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 The Writing Test has two parts.
Part 1 Input: Instructions
        Task:  Writing an e-mail, short
                memo or note (40-50 words)
Part2 Input: letter, memo or note
        Task:  Writing a letter, short report
                or proposal (120-140 words)
Length: 45 minutes (15m + 30m)
Number of points: 30 (10 +20) raw score points/ 25%
  of total
How to Succeed
The Writing Test assesses performance in
  several areas:
 task completion
 organization of ideas
 appropriateness
 range of vocabulary and accuracy of
  grammar and spelling
Successful task completion means fulfilling
all parts of the task appropriately. Even a
grammatically perfect answer may still get a
low mark if it does not include all the
necessary information.

Keep to the word limit. If you are below it,
you have probably not fully completed the
task. If you are above it, you have probably
included unnecessary information.
 Task completion is so important that you can get high
 marks even with minor language mistakes.
 Show a range of vocabulary, where possible. Try not to
 repeat words.
 You can organize your ideas in several ways, such as:
 addition (e.g. also, as well, furthermore)
 contrast (e.g. but, although, however)
 sequence (e.g. first of all, then, after that).
Use headings, paragraphs and bullet points to
improve clarity in memos and reports.

Use language which is appropriate to the type of
writing. Short forms, e.g. I’m, are acceptable in
notes and some e-mails and memos but not in
formal letters or reports.

Check your writing carefully when you have

    How to Write a Memo
 一、概述
 备忘录是一种录以备忘的公文。主要用
    二、备忘录写作注意事项
    1. 在date, to, from, subject字样后填上相应的
    2. 在上述字样下面空两行写正文。
    3. 一般不用称呼和结尾礼词。
    4. 发文人的姓名首字母写在与正文末行空一
   TO: Henry Smith, Sales Manager
   FROM: Jack Wong, Personnel Manager
   DATE: May 4, 2006
   SUBJECT: Applicants for Sales Post
 Some resumes you send him.
 Ask him to choose out whom they want to
 You will arrange interviews for him.
 TO: Henry Smith, Sales Manager
 FROM: Jack Wong, Personnel Manager
 DATE: May 4, 2006
 SUBJECT: Applicants for Sales Post

 Attached are the resumes and certificates of four applicants
  who have applied for your department position.
 Please evaluate these applicants and then recommend
  people you want to interview to me. As soon as I have the
  names, I will make arrangement for the interviews.

   J.W.
   To: Ted Feng
   Date: Oct. 1st
   From: Nancy
   Time: 17:42
   Topic: Delay of arrival
 Paul’s flight No. is JL608.
 Meeting you at 5:00 pm. today at the airport.
 Driving him to Holiday Inn.
    To: Ted Feng        Date: Oct. 1st
    From: Nancy        Time: 17:42
    Topic: Delay of arrival

   Paul called for you, just when you out. He will
    arrive at 5:00 am tomorrow on flight No. JL608.
    You are requested to meet him at the airport and
    drive him to Holiday Inn.
 You have to cancel a meeting with James Lewis, a
  senior manager in your company, at very short
 Write an email to Mr. Lewis
 Apologizing for the cancellation .
 Explaining why this was necessary.
 Suggesting a date when you are free.
 Write 30-40 words on your Answer Sheet.

 15minutes   for you to write it.
    Sample 1
Hello James
I must cancel our meeting on 25 November.
The reason for the cancellation is, I will attend the
  meeting with John Brown, the sales Manager.
He can meet us on 28 November, is it ok for you?

   Band 3
     Sample 2
 Dear Mr. Leweis,
 I’m afraid, I must cancel our meeting. I must go to
  London. We have problems there. So I would say we
  make another date for our meeting.
 What do you think about the 10 December 2006? Please
  give me an answer soon.

   Kind regards

 Katja Stein
 Band 5
 You would like to attend a sales conference in
  New York next month, but your department is
  trying to reduce expenses.
 Write an email to your manager, Rose Carpenter:
Asking him allow you to go to the
 Explaining why you think you should go.
 Suggesting how you could reduce the cost
 of the trip.
 Write 30-40 words on your Answer Sheet.

 15minutes   for you to write it.
     Sample 1
   Could you allow me to go to the conference,
    please. I am very interesting in sales and it should
    be an advantage for my career. If you agree, I
    could go by car with my colleague to reduce the
    cost. Thanks

   Band 4
     Sample 2
 Sear Mr. Carpenter,
 I would like you attention on the sales conference in New
  York next month. In fact I think I could meeting own
  customers and make discover the new technologies of the
 I know you a reduce of cost policy, but if I take a old
  charter and I stay one day-in order to two days and that I
  launch a sandwich.

