrying this
         message. We have currently 119 people put in for jail clearance and of these approximately 78 now have
         badges. There are 14 new people that have attended orientation and fulfilled the requirements to apply for
         jail clearances. We are financially solvent with approximately $277.00 in the bank after a $600.00
         literature expenditure. Our next meeting is on Thursday June 9 th at the Laguna Canyon Club. We will be
         delaying our chili cook-off until fall because of a conflict with the Orange County central office chili cook
         off this summer. We are in need of bilingual AA’s for the federal men’s panel’s.
     16) South Bay ~ Greg M. (Meets 7:00 pm, 3rd Tues @ South Bay Alano Club, 6:30 pm for newcomers) Not
         present. No report.
     17) Ventura ~ Mark V. (Meets 6:00 pm, 2nd Sun @ Ventura Central Office) Not present. No report.
     21) Spanish Los Angeles ~ Jose M. (Meets 7:30 pm, every Wed @ 1059 Gage Ave.) Present. Oral report
         was given at meeting. No written report.
     18) Spanish Los Angeles-Central Ofc ~ ?DONDE ESTAS?
     19) Spanish Riverside ~ ?DONDE ESTAS?
     20) Spanish San Fernando ~ Jorge J. (Meets 1st & 3rd Tues @ Spanish Central Office, 311 Van Nuys Blvd,
         Ste. 3 in Van Nuys.) Not present. No report.
     21) Spanish Santa Clarita ~ ?DONDE ESTAS?
     22) Temecula Valley ~ Joe L. (Meets 7:30 pm, 1 Monday @ Serenity Hall – Temecula.) Not present. No


Congratulations to Glenn, sobriety date 5/6/05, with ten years sober
Congratulations to Tina, sobriety date 5/5/00, with five years sober.


In order to fill the calendar for the second half of the year, the following schedule was arranged:

July meeting to be hosted by Spanish L.A.
August meeting to be hosted by San Diego.
September meeting to be hosted by San Fernando Valley.
October Meeting to be hosted by Central Coast.
November meeting to be hosted by High Desert.
December meeting will not take place due to holiday.

Meeting adjourned at about 2:30 p.m.

Sect’s Note: PLEASE remember that ALL reports MUST be in writing and preferably e-mailed to me before or
directly after the mtg. [Personal email address removed. Contact if you want to email the
Intergroup Secretary and don’t have the roster]. Thanks to all who did e-mail their reports! It makes a huge
difference in getting this report out quicker.

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So Cal H & I InterGroup

                          ~ NEXT INTERGROUP MEETING ~
                          When: Sunday, June 26, 2005 – 1:30 pm
                                      Host: Ventura
                                 Where: Buck-A-Roo Club
                                 2635 Wagon Wheel Road
                                    Oxnard, California
         From US-101 in Oxnard
         Take the CA-232/VINEYARD AVE exit toward OXNARD.
         Turn LEFT onto E VINEYARD AVE/CA-232.
         Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto W ESPLANADE DR.
         Turn LEFT onto WAGON WHEEL RD.
         End at 2635 Wagon Wheel Rd Oxnard, CA 93036

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