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   Sunday November 13, 2011                                                                                                            ISSUE NO.2

 Stephen Okeke withdraws from Citco race
                                                                Thursday, November 10, 2011                   the other.
                                                                BELIZE CITY – Stephen Okeke                        Following almost three months of
                                                           announced today that he has withdrawn as           research, Okeke, an engineer by training
                                                           a candidate for Mayor of Belize City in the        and an entrepreneur by profession, began
                                                           upcoming Belize City Council, scheduled for        campaigning for the position. He is a
                                                           next year March. Okeke told The Independent        husband and the father of two children. He
                                                           that he had twice been threatened by some          is also a naturalized Belizean from Nigeria.
                                                           “very big people” and that he was told by               Despite early reservations that his
                                                           the highest authorities that he could not          ethnicity and “foreignness” might be
                                                           expect police or official protection during his    insurmountable obstacles, Okeke said that
                                                           campaign.                                          he found more and more of the electorate
                                                                Okeke’s independent campaign had              receptive to his ideas and campaign, so
                                                           begun to gain some momentum and he                 much so that he was on the verge of forming
                                                           told the newspaper that his advertisements         a campaign finance committee and was
                                                           for councilor candidates to make a slate           preparing for a public endorsement from
                                                           had resulted in 8 choices and that he was          a well-known and well-respected public
                                                           preparing to move into the final phases of his     personage.
                                                           campaign.                                               Instead he will be giving back money
                                                                Okeke said that following an appearance       that had been donated for television
                                                           on Krem Radio’s morning show on Monday             advertizing, and chalking up the $15,000 he
                                                           morning, he became uneasy following a              had already spent of his own money to the
                                                           conversation with host Mose Hyde who               experience.
                                                           clearly was not supportive of his campaign              “I feel deflated and my vision is blurred,”
                                                           and sought to discourage him. He said that         he told The Independent. He said that he
                                                           following that conversation he received the        would make the rounds to inform those who
                                                           threats but does not connect one event with                   Continued on page 2

         Dr. Larry                                                                               Dr. John Reneau
    resort owner, dies                                                                                       passes;
    after he is beaten                                                                             Jack Longsworth, Kim
    and robbed in his                                                                             Simpliss Barrow stricken
                                                                                                      Thursday, November 10, 2011
       Wednesday, November 9, 2011                                                                    BELIZE CITY – Well known general practitioner
       ONTARIO VILLAGE, CAYO – Western                                                           Dr. John Reneau passed tonight at the Karl Huesner
   Belize has been ravaged recently by a spate                                                   Memorial Hospital after being hospitalized there last
   of violent home invasions and robberies.                                                      Friday.
   Today police in that part of the country are                                                       Dr. Reneau had practiced medicine for nearly 5
   adding another case of home invasion,                                                         decades in Belize, and we believe he may have been
                                                                                                 a former Chief Medical Officer. No details of funeral
              Continued on page 2
                                                                                                 and interment services were available at press time
                                                                                                      We have been reliably informed that Mr. Jack

                                                                                                 Longsworth, (and we note here that Jack and Dr.
                                                                                                 Reneau were nothing less than great friends), is
                                                                                                 reportedly hospitalized and is in a serious condition

Dr. Marjorie Parks!
                                                                                                 at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida.
                                                                                                 Jack is one of the principals in Caribbean Shipping
                                                                                                 Agencies. He was a boat pilot before he retired to
     Thursday, November 10, 2011                                                                 involve himself in the management of Caribbean
     BELIZE CITY – Tomorrow afternoon colleagues,                                                Shipping Agencies on a full-time basis. We wish him
friends, and relatives of Dr. Marjorie Parks will gather                                         well and our prayers that he recovers.
at the Radisson Fort George to celebrate her historic                                                 Similarly our best wishes and prayers for Mrs.
achievement – becoming the first Belizean nurse to have                                          Kim Simpliss-Barrow who is in Miami undergoing
completed her doctoral degree and to be conferred with                                           treatment for Stage 3 breast cancer. Her office
a Doctor of Education Degree from Nova Southeastern                                              announced the diagnosis earlier this week and just
University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on September 30,                                          yesterday said that she is to begin chemotherapy
                                                                                                 and will have to undergo a mastectomy.
               Continued on page 3
                Dr. Larry
                Johnson,                                                             Stephen Okeke withdraws from Citco race

        resort owner, dies
                                                                                         Continued from page 1                         It was clear that while the
                                                                                     had pledged their support, especially         party’s upper echelon wanted
                                                                                                                                   Sharole the rank and file wanted

        after he is beaten
                                                                                     the 4 men and 4 women who had
                                                                                     signed on to his slate.                       Mrs. Bodden. 8 members of her 9
                                                                                          For those who know him Okeke, a          member slate also rode in on her

        and robbed in his
                                                                                     spiritual brother, is a man of conviction     coattails, thanks in particular to a
                                                                                     so whatever or whosoever scared him,          %100 showing by all 87 delegates
                                                                                     must be fearsome indeed.                      from Lake Independence.
                                                                                          Okeke’s departure narrows the                The      UDP     had    chosen

                                                                                     field of mayoral candidates to 4 since        attorney Darrell Bradley from
                                                                                     just last Saturday Karen Bodden               September, while VIP candidate
                                                                                     was chosen in a special delegate              Paco Smith has yet to announce
                                                                                     convention by the PUP. She easily             a slate. Ernesto Torres has been
                                                                                     defeated Sharole Carr-Saldivar by             a perpetual candidate for the
Continued from page 1                                                                nearly 100 votes.                             position since 2006.
robbery and homicide to
their roster of investigations
of crimes in the area.
     Julio      Funes,        a
Guatemalan laborer said
that he was alerted to
calls for help coming from
the home of well known
American businessman Dr.
Lawrence Allan Johnson of
Iguana Creek Resort Ontario
Village,    Cayo       District.
Funes said that he rushed
to Dr. Johnson’s aid and
encountered six masked
men beating the sixty-eight
year old on the floor.
     The men then turned
on Funes, beating him with
a machete on his back and

                                                                                                                                      Kevin Lee
leg and then tying up both
men before stealing an
assortment of items from
the house. The men then
placed Johnson and Funes
                                                                                                                                     deported to
in Johnson’s van and threw             Lawrence Johnson with wife Sunny
gasoline on them before
leaving the area.
     Johnson was rushed to the Western        August said in part as he                                                              Reliable reports to The
Regional Hospital in Belmopan where complained about what he considered                                                          Independent      at    press   time
he was pronounced dead on arrival. His the inadequate reporting by the Police                                                    tonight is that the now infamous
body awaits a post mortem.                 Press Officer: “Another example is Plus                                               acupuncturist/masseuse        Kevin
     The Johnsons migrated to Belize TV rightfully informing of the increasing                                                   Lee is to arrive in Belize tomorrow
in 1993 after a dispute with the US incidents of home invasions in the Cayo                                                      Friday, courtesy of a deportation
Government over taxes and thinking that Area but San Ignacio police is stifling                                                  order from the United States
may need a refuge, they bought the land the information from the media thereby                                                   Government.
where Iguana Creek Resort stands. The irresponsibly giving area residents a
property was recently put up for sale. Dr. FALSE sense of security when the
Johnson is the father of ten children.     people should be informed that they may

                                                                                     Dorian Villafranco,
     There is growing concern over make the necessary lifestyle changes
the increasing incidents of banditry in order to protect themselves. This

                                                                                     2010 CSEC top
surfacing but not being reported in makes us here at the STAR Newspaper
Western Belize. In an email circulated begin to seriously question increasing
to his media colleagues, no less allegations of police involvement in

                                                                                     scorer jacked in
than Alberto August, the editor of the these crimes as despite the increasing
very pro-Barrow administration Star number of home invasions, they are yet

                                                                                     front of SJCJC
Newspaper and a former member to arrest and charge a single person
of the security services questioned while they have no difficulty in arresting
whether the police was withholding and charging for other crimes.” (The
information on the incidents, and why.     emphasis is ours).                             By Rhenae Nunez
                                                                                          Wednesday, November 9, 2011
                                                                                          BELIZE CITY – The Princess
                                                                                     Margaret area in the vicinity of the           made the news last year after he
                                                                                     Marion Jones Stadium all the way to            earned top honors in the Caribbean
                                                                                     Nazarene High School has been plagued          Secondary Education Certificate
                                                                                     by robbers who prey on students and            Examinations.
                                                                                     joggers in area. It is a situation that is          The teen, a resident of
                                                                                     well known to the administrations of the       Belmopan, reported to police that
                                                                                     educational institutions in the area and       he was robbed while standing at
                                                                                     despite the Police Department having           the entrance of St. John’s Junior
                                                                                     a precinct nearby in the West Landivar         College on Princess Margaret
                                                                                     Area, nothing has been done to protect         Drive.
                                                                                     the vast number of students who traverse            A man brandishing a handgun
                                                                                     the area at all hours of the day into the      relieved     Villafranco    of    his
                                                                                     late evening.                                  $1,400 headphone and I-Phone.
                                                                                          On Wednesday morning around 8:15,         Villafranco said that he handed over
         Johnsons’ home on the Western Highway, Ontario Village                      Dorian Villafranco, 18, became latest          his property out of fear for his life.
                                                                                     victim of crime in the area. Villafranco       Police are investigating, they say.

2                                                                   THE INDEPENDENT                                                Sunday November 13, 2011
                                                                                       of Science in Nursing Administration        Parks says she enjoys reading,
                                                                                       and examined Occupational Stress            singing, dancing, and socializing with
                                                                                       among Registered Nurses working on          family and friends. She has three
                                                                                       the medical and surgical wards at an        children Kernelle (Nello Player), Ashra

Dr. Marjorie Parks!
                                                                                       urban Jamaican hospital as her thesis.      and Chanelle Parks and two grand
                                                                                       Mrs. Elijio’s thesis was accepted for       children, Tyrelle Lopez and Amani
                                                                                       poster and oral presentation at the         Humes.
                                                                                       Faculty of Medical Sciences Research             Her dissertation was on “The need
                                                                                       conference and was again presented          to identify the reasons for attrition
     Continued from page 1                  from the Ministry of Health, the other
                                                                                       at the Jamaican MOH National Health         of Belizean nurses employed in the
201.                                        an Administrative Officer from the
                                                                                       Research Day on October 28, where she       Ministry of Health (MOH) and to
     Dr. Marjorie Elizabeth Joseph          Ministry of the Public Service), eight
                                                                                       won the most outstanding presentation.      develop strategies to improve their
Parks, is a Deputy Director of Health       University of Belize lecturers, several
                                                                                            Growing up Dr. Parks had originally    retention prompted the researcher to
Services and our Chief Nursing Officer      lecturers from other post-secondary
                                                                                       wanted to be a teacher but was              design this descriptive, correlational
in the Ministry of Health. She is a 35      Belizean institutions, a handful of
                                                                                       influenced by the tall, stately, and        study that analyzed the organizational
year veteran of the health field, who       private sector business owners, and
                                                                                       caring Rural Health Nurse Patricia          commitment (OC) of Belizean nurses to
chose working as a nurse/midwife            management personnel from Belizean
                                                                                       Benguche who was stationed at the           the Ministry of Health and explored the
by profession after receiving all her       utility services and the military. The
                                                                                       Double Head Cabbage Health Center           impact of organizational commitment
basic nursing education and training in     doctoral candidates, eleven of whom
                                                                                       to choose nursing as her profession         on the nurses’ intention to leave the
midwifery in Belize, at the now defunct     are males while twenty are females,
                                                                                            In a brief bio provided to us Dr.      Ministry of Health.”
Bliss School of Nursing. Ms. Parks          all hold Master’s degrees and key
received her Bachelor of Science            positions in Belize in the areas of
Degree in Nursing Education from the        education, management, health, social

                                                                                          Remove Antiquated,
University of the West Indies, Mona,        services and culture and their ages
Kingston, Jamaica in 1989, and her          ranged between mid-twenties to the
Master of Science in Nursing Degree         early sixties.

