COUNTY OF ALAMEDA
                            GENERAL SERVICES AGENCY-PURCHASING
                                                             ADDENDUM No. 2
                                                                RFQ No. 900588
                                                  Parking Management Services
     Specification Clarification/Modification and Recap of the Networking/Bidders Conferences
                               Held on April 29, 2009 and April 30, 2009

                                                                  NOTICE TO BIDDERS


The following Sections have been modified to read as shown below. Changes made to the original
RFP document are in bold print and highlighted, and deletions made have a strike through.

The following Sections have been modified to read:

                                                            RESPONSE DUE
                                                                2:00 p.m.
                                                               June 3, 2009
                                                              June 16, 2009
                                                      Alameda County, GSA-Purchasing
                                                       1401 Lakeside Drive, Suite 907
                                                           Oakland, CA 94612

                                    1401 LAKESIDE DRIVE, SUITE 907, OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA 94612
                                           510 208 9600 FAX 510 208 9626
I:\PURCHASING\Contracting Opportunities\Purchasing\Parking Management\ADDENDUM 2 - Parking Managment Services.doc
                            County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                       RFQ No. 900588, Addendum No. 2

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May 22, 2009

Page 2
Attachments – the following Exhibit has been added.

           Exhibit O - Alameda County Contractor Bonding Assistance Program brochure (See
           Exhibit O attached to this Addendum)

Page 7

               2.      Specific Requirements

                    a. Amador Parking Facility

                       The Amador Parking Facility (APF) is a four (4) story parking structure located at
                       24360 Amador Street in Hayward, CA. Operations are Monday through Friday, 7:00
                       a.m. to 7:00 6:00 p.m., excluding holidays. The APF has a capacity of six hundred
                       (600) spaces inside the facility, with an additional five hundred forty six (546) spaces
                       located outside in an open-air lot. The Amador Facility has two (2) parking attendant
                       booths at opposite ends of the parking lot. Amador accommodates both monthly
                       pass holders and daily parkers. For monthly pass holders, Amador parking is
                       controlled by a proximity card system. Daily users are required to pull a parking
                       ticket from a dispensing machine to activate an entry gate. Upon departure they are
                       required to pay the parking attendant. The attendant shall insert each parking ticket
                       in a register which automatically calculates time and cost. The attendant will accept
                       payment and make proper change, if necessary. At the end of each shift attendants
                       will be required to close out the parking lot register.

Page 10

               4.      Requirements for Operation/Administration of Parking Facilities

                       p.       Parking management services shall be required by Contractor(s) at all
                                facilities for special events, extended hours, and on weekends as required
                                by the County. Rates for these special events, extended hours, and
                                weekends shall be billed at the hourly rates, straight time and overtime,
                                specified on Exhibit B, Revised, Bid Form.
                       County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                  RFQ No. 900588, Addendum No. 2

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May 22, 2009

Page 14


             Event                 Date/Location
             Request Issued        April 14, 2009
             Written Questions     BY 12:00 Noon on April 27, 2009
             Networking/Bidders    APRIL 29, 2009 AT 2:00 P.M.       AT:  SSA 24100 Amador
             Conference/Site                                         Street, #225, Hayward,
             Visit #1                                                CA 94545
             Networking/Bidders    APRIL 30, 2009 AT 10:00           AT: GSA. 1401
             Conference/Site       A.M.                              Lakeside Drive, #201,
             Visit #2                                                Oakland, CA 94612
             Addendum #1           May 15, 2009
             Addendum #2           MAY 20, 2009 MAY 22, 2009
             Response Due          JUNE 5, 2009 JUNE 16, 2009
             Evaluation Period     June 5-19, 2009 June 5-24, 2009 June 16-July 16, 2009
             Board Letter Issued   June 30, 2009 July 2, 2009 August 14, 2009
             Board Award Date      July 14, 2009 July 28, 2009 September 8, 2009
             Contract Start Date   October 1, 2009

               Note: Award and start dates are approximate.

Page 28


               3.    Contractor personnel shall be easily identifiable as non-County employees (i.e. work
                     uniforms, badges, etc.). Attendants shall wear a uniform that clearly identifies
                     the Contractor name and/or logo. Attendants shall not wear clothing that
                     displays names or logos other than that of the Contractor.
                      County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                 RFQ No. 900588, Addendum No. 2

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May 22, 2009

   Responses to Written Questions:

   Q1)    Will this contract be awarded to the “lowest bidder”?
   A1)    Yes. This contract will be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder. That means the
          contract will be awarded to the Bidder who quotes the lowest cost and also meets all of
          the bid specifications and requirements.

   Q2)    The RFQ calls for a performance bond of 50% of the total contract amount. Please define
          the total contract amount.
   A2)    The total contract amount is the amount on the winning bid form for each awarded

   Responses to Verbal Questions:

   Q3)    Does the County have a preference to award the contract to a single vendor versus multiple
   A3)    The County prefers a single vendor to handle all 3 locations. But the County reserves
          the right to make a multiple award.

