Parking information and changes for Francis Howell High School: by 4TTcxN2


									                     PARKING INFORMATION & REGULATIONS

  There is no parking in the bus loading zone in front of the school. These spaces are reserved for students
   leaving before the end of the school day.

  Juniors and seniors must have all fines paid before a permit will be issued.

  All juniors who are participating in after school sponsored activities must go to A102 to obtain a permit.
   Permits must have the appropriate sponsor signatures in order to be processed.

  All A+ tutors, dual enrolled, tech school, and/or work program students must go to A102 to obtain a
   permit. Students involved in these programs cannot leave campus for lunch and then return to campus
   due to the high traffic volume and concern for the students’ safety.

  Juniors must be involved in an after school sponsored activity a minimum of three days per week in order
   to be issued a permit. An after school job is not a valid reason for a parking permit at FHHS due to
   space availability.

  Permits must be displayed on the rear view mirror, visible to security.

  All juniors and seniors must show proof of insurance and a valid driver’s license.

  Students who receive 7 tardies in any given class or 7 discipline infractions during the semester will lose
   parking privileges as deemed appropriate.

  Students who have 7 discipline infractions from the previous semester will lose their parking privileges.

  Students must have a G.P.A of 2.0 or above from the previous semester in order to receive a permit.

  Students will not have assigned parking spaces. Parking is on a first come first serve basis.

  Students who do not have a valid permit will NOT be permitted to park at Francis Howell High School
   and will be subject to fines and disciplinary action.

  Freshman and sophomores are NOT permitted to park for any reason.

  Parking violations are subject to a $10.00 fine for the first, second, and third incident. Subsequent
   violations will be assessed a $20.00 fine plus school discipline. Parking in a faculty, visitor, or
   handicapped space is a $30.00 fine. Students who continue to park illegally on the FHHS campus
   will sign a tow letter and may have their vehicle towed at the owner’s expense.

  Permits may be purchased only for a car the student or parent own/lease. The student may not reassign
   or purchase a permit for anyone who is not entitled to a permit and will be subject to disciplinary action.

  Parking shall be between the yellow stripes in designated student parking areas.

  Students leaving campus without permission, driving recklessly, or transporting another student off
   campus without permission, will face loss of parking privileges with no refund. If the parking/driving
   violation is flagrant, the student may face additional discipline.

  Upon applying for a permit all students are required to enroll in the random drug testing program.

  By signing the parking application you have agreed to abide by all school rules and regulations.

                               PARKING IS A PRIVILEGE!


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