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									                     XXXXXXX PARTNERSHIP NHS TRUST

Directorate:       Medical Directorate

Service:           Medicines Management

                                Job Description

Job Title:         Principal Clinical Pharmacist for Mental Health

Pay Band:          Pharmacist Grade E Whitley Council
                   Pending Agenda for Change

Wte:               39 hours per week
                   Pending Agenda for Change

Base:              Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Trust
                   Head Office
                   99 Waverely Road
                   St Albans
                   Hertfordshire       AL3 5TL

                   It is anticipated that there will be an opportunity for the
                   appointed person to be located within the geographical locality
                   in which they work. There will be two posts, one located in
                   Mental Health Units in East & North Hertfordshire and one in
                   West Hertfordshire.

Accountable To:    Head of Medicines Management

Responsible To:    Head of Medicines Management

Manages: Grade D Senior Clinical Pharmacist for Mental Health employed by
Hertfordshire Partnership NHS (when appointed)

Advise and Liaise with:
- Doctors and nurses working in designated Mental Health Units, Community
  Teams and General Practitioners.
- Pharmacists working within Hertfordshire Partnership Trust, Acute Trusts under a
  Service Level Agreement (SLA), Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) and Community
- Service Users and Carers


   Medicines Management is central to the quality of healthcare. It encompasses
    the entire way that medicines are selected, procured, delivered, stored,
    prescribed, administered, reviewed and service user compliance/concordance.
    There are four strategic challenges in relation to medicines:
    - Linking Medicines Management to Practice Governance
    - Managing risk
    - Forming effective relationships with primary care
    - Improving financial planning

   The post holder will contribute to the work of the Medicines Management Team to
    deliver the Strategy for Medicines Management. He/she will be based either at
    Trust Head Office or in the locality in which required to work and will provide
    advice on Medicines Management to designated Mental Health Units in
    Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Trust.

   The service will be provided to all medical, nursing, managerial, pharmaceutical
    and clinical professionals working in Mental Health in designated units for which
    the post holder will be responsible.


To work with the Head of Medicines Management and a team of clinical pharmacists
to provide and support the integrated delivery of pharmaceutical care initiatives to
patients with mental health illness in identified areas of Hertfordshire Partnership
NHS Trust to ensure safe, appropriate and cost effective use of medicines.

This is a new post in Medicines Management. The post holder for each quadrant will
work with the Head of Medicines Management to develop and prioritise objectives in
the Strategy for Medicines Management.


    1. To provide specialist pharmaceutical advice and to promote safe, effective
       and evidence based cost effective use of medicines within the Trust

    2. To ensure effective operation, monitoring and feedback of the Trust Medicines
       Policy, Trust Formulary, New Drugs Policy, NICE Guidance and other policies
       and guidelines approved by the Drugs & Therapeutics Committee, including
       those agreed across the wider health economy.

    3. To carry out six monthly audit inspections of storage and handling of
       medicines in trust units within the locality according to Controls Assurance

    4. To provide education and training in Medicines Management as required for
       healthcare professionals, (doctors, nurses and pharmacists), working within
       Mental Health according to “Controls Assurance Standards for Medicines

      Management” and “Medicines Management in NHS Hospitals”

   5. To carry out medication reviews and provide clinical pharmaceutical advice
      and support to Elderly Inpatient Mental Health Units and other designated
      units within the locality.

   6. To provide pharmaceutical support and advice to the community mental
      health teams (CATT, AOT, CMHT and CDAT) within the designated locality..

   7. To review drug expenditure reports for the locality and provide advice to
      prescribers and managers on more cost effective use of medicines.

   8. To review medication error reports for the locality and contribute to learning
      from these adverse events.

   9. To provide education on medicines to service users and carers as required.

   10. To communicate with, and form working relationships with pharmacists and
       technicians working within Mental Health Units under a Service Level
       Agreement with the Acute Trust

   11. To provide medicines information advice when appropriate to the designated
       areas, or to refer to the Medicines Information Pharmacist employed under
       the Service Level Agreement with the Acute Trust.

