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									Dear SMU Students:

Thank you for choosing to participate in the 2011 Homecoming festivities. This SMU
tradition is celebrating its 85th year this fall. This week, several decades of former students,
faculty and staff will return to the SMU campus to remember their years as a part of this
great school. As of this year, Southern Methodist University has experienced 100 years of
growth and accomplishments. It is our hope that Homecoming week will serve to
remember and recognize everyone who has contributed to the legacy of SMU at a defining
moment in this University’s history.

Since January, the Student Foundation Homecoming Planning Committee has reviewed
past events, brainstormed new ideas, discussed their merit, and held numerous meetings
with different organizations on campus to prepare for Homecoming 2011. The planning
for this event has been a joint effort, and our thanks go out to everyone who has helped to
make this year’s schedule of events possible.

This packet contains information that will enable you to get involved in all that
Homecoming has to offer. We have many events planned and hope that you will take part
in everything you can. If you have any question or comments, please let us know.

Each year it becomes more evident that this historic school is still growing and changing.
We hope that you will take this week to remember the contributions everyone around you
have made as we prepare for this important time in SMU history.


              Katie Broderick                       Elisabeth Knutzen
              2011 Homecoming Chair                 2011 President
              Student Foundation                    Student Foundation

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                        Homecoming Contact Information
If you need assistance during Homecoming Week or need information on a specific event,
contact Student Foundation with attention to the following people. For general information,
please contact the SF office at (214) 768-4414 or sf@smu.edu. Our office is located in
Student Activities on the third floor of the Hughes-Trigg Student Center, Room #320.


Homecoming Chair                                 Katie Broderick
Parade Coordinator                               Steve Barna
Rock the Vote Coordinator                        Taylor Lioce
Candidates Coordinator                           Caroline Wright
Decorations Coordinator                          Jamie Trenkner
Activities Coordinator                           Stephanie Tatum
Marketing Coordinator                            Addison Funk
VP Programming                                   Derek Hubbard
President                                        Elisabeth Knutzen
Student Foundation Advisor                       Dawn Norris

               Important Registration Deadline and Meetings
Interest Meeting 1:                         Thursday, September 22nd at 6 PM or
Hughes-Trigg Forum                          Friday, September 23rd at 1 PM
*Your organization is responsible for sending one representative.

Candidate/Captain Meeting 2:
Hughes-Trigg Forum (20th)                Thursday, October 20th at 6 PM or
Hughes-Trigg Atriums A-B (21st)           Friday, October 21st at 1 PM
* Your organization’s Captain and Candidate are responsible for attending this meeting.
You will be updated on information and changes to the Homecoming schedule and events.

* Candidates should be prepared to have their photo taken at this meeting.

Float Theme Proposals:         Forms are due on Tuesday, October 4th by 5 PM online.

* Please email your top 5 theme choices to sf@smu.edu.

Event Registration:            Forms are due on Tuesday, October 4th by 5 PM online.

* Your team/organization must have all forms turned in by the above date and time in order
to participate in any Homecoming Week events.

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                                     Captain’s Checklist
         Attend at least the second Captain/Candidate Meeting along with your Candidate
         Submit your top 5 float theme choices by Tuesday, October 4th at 5 PM to
         Submit registration forms on-line; bring $100 check and a complete roster of your
          organization to the Student Foundation office by Tuesday, October 4th at 5 PM.
         Make sure your candidate submits his/her candidate info form online, as well as
          brings his/her $30 check and resume to the Student Foundation office by Tuesday,
          October 4th at 5 PM.

                         Spirit Point and Schedule Information
                 Event           1st Place     2nd Place     3rd Place     Participation
                                  Points        Points        Points       Place Points

            Peruna Painting        250           200            150            100

                Banner             200           150            100             50

               Field Day           200           150            100             50

           Window Painting         250           200            150            100

             Rock the Vote         250           200            150            100

              Blood Drive          200           150            100             50

           Float Competition       400           350            300            250

Please Note the Following:
         Overall team placement will contribute to 25% of the Candidate’s Score. Candidates’
          Placement does not contribute to the Team’s Score.
         Participation is defined as entering, abiding by all rules, and completing an event.
         If a Team places 1st, 2nd, or 3rd for a specific event, they will receive the number of
          points signified above for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. If a Team does not place, they will
          receive the amount of points signified above by Participation.

pg. 3
                    Homecoming Schedule at a Glance
Wednesday, October 26, 2011             Peruna Painting Begins
Friday, October 28, 2011                Perunas and Banners due at Noon
Saturday, October 29, 2011              Float Building Begins
Sunday, October 30, 2011                Field Day, Window Painting
Monday, October 31, 2011                Rock the Vote; Blood Drive Begins, Voting Begins
Thursday, November 3, 2011              Late Night Float Building
Friday, November 4, 2011                Float Building Ends; Cleanup; Voting Ends
Saturday, November 5, 2011              Parade, HC Game, & Half-Time Presentation

                                 Peruna Painting
Description:       Teams will paint and decorate wooden cut-outs of the SMU mascot,
                   Peruna. They will be displayed in front of Clements Hall throughout
                   the week of Homecoming.

