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     Parenting and

Family Assessments

38 Marlborough Place, St John’s Wood
         London NW8 OPJ
         Tel: 020 7624 8605
         Fax: 020 7328 2185

   Central and North West London
       Mental Health NHS Trust
                                                                           Assessments address the following areas of family functioning and
Who Can Use us?
Families where –                                                              Practical parenting
        Professionals have serious child protection concerns                  Partner relationship
                                                                              Child’s emotional and cognitive state of mind
        Parents experience their children as out of control/or with           Adult’s ability to change
        other emotional and behavioural difficulties                          Parent’s ability to provide emotional stimulation
                                                                              Parent’s ability to adapt to child’s changing developmental
        There is serious intra-familial violence or other serious                 needs
        relationship difficulties                                             Adult’s experience of being parented and its impact on her own
        There is a history and/or suspicion of emotional, physical,           Adult’s insight into own mental health / addiction issues and how
        sexual child abuse and/or neglect                                     these impact on parenting
                                                                              Adults’ ability to work with professionals
                                                                              Family’s social support network
                                                                              Extended family
                                                                              Cultural and ethnicity issues
                                                                              Parents’ ability to protect children
How to refer                                                                  Parents’ ability to parent in the long term and other permanency
Families are usually referred by a variety of different professionals
                                                                              Coping mechanisms and stress and anger management
such as social workers, guardians, solicitors and Courts. Anyone
                                                                              Contact issues
wishing to use the service is welcome to telephone to discuss the
                                                                              Therapeutic measures and other interventions
referral informally if required. The team on the unit are also available
                                                                              Child’s emotional needs
for consultation or teaching events.
                                                                              Gender issues
                                                                            We are able to offer a whole range of Parenting and Family
                                                                            Assessments. These are usually commissioned by Social
Professional and Family Network Meeting                                     Services or Guardians to provide expert opinion in child care
                                                                            cases. The assessments have therapeutic components, they are
This is the first meeting and will be convened by the referrer. It is       multi-disciplinary and can include input from Child, Adolescent
usually held at the Marlborough Family Service and is attended by the       and Adult Psychiatry, Adult and Child Psychotherapy, Psychology,
parents or carers, as well as all the professionals involved as well        Education, Social Work, Family Therapy and Cross-Cultural
significant others involved in the family’s life. The purpose of this       Consultation.
meeting is:

1. To map the professional network and understand their                  Each Family or Parenting Assessment is tailor-made to suit
   relationships with each other and with the different members of       individual cases with some or all of the following components.
   the family.

2.   To give the family the opportunity to hear how all the people in       •   Initial Network Meeting
     their lives perceive their respective roles, and whether and to
     what extent, they each see their involvement during the proposed       •   Out-patient assessment interviews and viability assessments.
     family or parenting assessment.

3. For decisions to be made about focus, time-scale and viability of        •   Observation of contact.
   the assessment.
                                                                            •   Weekly attendance in the Marlborough Family Day Unit, with
4. For the Team at the Unit to assess the suitability of the Family             the possibility of a further attendance on a daily or weekly
   Day Unit Intensive Treatment Programme. This may be subject to               basis.
   a pre-assessment.
                                                                            •   Home based and community work.

                                                                            •   Morning attendance at the Marlborough Family School.
The hourly rate for assessment interviews, professional meetings and        •   Detailed final report, usually prepared for Courts.
writing of reports is £130 (subject to annual review). Written
confirmation of funding will be required prior to the Network Meeting,
which is charged at £500.

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