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									                BLE = PROFI                           ATTENDEE REGISTRATION FORM                                                         Return address for payments in USD:
         I   NA             TA                                                                                                           AQUACULTURE 2010

                                                  AQUACULTURE 2010
                                                                                                                                         Conference Manager


                                                                                                                                         P.O. Box 2302

                                                                                                                                         Valley Center, CA 92082 USA
   AQ                                                                                                                                    Tel: +1 760 751 5005
      U                      0   10                  March 1-5, 2010 • San Diego, California                                             Fax: +1 760 751 5003
             AC U
                  LT U R E 2                                                                                                             Email:

              online registration is preferred at or fax or mail both sides with payment. use one form per person.
                                                                PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY OR TYPE
 naMe baDge inForMaTion: (As you want your name badge to read – No titles, please)

      First Name                                                                    SURNAME (FAMILY NAME)

      Company / Institution
                                       (Limited to 40 Letters & Spaces)


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 Tel                                                                      Fax                                               Title: (circle one)   Dr.     Mr.   Ms.    Mrs.
                (Include country and area code)                                 (Include country and area code)

  regiSTraTion FeeS: In order to receive the discount rates as listed below, this form and payment must be received by the date listed.
  See 1st announcement for what is included in registration fees.

 TYPE OF REGISTRATION                                             Register by                Register by                 Register after           *
                                                                                                                                                      To qualify for Member
 Check the appropriate boxes                                    January 25, 2010          February 12, 2010            February 12, 2010              Rate you must complete
                                                                                                                                                      the Association
         aSSociaTion MeMber raTe*                                         US$ 395                    US$ 495                      US$ 595             Memberships section
         STuDenT MeMber raTe*                                                                                                                         on the reverse side.
             Include copy of Student I.D.
                                                                          US$ 195                    US$ 195                      US$ 255

         non-Member rate                                                  US$ 490                    US$ 590                      US$ 690             Trade Show is included
         Student non-Member rate                                          US$ 250                                                                     in the Full Conference
                                                                                                     US$ 250                      US$ 315
           Include copy of Student I.D.                                                                                                               Registration Rate.
         you can join waS on the reverse side and use
         the Member rate.
                                                                                                                                                  ToTal regiSTraTion Fee
                Spouse rate
                                                                          US$ 295                    US$ 390                      US$ 455
         Name                                                                                                                                     uS$

 TRADE SHOW PASS – Good for 3 days admission to exhibits only – March 2-4                                (Trade show pass is included with the Full conference registration)

                                                                                                        US$ 50      ToTal TraDe Show PaSS          US$
 INDUSTRY TOURS –                           Tour #1 US$ 75         Tour #4 US$ 75
                                            Tour #2 US$ 120        Tour #5 US$ 50                                   ToTal TourS Due               US$
 MEMBERSHIP DUES – Enter amount from Membership Application on other side if applicable.                            ToTal MeMberShiP DueS         US$
         Do not mail registration after Feb. 1, 2010 or fax after Feb. 24, 2010.
         After those dates, bring this form with you to register at the show.                               ➜ ToTal aMounT uS$
             Registration Confirmation and Receipt will be emailed after processing.
CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellation of registration must be received - in writing - no later than February 20, 2010. Refunds for registration fees will be subject to a 20%
handling fee. Refunds are processed after the conference. No refund will be made for cancellations received after February 20, 2010 or for “no shows”. After February 20,
2010, no refunds will be made for professional or personal emergencies, flight cancellations, denied visa, weather related cancellation or other travel emergencies. Fees
for memberships are non-refundable.

 PayMenT MeThoD:                          all fees must be paid to the order of aquaculTure 2010.

                   Check #                                       Visa           Mastercard             American Express
              Card #                                                                     Expiration Date

              Name on Card                                                               Signature                                                      Date

              For bank transfer details, contact us.
                                                  REGISTRATION FORM - SIDE 2                                                                                     TA
                                                                                                                                                                    I   NA
                                                                                                                                                                           BLE = PROFI


Name                                                                                                                                                         AQ
                                                                                                                                                                U       AC U
                                                                                                                                                                             LT U R E 2
                                                                                                                                                                                        0   10

