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                  Hydrogen Filling Station Data Report/Correction Form

                                                            Please edit table here 
Name of the filling station
Operation dates                           When started/expired/planned to start…
Status                                    In operation?
                                          Can I fill up my private hydrogen car? Payment
Public access
                                          possibilities; phone number of the station
Country                                   …
                                          Where exactly? Street, street/house number, zip code,
                                          city, region
Goal                                      What are the goal for my specific filling station/project
Description                               What ever you want the world to know…
                                          Who is the operator? Who does the technology/
                                          components provide? Which car manufactures are
Organisations involved
                                          involved? Any further companies or institutions (for
                                          funding for example)?
                                          Liquid hydrogen, compressed hydrogen, others…and
                                          very important: which pressure?
                                          Hydrogen delivered or onsite produced? What methods/
Hydrogen supply
                                          technology? Who delivers…?
                                          The local buffer storage size/ medium/ technology/
Hydrogen storage
Dispensers                                How many, what technology provider, what fuels…
Vehicles served                           Car manufacturer, customers…
Contact                                   Who I have to contact for further information / visits…
                                          Latitude (e.g. 48,456):
                                          Longitude (e.g. -2,456): this is very important for us to
GPS coordinates
                                          make a flag in the map; if you don not know it, you could
                                          search for it for example with
Homepage                                  Web URL where there are more infos
                                          Further plannings, history, part of a larger framework
                                          programme, etc.
Images - Please send us as many images as you like. Please in jpg format if possible.

                  Please send your data/photos to

                              Ludwig-Bölkow-Systemtechnik GmbH
                         Mrs. Evi Pschorr-Schoberer or Mr. Hubert Landinger
                              Daimlerstr. 15 – 85521 Ottobrunn – Germany
                           Phone: +49-89-608110-37 – Fax: +49-89-6099731

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