   Q4)    Will a list of all attendees at the bidder’s conferences be given?
   A4)    Yes. A list of attendees will be provided in the Addendum.

   Q5)    On page 8, Item 4.c. states:
              Contractor shall be responsible for the security of all vehicles under its control, and shall
              be responsible for any damage to, or theft of, any such vehicle(s).
          Can the County please clarify what the contractor is responsible for?
   A5)    The contractor will be held responsible for theft or damage of vehicles under its
          control. A vehicle is in the contractor’s control when one of its employees occupies it or
          when the vehicle keys are in the employee’s possession. The contractor manages and is
          responsible for County pool vehicles at both the Oakland Parking Facility (OPF) and
          the Amador Parking Facility (APF). The contractor will also be responsible for
          instances of employee theft, damage or dishonesty, either from or to the County, or
          from or to anyone else using the parking facilities. In addition, if the contractor or one
          of its employees locks keys inside a vehicle the contractor will be responsible for
          retrieving the keys.

   Q6)    In relation to Question 5 above, if there is a break-in to a non-County vehicle and something
          is stolen would a claim be filed under the contractor’s insurance?
   A6)    No. Furthermore, such incidents will be directed to the County’s General Service
          Agency (GSA). County parking facilities have a no liability policy. GSA will refer such
          incidents to the local Police or Sheriff’s Department.

   Q7)    How many pool vehicles are there at each facility?
                     County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                RFQ No. 900588, Addendum No. 2

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May 22, 2009

   A7)    The number varies. There are approximately 15-25 pool vehicles at the Hayward
          facility and 20-25 at the Oakland facility.

   Q8)    Does the County provide time-clocks and safes at all the booths?
   A8)    The County provides a safe at each location. No time-clocks are provided.

   Q9)    Can the County provide a breakdown of the parking metering equipment and/or systems
          being used at each facility?
   A9)    The County currently uses equipment and a system provided by McGann Amano
          Associates at all three facilities. At each gate there is a fee computer/register, a
          printer/receipt machine, a validation machine, a cash drawer, a ticket machine, gate
          arm, rolling gate doors and a card reader.

   Q10) How old is the equipment? Does the County plan any upgrades?
   A10) The equipment in use is at least seven years old. The County is planning to upgrade,
        eventually, but that will be subject to budgetary constraints.

   Q11) Is the contractor responsible for lost tickets or tickets not accounted for?
   A11) The contractor must account for all tickets. But they will not be responsible for
        parking receipts lost when County staff authorizes the unpaid release of vehicles.

   Q12) The County requires criminal background checks. Does the County have specific standards
        or criteria regarding criminal background checks?
   A12) The County is interested in felony convictions occurring after age 18.

   Q13) Why is the County going out for bid on these services?
   A13) The County is going out to bid because the current contract is set to expire.

   Q14) Is the incumbent contractor eligible to rebid?
   A14) Yes.

   Q15) Who is the incumbent and how long was there contract term?
   A15) Starzz Management Services, Inc. is the incumbent for all 3 facilities. They have held
        the contract for 5 years.

   Q16) Are there any new features or challenges that the County is looking toward that bidders need
        to address?
   A16) The County is looking at the possibility of installing pre-paid ticket systems so people
        could validate and pre-pay their tickets at a machine and then use a designated booth
        to exit. Such a system, however, would be in addition to a booth attendant. This
        change may not be implemented.

   Q17) In Exhibit B, there is a column for “Est. # of Hours per year.” Do those hours include
        cleaning and maintenance?
                     County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                RFQ No. 900588, Addendum No. 2

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May 22, 2009

   A17) No. This estimate represents the hours for attendants inside the booths.

   Q18) The bid form does not include a line item for cleaning and maintenance. Should bidders
        include cost for cleaning and maintenance in their bid response?
   A18) All costs should be included in the hourly cost bid for each facility.

   Q19) The County requests a full-time account manager. Is that one account manager per facility
        or does the County want one account manager for all 3 facilities?
   A19) That is for the bidder to decide. But, the County wants a single-point of contact who
        will respond to inquiries from the County.

   Q20) Does the account manager have to be on site?
   A20) No.

   Q21) On page 7, the hours for the Amador Facility are listed as 7:00 am – 7:00 pm. But on the
        Exhibit B, the hours are listed as 7:00 am – 6:00 pm. Which is correct?
   A21) Please see the revised Amador Parking Facility requirements at the beginning of this
        Addendum. The correct hours for the Amador Parking Facility are 7:00 am – 6:00 pm.

   Q22) Does the County define the cleaning and maintenance schedule or is that left for the
        contractor to decide?
   A22) The cleaning and maintenance schedule will be determined by the contractor with
        agreement by the County.