                                                                                           Homophobic Law
from Syracuse University, in Syracuse             The family of Belizean nurses
New York in 1995.                           is also celebrating the achievement
     She is a Fulbright Scholar, and        by three Registered Nurses (RN)
received the Award for Academic             who successfully completed the Post
Excellence at Syracuse University and       RN Bachelor of Science Degree in                    We believe that Prime              people are saying,” Mr Holness told
was inducted into Sigma Theta Tau,          Nursing from the University of the West        Minister       Andrew       Holness     this newspaper. “It is a conversation
the International Honors Society of         Indies. The online course, which was           missed the point or deliberately        that is evolving.”
Nursing in 1994.                            developed and administered by the              obfuscated the issue.                        We make two points on this
     She was born and raised in             University of the West Indies School                There is not, at this time,        score: gays, lesbians and all-sexuals,
Bermudian Landing, in the Belize River      of Nursing (UWISON), was first piloted         any campaign in Jamaica for             like heterosexual Jamaicans, are
Valley, the second (the first girl) of 11   in Belize and St Lucia starting in 2007.       same-sex marriages or unions            citizens of this country and should
children. Her mother is Mrs. Loyce          Eleven Belizean RNs graduated in the           and for the law to be amended to        enjoy all the rights and privileges
Joseph and her father is the late Mr.       first Cohort in 2010.                          accommodate these.                      of their citizenship; and a test
Kenneth Joseph. Dr. Parks attended                  The program was developed                   What reasonable people,            of a democracy is how keenly
St. Isabella Roman Catholic Primary         to facilitate the agreement of the             including this newspaper, have          and effectively it advances and
School in Bermudian Landing, and            CARICOM through the Regional                   insisted upon is government             protects the rights and freedoms
Pallotti High School and wanted to          Nursing Body that mandated that entry          leadership against the prejudice        of the minority. With regard to
attend SJC Sixth Form but was unable        level requirement for professional (RN)        and       discrimination     against    homosexuals, Jamaica cannot
to because of financial constraints. She    practice will be a Bachelor degree by                                                  claim to have done a good job.
                                                                                           gays, including the repeal of the
instead, at age 17, entered the Bliss       the year 2011. This date has been
                                                                                           most repressive symbol of such               PRIVATE ACTIONS, PUBLIC
School of Nursing on January 6, 1976        extended to 2016 as many of the
                                                                                           bigotry, the law against buggery.       EFFECT
where she completed the Practical and       CARICOM countries have not fully
                                                                                                This issue was recently                 Our prime minister also made
Professional Nursing programs.              implemented the changes required
     Dr. Parks has held various                                                            reprised by the warning by              the point that “people’s private
                                            to meet this mandate. Please note
positions in the nursing profession         that Belize upgraded its professional          Britain’s prime minister, Mr David      actions have public effect”, the
including Staff Nurse working mainly        curriculum from a diploma to a                 Cameron, that his government            relevance of which, in the context
on the pediatric and medical surgical       Bachelor’s degree in nursing in 2000           might cut off budgetary aid to          of this debate, we are not clear.
wards and “casualty” (accident and          when the Bliss School of Nursing was,          countries that do not uphold            It can’t be that he believes that
emergency) department; Sister Tutor         along with five other tertiary education       human rights, including the             gay couples would engage in
and Principal Tutor at the Bliss School     institutions, amalgamated to form the          oppression of gays and lesbians.        intercourse in a public square. Nor
of Nursing, and Principal Nursing           University of Belize.                               “Britain is one of the premier     would such behaviour be expected
Officer. Dr. Parks participates in many           The three nurses who graduated           givers in the world,” Cameron           of heterosexual couples, which, in
professional, social, and service           on November 6, 2011 from Cohort Two            said in an interview in the margins     any event, makes them liable for
organizations including the Belize Red      are Marjorie Usher, Ward Sister of the         of the recent Commonwealth              charges under the public decency
Cross Society, the Nurses’ Association      Southern Regional Hospital, Perlita            summit in Australia. “We want to        laws.
of Belize, the Belize National Cricket      Spain, Unit Manager at the KHMH,               see countries that receive our aid           What we advocate is to end
Association, and the Belize and             and Vionney Sheppard, Ward Sister,             adhering to proper human rights.”       this notion of the State as a legal
Belmopan Choral Societies.                  who also holds a Bachelor of Science                Should Mr Cameron hold his         voyeur monitoring the behaviour
     In 2007 she and 34 other               degree in Public Health Nursing from           ground that British aid “should         of consenting adults in their private
professionals enrolled in a three-          the University of Belize and who will be                                               spaces, which is a basic and
                                                                                           have more strings attached”,
year doctoral degree program from           appointed to head Public Health in the
                                                                                           Jamaica could be one of those           logical starting point for a repeal
Nova Southeastern University (NSU),         Corozal District.
                                                                                           countries       affected.     Britain   of the buggery act and a larger
offered through its Fischler School of            Also graduating from the UWI on
                                                                                           is a substantial provider of            move towards eliminating the
Education and Human Services with           November 6, 2011 was Mrs. Marilyn
endorsement of the Belizean Ministry                                                       development assistance to this          discrimination and persecution of
                                            Dawson-Aspinall and Mrs. Augustina
of Education in collaboration with the      Elijio.                                        country, especially in the area of      gays.
University of Belize.                             Mrs. Marilyn Dawson-Aspinall is          security.                                    By maintaining antiquated laws
     It    was     an     unprecedented     a Nurse Anesthetist at Karl Heusner                 Although       he    did     not   that reinforce bigotry towards gays,
opportunity to pursue the highest           Memorial Hospital, and earned a                muster the muscular not-in-             Jamaica works against its economic
doctoral degree in education, the EDD,      Master of Science degree in Nursing            my-Cabinet anti-gay remark              interest, as can be attested to by the
without the need to leave Belize, their     Education. Mrs. Dawson-Aspinal’s               of his predecessor, Mr Bruce            many blacklisted dancehall artistes
jobs or service to their communities.       thesis was on the Regional Examination         Golding, Mr Holness catered             whose music promotes homophobic
The EDD is similar to a Ph.D in that        for Nurse Registration (RENR), the             no less to Jamaica’s well-filled        hate. They likely represent only
both are doctoral degrees, but the EDD      common licensing examination for RNs           homophobic gallery, drawing in,         the tip of the proverbial iceberg
is specific to education practices; thus,   that is administered by the Regional           for good measure, the matter of         of lost economic activity from a
unlike a Ph.D which may focus primarily     General Nursing Councils and the               sovereignty. The gay-rights issue,      demographic which has significant
on theory, the EDD requires that the        Regional Nursing Body. Mrs. Dawson-            he argued, was a matter that the        disposable income, but which feels
candidates apply their dissertation         Aspinall is expected to be transferred         Jamaican democracy was working          unwelcome to spend it here.
topics in an actual setting.                to the UB as a Nursing Lecturer.               through.                                     Mr Holness is new at the job and
     The participants included the                Mrs. Augustina Elijio, Matron                 “We pay attention, as we are       may be risk averse. But leadership
Examinations Officer at the Ministry        Grade II, is assigned to the Office                                                    is often just that - leading from the
                                                                                           global citizens, to what people
of Education, two District Education        of the Director of Health Services,
                                                                                           have said, including what our own       front.
officers, two Public Officers (the Deputy   Ministry of Health Headquarters in
Director of Health Services [Nursing]       Belmopan. Mrs. Elijio earned a Master

Sunday November 13, 2011                                              THE INDEPENDENT                                                                                   3
EDITORIAL                                                                                    LETTERS
                                                                                          On the matter of valuations ...
                                                                                           Dear Editor,                            Having disposed of these two
                Showdown in the Shores                                                     Thanks for printing my letter      concepts, I can now indentify, with
     What happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object? In            on “Valuation” in last week’s           special reference to BTL, the three
this case somebody’s political career is about to be run over.                        edition of your newspaper. As I         non-financial factors that can affect
     In our humble view the rookie Chandra Nisbet Cansino’s UDP Caribbean             promised in that letter, I will now     the computation of the value of that
Shores campaign for that party’s nomination as the constituency standard              venture a bit further with my           company.
bearer is an irresistible force, while the veteran Santiago “Santino” Castillo        comments on the subject.                     They are:
Junior’s, is an immovable object. Of course in nature quite logically there can            It is quite easy for us to              The compulsory acquisition of
neither be irresistible forces nor immovable objects but politics is the art of       believe that because the end            the Company;
the possible, is it not?                                                              product of a valuation exercise              The market dominance of BTL
     With all due respect we do not ascribe more than a ghost of politics past to     will be a value estimate (typically     in the industry; and,
Ann Marie Williams’ campaign, which at this point seems more symbolic than            of market value at a particular              GOB’s declaration that it
realistic. Although this is her third shot at the brass ring of a major candidacy,    point in time), that only financial     proposes to welcome competition
Ann Marie may have burned too many bridges with her hard-charging style,              considerations will go into the         in the industry.
and her failure to walk the walk when confronted with the Guardian/Gina               determination of that estimate.              The first and third factors should
Tillett debacle is ironically hurting her where she should be strongest – with        While financial statements and          operate to reduce the computed fair
the women in the division.                                                            projections feature prominently         market value, as one immediate
     Although Santino should be quite used to being sandwiched between                in the computation of value             effect would be to “scare off” or,
women in a competition that will receive maximum television exposure, he              estimates, there are also what          at a minimum, reduce the pool of
may have been ambushed by the Nisbet-Cansino campaign. Like a late                    may be called “non-financial”           potential purchasers. The matter
season tropical storm it brewed from an out of left field question on facebook,       factors that      influence value       of competition should a diminution
blew up out west in Belmopan and descended on the City in full force in less          estimates and that must be              in any computed fair market value
than a week.                                                                          considered in any valuation             as competition is likely to have an
     Quite cannily Santino had calculated that the incumbent Carlos Perdomo                                                   adverse effect on revenues and
                                                                                      exercise. I will identify two
would yield to the unrelenting pressure to abrogate and had already recruited                                                 profits.
                                                                                      examples       of     non-financial
his generals, mustered his troops and matériel by the time the official
                                                                                      factors, but must first explain a            The second factor affects the
announcement was finally made. And while he had calculated that his
                                                                                      few basic valuation concepts.           value estimate in just the opposite
main opponent would be his executive chairman at Beltraide (he’s the vice-
chairman) and fellow businessman Mike Singh, he could not have anticipated                 The first is “fair market          way, and should have the effect of
Hurricane Chandra.                                                                    value”. This has been defined           producing a relatively higher value
     At this point the United Democratic Party has no women candidates for            as “the amount at which the             estimate. This is because the future
the upcoming General Elections, and it is a sore spot with the women in the           property would change hands             benefits of ownership are expected
party. Make no mistake about it – their desire is palpably public.                    between a willing buyer and a           to be at least equal to the worth at
     For Santino Phase One, red flag gawn up – the Prime Minister’s wife,             willing seller when the former          the date of acquisition. In fact, this
the party’s preeminent public female figure now that Zenaida has been                 is not under compulsion to buy          last when considered against the
downgraded and suspended, came out promptly and strongly for the relatively           and the latter is not under any         declaration that the Company, prior
unknown political novice.                                                             compulsion to sell, both parties        to its acquisition, was financially
     Phase Two, another red flag gawn up – Mike Singh not only abdicates              having reasonable knowledge of          burdened with by excess charges
but Carlos Perdomo’s UDP Caribbean Shores constituency committee lines                the relevant facts”.                    for management and other charges,
up behind the previously under-resourced and unsupplied declared party                     Two words immediately              makes it eminently reasonable to
favourite.                                                                            “jump out” at you in this definition:   assume that the future benefits to
     Waving the white flag, or the giving the green all-clear for Chandra must        “willing” and “compulsion”. The         the new owners will be greater.
be a consideration for Santino at this point but he’s a veteran, he has money,        first makes it clear that both               The relevance of all this can be
he has an organization, he has a big ego, and may even have a chip on his             buyer and seller must be free to        summed up as follows:
shoulder.                                                                             negotiate and the second bolsters            Is it possible that GOB’s actions
     The voters will be the judge quite naturally, and unlike that local television                                           and declarations immediately after
                                                                                      that position by emphasizing that
show, their opinions and their votes count.                                                                                   the acquisition were done and
                                                                                      neither of the parties should feel
     We say to the musicman, and we’re quoting Beyonce here: “Girls run the                                                   made with the knowledge that it
                                                                                      compelled to buy or sell. It is not
world” at least in Caribbean Shores.
                                                                                      a stretch to understand then,           could produce a low valuation?
                                                                                      that a compulsory acquisition                Given the size of BTL and its
     The divided, dysfunctional PUP                                                   will serve to affect, adversely         dominance in the industry; and, the
                                                                                      so, the valuation of a business.        seemingly low value estimate as
     The divided, defeated, at times deflated, dejected and dysfunctional PUP         If a business is compulsorily           revealed by the PM, not suggest
is at it again. Hopes of a reconciliation under new party leader Francis Fonseca      acquired with a view to                 that the value of the “competition”
seem to quickly fade this week with the emergence of certain characters and           subsequently disposing of the           must be significantly lower.
a ratcheting up of the “Mark and Cordel must be expelled” talk.                       whole or a part thereof, again its           Given the inference immediately
     The unannounced decision that party treasurer Julius Espat is now in             valuation is likely to suffer as a      above, does this not mean that the
charge of the Municipal Elections campaign has ruffled some feathers and              result.                                 competition should now be “perfect”
there is clucking in some quarters at his persistent positioning within the                The second concept is that         target for another acquisition by the
party hierarchy. In fact it is being bruited about that Julius is also the national                                           state?
                                                                                      “the value of a business is equal
campaign manager, and has taken over from Eamon Courtenay, who has                                                                 This will be all for now.
                                                                                      to the present worth of the future
also resigned as Senator.
                                                                                      benefits of ownership”. While                Name withheld by request
     Julius, as treasurer, shares some of the blame for the party’s massive
indebtedness and has yet to have been brought to account.
                                                                                      at first blush this may appear
     Lisa Shoman has taken over as communications director from Narda                 to be at variance with the basic
Garcia and there’s hardly anyone who would dare argue that that is not an             notion that a valuation must be
improvement.                                                                          at a particular point in time, one
     The scuttlebutt is that I. Myrtle Palacio will take over the reins as the        needs only appreciate that when             is printed and published by
party’s secretary general.                                                            a business is bought, it is with the                   Adsports
     The PUP is beginning to look more like the PUP of old, say pre-2008, and         expectation that it will continue                Editor: Glenn Tillett
that has the other two factions worried that the Old Guard is not only now in         in business and earn revenues               Address all correspondence:
control, but is flexing.                                                              and profits for its owner(s) well                     The Editor
     Those PUPs casting a weather eye out and about no doubt has noted                into the future (unless, of course,                P.O. Box 1710 or
the formation of the Belize Unity Alliance last weekend, and must know that           the new owners acquire with     
a weak and divided official opposition party may have more to fear in being           the intention of dismantling the                      Inquiries:
overtaken by an earnest rival opposition, than defeat by its rival, the party in      business).                                   Tel: 203-2902 or 663-7285

