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									                                                                                                                          School Year 2009-10

                                                                                                            Educational programs:

          Partnership Agreement Progress Report                                                              Conservation & Climate
     Broward County Environmental Protection & Growth                                                         Change Challenge

  Management Department and Broward County Public Schools                                                    Environmental
                                                                                                              Awareness Day
The Broward County Environmental Protection & Growth Management Department (EPGMD)
believes that educating school age children about the environment and their role in preserving and           Water Matters Day
protecting the natural resources for the future instills environmental stewardship at an early age.          Water Conservation
In an effort to support environmental education programs in Broward County, the EPGMD entered
                                                                                                              Demonstration Projects
into a partnership agreement with Broward County Public Schools. The Broward County Public
School system is the sixth largest school district in the nation with 288 schools, more than 37,000          Character Education
personnel, and over 255,000 students enrolled this year.                                                      Newsletters
Natural Resources Planning & Management Division Sponsors Coastal Cleanup                                    Clean Air Month Poster
On September 19, 2009, the Broward County Natural Resources Planning & Management                             Contest
Division (NRPMD) helped coordinate the 2009 Coastal Cleanup, which was held at 12 sites in                   High School Alternative
Broward County. At these sites, there were 2,476 volunteers who picked up 7,383 pounds of                     Fuel Programs
trash. Bob Carew, Pat Quinn and Judi Kladerman of NRPMD were the County Coordinators.
Annual Walk to School Day Event at Quiet Waters Elementary
October 7, 2009, the Pollution Prevention, Remediation & Air Quality Division provided
educational materials to help celebrate the annual Walk to School Day. Educational
information from all groups involved were distributed to over 6,000 students throughout the
Broward County school district. Participating schools included Quiet Waters, Park Trails,
Cooper City, Dolphin Bay and Silver Ridge Elementary.

Broward County Conservation & Climate Change Challenge
On February 9, 2010 the Broward County Board of County Commissioners recognized the winning school, Gator Run Elementary and
presented a sustainable bamboo plaque to the Principal and climate change leader of the 2009 Conservation & Climate Change (C3)
Challenge. The school also received a banner for the school, a sustainability kit, Green Footprint calendars, and a climate change collection of
books, documentaries and movies for the school library.
The C3 Challenge is an educational competition intended to engage students, teachers, school administrators, staff, and parents in practical
strategies to reduce CO2 and other GHG emissions school-wide and at home. Forty two elementary, middle and high schools participated,
520 teachers pledged to educate over 57,080 students, and an estimated 9 million pounds of carbon dioxide will be reduced annually through
actions pledged during the campaign by all the schools. This is equivalent to the energy used to power 530 households annually.

          Natural Resources Planning &                  Quite Waters Elementary students            The principal of Gator Run
          Management employee Bob Carew                 participating in the annual Walk to         Elementary accepting a sustainable
          registering students for the 2009             School Day.                                 bamboo plaque from PPRAQD
          Coastal Cleanup in Fort Lauderdale.                                                       employee Matthew Anderson during
                                                                                                    the school’s Family Fun Day event.
                                                                                                        Progress Report – School Year 2009-10
PAGE 2EPORT – SCHOOL CALENDAR YEAR 2008-2009                                    PAGE 2

Students Receive Science Fair Air Quality Special Awards
Representatives from the Pollution Prevention, Remediation & Air Quality Division judged middle and high school projects at the
February 12, 2010 Broward County Science and Engineering Fair to select the winners of the Air Quality Special Award. The award is
sponsored by the Air Quality Program in an effort to foster science and engineering projects that relate to air quality issues, and
alternative/renewable fuels and energy.
Winning students were recognized at the Broward County Science Fair Special Awards Ceremony held at New River Middle School on
February 25, 2010. The Science Fair Air Quality Special Award winners were Courtney Summers from Cooper City High School for her
project titled “Bio-fuel II from a Non-Competitive Food Source,” and Joseph Delgado from Forest Glen Middle School for his project titled
“How do Solar Panels Track the Movement of the Sun and Affect the Amount of Energy Harvested .” The evaluation criteria considered
students’ ability to demonstrate an understanding of how to use systematic, scientific processes to solve problems and reach conclusions;
and a basic understanding of air quality issues including, but not limited to alternative energy, climate change, and air pollutants.

Natural Resources Planning & Management Division Sponsors Waterway Cleanup
On March 6, 2010, the Broward County Natural Resources Planning & Management
Division (NRPMD) sponsored the Marine Industries Association of South Florida
(MIASF) 33 Annual Waterway Cleanup.
Waterway Cleanup has long been recognized as Broward County’s largest
environmental cleanup effort and annually draws broad-based business and
community support and participation.
This year, over 1,800 volunteers worked to remove over 15 tons of debris from the
county’s waterways.
The NRPMD coordinated the cleanup efforts at Delevoe Park in Fort Lauderdale and
Alsdorf Park in Pompano Beach. The sites included registration of volunteers and
educational programs for Girl Scout troops. Volunteers learned about the
importance of protecting our natural resources, water conservation and protection,                  Natural Resources Planning & Management employee
                                                                                                    Bob Carew offloading debris at Alsdorf Park for the
recycling, and air quality.                                                                         Waterway Cleanup.

