Scoring Rubric for 3-2-1 Capture/Reflection Summary by xY1337NG


									            Methods of Teaching Reading in the Secondary Content Area,
                                      Part II
                               Course 884.510 (1W)

                      Scoring Rubric for 3-2-1 Capture/Reflection Summary

                              (based on the rubric by Janna Siegel Robertson, Ph.D )

        Main Objective: The students will be able to summarize, apply the information learned to
        classroom practice, and reflect on the learning experiences in the class. This may include
        lecture, presentations, team activities, class discussions, and/or on-line assignments.

          Objective                        0 Points                   1 Point                      2 Points

Key Understandings:                 Does not adequately        Adequately                  Clearly and
Short description of 3               describe major points       describes major              concisely describes
learning experiences.                of the learning             points of the learning       3 major points of the
                                     experience                  experience                   learning experience

Application:                        Does not provide           Adequately provides         Provides 2 specific
Predict 2 ways the learning          meaningful, specific        application of the           applications of the
experiences may impact you           applications of the         knowledge on                 knowledge on
in your classroom practice           knowledge on                classroom practice           classroom practice
(how can you apply the               classroom practice
information you learned )
* Self-Reflection:                  Inadequate self-           Adequate self-              Excellent, in depth
In-depth self-assessment             reflection – no depth       reflection – some            self-reflection
about the information               Inadequate coherence        depth                       Excellent coherence
learned and the application.                                    Adequate coherence           with good transitions
(see below)                                                      with good transitions        from one idea to the
Coherent transitions from                                  from one idea to the        next
one idea to the next                                       next

Mechanics:                       Grammar and                                         Correct grammar
Correct grammar and               sentence structure                                   and sentence
sentence structure.               errors                                               structure
Correct use of professional      Professional language                               Excellent use of
language.                         is not used                                          professional

        * Questions to guide in-depth self-reflection:
                What ideas have the experiences learned in class generated?
                How do I feel about the experiences and the ideas?
                Based on my new knowledge and experiences, what will I do differently?
                Can I connect my in-class experiences with outside experiences?

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