4                                                                    THE INDEPENDENT                                             Sunday November 13, 2011
               Bleak future for Belize’s children under the current
                                        by a medical doctor that the child        agencies have been reticent where          an indictment on our legislators
                                        had been carnally known and that          the safety and protection of our           who do not see the urgency to
                                        she had contracted the disease.           children are concerned. At this            move to better protect and defend
                                            According to the Criminal Code,       stage it begs the question again:          our children. All the melodrama
                                        Chapter 101 of the Laws of Belize,        why aren’t we registering sex              and emotionalism needs to be set
                                        punishment for rape of a girl under       offenders? Why do we continue              aside and a new order adopted.
                                        the age of fourteen shall not be less     to protect them and leaving                What kind of society is passive
                                        than twelve years and may extend          the children to the mercy of the           about its children being shot down
        by Rhenae Nunez                 to life. If sentencing were ever          elements?                                  like birds in the streets and in their
                                        levied, I believe that it would send           We have gone with the stupidity       yards as they play or some sick mf
     “47.-(1)    Every person who
                                        the message to molesters that our         of the Belize Police Department            fondling them and having sex with
carnally knows a female child
                                        society has zero tolerance for the        where cases of child sexual abuse          them? What kind of society?
under the age of fourteen years,
                                        violation of our children.                is concerned. We have given too                 There are disturbing allegations
with or without her consent, shall
                                            The Families and Children Act,        many passes to the social services         about the alleged perpetrator of
on conviction on indictment be
                                        Chapter 173 sets out the protocols        that should be more reactive to            the sexual assault on the five year
imprisoned for a term which shall
                                        of dealing with cases of child sexual     cases of children in peril…no more.        old girl who allegedly contracted a
not be less than twelve years but
                                        abuse right up to its reporting in the    No more should this be the case            disease. There are allegations that
which may extend to imprisonment
                                        media. Our authorities have been          when we are losing our children to         he may be related to someone high
for life.” Rape and Like Crimes,
                                        very sloppy in my opinion in pursuing     violence and predators.                    up in government. If that is so then
Criminal Code, Chapter 101,
                                        these cases. From handling cases               It is time we stop with the self      all the charters we have signed on
Laws of Belize,
                                        of child sexual abuse to their trial      pity and prayers and do what               the rights and protection of children
     The Families and Children Act
                                        in courts, our children have been         is warranted of each of us as              are not worth the paper they are
Chapter 173 of the Laws of Belize
                                        getting a raw deal.                       members of our society; parents            written on. We have betrayed our
was first passed into law in August
                                            It is unthinkable that a doctor       need to be more responsible and            future and I am left wondering for
of 1998 by then Minister of Human
                                        can find evidence on a five year          vigilant with who they entrust their       what?!?
Resources, Women’s Affairs and
                                        old girl that confirms that she has       children to, the law has to be more             Our laws and system needs to
Youth Development, Faith Stuart-
                                        been molested and, as a result, she       stringent in investigating these           do more to protect and defend our
Babb. It was later amended to
                                        has contracted a disease and that         cases and prosecution of these             children but not give up on it; our
include “Child Abuse Reporting
                                        is left to become fodder for public       cases need to be more thorough             laws seek to protect all citizens.
Regulations”       by      subsequent
                                        grist. The police department acted        and more aggressive about getting          I was particularly amused when
Minister Dolores Balderamos-
                                        as they were judge and jury and did       conviction.                                I read this: “Every person who
Garcia in March of 1999. In April of
                                        not allow for that case to go forward          Attorney at law Lisa Shoman           unlawfully and carnally knows any
1999 the law was further expanded
                                        to the courts for trained people to       said on Patrick Jones’ fb page             female idiot or imbecile woman or
to include “Protection of Children,
                                        probe and decide whether the              that, “Belize’s DPP’s Office has an        girl, under circumstances which do
Belize City Regulations”. Since
                                        alleged culprit was guilty or not.        effective 3% conviction rate and           not amount to rape, but which prove
then, nothing has been done
                                            It is a terrible message we are       until and unless Belizeans demand          that the offender knew at the time
legislatively to strengthen the laws
                                        sending to our children when we do        better and changes from top to             of the commission of the crime that
to protect our children. It is an
                                        not stand up for them. It also tells      bottom, convictions of accused will        the woman or girl was an idiot
alarming shame.
                                        predators that our children are free      remain unacceptably, criminally            or imbecile, shall be guilty of an
     The Criminal Code, Chapter
                                        for the taking. These sickos know         low.”                                      offence and on conviction thereof
101 of the Laws of Belize does
                                        where the vulnerable children are              It is alarming reality for which it   be imprisoned for a term which
provide specifics on sexual violation
                                        and know the ones that they can           appears that there is no enthusiasm        shall not be less than five years
of children but still not enough.
                                        take advantage of and get away            to correct this.                           nor more than ten years.” Criminal
     Recently the entire nation was
                                        with it!                                       It is a sad confluence stocked        Code, Chapter 101 of the Laws of
riveted by news of adults preying
                                            I find it repulsing that the social   against the children of Belize and         Belize (47) (2) (b). You don’t say!
and violating the innocence and
persons of children in various
parts of the country. There was the

                                                                                                     is documented print usage of this word as early as
incident involving Roy Cunningham
                                                                                                     1950, in the form, “We, the Sheeple”, in the Emory
in Succotz, Cayo District, and a
                                                                                                     University Quarterly, v.6-7 1950-1951, page 64.[1]
short while after another teenage
                                                                                                     “The Wall Street Journal first reported the label in
boy was violated in the Cayo              From Wikipedia                                             print in 1984; the reporter heard the word used by the
District, that was followed by the
                                                                                                     proprietor of an American Opinion bookstore affiliated
saga of the mother of a five year             Sheeple (a portmanteau of “sheep” and                  with theJohn Birch Society.[2] In this usage, taxpayers
old girl who was allegedly raped          “people”) is a term of disparagement, in which             were derided for their blind conformity as opposed to
by an uncle who allegedly gave the        people are likened to the herd animals sheep.              those who thought independently.[3]Shortwave radio
girl gonorrhea, and finally last week     The term is often used to denote persons who               host Milton William Cooper used the term commonly
there was another story of another        voluntarily acquiesce to a perceived authority             during his “Hour of the Time” radio show during the late
five year old girl who was allegedly      figure’s suggestion without critical analysis or           1980s and early 1990s. Ann Tintera used the word in
violated by a fifty year old man.         sufficient research to understand the ramifications        an essay on political and religious implications which
     With good reason, the reaction       of that decision. By doing so, Sheeple undermine           was published in the Denver Post February 27, 1978.
to the news was one of outrage            their own individuality and may willingly give up
by the society. I noted a comment         their rights. The implication of the term is that
posted by Jim McFadzean on                people fallaciously appeal to authority and believe
Patrick Jones’ Facebook page              or do what they are told by perceived authority
expressing what he thought would          figures who they view as trustworthy. The term is
be good punishment for the violator       generally used in a political, social, and sometimes
when he gets to prison.                   spiritual sense.
     I questioned why was there was           Usage
such a circus in bringing the alleged         The label originated in the United States,
perpetrator to justice? Why was the       possibly referring to British John Brunner’s novel
mother and her child subjected to         The Sheep Look Up, and designates people who
the scrutiny of the court of public       tend to accept and take statements at face value,
opinion as to the veracity of their       especially if it is cited in mainstream media. There
allegations when it was established

Sunday November 13, 2011                                         THE INDEPENDENT                                                                             5
                                        LIQUOR LICENSES NOTICES
operated at “Gucina Mc”, George Town, under        Notice is hereby given that Jose Fermin Nunez      Revised Edition 2000.
the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordinance        is applying for Publican Special Liquor License
Revised Edition 2000.                              to be operated at “Fully Loaded Restaurant”,       Notice is hereby given that Mirko Bechstedt
                                                   Dangriga, under the Intoxicating Liquor            is applying for Liquor License to be operated
Notice is hereby given that Adelina Milla is       Ordinance Revised Edition 2000.                    at “Caribbean Taste”, Hopkins, under the
applying for Publican Special Liquor License                                                          Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordinance Revised
to be operated at “El Flum”, Bela Vista Village,   Notice is hereby given that Yong Gian Chen is      Edition 2000.
under the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing            applying for Shop Liquor License to be operated
Ordinance Revised Edition 2000.                    at “Yong Ging Chinese Shop”, Dangriga, under       Notice is hereby given that Margaret Rose
                                                   the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordinance        Cullerton is applying for Restaurant and Lodge
Notice is hereby given that Linnett Patt is        Revised Edition 2000.                              Liquor License to be operated at “Seabreeze
applying for Publican Special Liquor License to                                                       Restaurant and Bar”, Dangriga, under the
be operated at “El Paso”, Bella Vista Village,     Notice is hereby given that Edward B Tomtkiss is   Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordinance Revised
under the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing            applying for Publican Special Liquor License to    Edition 2000.
Ordinance Revised Edition 2000.                    be operated at “Funky Do-Do”, Hopkins, under
                                                   the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordinance        Notice is hereby given that Consuelo Guzman is
Notice is hereby given that Indira Guzman is       Revised Edition 2000.                              applying for a Publican Special Liquor License to
applying for a Malt and Cider Liquor License                                                          be operated at “Wistering Pines Restaurant and
to be operated at “Kelly’s Cool Spot”, Sittee      Notice is hereby given that Mclene Thomas is       Bar”, Silk Grass, under the Intoxicating Liquor
River, under the Intoxicating Liquor Ordinance     applying for Malt and Cider Liquor License to be   Licensing Ordinance Revised Edition 2000.

