Huerfano TDIP Midyear Progress Report

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					                       Huerfano TDIP Midyear Progress Report

The TDIP process has been in full swing the past four and a half months and this midyear
progress report is to inform you of the exciting things that have occurred so far in partnership with
EdisonLearning. The tasks and action steps listed below are in the EdisonLearning-Huerfano
district contract and are services that have been mutually agreed upon. This chart does not
capture the many conversations, meetings, phone calls and emails that have happened behind
the scenes. We are eager to help and support you as you continue to work through the TDIP
process. For those action steps that are progress, we are ready to assist you in moving forward to
support the students of Huerfano School District.

Task                 Action Steps                 With Whom…        Date              Status
Mission, Vision,     Mission, beliefs, values     Board of          11-4-10           Awaiting
                     and commitments have         Education                           submission to the
                     been identified and          All Employees     Completed         BOE
                     developed with the           Students
                     collective staff,            Community
                     administration, and          Members
                     community members.
                     Support Superintendent       Superintendent    11-4-10           Awaiting decision
                     in preparing for the                                             from
                     approval of the revised                                          superintendent
                     Board Policies addressing
                     district vision and
                     Professional                 Administration    11-4-10           Completed training
                     Development and work         Staff                               with staff and
                     session topic: High          BOE                                 administration
                     Performing Schools
                     Requested                    Communication     11-12-10
                     Superintendent to form       Committee
                     Committee for work on                                            Awaiting response
                                                                                      and formation of
                     Communication Plan
                                                                                      committee for input
                                                                                      and finalizing
                     Developed District
                     Communication Plan                             Submitted Draft
                     Draft without committee                        to Supt on
                     Professional                 BOE               Target date       Awaiting decision
                     Development for BOE          Superintendent    April 14, 2011    and dates to be
                     and staff: Building          All Staff                           scheduled
                     Positive Public and
                     Community Awareness --
                     Support in revising or       Superintendent    Target date       Awaiting decisions
                     creating a BOE Policy                          No later than     regarding
                     addressing                                     May 13, 2011      submitted draft and
                                                                                      committee for
                     communication and the
                                                                                      continued work on
                     District Communication                                           Communication
                     Plan.                                                            Plan draft
Roles and            EdisonLearning has                             Completed on      Completed
                     reviewed current job                           1-6-11
                     descriptions and current
                     roles and responsibilities
                    EdisonLearning has                               Completed on       Completed
                    gathered job descriptions                        11-30-11
                    from like size districts in
                    Colorado, and high
                    performing districts
                    Submitted draft job           Superintendent     Submitted to       Awaiting
                    descriptions                                     superintendent     superintendent
                                                                     on 1-20-11 and     disposition
                                                                     again on 2-15-11
                    Worked with Building and      Superintendent     12-6-10             Awaiting response
                    District leadership to        Principals         1-12-11            and district’s
                    develop Roles and                                                   formation of
                                                                                        committee for
                                                                                        input, finalizing and
                                                                                        submission to BOE
                    With the Superintendent’s     Employee Roles     12-6-10            Awaiting
                    identified committee          and                                   superintendent to
                    facilitate the revision and   Responsibilities                      identify committee
                    addition of roles and         Committee
                    responsibilities connected
                    to the BOE’s vision and
                    Support committee in          Employee Roles                        Awaiting
                    presenting drafted            and                                   superintendent to
                    product to the BOE for        Responsibilities                      identify committee
                                                                                        and schedule date
                    feedback, including the       Committee
                                                                                        for BOE meeting
                    identification of a BOE
                    meeting to bring the
                    product forward for
                    Worked with Building and      Superintendent     1-13-11            Finalized
                    District Leadership to        Principals
                    revise Walk Through
                    Worked in conjunction         Superintendent     1-5-11 submitted   Awaiting
                    with building and district    Principals         to                 confirmation by
                    leadership to develop         District           superintendent     superintendent and
                                                                                        submission to BOE
                    district organizational       Leadership
                    Worked with
                    superintendent to finalize
                    Org Chart                     Superintendent
                    Created and provided to       Superintendent     Submitted to       Not contracted, but
                    superintendent “On Your                          superintendent     provided as a
                    Radar” List                                      on 2-22-11         needed service
                    Continued leadership          District and       11-10-10           Ongoing
                    support – walk throughs,      Building
                    instructional leadership,     Leadership Team
                    book study, etc
Use and             Reviewed district             Superintendent     11-30-10           Ongoing
interpretation of   assessment plan and           Principal
Assessment          assessment data               Teachers
                    Have worked with staff to     Superintendent     12-10-10           Ongoing
                    progress monitor student      Principal
                    learning using current        Teachers
                    assessment systems
                    (NWEA, Radar Graphs,
                    CSAP, DIBELS)
                    Professional                  Superintendent     12-10-10           Training completed
                development: Data             Principal
                Analysis and Data Driven      Teachers                           Ongoing Support
                Decision Making
                Facilitated data driven       Principals       12-10-10          Ongoing
                dialogue in multiple          Teachers
                meetings, all buildings,
                and with individual
                Developed and modeled         Principals       1-14-11           Ongoing
                data talks protocols to       Teachers
                identify student progress
                toward proficiency levels
                and identify appropriate
                intervention strategies.
                This is ongoing
                Developed a systematic,       Superintendent   3-12-11           Awaiting
                comprehensive system of                        Submitted draft   disposition of
                assessment that is                             to                superintendent
                aligned with standards
                                                                                 This work will be
                and assessment                                                   ongoing and
                frameworks.                                                      correlated to
                Develop and/or                Principals       12-10-11          Ongoing
                Implement a reporting         Teachers
                system that identifies
                student progress toward
                proficiency levels in
                essential concepts and
Curriculum      Instructional audit of        Superintendent   12-1-10           Completed
Alignment and   current use of                Principal
Instructional   instructional strategies in   Teachers
Delivery        the classroom