     ASSOcIATION MEMBERSHIPS: Please check all boxes for associations for which you are a current member.
     Membership in any of those associations qualifies you for the Member Rate* on the Registration Fees. You can
     join an association at any time before registering to qualify for the Member Rate.
     ❑ American Tilapia Association                              ❑ Fish Culture Section - AFS                         ❑ Sociedad Brasiliera de Acuicultura
     ❑ American Veterinary Medical Association                   ❑ Global Aquaculture Alliance                        ❑ Society of Aquaculture Professionals
     ❑ Aquacultural Engineering Society                          ❑ Indonesian Aquaculture Society                     ❑ South African Aquaculture Society
     ❑ Aquaculture Association of Canada                         ❑ International Association of Aquaculture           ❑ Spanish Aquaculture Association
     ❑ Aquaculture Without Frontiers                                  Economics and Management                        ❑ Striped Bass Growers Association
     ❑ Asian Fisheries Society                                   ❑ Korean Aquaculture Society                         ❑ US Marine Shrimp Farming Association
     ❑ California Aquaculture Association                        ❑ Latin American & Caribbean Chapter WAS             ❑ US Chapter of WAS (USAS)
     ❑ Catfish Farmers of America                                ❑ Malaysian Fisheries Society                        ❑ US Trout Farmers Association
     ❑ China Society of Fisheries                                ❑ National Aquaculture Association                   ❑ World Aquaculture Society
     ❑ Egyptian Aquaculture Society                              ❑ National Aquaculture Council                       ❑ World Aquatic Veternary Medical Association
     ❑ European Aquaculture Society                              ❑ National Shellfisheries Association                ❑ Zebrafish Husbandry Association
MEMBERSHIP APPLIcATIONS                                          ❑ NEW APPLICATION                    ❑ RENEWAL

                                       NATIONAL SHELLFISHERIES ASSOcIATION
                      For details on the different types of memberships and options please call the NSA office at:
    MEMBERSHIP cATEGORY: (indicate only one)
    ❑ Regular (USD 85/yr)                            ❑ Student (USD 45/yr)                         Signature of Professor or copy of Student ID required

                                                                                                      Total amount for nSa Membership              uSD_______________
    Includes subscription to the Journal of Shellfish Research
                                                                                     Please enter this amount under “Membership Dues” section on opposite side of this form.

            ❑ FCS Membership for Current AFS members $2.00                              ❑ Affiliate FCS membership for non-AFS members $12.00
                                                  Send Membership dues to: Donna Muhm
                                                  122 252nd Avenue • Spirit Lake, IA 51360
                               Ph.: (712) 336-1520 • Fax: (712) 336-1075 • Email:

         WORLD AQUAcULTURE SOcIETY (WAS) APPLIcATION                                                                           
              For details on the different types of memberships and options, please contact the WAS home office at
                            Tel: +1-225-578-3137 Fax: +1-225-578-3493 Email:
 MEMBERSHIP cATEGORY: (indicate only one)                                                                        cHAPTER OPTIONS:
 ❑ Individual (Electronic JWAS) (USD 65/yr) Applies to an individual only                                        (Must have active membership in one of the
                                                                                                                 categories at left)
 ❑ Individual (Printed JWAS) (USD 85/yr) Applies to an individual only                                           Please mark the Chapter you choose that is
 ❑ Student (Electronic JWAS) (USD 45/yr) (Copy of Student ID or Signature of Professor required)                 included in your dues above. You can join more
 ❑ Student (Printed JWAS) (USD 65/yr) (Copy of Student ID or Signature of Professor required)                    chapters by adding USD 5 per extra chapter.
                                                                                                                 If you mark none, you can deduct USD 5.
 ❑ Sustaining (Electronic JWAS) (USD 105/yr) Applies to any one individual from a company
 ❑ Sustaining (Printed JWAS) (USD 125/yr) Applies to any one individual from a company                           ❑ Asian Pacific (USD 5)
 ❑ Corporate (Electronic JWAS) (USD 255/yr) Allows all employees of one company to attend meeting at Member Rate ❑ Japan (USD 5)
 ❑ Corporate (Printed JWAS) (USD 275/yr) Allows all employees of one company to attend meeting at Member Rate    ❑ Korea (USD 5)
 ❑ Lifetime (Electronic JWAS only) (USD 1005/yr) Applies to an individual only                                   ❑ Latin American/Carribean (USD 5)
 ❑ E membership (USD 15/yr) Full access to the WAS website and Member's Area.                                    ❑ United States (USAS) (USD 5)
   Printed publicationsnot included. Cannot have been a regular member in the last five years.                   ❑ None
                                                                                                       Total amount for waS Membership              uSD_______________
 Fees for memberships are non-refundable.                                             Please enter this amount under “Membership Dues” section on opposite side of this form.

                                  NATIONAL AQUAcULTURE ASSOcIATION (NAA)
               For details on the different types of memberships and options, please contact the NAA home office at:
                    Tel: +1-870-850-7900              Fax: +1-870.850.7902          Email:                 Web:

                                             For membership in other associations, please contact them directly.
                                      If you need a phone number, contact the Conference Manager (+1-760-751-5005).

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