               Prime Belize City Property
                  For Sale by OWNER
                    47 Mopan Street
                                                                                        POLICE NEWS:
                  627-5947 or 605-6618                                                           Stabbing at BTL Park
                                                                                  Saturday, November 5, 2011
                                                                                  BELIZE CITY – Police are investigating a stabbing that
                                                                                  took place at BTL Park on Saturday morning around five.
                                                                                    Antonio Sanchez, 24, a Guatemalan, was stabbed
                                                                                  multiple times during an argument with three black men.
                                                                                  Sanchez told police told police that he was socializing in
                                                                                  the park when the argument ensued. He was stabbed to
                                                                                  the center of the abdomen, near the right ear, in the right
                                                                                  hand and the back.
                                                                                     Traffic accident claims one in Punta
                                                                                  Saturday, November 5, 2011
                                                                                  TOLEDO DISTRICT – Police have identified a Mayan
                                                                                  descent man who was ran over on the Southern Highway
                                                                                  between miles 12 and 13 near Punta Gorda Town, Toledo
                                                                                  District as Sebastian Mas 29, a Guatemalan farmer of
                                                                                  San Marcus Village, Toledo District.
                                                                                    The accident occurred shortly before ten on Saturday
                                                                                  night. Mathias Roberto Vairez, 37, of Cattle Landing
                                                                                  Village was driving his blue Hyundai car from the direction
                 Prime Belize City Property                                       of Emery Grove to Dump Area when he hit the man
                                                                                  who was lying on the side of the road. Vairez said that
                     For Sale by OWNER                                            he swerved to avoid running over the man but could not
                 3.5 Miles Western Highway                                        avoid hitting him.

                    627-5947 or 605-6618                                           The victim sustained multiple head and body injuries
                                                                                  and was pronounced dead on arrival at the Punta Gorda
                                                                                       Woman assaulted after defending
                                                                                              robbery victim
                                                                                  Saturday, November 5, 2011
                                                                                  BELIZE CITY – A thirty eight year old business woman went
                                                                                  to the rescue of a man who was robbed by two villagers,
                                                                                  Daniel Ack and Fermin Sanchez of Independence Village.
                                                                                    After yelling after the perpetrators to leave the victim
                                                                                  alone, Ack and Sanchez allegedly pointed a gun at her,
                                                                                  thereafter made good their escape. Independence Village
                                                                                  police are investigating.

                                                                                                                           Continued on page 7

6                                                            THE INDEPENDENT                                         Sunday November 13, 2011
The Whylie Report: Locking the barn
     It is not the CEO in the Ministry of
                                                                                                                                      Deputy Commander Castellanos was
Defence Allen Whylie’s fault that a thief or
                                                   CEO Ministry of Defense and Immigration, Allen                                     informed by Captain Link himself of
thieves broke into the Weapon Bulk Store at
                                                                                                                                      Commander Tapia’s decision,” the report
Price Barracks in Ladyville and made off with      Whylie probes break-in at Weapons Bulk Store, Price                                said.
42 weapons including some very dangerous           Barracks and discovers pure sloppiness                                                   Force Field Officer Damian Amaya
high powered weapons – but it has to be a
                                                                                                                                      was scheduled to work from October 4th to
major embarrassment for the entire Ministry
                                                                                                                                      the 11th. Periodic checks were to be made
and its Minister Carlos Perdomo, the Area
                                                minister responsible for the nation’s   October 12th that the Weapons Bulk            on the guards posted at Sector Two by
Representative for the Caribbean Shores
                                                primary security outfit, the Belize     Store at Price Barracks had been              Force Field Officer Damain Amaya, Whylie
                                                Defense Force and Immigration.          burgled and that some high powered            said. That was not performed due to a mix
     Perdomo has seen more than his fair
                                                His new assignment has not come         weapons had gone missing and were             up in duty assignments.
share of public embarrassment as former
                                                without other servings of gaffes that   quite possibly in the hands of dangerous            Upon discovery of the heist, Minister of
minister responsible for police, defense,
                                                have now trademarked Perdomo’s          criminals, it created great grave concern.    Defense and Immigration, Carlos Perdomo
immigration and in fact the entire national
                                                stint in office.                            According to Lieutenant Colonel           dispatched CEO Allen Whylie and Senior
security apparatus. His blunderings have
                                                     When it was discovered on          Javier Castellanos, who briefed the           Military Liason Officer/ Inspector General
resulted in Perdomo being demoted to just
                                                                                              media following the discovery on        Lieutenant Colonel Dortch to Price
                                                                                              October 13th, 42 weapons were           Barracks to investigate. Their investigation
                                                                                              stolen: 31 rifles and 11 pistols of     has not unearthed much and has not
           Police Short Stories                                                               which 7 rifles and 11 pistols were
                                                                                                                                      offered anything on how the investigation
                                                                                                                                      wound up to the conclusion that former
                             Continued from page 6                                                                                    BDF Corporal Dennis Ireland could assist
                                                                                                   The Independent has seen
                                                                                              a report of the findings by CEO         in the investigation.
                                                                                                                                            Ireland turned himself in to police on
        Elderly couple robbed in Mountain Pine                                                Allen Whylie. In it Whylie has
                                                                                              recommended          that    Deputy     Friday, October 21st after police issued a
                         Ridge                                                                Commissioner of BDF Lt. Col.            bulletin requesting he presented himself
                                                                                              Javier Castellanos, Technical           for questioning in connection with the theft.
   Saturday, November 5, 2011                                                                                                         Whether Ireland was charged is unknown.
                                                                                              Quarter Master Sergeant (TQMS)
   MOUNTAIN PINE RIDGE, Cayo – An elderly couple residing in                                  Roy Flores and Force Field              In March of 2010 Ireland was arrested
                                                                                              Officer Captain Damian Amaya be         after he was found with M-16 ammunition
   the Mountain Pine Ridge Area of the Cayo District got an early
                                                                                              suspended immediately.                  while off duty.
   morning visit from a group men who they thought were BDF                                                                                 Whylie’s investigation revealed that
                                                                                                   “Procedures       and    orders
   soldiers.                                                                                  in place for the security of the        the perpetrators gained entry through
     Around seven on Saturday morning, seven Hispanic looking                                 Weapons Bulk Store stipulate            a hole in the chain link fence in the back
                                                                                              that the Technical Quarter Master       where trees and shrubs had taken over.
   men dressed in camouflage outfits, resembling that of the BDF,                                                                     “Entrance was gained by cutting both
                                                                                              Sergeant, in this instance, Roy
   barged into the home of Joseph Tulcey and his wife. Two of the                             Flores, is fully responsible for        hasps and staples that locked two of the
   men wore only trousers, all were masked and armed with weapons                             accounting for items in the building    five doors. Inspection of the Weapons Bulk
   resembling army weapons, Tulcey said.                                                      while guards posted to Sector Two       Store also revealed that three of the four
                                                                                              at Price Barracks are responsible       main lights on the lamp posts surrounding
     The men ordered the elderly couple into a bedroom where they                             for spot checks at nights,” Whylie      the building and the motion sensor lights
   were locked up purportedly while their home was searched for                               cited in his report. A hundred          were inoperable. The only lights working
   drugs. They were told not to come out until after an hour had                              percent check of the Weapons Bulk       on the building are three of the four
   elapsed.                                                                                   Store was scheduled for October         fluorescents that are affixed to the front,”
                                                                                              11, 2011 but was not carried out        the report said.
    Tulcey told police that when they emerged from their                                      due to unavailability of TQMS Roy             It was confirmed that since September
   confinement, they discovered their house had been ransacked                                Flores. The CEO did not elaborate       28, 2011, when the last check of the
   and an assortment of jewelry was missing.                                                  on the whereabouts of the TQMS          Weapons Bulk Store was conducted by
                                                                                              Flores.                                 Colonel Garcia, no other check was
     The estimated value to the loss is $14,000. Police are                                        There may some differences         done for another twelve days, “… which
   investigating.                                                                             between Deputy Commander,               is contrary to BDF policy and no effort on
                                                                                              Lt. Col. Javier Castellanos and         the part of those responsible was taken to
               Southern Choice Butane robbed                                                  Commander BDF, Dario Tapia. The         address the situation,” Whylie ranted in his
   BELIZE DISTRICT - Vondalee Leal, cashier at Southern Choice                                report cited that “… responsibilities   report.
                                                                                              for the supervision, tasking and              Whylie has recommended that two
   Butane Gas reported that whilst at work two men entered the                                                                        armed BDF soldiers are to guard the
                                                                                              replacement of the Force Field
   establishment held her and two other co-workers up. One of the                             Officer lies with the Deputy            Weapons Bulk Store and that the doors
   men was armed with a sawed-off shotgun and the other with a                                Commander BDF as directed in            for all bays be reinforced with the addition
   knife.                                                                                     Section 145 of Part IV of Force         of a metal barrier, and that a search of
                                                                                              Standing Orders.”                       the interior and exterior of the compound
    Stolen were assorted jewelry, cell phones and $1,000.00 in                                                                        be conducted including the buildings. It
                                                                                                   The report further elaborated
   cash. Police investigation continues.                                                      that “… in-coming and out-going         was also recommended that the security
                                                                                              Force Field Officer jointly report to   personnel of the Weapons Bulk Store be
             Catholic priest’s office burglarized                                             the Deputy Commander of Belize          supervised, that the perimeter fence be
   Thursday, November 3, 2011                                                                 Defense Force (DCBDF, Lt. Col.          fortified, and that the trees and shrubs in
                                                                                              Javier Castellanos) on Wednesday        the range of 100 meters of the Weapons
   BELIZE CITY – Brian Christopher, Catholic Priest of a Vernon                               morning for debriefing and tasking.     Bulk Store be removed. Whylie also called
   Street address in Belize City reported to police that sometime                             Captain Amaya alleges that on           for a Commission of Inquiry.
   between 10:30 pm on November 3rd and 8:00 am on November                                   several occasions, he tried to                It was also recommended that
                                                                                              establish from the DCBDF who            locks be replaced and the lock system
   4th his office which is located on Vernon Street was burglarized.                                                                  be reinforced, and that guards should
                                                                                              he was to take over from but to no
     Stolen were a number of computers valued at $7,800.00. Police                            avail.”                                 be placed permanently at the Weapon
   are investigating.                                                                                “Furthermore, Captain Link       Bulk Store. The Commander of BDF
          Contractor Wilhem Lopez’s premises                                                  who was schedule to work on             is to revisit and update Force Standing
                                                                                                                                      Orders and the Security Standing Orders
                                                                                              September 28th to October 4th
                      burglarized                                                             was stood down by the Commander         to address deficiencies. It is all a day late
                                                                                              of BDF Dario Tapia, who directed        since the report did not establish when the
   BELIZE CITY – The premises of contractor Wilhem Lopez located                                                                      breach occurred and who may have been
                                                                                              the Adjutant second in command
   on Pine Street, Belize City was burglarized sometime during                                Lt. E Awardo to find a replacement.     responsible.
   October, he told police.                                                                   Commander Tapia acknowledged                  CEO Whylie recommended that all
                                                                                              standing down Captain Link from         unserviceable weapons, ammunition
     Lopez told police that thirty galvanized panels were stolen. The                                                                 and pyrotechnics be boarded up and
                                                                                              Force Field Officer duty as he was
   items totaled $15,000.00 in value. Police continue to investigate.                         of the view that Captain Link as a      destroyed and that cameras be mounted
                                                                                              Commanding Officer should not           at the Weapons Bulk Store and that the
                                                                                              have been detailed for such duties      Weapons Bulk Store be relocated to a
                                                                                              due to his other responsibilities.      more central area of Price Barracks.

