Turkey in Disguise - PDF

					Turkey in Disguise Dear Parents,
It's time to have fun creating a very unusual bird. As a family, disguise Tom Turkey so that he won't be eaten for Thanksgiving! You may choose to dress your turkey as a doctor, an astronaut, a farmer, a cheerleader, a ballerina, a clown, etc... Be creative and use any materials you have at home. Everyone gets to help.

Cut out the enclosed turkey and mount him on cardboard or heavy paper. Make it very original and have fun! Please, help us save these turkeys! The turkey homework is due on November _______, but you may send it in earlier. When your Tom Turkey is incognito, he can "hide out" in our classroom! Happy Turkey Dressing!!!

My name is Tom Turkey And I'm afraid as I can be. I'm wearing my disguise So you won't catch me.

Description: Fun take home project for Kindergarten or first grade.