                Report out to
                administrative team                            1-5-11            Completed
                Sharing of Highly Tested      Superintendent   1-14-11           Completed
                Skills on CSAP                Principal
                                              Teachers                           Ongoing support
                Identified essential          Superintendent   1-14-11           Completed
                instructional strategies to   Principal
                be used across grade          Teachers                           Ongoing support
                levels and content areas
                Provide(d) coaching on        Principals       1-13-11           Ongoing
                effective use of              Teachers
                walkthroughs to support
                and encourage high level
                classroom learning
                Initiated conversations       Superintendent   11-29-10          Awaiting
                regarding curriculum                                             action/response
                mapping/alignment with
                Continued conversations       Superintendent   12-6-10           Awaiting
                about curriculum                               12-16-10          action/response
                alignment                                      2-1-11
                Submitted sample              Superintendent   2-24-11           Awaiting
                curriculum mapping                                               action/response
                formats to superintendent
                Submitted proposed            Superintendent   3-10-11           Awaiting
                dates for curriculum                                             confirmation
               alignment work to begin
               in April
               Provided Everyday Math      Superintendent   2-26-11          Completed
               Curriculum Alignment        Principals
               (with Colorado standards)   Teachers                          Posting on district
                                                                             website pending
               for staff
                                                                             CD’s provided for
                                                                             each school
               Professional                Superintendent   1-14-11          Completed
               Development Training:       Principals
               Instructional Design and    Teachers                          Ongoing support
               Research Based Lesson       Staff
               Professional                Superintendent   11-16-10         Completed
               Development Training:       Principals
               The Cycle of Effective      Teachers                          Ongoing support
               Instruction and Effective   Staff
               lesson delivery
               Professional                Superintendent   1-14-11          Completed
               Development Training:       Principals                        Ongoing support
               Effective Classroom         Teachers
               Practices                   Staff
               Professional                Superintendent   1-14-11          Completed
               Development Training:       Principals
               Research-based              Teachers                          Ongoing support
               instructional methodology   Staff
               to meet the needs of ALL
               Professional                Superintendent   2-17-11          Completed
               Development Training:       Principals
               Everyday Math Refresher     Teachers
               Professional                Superintendent   To Be            Awaiting
               Development Training on     Principals       Determined       Identification of
               selected topics             Teachers                          workshop topics
                                                                             and Scheduling by
               collaboratively developed   Staff
               by district and
               Facilitated the study of    Superintendent   12-10-10         Ongoing
               student achievement data    Principals
               using the Data Analysis     Teachers
               Protocol                    Staff
               Professional development    Superintendent   1-14-11          Completed
               training and introduction   Principals
               of Companion Guides.        Teachers                          Ongoing Support
               Provided Companion          Staff
                                                                             Awaiting Posting
               Guides for District                                           on District Website

                                                                             CD’s have been
                                                                             provided to each
               Support teachers with       Principals       1-5-11           Ongoing support
               lesson planning,            Teachers                          and coaching
               classroom observations,
               coaching and feedback
Data Driven    Review the current          Superintendent   Target Date
               professional development                     April 21, 2011
Development    plan
Plan           Review the current
               employee appraisal
                   Consider building a self-
                   assessment survey for all
                   district employees
                   Based on results of the        Professional         Target Date      Need District to
                   review and the approved        Development          April 28, 2011   establish
                   Roles and                      Committee                             committee
                   Responsibilities, facilitate
                   the development of a data
                   driven professional
                   development plan.
                   Included in the plan is
                   feedback loop and
                   monitoring plan.
                   Provide support in the         Superintendent,      Target Date      Need district to
                   identification and             Principals, and/or   May 13, 2011     establish
                   utilization of a               Professional                          committee
                   Professional                   Development
                   Development                    Committee
                   management system.
Accountability     Collaboratively identified     Superintendent       11-29-10         Ongoing
Measures and       appropriate accountability
Tools              measures and tools.
                   Built and submitted for        Superintendent       1-5-11           Ongoing
                   review and signatures
                   monthly dashboards for
                   ongoing progress
                   Support administration in      Superintendent       Target Date      Awaiting date to be
                   quarterly work session         Principals           April 15, 2011   scheduled with
                   with the BOE on the topic      BOE                                   BOE
                   of accountability
                   measures and tools,
                   including SIP, DIP,
                   Unified Plan, and
Effective Use of   Professional                   Superintendent       11-10-11         Completed
High Quality       Development Training:          Principals
                   High Quality PLC’s             Teachers                              Ongoing facilitation
                   Provide individual             Superintendent       11-10-11         Ongoing
                   coaching, mentoring,           Principals
                   facilitation of team           Teachers
                   meetings, PLC’s and            Staff

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