Sunday November 13, 2011                                               THE INDEPENDENT                                                                                       7
                                        Belizean Style:
    by Avis                                                                                                                what people will buy. I don’t invest
    The Belize Tourism Industry                                                                                            time and money for something
seeks to increase tourist visits                                                                                           that would just sit down on a shelf;
by 4.5% percent over the next 5                                                                                            everybody wears jeans, no matter
years, and one new market hoping                                                                                           where you go, jeans is number one

                                                         Jahta & Dana -
to tap into that increased number                                                                                          in the whole world. There’s a big
of visitors is the Belize Design                                                                                           market for Jahta Xtreme in Jamaica,
Network which has now opened                                                                                               in New York, Paris, England and

                                          two hot Belizean designers
the door for Belizean artists and                                                                                          Guadalupe,” Caliz said.
designers to showcase products                                                                                                 This designer also emphasized
that are culturally distinctive, high                                                                                      the importance of the creation of
quality and “ready for the world.”                                                                                         this market for the development of
    And the artists say they are                                                                           the country and the exposure of other aspiring
ready for the great leap forward.                                                                          artists, “It’s very very very important, this first
And it’s not just words, their                                                                             Belize Design Week is an ice breaker, it breaks the
products also demonstrate their                                                                            ice for the rest of Belizean designers and skillful
readiness.                                                                                                 people, the creative art people and we welcome
    The Belize Design Week – a                                                                             the money institution aboard. They are happily
joint effort of NICH, BELTRAIDE,                                                                           jumping up because they are seeing skills, arts
and the OAS - hopes to harness that
collective resolve and showcase                                                                                                         Continued on page 9
that product-readiness through
a new vehicle, the Belize Design
Network. In the short-term, it’s
an opportunity for Belizean artists
                                                                                                                      Police Short
to compete in the internationally
recognized annual Caribbean
Fashion Week in Jamaica.                                                                                           I have a great mind
    But before they get there, the
hard work begins which means                                                                                         to shoot you…
increasing      their    productivity
and most of all maintaining the                                                                                   Friday November 4, 2011
authenticity of their work.                                                                                       BELIZE CITY – Police are looking for Ernie
    OAS Country Representative,                                                                              Miranda after he allegedly held a handgun to
Kim Osborne, explained that this                                                                             the face of Denmark Carr, 36 and threatened
is just the start of a continued                                                                             to shoot him.
support by her organization for the                                                                               The incident occurred on Thursday,
materialization of an economically                                                                           November 3 around six in the evening.
sustained business within the                                                                                According to Carr, he was in his yard having a
tourism industry. Osborne said a                                                                             conversation with a friend when Ernie Miranda
website, on which advertisements                                                                             approached along with three other men.
and a portal for purchasing of                                                                               Miranda allegedly pointed a black handgun at
the products is currently under         Anthony Caliz Jr. He told us that if it wasn’t for his continued
                                                                                                             Carr and said, “I have a great mind to shoot
construction.         “We need to       love for needle and thread he would have more than likely
                                                                                                             you inna your face!”
capitalize on the opportunities         been incarcerated again. Caliz has represented Belize
                                                                                                                  Police have not described a motive for the
within tourism by having products       twice at the Caribbean Fashion Week in 2010-2011 and
                                                                                                             alleged threat.
that are made here in Belize by         says the reality of all his dreams coming true was always
                                                                                                                  Thieves make off with Canadian
Belizeans that can be sold to the       there, it was only finance that held him back.
                                                                                                             salesman’s property
tourist who visits our shores we            Caliz grew up in Belize City and as the son of a tailor
                                                                                                                  Thursday November 3, 2011
want to create an online portal.        he was always exposed to the materials which consume
                                                                                                                  BELIZE CITY – Canadian salesman John
Essentially we were approached          his daily life now. His father migrated to the United States
                                                                                                             Oliver, 74 is out his blue 2000 Suzuki Vitara
by people from the community,           when Caliz was only 11 years old. Caliz carried on in the
                                                                                                             (license plate C-31242 value $10,000) and
and again our drive and our goal        sewing business with his father’s friend, then another friend,
                                                                                                             some assorted items from a shed in his yard
                                        before he got caught up in a lifestyle which caused him
                                                                                                             as well as a bunch of keys for his house,
                                        to be imprisoned four times. In between his incarceration
                                                                                                             vehicle and gate and a Samsung cell phone,
                                        Caliz completed three years in the Belize Defense Force.
                                                                                                             he reported to police.
                                            “I had to go on my knees and I ask the almighty to guide
                                                                                                                  Oliver told police that the items were stolen
                                        me so that when I come back out of prison that I don’t have
                                                                                                             sometime between 8:00am on Wednesday,
                                        to go back to the things that would keep the prison doors
                                                                                                             November 2 and Thursday, November 3.
                                        open, and so his response to me is that I need to do what
                                                                                                             Police are investigating.
                                        I do best, that is sewing,” Caliz told us.
                                                                                                                  Another Belize City home burglary
                                            As artists and designers showed on Wednesday, July
                                                                                                                  Thursday, November 3, 2011
                                        6, 2011, at the Biltmore Plaza, there is undeniable raw
                                                                                                                  BELIZE CITY – Police are also
                                        talent in Belize - talent that was unacknowledged, un-
                                                                                                             investigating a reported burglary at the home
                                        explored and left to waste before the idea for this design
                                                                                                             of Tyrone Neal, 31.
                                        marketplace took shape.
                                                                                                                  Neal told police that a thief or thieves broke
                                            Caliz is the embodiment of this. He was only able to
                                                                                                             into his home and made off with items from
            Dana Brown                  participate in the Caribbean Fashion Week with financial
                                                                                                             his home. The estimated value of the items is
                                        and emotional support from his sister in New York City.
                                                                                                             $3,130.00. Police are investigating.
is to look at economic security, and    “Out of unemployment I created my own job; it’s just very
                                                                                                                  Big Faber’s Road weed bust
how to work with communities to         very hard because I need to get material, a place to work
                                                                                                                  Thursday, November 3, 2011
develop sustainable livelihoods         out of and all of that. I couldn’t get a loan from any bank
                                                                                                                  BELIZE CITY – Police executed a search
we can fund; we can train. But          and thing so I’m happy for all those people that jumped
                                                                                                             at the home of Kishane Geban of a Faber’s
how does training and capacity          on board and made it easier for me and all the rest of
                                                                                                             Road address on Thursday, November 3rd
building translate into changing        designers who are ready to work,” says Caliz.
                                                                                                             around 7:50 in the morning.
and transforming lives? And, it’s           Caliz’s designs, which are mostly denim and khakis,
                                                                                                                  Geban was present during the search
from that stand point that we saw       have even earned the title in Jamaica as “the denim classic
                                                                                                             which yielded 1,972 grams or 4.34 pounds of
the opportunity to create a real link   of the Caribbean”.
                                                                                                             weed. Geban was taken into custody at the
within the tourism industry,” says          “I love denim and I love khakis and I love work wear
                                                                                                             Queen Street Police Station where the weed
Osborne.                                because that is what we normally use in Belize that is
                                                                                                             was weighed. He has been charged for Drug
     One of the clothing designers at   what sells, we kind of take a trend from the US because
the leading edge of this movement       everything that you get or I get from the states is like denim.
is Jahta Xtreme founder, Victor         I don’t imitate them but I just stick to what will sell and

8                                                                THE INDEPENDENT                                              Sunday November 13, 2011
        Jahta & Dana - two hot Belizean designers
Continued from page 8
and what Belize has to offer,” Caliz ended.
                                                                                                                      There are so many components
    Another very skillful, international as well as
                                                                                                                that contribute to the ambiance of
local, clothing designer Dana Brown said that
                                                                                                                the September celebrations in
despite the grim hope for survival in Belize as
                                                                                                                Belize. The red white and blue flags
a designer she hung in and refused to return to
                                                                                                                inspire us to go out and celebrate
the U.S. where the prospects were more fruitful.
                                                                                                                how far we’ve come as a nation and
    Brown’s clothing line is titled “Refine Design”
                                                                                                                the patriotic tunes subconsciously
and she has been designing and making clothing
                                                                                                                set us in a celebratory mood. With
pieces in Belize for around fourteen years. She
                                                                                                                a month long calendar of events,
told me that if it wasn’t for the opportunities given
                                                                                                                there is no shortage of places to go
to her and other designers and artists she was
                                                                                                                and things to do. The only question
already preparing to move back to the States.
                                                                                                                that might be lingering in the back
    The love for fabric and creating remarkable
                                                                                                                of your mind is “What am I going
and unique clothing pieces began for Brown
                                                                                                                to wear?” These hot trends will be
at age 15, 5 years after she emigrated to the
                                                                                                                sure to get you on the best dressed
States with her family. That’s when the teenager
learned that she was gifted in design as she then
enrolled in classes at Los Angeles Trade Tech
and acquired an Associates Degree in fashion
    She held her on while in America as she
gained community recognition as a designer,
but even though the future of her business had
major potential in the States Brown decided to
move back to Belize to contribute to the design
world in Belize.
    “When I came back here I thought that maybe
people would have been more in tune to fashion
but they weren’t, so that was a disappointment
for me. I stayed anyway because I was able to
make ends meet by selling mostly to the resorts.
The Belizean people, for example, they didn’t
see our Belizean products as good products;
I don’t see why because a lot of the products
that come in from outside is not as good as we
                                                                  She said that that reality was a little
                                                              discouraging for her but since she stayed long        Rompers are definitely a
                                                              enough to witness the introduction of solid       guaranteed hit for this season;
                                                              efforts to push Belizean artists and designers    they’re comfy and available in
                                                              towards global recognition, with the Belize       various prints and styles. Short
                                                              Design Network, she is encouraged and             ones are perfect for the hot and
                                                              excited.                                          humid days while the long ones can
                                                                  The poster for the Belize Design Week         be used for nights out on the town.
                                                              featured model Leila Pandy wearing a dress
                                                              made by Refine Design and Brown told us
                                                              that it took her only 2 to 3 hours to complete
                                                              the dress from start to finish. She explained
                                                              that she has a love for fabric particularly the
                                                              Norwegian African prints.
                                                                  “When I see the fabric, ideas come. I
                                                              have a lot of ideas that passes through my
                                                              mind all the time, I can just pop anything out
                                                              of my head at any moment but when I see the
                                                              fabric, the ideas are more clear as to what I         Summer maxi dresses are still
                                                              want to do now with the fabric. I work with       making their presence known long
                                                              the designs on the fabric and for me that is      after summer has passed. These
                                                              a challenge. You have to be super creative        can be worn casually with a pair
                                                              to know what do with those shapes you see;        of flat sandals or if you are going
                                                              I love the idea of coming up with something       for a more elegant look, dressing
                                                              new,” she said.                                   them up with wedges and matching
                                                                  The inspiration for most of her pieces        accessories would be a great
                                                              come from the 20’s and 30’s; she tries to         option.
                                                              incorporate that elegance with modernity, but
                                                              by still maintaining an ethic of modesty.
                                                                  She also commented on the turn out
                                                              for the fashion show which was held at the
                                                              Biltmore Plaza on Thursday, July 7, 2011,             Lastly a style column would not
        Jahta                                                 which was actually sold out. “Seeing that         be complete without mentioning the
                                                              many people come out was really great for         pattern that never ages, leopard
                                                              me that encouraged and lifted my entire           print. It’s no doubt that leopard print
think it is, it cost a lot but it’s not good. My growing up   morale; everything went sky high. I was like,     outfits are show stoppers but if you
in California, I saw a lot of these people coming into the    I don’t have to leave. I love Belize , I didn’t   want to feel sexy without going all
industry where I worked in California to buy rejects, and     want to go back to California.”                   the way then opt for a simple clutch
I mean rejects, and they sell it for an arm and a leg. So              The hope now is that California and      or heels in this wild print. This is
they are putting down our good products, for rejects,” she    the wider world will want to come to Belize to    definitely a great way to spice up an
said.                                                         sample these styles.                              ordinary outfit.