Water Matters Day a Great Success!
The Eighth Annual Water Matters Day was held on March 13, 2010 at Tree Tops Park.
Over 3,800 native trees and plants were given out to over 3,400 Broward homeowners along with rain barrels, bottled water, rain gauges,
and other giveaways. As in past years, kids enjoyed numerous educational workshops and having their faces painted by clowns.
In conjunction with this year’s theme “Saving water makes $ense”, the winners of a water conservation essay contest were announced.
Numerous schools hosted booths highlighting what they had learned through the NatureScape/Broward Schools Environmental
Initiative. Thanks to all the volunteers for another successful Water Matters Day.

   Pollution Prevention, Remediation & Air Quality employees Matt Anderson & Laurie Thomas showcase educational materials and an interactive
   greenhouse gas activity at the Air Quality informational table on March 14 th Water Matters Day.
                                                                                               Progress Report – School Year 2009-10
PAGE 3EPORT – SCHOOL CALENDAR YEAR 2008-2009                              PAGE 2

Broward County Participates In the Annual Environmental Awareness Day at Pioneer Middle
       The Pollution Prevention, Remediation and Air Quality Division along with the Natural
        Resource Planning & Management Division staff participated in the Environmental
        Awareness Day at Pioneer Middle School on March 23, 2010.
       Diana Guidry talked to students about NatureScape practices and the importance of
        water conservation.
       Scott Strauss and Matthew Anderson talked to students about climate change and
        actions they can take at home and school to help reduce the impacts of climate change.
Broward County participates in the annual Environmental Educator of the Year Award                 Pollution Prevention, Remediation and Air Quality
Ceremony                                                                                           Division employee Scott Strauss presents climate
                                                                                                   change information to students at Pioneer
The Broward County Pollution Prevention, Remediation and Air Quality Division sponsored the        Middle.
annual Environmental Stewardship Awards on May 7, 2010. The theme for 2010 was “Reduce
Your Carbon Footprint.” Winners included Mindy Leeman of Coral Park Elementary; Jerilyn
Habenicht of Pioneer Middle; and Wendy Rago of Pembroke Pines Charter High. All three
teachers won educator of the year for their grade level. Awards were also given to Elementary,
Middle & High Students of the Year, Volunteer of the Year, and Photographer & Poet of the Year.

Water Conservation Demonstration Projects
As a result of the School Board Partnership Agreement with the Broward County Natural
Resources Planning and Management Division, the popular NatureScape Broward program
worked closely with the School Board’s Facilities Division. Educational booths were sponsored by
members of the local community and many of our partners in education. Community members
installed drought tolerant plants on the middle school campus, educated themselves about more
environmentally friendly actions that they can take in their everyday life and brought home some
great give-a-ways. The flyer titled “We Got Our Hands Dirty for the Environment, Now You Can
Too” was e-mailed and posted at schools and the Broward County Governmental Center. The
native tree and plant giveaway was very popular. Learning about alternatives to pesticide use,
students participated in hands-on activities such as releasing ladybugs. These projects included
                                                                                                   Victor Suarez of the Natural Resources Planning
the creation of NatureScape learning gardens by students at each of the schools which were         & Management Division with students from Mr.
complemented by classroom lessons on NatureScape and additional landscaping work as part of        Edwards’ class enjoy learning about
scheduled facilities improvements.                                                                 wildlife in the garden at Rickards Middle.

The schools included:
West Glades Middle                Silver Trail Middle        Crystal Lake Middle
Arthur Ashe Middle                Rickards Middle            Tequesta Trace Middle
NatureScape Broward and the Broward schools Green Initiative teamed up with the National
Football League (NFL) and Florida Division of Forestry to plant trees at school campuses to help
offset the carbon footprint associated with the Super Bowl in February 2010. Working with the
NFL’s Environmental Program, NatureScape Broward was able to secure two grants to plant
native trees at two Miramar schools - Whispering Pines and New Renaissance Middle.
These schools were selected based on their proximity to the stadium. Students also spent two
days learning about the environmental impacts associated with hosting the Super Bowl,
calculated their own carbon footprints, and learned about the individual behaviors that anyone
can adopt to help reduce their own carbon footprints.
                                                                                                 Progress Report – School Year 2009-10
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              Broward County Sponsors the “Climate Change Impacts & Solutions Around the World” Poster Contest

