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      Global Warming Project List
      Directions: If you answer YES to the question, “In your opinion, is global warming an
      imminent world threat?” then choose a project from the “YES” list to illustrate your point
      of view about what should be done to address global warming issues. If you answered
      NO, then choose a project from the “NO” list. NOTE: Feel free to develop project ideas
      of your own. Just get teacher approval on these BEFORE beginning your work to be
      sure they are appropriate.

“YES” Project Ideas                                    “NO” Project Ideas

• Create a game to teach others about                  • Create a series of charts or graphs that
practical ideas for reducing greenhouse                illustrate costs related to enforcing global
gas emissions (e.g., drive a hybrid car,               warming laws such as the Pavely Law or
use less electricity).                                 the Kyoto Protocol.

• Conduct an experiment or make a                      • Design a display that shows the cost of
scientific display illustrating the effects of         developing and using renewable energy
greenhouse gases and write a lab report                sources (e.g., solar energy can be used in
                                                       homes, but there is an initial cost of set-
• Design a futuristic map of the world                 up, as well as backup plans needed when
showing the effects of global climate                  the sun isn’t shining).
change on the earth’s physical features,
as well as on plant and animal                         • Research current U.S. environmental
life.                                                  policy and create a flyer explaining the
                                                       Clear Skies Initiative and other strategies
• Create a map that shows the major                    presented by President Bush that address
countries that support the Kyoto Protocol.             global warming.
Develop hypotheses for how the U.S.’s
refusal to participate in the treaty could             • Design a sign, poster, or brochure
affect foreign relations.                              explaining the current Environmental
                                                       Protection Agency plan for addressing
• Profile a renewable energy source and                global warming issues.
teach other students how it can be used
(e.g., profile solar energy and how the                • Research what scientists who do not
average citizen can incorporate this into              support conventional global warming
their everyday use). Create a display or               theories say about changes in the earth’s
working model of this energy source.                   climate and weather patterns and present
                                                       these findings by creating a magazine-
                                                       type     story,   a      public   service
                                                       announcement, a mini-documentary or
                                                       power point about your findings

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