   12. To carry out medication reviews in identified areas.

   13. To carry out audits of Medicines Management in identified areas.

   14. To assist with the development of protocols and guidelines including Patient
       Group Directions.

   15. To carry out other duties with the agreement of the post holder and the Head
       of Medicines Management.

Management Responsibilities

To manage any C or D Grade Pharmacists or Pharmacy Technicians, appointed to
the Medicines Management Team in the locality, and to carry out an annual
appraisal and support Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of those staff.

Clinical/Professional Responsibility

The Pharmacist must maintain his/her membership of the Royal Pharmaceutical
Society of Great Britain and carry out his/her duties in accordance with medicines
and general law, professional ethical guidelines, Department of Health guidelines
and Trust general and pharmaceutical policies.


This job description will be subject to review from time to time. Any amendments will
be made in consultation with the post holder.


The Trust has adopted a Standards of Conduct Policy, which reflects NHS
Management Executive Guidelines. It is the responsibility of staff to ensure that they
do not abuse their official position for personal gain or seek to advantage or further
private business or other interests in the course of their official duties.


All matters relating to patients’ health and personal affairs and matters of commercial
interest to the Trust are strictly confidential and under no circumstances is such
information to be divulged to any unauthorised person. Disciplinary action including
dismissal will be taken against any employee contravening this regulation. All staff
are expected to respect the requirements under the Data Protection Act 1984, and
its subsequent amendments.


The postholder has a duty of care to themselves and to others with whom they come
into contact in the course of their work as laid down in the Health and Safety at Work
Act 1974 and any subsequent amendment or legislation. Any failure to take such
care or any contravention of safety policy or managerial instructions in this area may
result in disciplinary action being taken.

All employees are required to participate in the Trust’s accident/incident reporting
systems and to comply with the Trust’s procedures and techniques for managing


The Trust is committed to identification of training needs throughout a system of
appraisal and in-house training in line with organisational, statutory and personal
development needs.

The post holder will be expected to identify training needs through appraisals and to
encourage and participate in training for other pharmacists, pharmacy technicians
and other health care professionals employed by the Trust.


The Trust is committed to eliminate racism, sexism and all forms of discrimination.
The Trust will not discriminate on grounds of age, colour, disability, ethnic origin,
gender, gender reassignment, culture, health status, marital status, social or
economic status, nationality or national origins, race, religious beliefs, or non beliefs,
responsibility for dependants, sexuality, trade union membership or hours of work. It

is required of all employees to uphold this policy in the course of their employment
with the Trust and whilst undertaking their duties.


It is a condition of employment that you maintain your registration with the
appropriate body. You are required to be aware of and comply with the policy and
requirements of that professional body. It is your responsibility to ensure that your
registration is renewed when necessary and that you formally confirm all renewals
with your manager.


                            PERSON SPECIFICATION FORMAT

Job Title:            Principal Clinical Pharmacist for Mental Health

Department:           Medical Directorate

Key Components:
                     CRITERIA                           ESSENTIAL       DESIRABLE
1.Qualifications / equivalent experience:
   UK Registered Pharmacist of at least 5 years       E
   Higher degree, or post-graduate qualification in                    D
    clinical pharmacy or pharmacy practice e.g. the
    Certificate or the Diploma or MSc
   Experience working in a mental healthcare                           D
    setting on prescribing/medicines management
Skills and Knowledge:
   Good communicator, both verbally and in writing    E
   Able to evaluate clinical papers critically        E
   Self motivated and able to work independently      E
   Able to influence professionals                    E
   Computer literate (Excel, Word)                    E                Powerpoint
   Able to lead the development of new areas of
    medicines management, prescribing and
    administration of medicines under patient group
   Up to date knowledge of drugs available for
    prescription in mental health
   Understanding of issues facing the NHS
   Understanding of primary and secondary care        E
    working and the interface between them
  Able to demonstrate record of achieving results     E
   against set targets
 Experience of service development in an NHS          E
 Staff development and change management              E
 Managing quality and cost effectiveness              E
 Project planning                                                      D
Personal Qualities:
    Self motivated                                    E
    Team worker                                       E
    Self confident                                    E
    Car driver, own transport                         E



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