Forms:             Part of Event Registration Form due by Tuesday, October 4th at 5 PM

Date/Location:     Must be completed on your own at your own site. You may pick up
                   your Peruna at noon on Wednesday, October 26, 2011, at the loading
                   dock behind HTSC. Perunas are due on Friday, October 28th at Noon.

Rules:             Painting/decorating should coordinate with the theme your
                   organization has chosen or reflect the overall “Bright Lights: Big City”

Spirit Points:     1st Place – 250 Points
                   2nd Place – 200 Points
                   3rd Place – 150 Points
                   Participation – 100 Points

Judging:           Each Peruna is scored on a scale from 0-30, based on the following
                   criteria:    Artistic Merit: 0-10 Points
                                Creativity: 0-10 Points
                                Theme: 0-10 Points

Suggestions:       * Give your Team time to apply multiple coats of paint
                   * Prime the Peruna so the wood will soak up less paint
                   * Use or hot or crazy glue to attach anything to your Peruna (no food)

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                               Banner Competition
Description:     Teams create a banner promoting SMU Homecoming and their team
                 theme. Banners are displayed in the Hughes-Trigg Student Center
                 Commons throughout Homecoming Week.

Forms:           Part of Event Registration Form due by Tuesday, October 4th at 5 PM
                 in the SF Office.

Date/Location:   Completed banners must be brought to the SF Office on Friday,
                 October 28th before Noon. You may create the banner at a location of
                 your choice.

Rules:           *Banners must be no larger than 4’ wide by 6’ long.
                 *Banners must be made only out of cloth-like material (ex: bed sheets,
                 felt, etc.) that can be easily hung and support the weight of the banner.
                 *Banners are hung vertically – keep this in mind when designing.
                 *Banners can be 3-D – but nothing can hang outside of the 4’ wide by
                 6’ long area.
                 *Banners may not promote an organization’s individual Candidate.
                 *Banners must be made exclusively by members of the organization.

                 Your organization’s banner will be disqualified if these rules are
                 not followed.

Spirit Points:   1st Place – 200 Points
                 2nd Place – 150 Points
                 3rd Place – 100 Points
                 Participation – 50 Points

Judging:         Each Banner is scored on a scale from 0-30, based on the following
                 criteria:    Artistic Merit: 0-10 Points
                              Creativity: 0-10 Points
                              Theme: 0-10 Points

pg. 5
                                   Field Day
Description:     Field Day is a classic day of outdoor competitions. Field Day will be
                 played in a bracket tournament style. Each organization will be
                 placed against each other and winners of each game will play the
                 other winning teams until the championship round. There will be an
                 alternate bracket played for 3rd place. If there is a need for a first
                 round bye, it will be rewarded to the organizations that were first to
                 have their forms competed to the SF office.

Forms:           Part of the Event Registration Form due by Tuesday, October 4th at 5
                 PM in the SF Office.

Date/Location:   Sunday, October 30th from Noon – 3 PM at the intramural fields.

Rules:           * This event is required for all teams with a Candidate.
                 * Candidate must participate in field day.
                 *Teams must consist of 10 players; 5 from each organization if
                 partnered (if your team does not have the correct number of
                 participants, you will not receive participation points and cannot
                 *All team members must arrive by 11:30 AM Sunday and sign in with
                 * Teams must participate in all Field Day activities and adhere to all
                 instructions and rules for each activity.
                 * Attendance is taken at each event to ensure that all team members
                 remain present.
                 *If a member of your team is unable to participate, another team
                 member may replace him/her.

Spirit Points:   1st Place – 200 Points
                 2nd Place – 150 Points
                 3rd Place – 100 Points
                 Participation – 50 Points

Suggestions:     * Team members should wear comfortable clothing and athletic shoes.
                 * Bring water for your team.

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                              Window Painting
Description:     Teams paint a business’ window near the SMU campus. The design
                 should promote SMU Homecoming spirit and your organization’s
                 Homecoming theme.

