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					                       S.K.H. FUNG KEI PRIMARY SCHOOL
                             Supplementary Exercise (4)

Name:______________________( )                                Class:P.5 ( )

( I )Read what the children say and answer the questions.
Mary: Have you done anything special in the holiday ?
Sally: Oh, yes. I’ve seen a car accident and I’ve called the police.
John: Was it a bad accident ?
Sally: Yes, it was. A car bumped into a bus, and the driver of the car was hurt. Several
        passengers on the bus were hurt, too.
Mary: What about you, John ?
John: I’ve gone without food for thirty hours.
Mary: Why?
John: Because I wanted to collect money for the poor. I’ve collected three hundred
      dollars from my friends. Have you done anything special ?
Mary: Yes, I’ve visited an old people’s home in Shatin. I’ve played and talked with
        the old people there.
Sally: That’s interesting. Can I go with you next time ?
Paul: Yes, I’d like to go, too.
Mary: That’s great. I’ll go again next Friday afternoon. Let’s meet at the bus stop
        near the school at a quarter past one.

1. Who has seen the accident ?
2. What happened to the car driver ?
3. Were there any people hurt on the bus ?
4. What has John done ?
5. How much has John collected ?
6. Where is the old people’s home ?
7. What has Mary done at the old people’s home ?
8. When will the children go there again ?
9. Where will they meet ?
10. Will they meet there at one fifteen ?

( II ). Write the correct form of the verbs in brackets.
         Last Sunday, John _______________( take ) part in “Go Hungry for Thirty
   Hours.” He ______________( stay ) in a park with hundreds of other people. They
   ________________( have ) no food for thirty hours.
         There _______________( be ) many shows for them in the park. A famous
   singer________________( sing ) for them. They also_________________( watch )
  a magic show. Some clowns ______________( do ) funny tricks and ___________
  ( dance ) non-stop for an hour, too.
         For each hour John ______________( go ) without food., he _____________
  ( collect ) ten dollars from his parents and friends. After the thirty hours, John
  ________________( get ) three hundred dollars. He ________________( feel )
  very hungry but he _________________( be ) happy because he _______________
  ( can ) help the poor. After that, John _____________( eat ) three big hamburgers.

( III ) Put the sentences in right order.
      A. Then they talked with the old people happily.
      B. Last Friday, the children went to the Old People’s Home.
      C. When they arrived there, the old people welcomed them.
    D.   They went there by bus.
    E.   After they got off the bus, they walked for about fifteen minutes.
    F.   First the children cleaned the rooms.
    G.   Before they went home, the old people gave them some sweets.
    H.   After that, they played some funny games.

1.___________      2._____________        3._____________       4._____________
5.___________      6._____________        7._____________       8._____________

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