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									                                  Sample of Letter of Intent
123 Main St.
Hilo, HI 96720
1 August 2009

Senior Project Committee
Hilo High School
556 Waianuenue Ave.
Hilo, HI 96720

Dear Senior Project Committee:

On October 3, 1999, I had what I believe was a life-altering experience. At
approximately 6 o’clock on that brisk morning I lifted off from a farmer’s field
in Brooks on my first ever hot air balloon ride. Since that initial adventure, I
have been hooked on the idea of getting my balloonist’s license.

Because of my new interest in hot air ballooning, I want to research the reasons
behind man’s desire to fly. Specifically, I will attempt to identify and describe man’s
motives for wanting to fly. I plan on using materials from the internet, Hawaii Public
Library, UHH Library, personal interviews, and specialized ballooning publications to
complete my paper.

My project will have a direct link to this paper; I will spend over forty hours
in flight at school leading up to my certification as a hot air balloon pilot. This
process will also involve thirty hours of flight time with a certified instructor.
My mentor, Jason Fremont, will guide me through all stages of the project. I
hope to have my first solo flight in May.

I understand that both plagiarism and academic fraud are illegal. I will not
use material from other authors and call it my own, nor will I falsify any
information regarding my project. I am fully aware that I am responsible for
my own actions and will accept any repercussions for either plagiarizing the
paper or fabricating information about the project.


Michael Kean

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