Sunday November 13, 2011                                      THE INDEPENDENT                                                                     9
10   THE INDEPENDENT   Sunday November 13, 2011
                           November 10th, 2011
                           The Belize National Dance
The Evolution of Dance -
                       Company held a dance concert
 20 years in the Making“Spirit of Dance” at the Bliss
                       Center for the Performing
                       Arts on November 4th, 2011.
                       This is one of many shows in
                       their month long celebratory
                       production, Dance X, held in
                       commemoration of their 20th
                           Saturday’s program included
                       performances from their Senior
                       and Junior companies, and
                       guest     performers,      Edisnel
                       Rodriguez Gonzalez of Cuba
                       and     Dallas     Black    Dance
                       Theatre. The show highlighted
                       the Belize National Dance
                       Company’s evolution over the
                       past 20 years and included
                       pieces     choreographed        by
                       Althea Sealy, Rosita Baltazar,
                       Greg Vernon, Bob Reneau,              Jaime Thompson made a
                       SistieFairweather, Jason Wade,        triumphant return to the Bliss
                       Gene Carson and Professor
                       Eduardo Rivero Walker of
                           Even though the concert          outstanding performance               Undeniably, this month    the opportunity to attend.
                       was over two hours long,             and great direction in            long effort is an excellent   If events like this are added
                       attendees were mesmerized by         bringing the company to           platform for Belizeans        to the tourism calendar
                       the beautiful, well –designed        where it is today.                and visitors to experience    and event tickets added to
   costumes, merging of drama and dance, skill                  The Belize National           world class performances,     vacation packages, they
   level of the dancers, fusion of different cultures and   Dance       Company     has       however, the time is here     would definitely add to the
   dances styles, and intricacy and execution of the        definitely come a long way        to explore another realm,     Belizean experience and
   choreography.                                            by staying focused and            that being the commercial     increase the potential of
       The program was well organized and seamlessly        dedicated to the vision           viability and marketing       Belize’s tourism product.
   executed by having a storyline woven through the         of     their   organization,      of professional dancing.      Dance X, and future
   entire show, the use of video backgrounds and            working in unison, getting        Where is the much needed      events like this, is a perfect
   incorporating live drumming and instruments for the      necessary training and            link between tourism and      opportunity for all industry
   cultural performances.                                   showcasing and honoring           the arts? Many overnight      stakeholders       to    work
       Althea Sealy, current artistic director and one of   the achievements of our           tourists would have enjoyed   collectively and emphasize
   the founding members, must be commended for an           country through dance.            such a presentation, given    all Belize has to offer!

   Sunday November 13, 2011                                    THE INDEPENDENT                                                                       11
12   THE INDEPENDENT   Sunday November 13, 2011
Financial Sense:
A Financial Plan of Sorts                                                                                    The Green Thing
                                                                                                   Checking out at the store,     in our day.
                                                    Mrs. Judy M. McCutheon is                the young cashier suggested to            Back then, we had one TV, or
                                               currently doing her International
                                               Masters in Business Administration
                                                                                             the older woman that she should      radio, in the house -- not a TV in
                                               at the University of the West Indies,         bring her own grocery bags           every room. And the TV had a small
                                               even as she is nishing the nal level          because plastic bags weren’t         screen the size of a handkerchief
                                               for her CGA (Certi ed General                 good for the environment.            (remember them?), not a screen
                                               Accountant).                                        The woman apologized and       the size of the state of Montana. In
                                                    She has worked in Belize as a            explained, “We didn’t have this      the kitchen, we blended and stirred
                                               Financial Accountant to one of the
                                                                                             green thing back in my earlier       by hand because we didn’t have
                                               nation’s largest private companies
                                               and server as a Financial Advisor             days.”                               electric machines to do everything
                                               to another. Her husband was                         The      clerk    responded,   for us.
                                               transferred to Grenada two years              “That’s our problem today. Your           When we packaged a fragile
                                               ago, and they now make their                  generation did not care enough       item to send in the mail, we used
                                               residence there.                              to save our environment for          wadded up old newspapers to
                                                    She notes: “My main reason for
                                                                                             future generations.”                 cushion it, not Styrofoam or plastic
                                               wanting to do these articles is that
                                               when I worked as an advisor, I saw                  She was right -- our           bubble wrap. Back then, we didn’t
                                               the potential damage to so many               generation didn’t have the green     fire up an engine and burn gasoline
                                               people, the ‘haves and the have not’s,’       thing in its day.                    just to cut the lawn. We used a push
                                               because nobody bothered to plan,                    Back then, we returned milk    mower that ran on human power.
                                               and the danger of not planning is             bottles, soda bottles and beer       We exercised by working so we
                                               very real. My wish is that sometime
                                                                                             bottles to the store. The store      didn’t need to go to a health club
                                               soon, the people of Belize would
                                               make nancial planning a natural               sent them back to the plant to       to run on treadmills that operate on
                                               part of their lives.”                         be washed and sterilized and         electricity. But she’s right. We didn’t
                                                                                             refilled, so it could use the same   have the green thing back then.
                                                                                             bottles over and over. So they            We drank from a fountain when
    By Judy M. McCutcheon                 in your day to day life whether you                really were recycled. But we         we were thirsty instead of using a
    We can’t all be independently         have it written down or not - you                  didn’t have the green thing back     cup or a plastic bottle every time
wealthy, but we can all be financially    make money, you spend money.                       in our day.                          we had a drink of water. We refilled
secure - all it takes is a financial      When you create a budget you have                        We walked up stairs,           writing pens with ink instead of
plan and a strong commitment              a clear picture of how much money                  because we didn’t have an            buying a new pen, and we replaced
to that plan. We cannot take the          you have, you know your fixed and                  escalator in every store and         the razor blades in a razor instead
same attitude towards our financial       variable expenses and how much                     office building. We walked to the    of throwing away the whole razor
future as we do towards our New           is left over after you’ve paid your                grocery store and didn’t climb       just because the blade got dull. But
Year’s Resolution. Building a secure      expenses. The danger with not                      into a 300-horsepower machine        we didn’t have the green thing back
financial future starts with creating a   creating a budget is that your life                every time we had to go two          then.
sound financial plan. It’s pretty much    becomes a juggling act just to keep                blocks. But she was right. We             Back then, people took the
like building a house: the stronger       on track and remember everything.                  didn’t have the green thing in our   streetcar or a bus, and kids rode their
the foundation the more solid and         You begin to experience financial                  day.                                 bikes to school or walked instead of
sturdy the house will be. It does not     freedom when you take the time out                       Back then, we washed the       turning their moms into a 24-hour
matter what stage you are at; it only     each month to work with a written                  baby’s diapers because we            taxi service. We had one electrical
matters that you start and stay on        budget.                                            didn’t have the throw-away kind.     outlet in a room, not an entire
course.                                         Retirement Planning: - Having                We dried clothes on a line, not      bank of sockets to power a dozen
    Financial planning is the             a plan in place for retirement now                 in an energy gobbling machine        appliances. And we didn’t need a
long-term process of managing             prevents a multitude of heartaches                 burning up 220 volts -- wind and     computerized gadget to receive a
your finances in pursuit of your          and hardships at a time in your life               solar power really did dry our       signal beamed from satellites 2,000
happiness, your goals and your            when you can least afford it. Saving               clothes back in our early days.      miles out in space in order to find the
dreams. It is a compass for your          for retirement needs to be a priority,             Kids got hand-me-down clothes        nearest pizza joint.
financial future. With the uncertain      rather than an afterthought; it does               from their brothers or sisters,           But isn’t it sad that the current
economic climate, it is important that    not matter if you are fresh out of                 not always brand-new clothing.       generation laments how wasteful we
you set some sort of plan in place as     college and have another 45 years                  But that young lady is right. We     old folks were just because we didn’t
you sail into your future. A plan helps   till retirement or you plan to retire              didn’t have the green thing back     have the green thing back then?
you to see the entire picture and it      next year. It is never too late to start
helps you to set clearly defined and      planning.
measurable goals, both long-term                Education: - We all know the             position. My advice? PLAN EARLY.         in place, start small and build up
and short-term. An effective financial    old saying “If you think education is               Savings/Investment: - The           until you reach your goal.
plan takes into account budgeting,        expensive, try ignorance.” The world           ability to save money is the                 Insurance: - Experts will tell
planning for retirement and for           today is more competitive than ever            foundation for building wealth. It is    you that any financial plan, without
education,      savings/investments,      before. A high school certificate is           important that you do not spend all      insurance as its core, is well, just
emergency funding and insurance.          no longer adequate. If you want your           that you earn and it is even more        that - a plan. Insurance is crucial
    Let’s put your financial future       kids to have a competitive edge,               crucial that you do not spend more       because after you have worked
into perspective. In order to set your    you must plan adequately for their             than you earn. A rule of thumb is to     hard to ensure a solid financial
plans in motion, you need to create       education. The cost of education               save at least 10% of what you earn.      future for you and your family, you
goals and remember all goals              increases roughly 20% each year,                    Emergency Funding: - In life        want to protect your wealth. You can
start with a dream. Set specific          and if this major event is not planned         we should expected the unexpected,       find yourself in financial ruin, if you
measurable financial goals for what       then you are left with three choices:          and the best way to prepare for these    are not adequately insured with both
you want to achieve. Don’t say, “I              1) Your child does not attend            unexpected moments is to have an         personal and general insurance.
want to live comfortably when I retire”   university,                                    emergency fund. These unexpected             Remember, we are responsible
or “I want a good education for my              2) Seek a scholarship and be at          events could be job loss, medical        for our own financial well being.
kids.” Define what is “comfortable        the mercy of those handing out the             expenses, home or vehicle repair.        Let us give priority to securing our
and good”. Have a specific dollar         scholarship, or                                Taking a loan or using your credit       financial future. Procrastination
amount so that you will know when               3) Get a student loan.                   card should not be an option. Most       is the greatest enemy of financial
you’ve reached your goals.                        Number one should never                experts agree that you should have       freedom.
    Now let’s look at the                 become an option and personally                three to six months of your living           Please send your comments
components of a financial plan:            I am against student loans, since              expenses as an emergency fund. If        about this article to mccutcheon_
    Budgeting: - You use budgets          they start the child out in a negative         you don’t have an emergency fund

Sunday November 13, 2011                                                 THE INDEPENDENT                                                                           13
                  “Saving Lives, Changing Minds” It is the slogan that underpins the works of the Belize Red Cross. It is also precisely what the Bowen
                  Group of Companies via the Belize Estate Company Limited is seeking to do via its partnership with the Red Cross as it is donating the
                  profits from its 2011 Christmas Raffle.
 Tickets also     The raffle for a 2011 Ford Fiesta was launched in the midst of the National Celebrations on September 17 at the Expo Fair of the

 available from   Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The vehicle is a sleek, sexy Performance Blue color four door five-seater car (available
                  for viewing at the compound of BEC). Aside from its attractive exterior and interior, the vehicle offers value for the small investment

 the RED CROSS    in a raffle ticket of $5.00.

                  Having a blue Christmas may not be such a bad thing this year. If you are lucky, you could be enjoying a “NEW blue Christmas” in your
                  2011 Ford Fiesta. Tickets are available at the Belize Estate Offices on Slaughterhouse Road and from all Bowen Sales Centers in our
                  district towns. Tickets will also be sold periodically through the next months from downtown Belize City locations.