   Band 2
 You plan to attend a seminar next week and you
  think your colleague Liz will also be interested in
 Write a note to your colleague,Liz:
 What the seminar is about.
 Explaining why you think it would help in
  her work.
 Suggesting that you travel to the seminar
 15minutes    for you to write it.
    Sample 1
 Liz,
 I write to you because I will attend in a seminar next
  week. I think it’s interesting because it refers to our
  actually job.
 I suggest that you could be interested and we could
  travelling together. I wait your answer.
   Bests regards

 Chris
 Band 3
    Sample 2
 Liz,
 There will be a seminar about new recruitment ways. I
  think you could be interested in attending it as you’ve
  just got this position as Human Resources consultant.
  Would you like to travel with me?

   Please answer me ASAP

   Band 5
 In the office where you work, there is a problem
  with the computers.
 Write an email to Bob Hargreaves, the IT engineer
  at your company:
 Saying which office you work in.
 Describing what is the wrong with the
 Requesting repairs as soon as possible.

 15minutes    for you to write it.
    Sample 1
 Dear Bob
 I work in the headquarter and have some
  problems to start the consolidation program. I
  have got the following error message ‘there is not
  enough space’.
 Could you please check that for me?
 Thanks

 Claudia
 Band 4
    Sample 2
 Hello Bob
 In the Quality dept. where I work, we have a
  problem with our computers. From Monday we
  have not been able to log on the MRB program.
 Can you please come and repear this as soon as

 Regards
 Band 5
 You have to organize an urgent meeting at
  9am tomorrow with all the staff from your
 Write an email to the staff:
   saying when the meeting will be
   telling them where the meeting will be
   explaining what the meeting will be about.
 Write about 30-40 words on your
    Answer Sheet.
To all staff
   There will be an urgent meeting about our
    new product at 10am tomorrow in the new
    conference room. I hope you can all come
    on time.
   You have ordered some office equipment.
    However, some of this equipment will
    arrive a week later than planned.
 Write    a memo to all staff:
   saying which equipment will be delayed
   explaining when it will be arrived
   apologizing for the delay.

 Write about 30-40 words on your
    Answer Sheet.
                      Memo
 To: All Staff
 From: Supplies Manager
 Date: 1 March 2007
 Subject: New equipment
 I have ordered some new PCs and monitors.
 Unfortunately the monitors will arrive in the
  second week of October. I apologize to the
  people who are waiting for a monitor.
 You work for an international company in
  Los Angeles
 You have arranged to meet a colleague,
  Carole Buckley, in the New York office on
  3 February.
 Write   an email to your colleague:
 confirming the date of your visit to New York
 suggesting what time the meeting should start
 inviting her to dinner after the meeting.

 Write about 30-40 words on your
    Answer Sheet.
 I’m coming to New York office on 3
  February to the meeting. Is it possible to
  start at 11am?
 After that, would you like to have dinner
  with me?
   You are attending a conference in the USA
    next week and will need secretarial help
    during the trip as your PA is away on
 Write a memo to the Human Resources
 requesting a temporary PA for the trip
 explaining why your PA cannot go with
 giving the dates of your trip.

 Write about 30-40 words on your
    Answer Sheet.
 To:     Human Resources Manager
 From: John Jones
 I’m attending a Conference in the USA next
  week on 18th & 19th March and my PA is
  on leave so could you arrange a temporary
  PA for the trip?
 Thanks
   Read this part of a letter from John Biggs,
    who is the president of a business club.
   As President of the Clifton Business Club, I would
    like to invite you to speak at our annual dinner on
    5 July. The dinner which starts at 7:30pm, will be
    held at the Mayflower Restaurant, Clifton.

   I hope that you are able to accept the invitation
    and would be grateful if you could give me the
    subject of your talk, so that I can include it on the
    invitations to our members.

   I look forward to receiving your reply as soon as
Write a letter to Mr. Biggs
 Points:
  accepting the invitation
 telling him the subject of your talk
 asking how long the talk should be
 enquiring whether accommodation will be
  arranged for you.
 Write30-40 words on your Answer
 Do not include postal addresses.
Dear Mr. Biggs

I am writing to accept your
 invitation. I am going to talk about
 the new economy. I would like to
 know how long the talk should be,
 so that I can prepare it.