   Q23) Does the County provide the tickets?
   A23) Yes.

   Q24) Page 9, Item j. states:
           County will reserve the right to increase or decrease the number of attendants with no
           increase in the hourly rates.
        Can the County please clarify what this means?
   A24) That item refers to the possibility of the County using a pre-paid ticket system which
        might potentially replace a booth attendant. If attendant hours are reduced, for any
        reason, the contractor will not be allowed to increase their hourly rates to compensate.

   Q25) Would the County consider putting a time clock in each booth in case equipment breaks or
        goes down so the attendant doesn’t have to write down the time manually?
   A25) No.

   Q26) Who clears the safe at each facility?
   A26) The contractor clears the safe.

   Q27) Are there panic alarms in the booths? If not, would the County consider putting them in?
   A27) There are no panic alarms and the County does not plan to install them.
                     County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                RFQ No. 900588, Addendum No. 2

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May 22, 2009

   Q28) What was the total amount of last year’s (or last 3 years) expenditures for these services?
   A28) The total paid for 2007-8 was $231,871. The three year total paid from 2005-2008 was

   Q29) Is it possible to request a copy of the current contract or the Addendum from the last RFQ?
   A29) To receive a copy of a public record each requestor must submit a public records
        request to the Purchasing Department. The easiest way to submit your request is by e-
        mail to Lovell Laurente ( Please note, however, that it may
        take several weeks to process a public records request for duplication, depending on
        the availability and requirement for redaction of the document.

   Q30) Can the County provide the gross income for all 3 facilities?
   A30) The total revenue collected at the booths in 2007 was $827,531. In 2008 the revenue
        collected was $947,266.

   Q31) Can you provide the cost for maintenance and clean-up by the current vendor for the last 3
   A31) Maintenance and clean-up is included in the hourly rate charged by the current
        contractor and has not been broken out as a separate cost. Therefore, the County does
        not have information on maintenance or clean up costs.

   Q32) How are maintenance and clean-up included in the hourly rate?
   A32) The hourly rate includes all bidder expenses and overhead including staff,
        management, cleaning, maintenance, and, etc.

   Q33) The bid indicates a 20% SLEB requirement that needs to be satisfied. Is that really a must?
   A33) Yes. SLEB participation is a requirement of County contracts mandated by the Board
        of Supervisors. Bidder’s who are not certified SLEB’s will be required to submit
        Exhibit F form(s) evidencing a firm commitment to subcontract with certified SLEB
        vendors for a minimum of 20% of the contract amount.

   Q34) Does the County have a worker retention clause as part of this bid?
   A34) No.

   Q35) Are the current employees represented by a local union or collective bargaining unit?
   A35) The County is not aware of any such representation.

   Q36) May bidders visit the facilities as long as the employees are not disturbed?
   A36) Yes. The parking lots are open to the Public. But, Bidder’s are asked not to question
        or interact with attendants or other garage management or County staff. Such contact
        could result in the disqualification of a bid if it is deemed to have compromised the
        bidding process.
                      County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                 RFQ No. 900588, Addendum No. 2

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May 22, 2009

   Q37) On page 24, Item 2.a. states:
            …a bid preference cannot override a State law, which requires the granting of an award
            to the lowest responsible bidder.
        Is the County aware of any State laws that might affect the SLEB requirement?
   A37) The County is unaware of any conflicts between the SLEB requirements and State law.

   Q38) Are there on-site offices at the 3 parking facilities?
   A38) No. There are only pay station booths.

   Q39) Is the security guard at the ALCO Park Garage there at all times?
   A39) There is a security guard at ALCO Park Garage during hours of operation from 7:00
        am – 7:00 pm, Monday through Friday, except when the Garage is closed on County

   Q40) Has the current contract ever been amended in regards to the maintenance requirements in
        order to raise the standards you are currently achieving?
   A40) The contract originally specified that grease spots be cleaned on a weekly basis. Later
        that was amended to a monthly requirement. Now the cleaning is done on an as needed
        basis, approximately once a month.

   Q41) Has the County considered putting a security guard at the Hayward facility?
   A41) No. There are Sheriff’s Deputies stationed at the Hayward facility so no additional
        security guards are supplied.

   Q42) Would the County be open to automation at parking facilities? Must there always be a
        person attending the booth?
   A42) Currently, the County requires a person to attend each booth. The County considering
        a possible upgrade to a fully automated system, but that will be subject to time and
        budgetary constraints.

   Q43) What is the frequency of breakdowns on the equipment?
   A43) There are minor equipment break downs, on average, about once a week.

   Q44) Are service calls made to McGann Amano paid directly by the County?
   A44) Yes. The County has on-call staff available to request service calls and take care of
        some problems.

