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The networks create                                       Sieber & Partners have refined this classification
                                                          and distinguish between:

the value                                                 - Small communication: instantaneous messaging

                                                          - Knowledge sharing: wikis (particularly useful for
By allowing people to interact online, social media         sharing information inside a company), podcasts,
and social networks transform media monologues              RSS flux, blogging and micro-blogging
into dialogues, using web-based technologies.
In consequence, their impact for companies and            - Contents structuring: social tagging and social
consumers is huge. The top 10 social networks               bookmarking
have now surpassed 1,3 billion members. Gartner
expects 20% of employees to use social networks           - Knowledge networking: mash-up (tools which
as their business communications hub by 2014,               combine tools, e.g. when a tag automatically
instead of emails or other applications and predicts        generates a tweet)
that by 2016, social technologies will be integrated
with most business applications. In Switzerland,          - Curation: selection of information following
a survey by the Geneva School of Business                   personal criteria, e.g. (see below)
Administration shows that 24% of businesses in
Western Switzerland use social networks and 56%
will increase their investment in social networks
within the next 12 months. In worldwide comparison,
a Burson-Marsteller survey for Fortune 100 shows
84% of businesses will use a social network by the
                                                          The consumer
end of 2011, up from 79%.
Twitter develops fastest — with 65% of companies
having an account — followed by YouTube and               It is now commonly accepted that social media and
Facebook. LinkedIn’s IPO set new records, with            networks create brand awareness and can be used
the company being valued at ax. USD 9 billion.            as a reputation management tool, to recruit people,
Facebook’s IPO is expected shortly and estimates          to learn about new technologies and competitors
place its value at USD 50 billion. Twitter is currently   and to reach potential prospects.
valued at USD 3,7 billion.
                                                          Social media were first used as a purpose for visibility
                                                          and dissemination: blogs have indeed existed since the
                                                          late nineties and YouTube since 2005. But Facebook

Multi-usage, targeted                                     has drastically altered the trend. With 26 million
                                                          individual visitors per month in Switzerland, and 540
                                                          million world-wide, it has become in less than four
communication                                             years the first community web-site in the world.
                                                          Every day, more than 20 million users become fans
                                                          of Facebook pages. According to a study by Chadwick
Traditionally, social networks have three usages:         Martin Bailey, the main reasons are identifying a
communication between businesses and customers,           trademark, key searching information retrieval and
between businesses, partners and providers and            recommendation. The network of friends is also the
internal communication.                                   first lever to encourage a user to become a fan of
                                                          a brand (Study Group Fullsix 2010): 45% of fans
                                                          share with their friends information concerning
                                                          brands at least once a month.
Social networks, though
technically not complex,
have far-reaching sociological
consequences, by allowing
communication, which
gives the consumer
unprecedented power.
                              lake geneva iCt Cluster

                        Innovative local                                          Created in 2007, HyperWeek conceived a platform
                                                                                  that enables a business to generate its own cus-
                                                                                  tomised social platform. Its added-value is in the ease
                        players geared                                            with which users can create contents. This functions
                                                                                  for open as well as closed networks, for club members

                        to becoming global
                                                                                  for instance. As the American market demonstrates,
                                                                                  businesses will increasingly need that type of
                                                                                  dedicated social platform.

                        Most large businesses have developed some form            Fontself is another example. Launched by two graphic
                        of community management via social media and              designers from Lausanne, this application is deployed
                        networks. But these also open unlimited vistas to         in social media. It allows uses to display information
                        young, inventive companies.                               in their own handwriting (or any other self-designed
                                                                                  typeface) on Facebook or MySpace. Fontself is seeing
                        Take for example. In just six months, this       a massive surge in users ever since Yahoo! India
                        application — created by SmallRivers at the Swiss         embedded the Swiss application in its mail toolkit.
                        Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne Science
                        Park (EPFL) — has gone from 0 to 110’000 thematic         Last but not least, Poken is one of the 10 Swiss comp-
                        journals aggregated by its tool, which automatically      anies listed in the European Top 100 by Red Herring.
                        classifies information on Twitter. This application has   Poken is a suite of products and software that enable
                        just won the Startup Competition at LeWeb 10’ in          users to collect and exchange digital information
                        the «viral» category.                                     in the real world with a simple touch. It is basically
                                                                                  a USB device that serves as a digital replacement for
                        In the same line, Sobees, founded in 2007, provides       physical business cards, allowing users to gather and
                        social software technology for mobile and computer        organize instantly all the details of people met,
                        platforms. Its latest product is NewsMix, a cutting-      without the need for any data entry,and have this
                        edge social magazine that retrieves the best news         information readily accessible by synching it to any
                        from friends and from the web, built on the powerful      of the major contact management tools. The user
                        Sobees social platform which helps improve content        can also choose to share his or her profile from more
                        relevance and engagement with users.                      than 50 social networking sites — such as Facebook,
                                                                                  Twitter, Messenger, Skype — by simply touching
                        Blue-Infinity, which is based in Geneva and Lausanne      one Poken to another. So even if the contacts use
                        with branches throughout Europe and Asia, and             different social networks, it is still possible to have a
                        employs close to 300 staff, develops integrated           common platform to communicate. Poken has offices
                        solutions for its clients. Among these it has suc-        in Lausanne, San Francisco and Sibiu (Romania) and
                        cessfully created online communities for top end          sells its products in more than 25 countries.
                        watch brands. Blue-Infinity also launched a Social
                        Media Lab where analysts monitor social networks,
                        feeding back important intelligence to clients.
                        Depending on the brief, they may focus on
                        quickly identifying and relaying the development
                        of potential crisis, researching what consumers
                        think of a brand (through sentiment analysis) or
                        producing in depth reports to give a detailed view
                        of how a brand is perceived throughout the social
                        media landscape.
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