 Readthis part of a letter from the
 conference organizer at
 Greenwood Conference Centre.
   Thank you for your enquiry about conference
    facilities at Greenwood Conference Centre. I
    enclose a brochure containing further details of the
    accommodation and conference facilities which I
    mentioned on the phone.

   I am now able to confirm that Greenwood is
    available for up to 50 participants on the weekends
    of 20-22 April and 5-7 May 2007.

   Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require
    any further information.
   Write a letter to Mr. Stanton, the conference organizer:
   informing him which dates you would like to book
   telling him how many participants there will be
   giving details of the type of accommodation required
   asking him to confirm the cost of the weekend.

 Write60-80 words on your Answer
 Do not include postal addresses.
 Dear Sir
 I am writing to inform you that I would like to
  book from April 21 to April 22. In the conference,
  there will be 45 participants. Besides, I would like
  20 single rooms with bathroom accommodation. I
  would like to have 46 computers, a fax machine,
  and a printer.
 Please, let me know the cost of the weekend.
 I look forward to hearing from you soon.
 Yours faithfully
 Lilian Lorten
   Read this note you have received from your
   Mary Brown at Head Office called to invite staff from our
    branch to have a tour round their new building. Could you
    reply? 20 people definitely want to go.

   She wants to know which departments we’d be most
    interested in seeing. She didn’t say anything about what
    time the tour would start. Could you please check?

   Thanks.
Write an email to Ms Brown:
 thanking her for the invitation to Head Office
 telling her how many people are planning to go
 asking about the time of the visit.
 Write 60-80 words on your Answer Sheet
 Do not include postal addresses.
 Dear Mary
 Thank you for your invite to your new Head
  Office. I want to tell you the number of
  participants for the visit will be 20 people.
 My colleagues and I would to see the Financial
  Department and also the Sales Department, and
  naturally the IT Department.
 I would like also to know the time for the visit.
 Best Wishes
 Pim Schuler
 Read this part of a fax from Sally
  Saunders, a hotel conference manager.
 To:
 Fax No:
 From: Sally Saunders
 Date: 1 March 2002
 Pages (incl cover)
   Thank you very much for your letter, enquiring about
    availability of conference facilities at this hotel for 1-4
    September. I note your request for a special menu for the
    conference dinner on your final evening. You will find
    suggestions enclosed.

   Unfortunately, during the week you have chosen for your
    conference, there is a trade fair. Therefore, we have very
    few single rooms available. I could offered you twin-bedded
    rooms, or perhaps you would consider moving your
    conference to the following week?

   I look forward to receiving your booking and choice of
    dishes for the conference dinner.
 Write a fax to Mrs. Saunders:
 thanking her for her fax
 confirming your original dates for the
 booking 20 twin-bedded rooms
 telling her which dishes from the menu you
  require for the conference dinner.

 Write 60-80 words on your Answer
 Do not include postal addresses.
 Dear Mrs. Saunders
 Thank you for your fax. I am afraid I confirm my
  original dates for the conference because we can not
  move it to the following week.
 I am going to book 20 twin-bedded rooms. About
  the special menu. I would like some typical dishes
  because most of the participants come from other
 I look forward to hearing from you.
 Your sincerely
 Situation
 Edward Smith, Chairman of the Board of
  Directors, informs heads of all departments
  and all employees that the general manager
  has been changed.
 Mr. David Melman resigned his position as
  General Manager on December 4, 2007
 He has no authority to act the duty of the General
  Manager from that date.
 Mr. Jim Towers has been appointed our new
  General Manager
 Write about 30-40 words on your
    Answer Sheet.
 To: Head of Every Department
     All Employees
 From:
 Date:

 Subject: Change of General Manager
 I am writing to inform you that Mr. David Melman
  resigned on December 4, 2007. He has no authority to
  act for this firm from that date.

