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									Pocatello Community
  Charter School
PCCS Parent Orientation

   Family Involvement           Communication
   Technology Update            Attendance/Tardy Policy
   Adventure                    Uniform Policy
   Expeditionary Learning       Pick-up and Drop-Off
   Assessment                    Procedures
   Service                      School Lunch
   Environmental Education      Questions
Parent Involvement

Our goal: Make families welcome, know them well,
engage them actively in the life of the school.
Cana Crosby – PTA Chair
• Volunteer
• Be informed
• Be positive
• Support the school’s mission and vision
Technology Update

Alan Mirly – PCCS Governing Board Chair and
Technology Committee Chair
• Student data management
• On-line lunch ordering
• Emergency School Closures, etc.
• New website

Our goal: Promote a spirit of adventure. Move
individuals beyond their comfort level and provide
opportunities for teachers and students to reflect upon
and learn from both success and failure.
Mark Petty – Adventure Coordinator
• The role of adventure
• Scaffolding
• Gear
• Volunteers
Expeditionary Learning
This model challenges students to think critically and take active roles in
   their classrooms and communities. This results in higher achievement
   and greater engagement in school.
   Active instructional practices that build skills and
   Rigorous projects that meet standards and are
    connected to real-world needs
   Culture of kindness, respect, and responsibility
   Shared leadership for school improvement
   Schoolwide committment to improved teaching and
    leadership practices

Our goal: Embrace the power of student-engaged
assessment practices to focus students on reaching
standards-based learning targets and drive
• Standards/Learning Targets
• Progress Reports
• Portfolios/Passages

Our goal: To create an ethic of kindness and service
that permeates the school.

•   Service learning
•   Community service
•   Service Fair – April 18th
Environmental Education

Our goal: To instill in students the desire to become
stewards of the earth and of future generations.

•   The building, solar panel, and wind turbine
•   School-wide procedures and habits
•   Expeditions
Communication with Staff

Communication Policy
 Assume the best intentions of others.
 Make an appointment.
 Approach crew leaders or other staff members
Attendance Policy

   Why your children need to be here
   Our attendance goal – 97%
   Attendance:
    –   Advance notice if possible
    –   Notify office by 9:00 for illness
    –   List of excused and unexcused absences
    –   15 total absences or 10 unexcused may result in
Attendance Policy con’t

Both tardies and early pick-ups are a disruption to the
school day.
   Tardies
    –   Children marked tardy after 8:25
    –   Sign students in at the office after 8:30.

   Picking students up early
    –   Let teacher know in advance.
    –   Sign students out at the office before 3:15.
Uniform Policy

   Collared shirts - must be tucked in
   Belts – must be worn if there are belt loops
    (2nd-8th grades)
   Sweaters and sweatshirts – must be blue
   Footwear – adventure and P.E. ready
Pick-up/Drop-off Procedures

   Park and walk
   Stay in car
    –   Come in at Rainy Park Entrance.
    –   Drive slowly!
    –   Keep to the right. Leave left lane for getaways.
    –   Don’t block traffic.
    –   Never leave car unattended.
    –   Consider parking at Centennial Park lot.
School Lunch

   Ordering process
   Healthy food
   Recess before lunch
   Volunteers needed

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