14                                               THE INDEPENDENT                                                     Sunday November 13, 2011
                                                                                                                                                                             Wednesday, November 9, 2011
            State Of The                                                                                                                                                     BELIZE CITY – Following up on a
                                                                                                                                                                       very successful exhibition at the Image
                                                                                                                                                                       Factory here in Belize City, Steve Mossiah

                                                                                                                                                                       and Stinging Scorpio Tattoo Studio has
                                                                                                                                                                       organized the first-ever tattoo expo in Belize.
                                                                                                                                                                       It is slated for the weekend of November 27
                                                                                                                                                                       and 28, 2011 on the Belize-Corozal Road
                                                                                                                                                                       in Orange Walk Town, upstairs Tropigas

                                                                                            Expo 2011
                                                                                                                                                                       (Formerly Mi Amor Hotel).
  The Cost of Originality:                                                                                                                                                   Tattoo artists from Belize, Guatemala,
                                                                                                                                                                       and Mexico will be on the show floor
                                                                                                                                                                       tattooing and piercing. The audience is

                                                                                                                                                                       invited to come view the tats, shop around,
                                                                                                                                                                       and get tattooed by one of the many artists
                                of fame                                                                                                                                attending. Take something home that will
                                                                                                                                                                       last a life time!!!
                                                                                                                                                                             The entrance fee is only BZ$5.00 to be
                                                                                                                                                                       paid at the door.
     By Katie Usher                                                                                                                                                          The all-star line-up of artists scheduled

               ndy Palacio was a Garifuna musician                                                                                                                     to be on hand are Luke Usher, Tyrone Tun,
               from the small sea village of Southern                                                                                                                  Carlos Williams, Steve Mossiah, and Dyke
               Belize Barranco. In 2007, Palacio was                                                                                                                   Geban of Belize City; Karim Sosa and
designated as an Artist for Peace by UNESCO. This                                                                                                                      Edgar Contreras of San Ignacio; Fabian
distinction placed not only Andy Palacio, but also                                                                                                                     Manzanilla of Corozal; Ivan Gonas of
Barranco, Garifuna music and Belize on the world                                                                                                                       Guatemala City, Guatemala; Will Tatuwill
stage. It had only been twenty-six years since Belize                                                                                                                  of Merida, Mexico; Raziel Tatooing and
had established itself as an independent citizen of the
                                                                                                                                                                       Mahatma Caler Cruz of Chetumal, Mexico,
world; most definitely still forging for itself an identity.
Andy Palacio was featured in countless international
                                                                                                                                                                       and Mario Cano Tec of Cancun, Mexico.
newspapers like the Boston Globe, the New York
Times, The Jerusalem Post, the Dubai Chronicle
and Wall Street Journal. Andy Palacio’s music, most                                                                                                                                          most personal problems in a
specifically the last cd produced before his untimely                                                                                                                                        most private way -your identity
death, Watina, continues to be sold in Belize and                                                                                                                                            is unknown”
                                                                            Morning Matters - A different kind of orning show

all over the world. Undoubtedly his originality and                                                                                                                                               And while the show hasn’t
creativity made him not only a Belizean celebrity but a                                                                                                                                      quite been a sensation, it is the
world wide celebrity.                                                                                                                                                                        22nd most watched show on

        n 2011, however, we are confronted with the                                                                                                                                 where they
        phenomenon of “15 minutes of fame,” a term                                                                                                                                           rate the first 100. Considering
        coined by American filmmaker and pop artist/                                                                                                                                         stickam’s reach, and the size
painter Andy Warhol. The “15 minutes of fame” was                                                                                                                                            of the competition, this is an
Warhol referring to the fact that if the world was                                                                                                                                           incredible accomplishment.
regarded with the same rules as reality television,                                                                                                                                               Rhonda        has      been
                                                                                                                                                                                             broadcasting out of Miami,
quite in the essence of Pop Art, that the focus of the
                                                                                                                                                                                             Florida for the past month
“representable” shifted and allowed for the mundane
                                                                                                                                                                                             or so, but next week she hits
and common (for example, comics or the Campbell’s
                                                                                                                                                                                             the road again, this time to
Soup can) to became art, that everyone gets their                                                                                                                                            Washington DC, and no doubt
15 minutes of fame. This is a phrase that is still used                                                                                                                                      her faithful audience, both at
prevalently today. This is made pointedly obvious                                                                                    For the last three years Rhonda           home in Belize and across the worldwide
in this new world of TMZ, where every celebrity                                                                                 Crichton has been hosting Morning              web will go with her.
is scrutinized so as to offer its audience a constant                                                                           Matters, 7:30-8:30 mornings on More FM             Her itinerary calls for her to be in
feed of nonsense and gossip, and “facebook,” (one                                                                               (99.5FM), and some may even say she            Washington DC for three weeks, then
of the most successful social networks), has become                                                                             has toiled in obscurity, lost in the shadows   possibly New York for two weeks, then
a “regular-guy” version of TMZ for the rest of us.                                                                              of the mega television/radio simulcast of      Barbados for two days, and then Christmas
Everyone actually is enjoying their 15 minutes of fame,                                                                         her competition, or the salacious offerings    in St. Vincent.
or in most cases infamy.                                                                                                        of the partisan political shows.                   The lady is going places, and taking

                                                                                                                                     Almost three months ago, however,         her audience right along with her. Trail
                                                                MEDIA MATTERS:

             elize has not been spared from this
             phenomenon. Many of us watch TMZ or                                                                                Rhonda, a 15 year broadcasting vet,            blazing is what I call it.
             follow them on facebook and Twitter. We                                                                            packed up her show and took off for                In the meantime you can log in to
                                                                                                                                Miami, Florida, and live streaming via the,
have also begun to spend countless hours browsing
                                                                                                                                world-wide web’s streaming service www.        and you can send your texts to 001-772-
through countless photographs of costume parties,
                                                                                                                                                         634-6211 while she is Florida or you can
mindless gossip and updates on what our 675 contacts
                                                                                                                                     Rhonda says her show will “discuss        email her at
ate for lunch. Browsing facebook, Twitter, Youtube and                                                                          any issue ... we mostly discuss                    You can also check out her facebook
LinkedIn give us the illusion of having the whole entire                                                                        relationship issues but are not limited        page at
world at our disposal via computer screens, smart                                                                               to that ... all we ask is that there is no     Morning-Matters/205083199533293?ref=ts.
phones or tablets. We are now choosing to garner                                                                                nudity or profanity and we are good. It’s          So if you don’t fancy the fierce discourse/
exposure by this new virtual travel tourism. We don’t                                                                           a show that deals with real life situations    debates on mostly political matters that
visit the museum or go to art galleries. We do not go                                                                           in a practical way. It’s an outlet for your    dominate the other airwaves, just tune in.
to the theatre unless it is to further rot our cultural
sensibilities watching people do atrocious renditions
of pop music for a $10,000.00 prize.
     What is my concern as an artist?

                                                               I have made some observations that have allowed                                                      the Belizean rainforest?

        believe that every person is free to choose the
        type of entertainment they prefer, just as long as     me to make some conclusions. Recently there was                                                                 he media has also been in a frenzy over
        it does not serve as a replacement for culture.        some controversy surrounding the construction of                                                                the World Series of Poker because of Bob
KTV has sold out every show along with countless               monuments on the roundabouts on the Marine Parade                                                               Bou Nahra, a Belizean, placing as a semi-
other viewers tuning in on television, whilst most art         in Belize City. The Mayor decided to place a replica                                                 finalist. Bou Nahra wore a cap with a Belizean flag
exhibits only gather an average of 40 to 50 persons.           of Tikal, the Mayan temple from Peten, Guatemala,                                                    with the word BELIZE printed under it. The media
The cost of the ticket for KTV is $2.00 while art exhibits     on the Marine Parade roundabout. This is flanked                                                     said that he has done a great thing for Belize, by
are generally free and open to the public. While               by cannons which were the original pieces on the                                                     putting our country on the map. He gained immediate
karaoke discourages originality by asking performers           roundabout. It is bad enough that cannons and                                                        celebrity status for being an excellent poker player
to do copies of other musicians’ songs (generally not          temples have no connection historically, but what                                                    and wearing his Belize cap while being broadcast
local musicians either), an art exhibit is a rich display      is really dangerous was the Mayor’s statement in                                                     live on ESPN. It seems that we have become
of original work. Why do we opt to pay to see a copy           defence of the structure. She was quoted on the                                                      dazzled by acronyms of any kind in the pursuit of
when we could freely enjoy something original?                 media to have said, that now the school children                                                     celebrity, that we have placed ESPN on the level of

                  hat are the contributing factors that        will be able to visit the ruins without having to leave                                              UNESCO. Have we lost interest in showcasing or
                  encourage us to make such decisions?         the city. Can this cement structure ever compare to                                                  consuming originality, or are we merely content with
                  I don’t propose to have the answers but      experiencing the majesty of Mayan architecture in                                                    15 minutes of fame?

Sunday November 13, 2011                                                                              THE INDEPENDENT                                                                                                   15
16   THE INDEPENDENT   Sunday November 13, 2011
Otto Perez Molina, Former General,                                                                                               ago.
                                                                                                                                      “There are two winners, no losers,”
                                                                                                                                 said Alberto de Aregon of the political
Wins Guatemala Presidential Elections                                                                                            firm of Aregon and Associates.
                                                                                                                                      Baldizon made some promises
                                                                                                                                 considered outlandish, including that
                                                         won an easy and early            Perez had led throughout, and          he would take Guatemala’s soccer
                                                         victory on Sunday in a      while Baldizon made gains, it was           team to the World Cup. He also
                                                         runoff against tycoon-      Perez who surged in the final days.         promised to give workers an extra
                                                         turned-political populist        “At the end of the campaign, Otto      month’s salary a year, reinstate the
                                                         Manuel Baldizon of the      Perez began to appeal to the idea of        death penalty and televise executions.
                                                         Democratic Freedom          continuity and stability, while Baldizon         Both candidates lean to the right.
                                                         Revival party. Perez        tried to appear new and creative,” said     The center-left party of Colom failed to
                                                         won 54 to 46 percent.       Renso Rosal, political analyst with         field a candidate.
                                                              Voters were drawn      the University Rafael Landivar. “That            Perez made his military career as
                                                         to Perez’s “iron-fist”      doesn’t sit well with a conservative        an intelligence specialist, one of the
                                                         approach to rampant         society like Guatemala.”                    most influential and powerful sections
                                                         crime in a country               Perez, 61, is the first former         of the army. According to declassified
                                                         overrun by gangs and        military leader elected president in        U.S. documents released by the
                                                         Mexican drug cartels        Guatemala since the end of brutal           National Security Archive research
                                                         and with one of the         military rule 25 years ago.                 organization, Perez studied in 1985
                                                         highest murder rates             While that concerns some               in the U.S. military’s School of the
                                                         in the world. President     international    groups,      Guatemala     Americas. He also took classes at and
                                                         Alvaro Colom had to         has a young population. Many don’t          led the school for the elite commandos
                                                         send the military to        remember the 36-year war or its             known as “kaibiles,” a force linked
                                                         various parts of the        200,000 dead, the vast majority of          to massacres of peasants during the
                                                         country in the last         whom were Mayan and victims of              war.
                                                         six months to regain        army, police and paramilitary.                   He also is known as the general
                                                         control from the drug            Perez has said there were no           who stood behind the constitutional
                                                         gangs.                      massacres or genocide. He was never         court in 1993 when President Jorge
                                                              “The first order       been charged with any atrocities            Serrano tried to dissolve Congress
                                                         of business will be         and was one of the army’s chief             and the constitution. The lack of army               to lower the levels of violence and        representatives in negotiating the          backing for his power-grab forced
     Monday, November 7, 2011             insecurity that we’re living, and work     1996 peace accords.                         Serrano to leave the country.
     GUATEMALA CITY -- In the end,        with congress to improve the federal            “They talk a lot about the past, but        Perez was appointed head of
Guatemala’s electoral tradition and       budget,” Perez said upon his victory,      there has been no case against him,”        Guatemala’s equivalent of the Secret
weariness with crime trumped rising       touching on the country’s other major      said Perez supporter Daniel Rustrian,       Service for Ramiro de Leon Carpio,
enthusiasm for a youthful populist.       problem.                                   20, who was voting for the first time.      a human rights ombudsman chosen
     Guatemalans once again have               Guatemala has one of lowest           “I’m not saying there wasn’t genocide,      by Guatemala’s legislature in 1993 to
elected the presidential candidate who    tax rates in the world, raising little     but no one has demonstrated anything        serve out the presidential term after
lost the previous election, something     money for schools, roads or other          against him.”                               Serrano fled.
they have done since democracy            improvements that would help bring              Perez, who takes office Jan. 14,            Baldizon on Sunday urged fellow
returned to the Central American          the country out of severe poverty.         narrowly lost four years ago to Colom,      Guatemalans to vote for a new face
country in 1986.                          More than half of Guatemala’s 14           who cannot run for re-election. That        and reject a candidate with “blood on
     Retired general and former           million people live below the poverty      tradition bodes well for Baldizon, 41,      his hands” from his military career.
intelligence director Otto Perez Molina   line. The establishment traditionally      who barely registered in the polls          Perez in turn charged Baldizon with
of the conservative Patriotic Party       has fought hard against raising taxes.     when campaigning began six months           giving handouts in exchange for votes.