   The Board has voted to appoint Mr. Jim Towers our
    new General Manager to succeed Mr. David Melman.
 Situation:
 Manager T.C. apologize for the postpone of the
  Christmas Party until after the New Year.
 Everyone can call Lucy, their events coordinator
  to talk about his idea.
 Contact Lucy outside of business hours regarding
  this matter.
   Write about 30-40 words on your
    Answer Sheet.
 We apologize the postpone of the Christmas
  Party until after the New Year. Anyone
  interested in volunteering to help out with
  the event is encouraged to call Lucy, our
  events coordinator. Lucy's cell phone
  number is 222-3098. Please contact Lucy
  outside of business hours regarding this
 Thank you.
 T.C.
 Situation:
 Bob Fu, Sales Department writes a memo to
  Robert Smith, Sales Manager on his terminating
 Inform his decision
 Explain the reason
 Announce when he will leave the company
 Write about 60-80 words on your
    Answer Sheet.
   To:              From:        Date: May 6, 2001
    Subject: Terminating Engagement
    Mr. Smith, I have worked in the Sales Development
    as a salesman for six years, and I have been satisfied
    with this position.
    However, a friend introduced me to Goldlion
    Company, and I have decided to accept a post that
    will give me greater possibilities for promotion and
    an increase in my salary. I therefore write this memo
    as formal notice to terminate my engagement with
    you one month from today's date.
 Situation:
 You are a student of Biology Department
 You are badly in need of an extra
  microscope in your experimental work.
 Ask the teacher of the Lab to issue
  a microscope to you as soon as possible
   To:                               From:
   Subject: Microscope
 Dear Sir,
 I’m a student of Biology Department and we are badly in need of an
  extra microscope in order to improve our experimental work.
 Our experiment will start on Friday, so please issue a microscope to
  us as soon as possible so that we can prepare better for the
   With kind regards.
   Yours sincerely,
   XYZ
 Situation:
 You ask for a casual leave of absence
 Explain the reason of your leave
 Tell him the date

 Write about 30-40 words on your
    Answer Sheet.
 To:         From:         Date:
 Subject: Casual Leave of Absence

 Peter, I would like to ask for a casual leave of
  absence for one day on May 24th, this Wednesday.
  For my toothache makes me almost mad.
 I apologize for the inconvenience my absence from
  work may cause.

   Thanks.
 Situation:
 You are the Chairman of the Students
 Write a memo of about 60-80 words to the
  Student Service Department and ask them
  to fix a telephone for each dormitory.
 Provide the reasons to support your
 Dear Sir,
      As a university student, we need to cope with
  the daily increasing communications with teachers,
  friends and people outside the campus.
      We need a telephone to get and send message,
  which is important for us. Though most of us have
  mobile phones and e-mail address, a telephone in the
  dormitory is after all the most convenient and
  cheapest tool of communication. I hope that you will
  pay attention to this problem and solve it as soon as
      Regards.
      Yours,
      Li Ming
 Situation:
 you are the Personnel Manager, and you have
  received a letter for requesting for paid education
  leave from an employee. Write him a memo as a
  reply .
 The result of his requirement.
 The reason for rejecting.
 Some suggestions
 You should write about 60-80 words.
 To:                 From:               Date:
 Subject: Request for Paid Education Leave

       In response to your request for one year of paid
  education leave to take a degree in English literature, I have
  to inform you that we cannot authorize this leave.
       While we appreciate your desire to improve your
  knowledge, we feel that English literature is not directly
  related to your present position and to the goals of this
       I would like to point out that you could gain advantage
  to apply for leave without pay.
      P. Steels
 Situation:
 You are a supervisor of a big company. The chief of
  operations wants to adopt the “punch-in” system to
  increase productivity. Write a memo to talk about
 Your idea about the “punch-in” system
 If the company doesn’t adopt it, what else can the
  company do to increase productivity.
 You should write about 60-80 words.
 To:             From:          Date:
 Subject: Comments on the “Punch-in” System

      This is further to your memo dated March. 20, 2004, in
  which you proposed that employees adopt the “punch-in”
      I fully agree with you that we must increase
  productivity. As far as your proposal that if the “punch-in”
  system is adopted, we would have a tighter control over the
  employees is concerned. However, I don’t think so. If we
  could meet, we could discuss different possibilities to create
  such incentiveness.
      Your consideration of this suggestion would be
 JOHN TAM, an officer working in the Personnel
  Department, has been asked to send a memo to all
  Department Heads about a new survey his
  department is conducting.
 These are the points that John wants to include in his
 When the survey will be conducted.
 Objectives/Use of survey.
 Further contact details.
 60-80 words
   FROM:             TO: All Heads of Departments
    SUBJECT: Survey of English Training Needs of
    Departmental Supervisors

 We are conducting a survey of English training needs of
  Departmental Supervisors and would like your help in
  gathering relevant data.
 The purpose of the survey is to find out the English
  proficiency and training needs of Departmental Supervisors.
 The information gathered will be very useful to us for
  planning future training activities. So please fill the
  questionnaires and return them to us by 30 October l998.
 If you have any questions about the survey, please contact
  Mr. Julian Hui on 2948 9384.

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