Forms:           Part of the Event Registration Form due by Tuesday, October 4th at 5
                 PM online. Your organization will be assigned a window location at
                 the Captain/Candidate Meeting on Thursday, October 20th at 6 PM or
                 Friday, October 21st at 1 PM.

Date/Location:   Sunday, October 30th from 3 – 7 PM at various businesses near SMU.
                 You will be disqualified for any extra time spent on painting.

Rules:           *Windows must be painted using water-based paints that can be
                 removed easily with water and soap or glass cleaner.
                 *After cleaning up on Sunday, November 6th, a member of the SF
                 Board or Homecoming Planning Committee must approve your
                 window before you leave the site.
                 *Your team/organization is responsible for covering the full cost of
                 any damage to the windows that results from the painting or clean-up
                 *If your organization has not thoroughly cleaned its windows by 5 PM
                 on Sunday, November 6th, you will be fined $500 by SF

Spirit Points:   1st Place – 250 Points
                 2nd Place – 200 Points
                 3rd Place – 150 Points
                 Participation – 100 Points

Judging:         Each window is scored on a scale from 0-30, based on the following
                 criteria:   Artistic Merit: 0-10 Points
                             Creativity: 0-10 Points
                             Theme: 0-10 Points

Suggestions:     *Paint Pens (similar to those you use to paint car windows) are easier
                 to use than normal paint.
                 *Bring a ladder to paint tall areas.
                 *Show these businesses respect and take time to carefully clean your
                 organization’s window and the surrounding area.
                 *Please thank your business for their support of SMU Homecoming.
                 *Using razor blades to chip pain off can potentially damage windows if
                 used improperly.

pg. 7
                                 Blood Drive
Description:     The blood drive is held throughout Homecoming Week to provide
                 individuals with an opportunity to donate blood and save lives. No
                 forms required. This event is sponsored by Alpha Phi Omega (APO.)

Date/Location:   Monday, October 31st to Thursday, November 3rd, 9 AM – 4 PM,

Rules:           *After donating, make sure that your team members sign-in at the SF
                 table under your team name in order to receive spirit points for
                 *Spirit points are awarded based on the percentage of the
                 organization who donates blood.

Spirit Points:   1st Place – 200 Points
                 2nd Place – 150 Points
                 3rd Place – 100 Points
                 Participation – 50 Points

                                Rock the Vote
Description:     Rock the Vote is a spirit event to introduce the Homecoming King and
                 Queen Candidates and kick-off voting.

Date/Location:   Monday, October 31st at 6 PM, Westcott Field.

Rules:           *If your candidate does not attend, your organization will not receive
                 any points for this event.

Spirit Points:   1st Place – 250 Points
                 2nd Place – 200 Points
                 3rd Place – 150 Points
                 Participation – 100 Points
                 Spirit points are awarded by anonymous judges present at the event.

pg. 8
                                     Float Competition
    Trailers may be no larger than 6x12 feet
    Floats may be no taller than 10 feet – only build 8 feet from the ground in the 6200
       Building and may add an additional 2 feet on the morning of the parade
    Student Foundation is NOT responsible for lost or stolen items in the garage
    Hiring professional, outside help is prohibited.
    Float building cannot begin before opening or continue after closing.

Judging:         Artistic Merit: 0-20 Points
                 Creativity: 0-20 Points
                 Theme: 0-20 Points

Spirit Points:                 1st Place – 400 Points
                               2nd Place – 350 Points
                               3rd Place – 300 Points
                               Participation – 250 Points

Float Schedule:
        Date                            Time                             Event
Saturday, October 29                    2 – 5 PM                  Trailers Delivery
Sunday, October 30                      2 PM - MIDNIGHT           Float Building
Monday, October 31                      2 PM - MIDNIGHT           Float Building
Tuesday, November 1                     2 PM - MIDNIGHT           Float Building
Wednesday, November 2                   2 PM - MIDNIGHT           Float Building
Thursday, November 3                    2PM – 4 AM                Float Building
Friday, November 4                      2PM - 8 PM                Float building
Saturday, November 5                    6 AM                      Final Inspection & Roll-Out
                                        11 AM                     Homecoming Parade

General Guidelines for Float Builders
       Students will not be allowed to enter the 6200 building.
       At no time will cars be in the garage except for trailer drop-off and for parade pick-up.
       Vehicles with valid SMU parking permits are allowed to park in the East Campus parking
        lot on the east side of the Expressway Tower parking lot. East campus parking
        instruction and map can be found at http://smu.edu/parknpony/students/.
       Builders must carry all trash to the dumpster daily. To reach the dumpster, walk along
        the outside of the garage west on SMU Boulevard, turn north on Central Expressway and
        then east as you pass the 6200 building.