   Q45) What is required to assign a County pool vehicle?
   A45) County employees must provide a valid driver’s license as well as a County-issued
        vehicle ID card (also known as the Blue Card). The attendant will need to check both
        pieces of identification, fill out the proper forms, and then hand the vehicle car keys to
        the assigned driver. They will also be responsible for checking in the vehicle when it is
                      County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                 RFQ No. 900588, Addendum No. 2

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May 22, 2009

   Q46) Is there a calendar system? Or can employees just walk-up and check out a vehicle?
   A46) There is a reservation system. County employees can also walk-up and check out a
        vehicle if one is available.

   Q47) Will the attendants have access to that reservation list?
   A47) The attendants actually take the reservations themselves.

   Q48) Where are daily deposits banked?
   A48) Union Bank.

   Q49) Is there a local Union Bank branch near each parking facility?
   A49) Yes. The Oakland branch is located at 1970 Franklin Street, the Hayward branch is at
        805 B Street.

   Q50) Are the facilities cash-only?
   A50) Yes, all 3 facilities are cash-only. No credit cards or checks are accepted.

   Q51) Has the County considered a credit card payment option?
   A51) Credit card payment options are currently under consideration by the County.

   Q52) How is monthly parking paid?
   A52) Monthly parking is paid directly to the County and is not the responsibility of the

   Q53) Does the County directly activate monthly parking cards, or is that the contractor’s
   A53) Parking cards are activated by the County.

   Q54) How long will it take to train parking staff to operate the cash register, and to issue and
        receive pool vehicles?
   A54) The County expects to train one contractor staff member and will expect that trainee to
        train additional contractor employees, as necessary, to fully staff all locations. The
        training sessions should take about ½ hour.

   Q55) Are monthly parking users all County employees?
   A55) No. The lots are open to the Public. There are monthly parking users that are not
        County employees. Public inquiries about monthly parking should be directed to the

   Q56) Is there a current list of loss runs that have taken place against vehicles while an attendant
        has been onsite?
   A56) In the last 5 years there have been a few cases of damage to vehicles inflicted by
                      County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                 RFQ No. 900588, Addendum No. 2

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May 22, 2009

   Q57) Were those damages the responsibility of the operator?
   A57) No. They occurred after hours. The contractor is only responsible for damages
        suffered during hours of operation.

   Q58) What happens if an attendant checks out a vehicle to someone without a Blue Card?
   A58) The contractor will be responsible for the cost of a vehicle, out on an unauthorized
        basis, at the same rate as would be charged via the standard interdepartmental rental

   Q59) Do any of the facilities have security guards after hours?
   A59) No. Security guards are only present at the ALCO and Oakland facilities during hours
        of operation. The Amador Parking Facility does not have security guards at any time.

   Q60) Do the Sheriff’s Office at the Amador facility or the security guards at the other two facilities
        share any responsibility for security, damage or theft of vehicles?
   A60) No.

   Q61) If a ticket dispenser breaks down can the contractor call for service directly if the County
        cannot be reached?
   A61) A County staff member will always be available during hours of operation to place
        service calls.

   Q62) Will County maintenance staff have access to and/or work on equipment after hours?
   A62) Yes.

   Q63) Will the contractor be notified when after hours work is performed by County staff?
   A63) Not necessarily. It will depend on the work being performed.

   Q64) How are payments to the operator handled? If the operator submits the monthly cash report
        late would that delay receipt of payment for services?
   A64) The contractor makes deposits daily for any cash received. The receipts of those
        deposits are submitted to the County on a monthly basis. The monthly cash report is
        due on the 14th of each month. The County will not approve the contractors invoice
        until it is in receipt of the report. So, a late report will could delay payment to the

   Q65) Regarding the daily deposits for cash received, may the monies be dropped into a night
   A65) No. Deposits have to be made inside the bank.

   Q66) How will an attendant, who works until 6:00 pm or 7:00 pm, make a deposit if the bank is
   A66) There is a safe in each booth. The contractor will have to decide how to store, retrieve
        and deposit receipts daily.
                      County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                 RFQ No. 900588, Addendum No. 2

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May 22, 2009

   Q67) How does the County make payments to the contractor?
   A67) The contractor invoices the County on a monthly basis, and the County has 30-days to
        remit payment. Monthly payment will be authorized upon receipt of the monthly cash

   Q68) Within the last 5 years, has the County failed to remit payment to the contractor within 30-
   A68) Yes, there have been 5 or 6 times, over the last 5 years, when payment was delayed
        beyond 30 days from receipt of invoice.

   Q69) Would the County consider paying the contractor in advance? Is payment always in arrears?
   A69) There will be no payment for services in advance. Payment is always in arrears.

   Q70) Would the County consider setting up a night depository if the contractor picked up the
        receipt the next day for the previous night’s drop?
   A70) It may be considered but the County wants to verify the amount of cash received, each
        day, as soon as possible.

