85 by dandanhuanghuang


									Act 85 (Powers of Arrest)

  1. All officers in the Austenasian Police have the power to place residents of the
      Empire under arrest, if they are suspected of committing or planning a crime
      or if it is likely that they are about to do so.
  2. Officers also have the power to issue cautions, warnings that repetition of an
      action will result in arrest.
  3. If a person is placed under arrest, they must not physically resist. They are
      allowed to verbally defend themselves as long as they do not verbally abuse or
      insult the police officer.
  4. Resisting arrest is a crime.
  5. If a person is placed under arrest, they have the right to be informed of what
      crime they are being arrested for, and to contact no more than two people via
      telephone, e-mail etc.
  6. Harming a police officer while he/she is on duty is a crime, the crime of
      assaulting a police officer.
  7. If a foreign national is arrested, then they may not be punished by an
      Austenasian town council, or by Parliament. Instead they will be immediately
      removed from the Empire.
  8. If a resident of the Empire is arrested, then they will be taken to the police
      station of that town, where they will give fingerprint samples and their address
      and ordered to appear either before either the Town Council or Parliament to
      be tried (see Act 29, Laws 7 and 8). If the next Town Council/Parliament
      meeting will be in less than 36 hours, if the arrested person cannot be trusted
      to appear before the Town Council or Parliament, or if more evidence is
      needed to successfully prosecute the criminal which could be got through
      questioning, then they may be kept under guard at the police station for up to
      24 hours, if authorised by a police sergeant, or up to 36 hours, if authorised by
      that police force’s Inspector.
  9. Arrested residents may be kept at a police station for up to 96 hours if so
      authorised by the Chief Inspector or the Baron of that Town, 120 hours if so
      authorised by the Home Secretary, 168 hours if so authorised by the Prime
      Minister, or one week and two days if so authorised by His Imperial Majesty
      the Emperor.
  10. Police officers may not harm those that they are arresting unless absolutely
      necessary, that is, the arrested are physically resisting arrest or are about to
      attack the officer or any bystanders.

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