pg. 9
        Alcohol is not permitted at the float building site. Any student appearing to be under the
         influence of alcohol at float building will be asked to leave and documented through the
         Conduct process.
        The 6200 garage is beneath a building of SMU employees who will be working this week.
         We must be considerate of noise.
        On Thursday, November 3 all floats must show their fire extinguisher to the Parade
        Flame retardant pomp paper should be used whenever possible.
        Power must be provided by float builders via generator.
        You must place your generator on something other than the tarp (box, wood, etc.) and
         must remain off when not being used.
        Security will be on-site at all times during float building.
        Try your best to keep the garage clean and your supplies on the tarps.

Inspection/Final Review
    Float construction must be completed by 8 PM on Friday, October 22.
    Floats will be inspected for safety on Friday, November 4 from 2 - 4 PM. All drivers must
      be present for inspection with the vehicle pulling the float. In order to complete
      inspection, the entire work area must be clean and you must possess a fire extinguisher.
    Do not take the fire extinguisher from your Greek housing. The fire marshal knows what
      it looks like and will not be accepted for use on your float.
    We recommend the use of fire resistant pomp to speed up the fire inspection process.
    Tail pipes should face sideways, not towards the back. You may use dryer vent, not PVC
    If you are using a generator on the float, it must be present for inspection.
    Break lights must be visible through the design of your float.
    Break lights on your trailer must work before you drop your trailer off. To do this, drop
      off your trailer with the same truck that you will be using in the parade.

Parade Day
    Driver’s report to 6200 at 6 AM for float pull-out and transportation to parade staging
    When floats leave 6200, they will not return. All materials must be removed from 6200
     at this time.
    Float construction can continue at the staging site until 10 AM
    Candidates should be dressed and at their floats at 10 AM
    Floats will be judged from 10 – 11 AM
    Winning floats will be given a magnet to place on the driver and passenger doors of the
     truck pulling the float.
    The only 2 people allowed to ride on the float are the candidates.
    People may ride in the truck pulling the float in a seat or the bed of the truck only.

pg. 10
        Winning floats (3) should drive to the Doak Walker Plaza for display. All other floats
         should continue on to the parking lot behind Expressway Tower. De-construction must
         be completed by Sunday at 5 PM. Trailers should not be left in the lot as it cannot be

Recycling of Float Materials
    FM&S staff member will be on site to help students recycle the chicken wire, wood, etc.
       on Sunday, November 6th Noon- 7PM

Tips and Hints

Flatbeds:              To build a large float, you must rent a flatbed trailer. Call in advance to
                       make a reservation. Some flatbeds have rails, so specify what you are
                       looking for.

                              A-A Rent of North Dallas: (972) 247-9688
                              Cargo Trailer Sales: (972) 241-7215
                              Xtra Lease: (972) 438-1271

Generators:            A generator with about 3,600 watts should be sufficient. It is best to
                       tell the company what the generator will be used for. Also, be sure
                       that the generator has plenty of ventilation to avoid overheating and
                       carbon monoxide issues.

                              Prime Equipment (Garland, TX): (972) 278-1761
                              Barco Generators: (972) 428-5691
                              Nations Rental (LBJ and Forest): (972) 487-5959

Materials:             The companies we have listed below distribute spirit catalogs, and
                       their merchandise can be shipped on a rush basis. They carry a
                       variety of colored pomp paper, spray adhesive, and other items
                       associated with float decorating. They also carry spirit items, such as
                       beads or candy that your team/organization may want to throw to the
                       crowd at the parade.

                              Spirit Line: (800) 527-4499
                              School Events: (800) 748-7004
                              Anderson’s Prom and Party Catalog: (800) 326-9640
                              Party City: (214) 891-0200 (Local)
                              Party Universe: (214) 321-2010 (Local)

Flame Proofing:        Texas Flame Proofing, Inc.: (214) 630-1088

pg. 11
                           Candidate Information
Eligibility Requirements:
    1. Must be a senior and have completed 87 credit hours
    2. Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA
    3. Must be in Good Standing with SMU

*You must submit your $30 candidate fee and your resume to the SF office by October 4th at
5 PM.
*You must submit your Candidate Information Sheet online at smu.edu/sf by October 4th at
5 PM.