   Q71) Are the safes in each booth split? Is there is a place for money drops and a place for personal
   A71) No. Each safe has one compartment, only.

   Q72) Have there been any thefts of money over the last 5 years?
   A72) There was one break-in at the ALCO Park Facility.

   Q73) Was that one break-in at the ALCO Park Facility the responsibility of the contractor?
   A73) The break-in happened after hours. The contractor was responsible for the loss of
        money. But, damages and repairs to the register and equipment were the responsibility
        of the County.

   Q74) Is there any surveillance equipment at the parking facilities?
   A74) There is no surveillance equipment at any of the parking facilities.

   Q75) Would the County allow the contractor to changes safes at the contractor’s cost?
   A75) No. The safes are property of the County.

   Q76) If the County automates a facility and an attendant is no longer needed, can the performance
        bond be recalculated?
   A76) Yes. The bond is required to be maintained at 50% of the contract award amount. If
        the amount changes the bond may change accordingly.

   Q77) Can bids be hand delivered?
                    County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                               RFQ No. 900588, Addendum No. 2

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May 22, 2009

   A77) Yes. Bids may be delivered to the Purchasing Department receptionist in Room 907 of
        the GSA Administration Building at 1401 Lakeside Drive, Ninth Floor, Oakland, CA
        until the deadline of 2:00 pm, June 16, 2009. No bids will be accepted after that time.

   Q78) Does the County accept post-marked bids?
   A78) No. Bid responses have to be received and time-stamped by the Purchasing
        Department reception desk before 2:00 pm, June 16, 2009.

   Q79) If a bid package is delivered by FedEx, will FedEx’s timestamp be acceptable?
   A79) No. The official time-stamp is located at the reception desk of the Purchasing
        Department. No other time-stamp will be accepted.

   Q80) Will there be a public opening of the bids on the due date?
   A80) Yes. At the public bid opening for this RFQ the name of each vendor that submitted a
        bid will be stated along with the corresponding bid price.

   Q81) When will award notification be sent out?
   A81) The scheduled date for release of the award and non award letters is August 14, 2009.
        That date is subject to change.
                          County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                     RFQ No. 900588, Addendum No. 2

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May 22, 2009

The following participants attended the Bidders’ Conferences:

           Company Name                       Representative                   Contact Information
Starzz Management Services, Inc.       Joe Thompkins               Phone: 510-632-5533 ext. 104
8393 Capwell Drive, #220                                           E-Mail:
Oakland, CA 94621                                                  Prime Contractor:
                                                                   Certified SLEB: Yes
Douglas Parking, LLC                   Maurice Nguyen              Phone: 510-444-7412 ext. 23
1721 Webster Street                                                E-Mail:
Oakland, CA 94612                                                  Prime Contractor: X
                                                                   Certified SLEB: No
Douglas Parking, LLC                   Andy Storm                  Phone: 510-444-7412 ext. 23
1721 Webster Street                                                E-Mail:
Oakland, CA 94612                                                  Prime Contractor: X
                                                                   Certified SLEB: No
Ampco System Parking                   Jim Hornback                Phone: 415-351-4450
420 Taylor Street, #400                                            E-Mail:
San Francisco, CA 94102                                            Prime Contractor: X
                                                                   Certified SLEB: No
impark                                 Ward Thomas                 Phone: 415-740-9298
401 Terry Francois Street, #110                                    E-Mail:
San Francisco, CA 94158                                            Prime Contractor: X
                                                                   Certified SLEB: No
Pacific Park Management                Rob Noiles                  Phone: 925-321-6321
1305 Franklin Street                                               E-Mail:
Oakland, CA 94607                                                  Prime Contractor: X
                                                                   Certified SLEB: Yes
Aki Parking                            Aki                         Phone: 510-915-6173
435 8 Street, #304                                                 E-Mail: n/a
Oakland, CA 94607                                                  Prime Contractor:
                                                                   Certified SLEB: Yes
Parking Concepts, Inc.                 Ken Shin                    Phone: 415-553-6883
650 Townsend Street, #270                                          E-Mail:
San Francisco, CA 94103                                            Prime Contractor: X
                                                                   Certified SLEB: No
360 TotalConcept                       Shonda Scott                Phone: 510-569-2659
555 12 Street, #1700                                               E-Mail:
Oakland, CA 94612                                                  Prime Contractor:
                                                                   Subcontractor: X
                                                                   Certified SLEB: Yes
                          County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                     RFQ No. 900588, Addendum No. 2