  On July 20, 2010, Dr. Robert D. Parks and the Broward County                  Amanda Cook - Somerset Academy
  School Board presented the awards to the winning students of                  Ingrid Wu – Attucks Middle
  the “Climate Change Impacts & Solutions Around the World”
                                                                                Angel Adams – Attucks Middle
  Poster Contest. The contest was open to elementary and
                                                                                Francesca Dupuy – Pioneer Middle
  middle school students in Broward County. Students were
  encouraged to creatively illustrate impacts associated with the               Pierce Deibele – Hollywood Academy of Arts & Science
  changes in the climate (such as rising sea levels) and solutions              Muhammad Shahid – Attucks Middle
  taken by communities to reduce those impacts. Over 525
  posters were received from elementary and middle schools,
  after school at-your-library programs, and home schooled
  The winning posters were used to create the 2011 Clean Air
  The winning students include:
   Hertzlans Simon - Park Lakes Elementary
   Nathina St. Felix - After School at your Library Program
   Priscilla Wilmot - After School at your Library Program
   Kassandra Garcia – After School at your Library Program
   Lucas Martinez – Home Schooled
   Alexander Trivino – Tamarac Elementary                                   Poster created by Chase Wise of Somerset Academy. This
                                                                             poster was chosen as the 2011 calendar cover.
   Athena DeFeo - Virginia Shuman Young Elementary

  Broward County Sponsors Miramar High School and South
  Plantation High School Alternative Fuel Programs
  The Pollution Prevention, Remediation & Air Quality Division
  Broward County Pollution Prevention, Remediation & Air Quality
  Division was a proud sponsor of two Broward County schools that
  have alternative fuel vehicle educational programs.
  The South Plantation Solar Knights Racing Team, the only solar car
  team in the state of Florida, is home to the current national
  champion, the Solar Knight II. This car placed first in the 2009 Dell-
  Winston School Solar Car Challenge, and the program is still
  Miramar High School’s EV Challenge program is building a new               Members of the South Plantation Solar Knights racing
  electric vehicle to continue competing in the SMARTT: Students
  Making Advancements in Renewable Transportation Technologies.
  Miramar High was able to travel to the SMARTT Challenge where
  they placed second nationally.
                                                                                                   Progress Report – School Year 2009-10
PAGE 5EPORT – SCHOOL CALENDAR YEAR 2008-2009                               PAGE 2

Environmental Character Education Newsletters
As part of ongoing efforts to educate children about the value of environmental protection, the
Broward County Pollution Prevention, Remediation and Air Quality Division continues to
                                                                                                                        Character Education
incorporate character education into its outreach efforts. Every year the Division administers a
survey to receive feedback from the teachers. Teachers provided excellent comments indicating
that the newsletters are a great “jumping off” place to start the lessons and that they are a great
way to continue weaving the important environmental issues into their required curriculum. Visit
the     Character    Education      Newsletter     website      for    more     information     at:

Broward County sponsored a Public Speaking Competition for High School
On May 14, 2010 the Broward County Pollution Prevention, Remediation and
Air Quality Division, in partnership with the Broward County School Board,
sponsored a public speaking competition for Broward County High School              Broward County Participates In Various School
students. The purpose of the competition was to provide students with the           Career Days and school events
opportunity to demonstrate and develop fundamental skills in public
speaking. The theme for the contest was climate change. The question that           Representatives from the Natural Resource Planning &
was being posed to the students was “If you were appointed as the United            Management Division and Pollution Prevention,
States President’s Climate Change Advisor, what policies and/or strategies          Remediation and Air Quality Division were invited to
would you recommend to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, adapt to the            attend Career Days at various schools throughout
impacts of climate change, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and                Broward County.
become a global leader on climate change protection?”                               Some of the schools include:
Sixteen students were selected from various high schools of which included              Sheridan Park Elementary
Cypress Bay High School, American Heritage, Coconut Creek High School,                  Broadview Elementary
Cardinal Gibbons High School, and South Plantation High School to compete.              Margate Middle
Each student was given 4 to 6 minutes to deliver their speech. Students                 Sagemont Lower School
touched upon a variety of topics such as alternative fuels, public
                                                                                        Park Trails Elementary
transportation, and a cap and trade program.
                                                                                        Nova Eisenhower Elementary
The winning students include:                                                           Chapel Trail Elementary
 Sam Ginsburg of Cypress Bay High School                                               Tradewinds Elementary
 Chad Klitzman of Cypress Bay High School                                              Wilton Manners Elementary
 Matthew Shatanof of Cypress Bay High School                                           South Plantation High
                                                                                        Ramblewood Elementary
                                                                                        Forest Glen Middle
                                                       Students and
                                                       teacher of
                                                       Cypress Bay High
                                                       School, attending
                                                       the Public
                                                       Competition on
                                                       May 14, 2010.

Pollution Prevention, Remediation and Air Quality Division and
Natural Resources Planning and Management Division
                                                                                    Pollution Prevention, Remediation & Air Quality Division
One North University Drive, Plantation, FL 33324                                    employees Maribel Feliciano and Matthew Anderson with
Phone: 954-519-1260                                                                 students in front of a hybrid electric car at Sheridan Park
                                                                                    Elementary Career Day.

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