Dear Homecoming Candidate,
Congratulations! You have been selected on behalf of your organization to compete for the
title of SMU’s 2011 Homecoming King or Queen. It is an honor and privilege to be
nominated and to compete for SMU’s most coveted crown. You will have the opportunity
to join a long list of past royalty, dating back to 1924, which represent the highest standard
among SMU students, past and present. Being a Homecoming Candidate is an experience
that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Please read the section of this packet carefully, because it contains information that will
inform you of all the expectations and responsibility of a Candidate. If you have any
questions or comments please let us know, as we are here to make the Candidate process
run as smoothly as possible. We hope you will help make the 2011 Homecoming
Celebration amazing for the entire SMU community.

Katie Broderick                            Elisabeth Knutzen
2011 Homecoming Chair                      2011 President
Student Foundation                         Student Foundation

pg. 12
                               Candidate Scoring
     Candidates will be awarded a score from 1-10 points according to how will they fulfill
                                      the requirements:

                                     Interview: 25%
                       Spirit Points/Team Placement: 25%
                                      Election: 25%
                                   GPA/Resume: 25%
                                       Total: 100%

                            King and Queen Interviews
  Descriptions:       Candidates will be individually interviewed for up to 10 minutes by
                      SMU faculty, staff and/or alumni. During these 10 minutes, the
                      nominees will be asked questions about their organizations and
                      leadership roles here on campus.

  Date/Location:      Interviews for Kings and Queens will be held on Friday, October 28th
                      between 1 and 4 PM. King Interviews will be held in the Dean of
                      Student Life Conference Room, and Queen Interviews will be held in
                      the SAMSA Conference Room

  Rules:              Your interview is MANDATORY. Make sure to arrive 10-15 minutes
                      before your interview is scheduled to begin. Dress is business.

                                Homecoming Elections
  Descriptions:       Homecoming Elections begin on Monday, October 31th at 8 AM online
                      at www.smu.edu/election.

  Date/Location:      Polls close at Noon on Friday, November 4th. Voting is available online
                      24-hours a day during the designated days.

  Voting Days:        Monday, October 31st – Friday, November 4th

pg. 13
                                    Rock the Vote
  Descriptions:    Rock the Vote is a school-wide pep rally where Homecoming
                   Candidates are presented to the student body, and students are given
                   the opportunity to vote for Homecoming King and Queen.

  Date/Location:   Westcott Field on Monday, October 31th at 6 PM. Candidates must
                   arrive backstage by 5:45 PM.

  Suggestions:     Spirit points are awarded to the teams with the most school /team
                   spirit and sportsmanship.

                               Half-Time Practice
  Descriptions:    This is a run through of the half-time ceremony. You will practice the
                   actual ceremony to ensure that it runs smoothly during the
                   Homecoming game.

  Date/Location:   TBA

  Suggestions:     There is no dress code for this event, but it is highly recommended
                   (women especially) that you wear the shoes that you plan to wear at
                   the game.

                               Parade Information
  Descriptions:    Each Candidate is required to ride on their team’s float.

  Date/Location:   The Parade is held on Saturday, November 5th at 11 AM. Candidates
                   need to line up with their float on Hilltop Lane by 10:30 AM sharp.

  Rules:           *Candidates must ride on their affiliated float for the entire parade.

pg. 14
                               Candidates’ Reception
  Descriptions:      This is a reception for all of the King and Queen Candidates and their
                     families to celebrate the week. The reception takes place during the
                     first-half of the game, and all Candidates will be escorted from the
                     reception to the field.

  Date/Location:     At the SF Homecoming tent just west of the scoreboard in Peruna
                     Plaza during the first-half of the game on Saturday, November 5th.

                                Half-Time Ceremony
  Descriptions:      Half-time is when the Homecoming King, Queen, and runners-up are
                     announced. Candidates will be standing on the football field with
                     President Turner and The Grand Marshall while the results are

  Date/Location:     The half-time program will take place during the Homecoming
                     football game (starting at 2 PM) on Saturday, November 5th at Gerald
                     R. Ford Stadium.

                                   Code of Conduct
Failure to abide by the following rules and regulations by the Homecoming Candidate or
his/her sponsoring organization may result in the disqualification of the Candidate.

    1. Candidates are expected to behave in a respectful and courteous manner to their
       fellow Candidates.
    2. Bad sportsmanship will not be permitted.
    3. Harming another Candidate or his/her campaign or materials will not be tolerated.
    4. Failure to follow campaign guidelines.
    5. Bribing or coercing others to vote for you is not permitted.

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