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May 22, 2009

            Company Name                           Representative               Contact Information
Classic Parking, Inc.                       Nick Carter             Phone: 408-639-2916
440 W. Julian Street                                                E-Mail:
San Jose, CA 95110                                                  Prime Contractor: X
                                                                    Certified SLEB: No
Corinthian International Parking Services   Eloy Soto               Phone: 408-314-2836
3001 Winchester Blvd                                                E-Mail:
Campbell, CA 95008                                                  Prime Contractor: X
                                                                    Certified SLEB: No
Ace Parking                                 Jack Cunningham         Phone:510-220-6601
7000 Coliseum Way                                                   E-Mail:
Oakland, CA                                                         Prime Contractor: X
                                                                    Certified SLEB: Yes

                                                           RFQ No. 900588, Addendum No. 2

The County of Alameda is soliciting bids from qualified vendors to furnish its requirements per the specifications, terms and conditions contained in the
above referenced RFQ number. This Bid Acknowledgement must be completed, signed by a responsible officer or employee, dated and submitted with the
bid response. Obligations assumed by such signature must be fulfilled.
1. Preparation of bids: (a) All prices and notations must be printed in ink or typewritten. No erasures permitted. Errors may be crossed out and
      corrections printed in ink or typewritten adjacent and must be initialed in ink by person signing bid. (b) Quote price as specified in RFQ. No
      alterations or changes or any kind shall be permitted to Exhibit B, Bid Form. Responses that do not comply shall be subject to rejection in total.
2. Failure to bid: If you are not submitting a bid but want to remain on the mailing list and receive future bids, complete, sign and return this Bid
      Acknowledgement and state the reason you are not bidding.
3. Taxes and freight charges: (a) Unless otherwise required and specified in the RFQ, the prices quoted herein do not include Sales, Use or other
      taxes. (b) No charge for delivery, drayage, express, parcel post packing, cartage, insurance, license fees, permits, costs of bonds, or for any
      other purpose, except taxes legally payable by County, will be paid by the County unless expressly included and itemized in the bid. (c)
      Amount paid for transportation of property to the County of Alameda is exempt from Federal Transportation Tax. An exemption certificate is
      not required where the shipping papers show the consignee as Alameda County, as such papers may be accepted by the carrier as proof of the
      exempt character of the shipment. (d) Articles sold to the County of Alameda are exempt from certain Federal excise taxes. The County will
      furnish an exemption certificate.
4. Award: (a) Unless otherwise specified by the bidder or the RFQ gives notice of an all-or-none award, the County may accept any item or
      group of items of any bid. (b) Bids are subject to acceptance at any time within thirty (30) days of opening, unless otherwise specified in the
      RFQ. (c) A valid, written purchase order mailed, or otherwise furnished, to the successful bidder within the time for acceptance specified
      results in a binding contract without further action by either party. The contract shall be interpreted, construed and given effect in all respects
      according to the laws of the State of California.
5. Patent indemnity: Vendors who do business with the County shall hold the County of Alameda, its officers, agents and employees, harmless
      from liability of an nature or kind, including cost and expenses, for infringement or use of any patent, copyright or other proprietary right, secret
      process, patented or unpatented invention, article or appliance furnished or used in connection with the contract or purchase order.
6. Samples: Samples of items, when required, shall be furnished free of expense to the County and if not destroyed by test may upon request
      (made when the sample is furnished), be returned at the bidder’s expense.
7. Rights and remedies of County for default: (a) In the event any item furnished by vendor in the performance of the contract or purchase
      order should fail to conform to the specifications therefore or to the sample submitted by vendor with its bid, the County may reject the same,
      and it shall thereupon become the duty of vendor to reclaim and remove the same forthwith, without expense to the County, and immediately to
      replace all such rejected items with others conforming to such specifications or samples; provided that should vendor fail, neglect or refuse so to
      do the County shall thereupon have the right purchase in the open market, in lieu thereof, a corresponding quantity of any such items and to
      deduct from any moneys due or that may there after come due to vendor the difference between the prices named in the contract or purchase
      order and the actual cost thereof to the County. In the event that vendor fails to make prompt delivery as specified for any item, the same
      conditions as to the rights of the County to purchase in the open market and to reimbursement set forth above shall apply, except when delivery
      is delayed by fire, strike, freight embargo, or Act of God or the government. (b)Cost of inspection or deliveries or offers for delivery, which do
      not meet specifications, will be borne by the vendor. (c) The rights and remedies of the County provided above shall not be exclusive and are
      in addition to any other rights and remedies provided by law or under the contract.
8. Discounts: (a) Terms of less than ten (10) days for cash discount will considered as net. (b) In connection with any discount offered, time will
      be computed from date of complete, satisfactory delivery of the supplies, equipment or services specified in the RFQ, or from date correct
      invoices are received by the County at the billing address specified, if the latter date is later than the date of delivery. Payment is deemed to be
      made, for the purpose of earning the discount, on the date of mailing the County warrant check.
9. California Government Code Section 4552: In submitting a bid to a public purchasing body, the bidder offers and agrees that if the bid is
      accepted, it will assign to the purchasing body all rights, title, and interest in and to all causes of action it may have under Section 4 of the
      Clayton Act (15 U.S.C. Sec. 15) or under the Cartwright Act (Chapter 2, commencing with Section 16700, of Part 2 of Division 7 of the
      Business and Professions Code), arising from purchases of goods, materials, or services by the bidder for sale to the purchasing body pursuant to
      the bid. Such assignment shall be made and become effective at the time the purchasing body tenders final payment to the bidder.
10. No guarantee or warranty: The County of Alameda makes no guarantee or warranty as to the condition, completeness or safety of any
      material or equipment that may be traded in on this order.