Sunday November 13, 2011                                            THE INDEPENDENT                                                                                17
      A Baan De 2                           - a review -
    By Linda Crawford                        to serve as tangible reminders of a time in
    (This    mini-review     is  re-         Punta Gorda, affectionately known as PG,
published with permission from               when life was simple, serene, unhurried, yet
the blog, The Village View Post              richly rewarding. Whether it was going to the
which can be viewed at: http://              plantation to fetch firewood for the home fires,             attending Sunday Mass in his Sunday best, or
stories-from-childhood-in-punta-             just playing or hunting for maclallah (lizards) in
gorda.html).                                 the neighborhood with his friends, his specific
    Belizean writer and author Elroy         observations were mere glimpses of those
Johnson has launched his second              rare occasions when life in PG was simple but
book, A BAAN DE 2. Two years ago,            valuable to his growth and development.
Elroy started writing short stories              Elroy Johnson was born in Punta Gorda,
about his life experiences in his            where he spent most of his childhood in the
home town of Punta Gorda, Belize,            neighborhood NiHi-Hollywood, then just called
with A BAAN DE, (translated as “I            NiHi. He attended Saint Peter Claver Primary
was born there”). His recent book A          School. At an early age, he was an outstanding
BAAN DE 2 is a continuation of its           student, passing his primary school leaving
predecessor, with another layer of           examination, college entrance, and government
socio-historical perspective added           scholarship from Std. V. He went on to attend
to unearth the past. He writes,              Claver College, where he continued as an
somewhat nostalgically, about life           outstanding student. He was well-liked,                   at California State University in Fullerton, where he earned
“bak enna dem days” (in those                admired, and respected throughout his college             dual Master’s degrees in Wastewater Engineering and
days) in Punta Gorda, entertaining           years.                                                    Environmental Science. Elroy currently works for the City
and delighting those who are                     Elroy left PG in the early 1970s to live in           of Los Angeles as a civil engineer. He loves to read and
acquainted with its history.                 Belize City. He quickly joined the Public Service,        write and dabbles with poetry in his free time.
    Both books are framed as                 and after a number of years, he migrated to the               Elroy frequently visits his native town PG and is actively
a collection of short narratives             United States. There he continued his studies             involved with community projects and campaign efforts
                                                                                                                                to motivate the youths in NiHi-
                                                                                                                                Hollywood so that they can achieve

            School yard stabbing raises                                                                                         their goals. He has offered a number
                                                                                                                                of scholarships and educational

            concern and prompt action
                                                                                                                                help to deserving students in the
                                                                                                                                community. Elroy plans to return
                                                                                                                                home to serve his community.
     Friday, November 4, 2011                everybody’s business to make sure          know.”                                      A BAAN DE 2 can be purchased
     BELIZE CITY – A Standard Six            that these things don’t happen and              Ministry     of     Education      by contacting the author. He can
student of Queen Square Anglican             if we don’t do something about this        sent out a release expressing           be reached at elroywjohnson@
School was stabbed by one of his             situation that is clearly eating away      satisfaction that the school has The price of the book is
pairs during a game of basketball on         at the fabric of our society, then these   taken adequate action to address        $18.00, which includes postage
the school’s compound.                       things are going to continue to happen,    violence on their premises. “It is      (continental US). Check or money
     The incident occurred during the        so what happened in that school is         a worldwide phenomenon,” the            order will do, and can be mailed
lunch break on Friday November 4th.          just a reflection of what happens in       release said, “there is no program      directly to him. So, write to him and
The two boys were playing basketball,        our society every day. Especially on       that will guarantee zero violence
                                                                                                                                he’ll send you the mailing address.
witnesses say. Confrontation ensued          the Southside of Belize City as all we     in schools.”
after the victim, eleven year old Ryan
Timmons was fouled and he punched
the accused in the face. The accused,
another Standard Six student retaliated
by stabbing Timmons in the ribcage
     Bag     searches      have     been
implemented at the school. One was
done just the day prior to the incident.
School officials have indicated that the
searches will form part of routine at the
school. Students reported seeing the
knife in the possession of the accused
but did not report it out of fear.
     Minister of Education Patrick
Faber expressed regret over the
incident and said that violence in
schools is reflective of what is going
on in greater society. The day prior, a
third year student of Wesley College
was stabbed by a fourth year student
on the school’s premises during school
     Faber said, “It is unfortunate and I
am not happy to hear such reports at
all, but you know what happens in our
schools cannot be any different from
what is happening out in the society.
We quite often expect different things
to be happening, and it is a signal
to the society that we need to really
put our shoulders to weight because
as I have always said, and others in
the government have always said.
It is not only the responsibility of
the government to curve crime. It is

18                                                                     THE INDEPENDENT                                             Sunday November 13, 2011
                                                                                                      paranda and kungo. The            funding (in-kind and otherwise) from
                                                                                                      world has been hearing            third parties via, grants, donations, etc.
                                                                                                      the music from Belize,                 It is important to note that Belizeans
                                                                                                      but unfortunately our             are not accustomed to paying for their
                                                                                                      Belizean artists have not         use of protected musical works, so
                                             The Business Side                                        been reaping the financial
                                                                                                      rewards         from      their
                                                                                                                                        to now inform music users of their
                                                                                                                                        obligation to pay for music being used,
                                             of Music - Collective                                    creativity, until now.
                                                                                                            Not only will bscAp
                                                                                                                                        while preparing to enforce the rights
                                                                                                                                        we protect is a huge challenge, which
                                             Management of                                            collect monies locally
                                                                                                      for its members, we also
                                                                                                                                        has been met with strong resistance
                                                                                                                                        and apathy.

                                             Copyright in Belize                                      interface
                                                                                                                     with    similar
                                                                                                                                             The end
                                                                                                                                             According to the 2010 Creative
                                                                                                      to       identify     musical     Economy Report, published by the
                                                 by Heather Cunningham                                works belonging to our            United Nations Conference on Trade
                                                                                                      members, so that monies           and Development (UNCTAD), “the
                                                                                                      that have been collected          emerging creative economy has
                                             restaurant, hotel, radio station,          (and are currently sitting in suspense          become a leading component of
  Mrs. Cunningham, Esquire, is               Internet, bank, supermarket, and           accounts) in the various territories for        economic growth, employment, trade
  the CEO of the Belize Society of           the list continues, the owners of the      the performance of the works can finally        and innovation, and social cohesion
  Composer, Authors Producers                musical works are entitled to be paid      be paid to the local artist members who         in     most      advanced      economies.
                                             for each performance of their work(s).     otherwise would not receive anything.           Unfortunately, however, the large
                                             Accordingly, bscAp grants permission            The struggle                               majority of developing countries
                                             for the performances, via a license, in         Operating and growing any                  (Belize being one) are not yet able
     bscAp on the ground in Belize           exchange for a licensing fee, which is     organization/business is difficult and          to harness their creative capacity for
     As of January this year, bscAp          collected from the music user(s) then      has its fair share of bumps in the road         development.”
commenced operating on the ground            paid to the owners of the work(s).         (or challenges). So, for the most                    “The creative industries are among
in Belize, and since hitting the ground it        bscAp commenced operating in          part, the challenges that bscAp face            the most dynamic emerging sectors
has been an interesting “ride”.              November 2005, with approximately          are typical of any new organization/            in world trade,” so as a developing
     A little background info                25 members as per its annual filing in     business. However, bscAp is unique              country, Belize needs to recognize
     bscAp is a non-profit collective        2007, and has since established an on      in that it is owned and operated by             its creative capacity for development,
management organization incorporated         the ground presence based in Belize        local musicians and other industry              take control of its creative arts industry,
under the Companies Act of Belize. As        city, with membership (comprised of        stakeholders (its members), and we              and commence capitalizing off of the
a collective management organization         songwriters, producers, performers         have been fortunate (thus far) to have          creative talent that exists within Belize.
(CMO), with international affiliates,        and publishers) increasing to 45 as of     passionate board members who truly              As an emerging sector, if a proper
bscAp obtains the right to administer        June 2011. bscAp ’s goal is to have at     believe in the vision of the organization,      foundation is laid (i.e., each subsector
or control the way musical works are         least 100 members by year end 2011         so they tireless contribute their time and      works to strengthen its specialized
commercially exploited (this includes        and we are well on target to meet, and     resources to further bscAp ’s growth.           area within the creative arts industry),
public performances) in Belize, by           quite possibly surpass, this goal.              Additionally, although bscAp is            the subsectors will then collectively
way of direct artist membership, and              The music                             a nonprofit and non-governmental                propel growth of Belize’s creative arts
reciprocal agreements with CMOs in                Art, specifically music, has proven   organization,        bscAp’s       mandate      industry.
territories outside of Belize. So this       to be the catalyst that changes the        authorizes bscAp to collectively                     bscAp will continue to do its part
basically means that bscAp controls          way the world views a culture; and this    license music users, collect licensing          by actively carrying out its mandate to
the rights to millions of musical works      holds true for Belize. Music creates       fees and then remit those fees in the           properly license music users, collect
performed by artists such as Rihanna,        color, flavor, and adds texture to the     form of royalties (less reasonable              licensing fees for the use of copyright
Ray Charles, Adele, Bob Marley and           daily struggle of Belizean people; and     administrative costs) to the owners             protected works and then pay out the
even Belize’s own superstar Andy             therefore, the music from Belize is        of the copyright in the musical works,          fees to the owners of the works in the
Palacio.                                     what helps to shape the world’s view       who happens to be both local and                form of royalties; and thereby protect
     As part of our mandate, controlling     of Belize and its people.                  international       artists,     publishers,    our members copyright in their music
the musical works involve protecting              bscAp represents all genres of        songwriters and producers. So bscAp             while also creating an additional
the works from being used without            music, with particular emphasis on         is in a position to create a steady             revenue stream to help them thrive
permission (or a license). Anytime           its local repertoire which includes,       revenue stream by licensing the music           as productive creative members of
music is played in public, e.g., a           punta rock, cha cha, brukdong,             in its repertoire, in addition to receiving     society.

    Pen Cayetano’s
                                                                                             Belmopan,       Belize,      8             Vincent and the Grenadines. In
                                                                                     November 2011- The Mexican                         Mexico, his exhibitions have been
                                                                                     Embassy invites the general public                 hosted at the Museum of Mayan
                                                                                     to the opening of the art exhibition
    exhibition will open at the
                                                                                                                                        Culture in Chetumal and at the
                                                                                     “The Creation of Eve” by the                       National Museum of Cultures in
                                                                                     renowned Belizean painter and                      Mexico City. An upcoming exhibition

    Institute of Mexico in Belize
                                                                                     musician Pen Cayetano.                             will be presented in the Mexican city
                                                                                          The exhibition forms part of the              of Merida.
                                                                                     Garifuna celebrations in Belize, and                    In 2008, the Language, Dance
                                                                                     will be inaugurated at the Institute               and Music of the Garifuna were
                                                                                     of Mexico in Belize, on Friday,                    inscribed in the List of the Intangible
                                                                                     November 11th, 2011 at 6:30 p.m.                   Cultural Heritage of UNESCO
                                                                                For the sixth time since 1996, the                      (United Nations Education, Scientific
                                                                            Mexican Embassy has been hosting the                        and Cultural Organization).
                                                                            exhibition depicting the latest artistic                         This latest exhibition, “The
                                                                            production by Master Pen Cayetano, one                      Creation of Eve” which includes
                                                                            of the most important cultural figures during               more than 30 oil paintings will open
                                                                            the celebrations in November dedicated to                   on Friday, November 11th, at 6:30
                                                                            the Garifuna culture.                                       pm at the Institute of Mexico in
                                                                                Delvin “Pen” Cayetano, painter, singer,                 Belize. Entrance will be free and
                                                                            songwriter, percussionist, guitarist, is the                open to the general public.The
                                                                            leading cultural reviver and Ambassador                     exhibition will remain open until
                                                                            of the Garinagu. He was born in 1954                        November 30th, 2011.
                                                                            in Dangriga, the cultural capital of the                         The Institute of Mexico is
                                                                            Garinagu. He is a self-taught painter and                   located at the corner of Newtown
                                                                            musician.                                                   Barracks and Wilson Street, in
                                                                                Cayetano began his artistic career as                   Belize City. For more information,
                                                                            a painter in the 70’s. His paintings portray                please call 223-1408, or write to
                                                                            scenes of everyday life in Belize, its folklore,            institutodemexico@embamex.
                                                                            history and Garifuna culture. His works has                 bz or visit the Embassy’s web
                                                                            been exhibited in the United States, United        and
                                                                            Kingdom, Germany,Belgium and Saint                          the Embassy’s Facebook page.

Sunday November 13, 2011                                               THE INDEPENDENT                                                                                       19
20   THE INDEPENDENT   Sunday November 13, 2011

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