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Aim & Objectives                           3

 Who Will Benefit?                          3

 Research & Consultation                    4

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Project Management                         7

Project Costs                              8

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Fundraising                                9

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Provide a skate park on the grounds of Woolaston
Memorial Hall Playing Field.

Aims & Objectives
We aim to create an exciting play space which will
provide health benefits as well as sporting challenges in a
natural environment. An inclusive for all skate park will
allow children to play with their friends and remain off
the streets, thus reducing anti social behaviour.

Who will benefit?
This project has been initiated by the children of
Woolaston who expressed the need for recreational
facilities for young people between the ages of 8 to 18
years. The children of Woolaston have been involved in
the project from its fruition. They are keen to enjoy an
exciting and challenging play facility within their own


At present there are no recreational facilities provided
in Woolaston or neighboring villages for young people
between the age of 8 and 18 years. The nearest facilities
are over 4 miles away and are not accessible by public

How do we know?
1) Village Children designed and paraded a skate park
carnival float to create awareness for this project and
presented the skate park designs on the day for all the
community to see.

2) Community Consultation: The Woolaston Skate Park
Committee presented their ideas and obtained feedback
from the following committees and organizations in
Woolaston; Memorial Hall Committee, Parish Council,
Young Farmers, Primary School, Village Shop.
As the project develops the consultation and
communication process will continue through the Parish
Magazine and village organizations.

Please refer to Appendixes A/B/C/D for details of the


Location of project
Woolaston Memorial Hall Playing Fields

About Woolaston
Woolaston is in a rural location 4 miles south west of
Lydney and 5 miles north east of Chepstow. The
population of the whole village is now about 1500 with the
village primary school located in the central part of the
village adjacent to the playing fields.

Proposed site
At present there is a football pitch on part of the playing
field and an enclosed wooden trim trail with play area
suitable for children under 8 years. Situated in the
residential area overlooking the site is the 4 year old
Memorial Hall with car parking facilities and good street
lighting. The hall offers a good view of the proposed
skate park area and is well equipped with kitchen and
toilet facilities, which include disabled access. We plan to
make good use of these facilities for future fundraising
and social events.


A number of Woolaston children joined committee
members on a fact finding mission incorporating visits to
other skate parks in Gloucestershire and Wales. They
tested the surface of the skate parks, assessed the
noise levels, looked at the safety aspects and considered
the aesthetic look of them too. The photographs below
were taken at Yorkley Skate Park in the Forest of Dean,
which is located in a similar environment to Woolaston.

Woolaston Skate Park Committee approached several
skate park designers with their finding and assessed
their products to ascertain which best suit our own needs
and requirements.
Following several presentations from various companies
we have decided on a Timberline skate park with a tarmac
The design has been chosen after considering the
maintenance, noise, layout, aesthetic look and overall
costs the skate park would incur, within a rural
community. (See Appendix E)


The Woolaston Skate Park project is managed by a
voluntary led community group under the umbrella of
Woolaston Memorial Hall Committee. Alongside the
Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer the committee is
made up of representatives from Woolaston Parish
Council, Woolaston Memorial Hall Committee, local youth
organizations, District Council, Community Police,
Woolaston Primary School and local residents. The
Woolaston Memorial Hall Committee have successfully
planned, fundraised and constructed a new village hall
which opened in May 2006. We intend to use this and
experience gained to construct the Skate Park project.

Following 18 months of consultation, research and
successfully obtaining planning permission for this
project we are now in a position to apply for funding. We
aim to complete the skate park by May Day 2011,
however, this is dependant on securing funding.

Longterm Management

Woolaston Parish Council have agreed to fund long term
running costs. Regular inspections will be carried out to
access where and tear and identify any hazards. Repair
work will be carried out by suitably qualified persons.

                       PROJECT COSTS

Architect                                   £ 207.50

Planning Application                         £ 170.00

Total                                     = £ 377.50

Ground Works:
Lydney Surfacing (excluding VAT)            £12,230.00
To Supply & Install:
Clever Curves     (excluding VAT)           £24,030.00
Bench & Rubbish (excluding VAT)             £   350.00

Total      (excluding VAT)                = £36,610.00

Total      (including VAT)                = £43,394.25

     Maintenance & Insurance
     Woolaston Parish Council agreed to fund the maintenance
     and insurance costs for 10 years.


Money raised to date

May Day Carnival 2009                              £44.76
Fashion Show                                      £727.00

Quiz Night                                        £250.00

Local Business Donation                           £100.00

May Day Carnival 2010                             £135.00

Youth Capital Fund Grant                      £31, 993.01

Future Fundraising Events

Too Cool for School Non Uniform Day
Fashion Show
Children’s Christmas Disco
in Woolaston Memorial Hall

(See Appendix F for account balance sheet.)
          10 - Appendix A

       Research & Consultation
Letter to Local Residents, March 2009
   11 - Appendix B
Research & Consultation
 Signatures of support
12 - Appendix B
13 - Appendix C
                   14 - Appendix C

The Junior Children of Woolaston Primary School were
asked to draw their perfect play facilities. The above
designs are just a few examples of their ideas. A large
number of children attended Skate Park presentations in
our Community Hall and were given the opportunity to
discuss their ideas with each company.
Clever Curves, the company we have chosen to work with,
have taken these ideas into account when designing our
Skate Park.
15 - Appendix D
             16 - Appendix D Continued

The above are articles which appeared in three different
editions of The Woolaston News Magazine. The
publication is delivered to all households in the parish
ensuring all news and progress on our Skate Park project
is communicated to all local residents.
  17 - Appendix E

Clever Curves Design

                         Please note: We have a
                       planned a tarmac base, not
                               Slick Grip.
                           18 - Appendix F




Collection at May Day Carnival        44.76

Fashion show                          1,227.00

Donation from Huntseeds               100.00

Quiz Night                            254.34

Cake Sale at May Day Carnival         135.00

Youth Capital Fund Grant              31,993.01

TOTAL INCOME                          33,754.11


Planning fees                         51.68

Planning fees                         118.32

JAPS Ltd                              207.50

TOTAL EXPENDITURE                     377.50

Balance of Bank Account to:           £33,376.61
26th June 2010

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