     THE undersigned acknowledges receipt of above referenced RFQ and/or Addenda and offers and agrees to furnish the articles and/or services
     specified on behalf of the vendor indicated below, in accordance with the specifications, terms and conditions of this RFQ and Bid


          By:_______________ ________________________________________________ Date____________ Phone_____________________

          Printed Name Signed Above:_______________________________________________________________________________________

                                                                    EXHIBIT B - REVISED
                                                              COUNTY OF ALAMEDA
                                                                              RFQ No. 900588
                                                                      Parking Management Services

                                                                                 BID FORM

Cost shall be submitted on Exhibit B as is. No alterations or changes of any kind are permitted. Bid responses that do not comply will be subject to rejection in total.
The cost quoted below shall include all taxes and all other charges and is the cost the County will pay for the three year term of any contract that is a result of this bid.
                                                                                                                                                         Three Year
                                                                            First Year                                               Third Year             Total
                                       Unit       Est. # of                                             Year Total                                            st
                                                              Unit Cost        Total       Unit Cost       nd          Unit Cost        Total             (=1 year
               Facility                 of         Hours        st                                      (=2 year                         rd
                                                               1 year     (=cost x         2nd year                    3rd year      (=3 year            +2nd year
                                      Measure     per year                                                cost x                                             rd
                                                                          hours)                                                    cost x hours)         +3 year
  ALCO Park Garage,
  Hours of Operation: Monday                      3,000       $           $               $            $              $             $                $
  through Friday 7:00 A.M. to 7:00

  Amador Parking Facility,                                    $                           $                           $
  Hours of Operation: Monday                                              $                            $                            $                $
  through Friday 7:00 A.M. to 6:00
                                     Hour         5,500
  P.M. (2 booths)

  Oakland Parking Facility,                                                                                           $
  Hours of Operation: Monday                      3,000                   $               $            $                            $                $
  through Friday 7:00 A.M. to 7:00

                                                  11,500                  $                            $                            $                $

Bidder agrees that the price(s) quoted are the maximum they will charge during the term of any contract awarded.

FIRM: ____________________________SIGNATURE:________________DATE:_______

PRINTED NAME: _____________________TITLE:____________________________
                                                                                    Exhibit B
                                                                                   Page 1 of 2
                                                               EXHIBIT B - REVISED
                                                        COUNTY OF ALAMEDA
                                                                    RFQ No. 900588
                                                              Parking Management Services

                                                                         BID FORM

Please submit the following for informational purposes only. These quotes will not be included in the evaluation of cost.

    Quote Hourly Rate (Straight Time) for any additional hours that may be required:    Hour

       Quote Hourly Rate (Over Time) for any additional hours that may be required:     Hour   $


FIRM: ____________________________SIGNATURE:________________DATE:_______

PRINTED NAME: _____________________TITLE:____________________________

                                                                               Exhibit B
                                                                              Page 2 of 2
                                                  EXHIBIT O
                                   COUNTY OF ALAMEDA
                                               RFQ No. 900588
                                         Parking Management Services
                                                  BID FORM
   Alameda County Contractor Bonding Assistance Program Administered by Merriwether &
                               Williams Insurance Services

The bonding assistance program was implemented by Alameda County to assist small local contractors in obtaining
and/or increasing their bonding capacity for work on Alameda County contracts. The program is sponsored by the County
Administrator’s Office Risk Management Unit and administered by Merriwether & Williams Insurance Services.

The Contractor Bonding Assistance Program (CBAP) is designed to help small local contractors obtain bid, payment and
performance bonds. Guarantees up to 40% of the bond amount or $750,000, whichever is less will be available to
qualified contractors. This is done by providing one-on-one consultation with the contractor and technical assistance
including contactor-focused group workshops and seminars. CBAP assembles a team of professionals to assist small local
contractors in preparing for the bonding process and to help them grow their businesses. CBAP will also work with
Contractors to help them improve their existing relationships with surety providers if they have them.



    SLEB (Small Local Emerging Business Program)

    DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program)

    ECOP (Enhanced Construction Outreach Program)

    COP (Construction Outreach Program)

For information about the SLEB program contact the Auditor Controller Agency -Office of Contract Compliance at (510)
891-5500. For information about the ECOP program contact the General Service Agency – Office of Acquisition Policy at
(510) 208–9617. For information about the DBE or COP program contact the Public Works Agency at (510) 670-5243.


Contractors / Subcontractors are responsible for bond premiums

There is no charge for CBAP –sponsored workshops and seminars

Fees may be associated with certain workshops/seminars sponsored by Merriwether and Williams Insurance Services.

We encourage any contractors needing assistance with bonding on Alameda County projects to contact
Sharron Drake, Manager         510-740-6922 ext.206
Alameda County Contractor                            510-740-6921-fax
Bonding Assistance

                                                        Exhibit O
                                                       Page 1 of 3
 Exhibit O
Page 2 of 3
 Exhibit O
Page 3 of 3
                                                                          RFQ No. 900588

                                                                     EXHIBIT L
                                                                RFQ VENDOR BID LIST

    Below is the Vendor Bid List for this project consisting of vendors who have responded to RFI No. 900588
    and/or been issued a copy of this RFQ. This Vendor Bid List is being provided for informational purposes to
    assist bidders in making contact with other businesses as needed to develop local small and emerging business
    subcontracting relationships to meet the requirements of the Small Local Emerging Business (SLEB) Program
    (described within this RFQ). For additional information regarding the SLEB Program, please visit our website
    at and/or contact the Auditor- Controller’s Office of Contract Compliance
    (OCC) located at 1221 Oak St., Rm. 249, Oakland, CA 94612 at Tel: (510) 891-5500, Fax: (510) 272-6502 or
    via E-mail at

    Vendors who attended the Networking/Bidders Conferences have been added to the Vendor Bid List. Please
    see the RFQ sections entitled ‘Calendar of Events’ and ‘Networking/Bidders Conferences’ for additional
    information. The Networking/Bidders Conferences scheduled for all current projects are posted on the GSA
    Calendar of Events website at This RFQ Addendum is being issued to
    all vendors on the Vendor Bid List; the following revised vendor list includes contact information for each
    vendor attendee at the Networking/Bidders Conferences.

                                        RFQ No. 900588 - Parking Management Services
Business Name                      Contact Name          Phone             Address                           City            Zip   Email
Starzz Management                  Joe Thompkins         (510) 632-5533    8393 Capwell Drive, Suite 220     Oakland         CA
Douglas Parking LLC                David Douglas         (510) 444-7412    1721 Webster Street               Oakland         CA
Classic Parking, Inc.              David Garner          (213) 742-1238    3208 Royal Street                 Los Angeles     CA
Imperial Parking (U.S.) Inc.       Ward Thomas           (415) 227-0144    401 Terry Francois, Suite 110     San Francisco   CA
Parking Concepts, Inc.             Ken Shin              (415) 553-6883    650 Townsend St., Ste. 270        San Francisco   CA
Serco Inc.                         Bill Daly             (404) 819-0296    1818 Library St. Suite 1000       Reston          VA
Corinthian International Parking   Eloy Soto             (408) 314-2836    19925 Stevens Creek Blvd. #126 Cupertino          CA
DAJA International LLC             Brock Robinson        (415) 956-4029    2107 Dwight Way, Suite 107C       Berkeley        CA
A1 Protective Services, Inc.       Paula Jones           (415) 671-1900                                                  
Pacific Park Management            Sam Tadesse           (510) 663-0200    1305 Franklin Street, Suite 308   Oakland         CA
The Calmese Group                  Daryl A. Calmese                                                          Oakland         CA
US Parking Inc.                    Ray Cavdar            (415) 771-4440    1375 Sutter Street, Suite 108     San Francisco   CA
Parking Co. of America             Caren Mallat          (714) 921-1471    P. O. Box 11412                   Santa Ana       CA
Classic Parking, Inc.              Nick Carter           (408) 639-2916    3208 Royal Street                 Los Angeles     CA
AMPCO System Parking               Patrick E. Graham     (415) 351-4450    420 Taylor Street, Suite 400      San Francisco   CA
360 Total Concept                  Shonda Yvette Scott   (510) 569-2659    555 12th Street, Suite 1700       Oakland         CA
Pacific Park Management            Rob Noiles            (925) 321-6321    1305 Franklin Street, Suite 308   Oakland         CA
AMPCO System Parking               Jim Hornback          (415) 351-4450    420 Taylor Street, Suite 400      San Francisco   CA
Ace Parking                        Jack Cunningham       (510) 220-6601    700 Coliseum Way                              
Douglas Parking LLC                Maurice Nguyen        (510) 444-7412    1721 Webster Street               Oakland         CA
Douglas Parking LLC                Andy Storm            (510) 444-7412    1721 Webster Street               Oakland         CA
Aki Parking                        Aki Woldamanuel       (510) 915-6173    435-8th Street, Suite 304         Oakland         CA    n/a

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