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									Service Days: MHS IM/IT Strategic Plan 2010-2015
              February 18-19, 2011

   Learning Objectives

   Overview & Timeline

   Goals

   Action Plans

   IM/IT Trends

Learning Objectives

   Learning Objective 1: What are the guiding principles of the
    development and implementation of the MHS IM/IT Strategic Plan?

   Learning Objective 2: How has the MHS operationalized it’s IM/IT
    Strategic Plan to meeting it’s goals and objectives?

   Learning Objective 3: How has the MHS maintained relevancy and
    alignment with both the overarching MHS Strategic Plan and industry
    best practices?

MHS IM/IT Strategic Plan
 Overview & Timeline

MHS IM/IT Strategic Plan 2009-2011 Timeline
      Strategic                                                   IM/IT Action
      planning       Informal and formal                            Planning                 Integrated
     workshops           coordination                              Workshop                 Timeline (v1)

Apr Apr    Jun Jun    Jul Jul              Oct Oct    Dec   Jan 13     Feb       Apr Apr        Jun                   Oct          Nov      Dec       Jan 10
2009 23     9   15     8 15                 7 28       16    2010       19        7  21          1                    20            10       15        2011

                     IPMB                    PMOC    PMOC                        IPMB                              Action Plan    CIO-MB   CFOIC
                        PMOC                                SMMAC                    PMOC                                                          Annual Review
                                                                                                                  Integration &
                                                            approval                                                                                  of IM/IT
                                                                                                                                                   Strategic Plan
                                                                                                                 (APIC) Kickoff

    In 2009, DoD/MHS Leadership convened to develop the MHS IM/IT Strategic Plan for 2010-2015
    10 goals, 39 objectives, 13 Action Plans and 14 performance measures were developed
    Gained Senior Military Medical Advisory Council (SMMAC) approval (1/13/10); first approved plan since 1999

                                 Guiding Principles                                               “Provide the right information to the
    1. Support the Warfighters and their family                                                    right customers at the right time to
    2. Promote Innovation                                                                           improve and maintain the health
    3. Adopt business process solution in concert with a technical solution                       status of our beneficiaries across the
    4. Ensure information integrity and security                                                     entire continuum of health care
    5. Establish a consistent, integrated, aligned, agile and interoperable                                    operations.”
    enterprise architecture
    6. Reduce complexity for end users
    7. Reduce time to implement functional capabilities
    8. Use industry standards and best practices                                                      “Seamlessly deliver the power of
                                                                                                      information to our stakeholders

“10 for 10”

Goal #1: Architecture & Processes

                                                 • Established and
                                                   published Enterprise
  Common Architecture and Processes Across MHS   • Created initial draft of
                                                   Information Management
                                                   (IM) Concept of
                                                 • Drafted initial Data
                                                   Management Strategy
                                                 • Established CIO-
                                                   Management Board;
                                                   meets regularly
                                                 • Worked with
                                                   Streamlining IM/IT
                                                   Lifecycle team to begin
                                                   identification of areas for
                                                   process improvement

Goal #2: Electronic Health Record (EHR)

                                                            • Efforts for EHR are
                                          Pharmacy            including both AHLTA
                                                              Stabilization efforts
                                                              and the EHR “Way
                                                              Ahead” planning office
                                                            • Efforts continue for
                                                              AHLTA critical fixes
 Specialist                                Long Term Care   • Regularly meeting
                      Patient EHR                             with VA and Joint
                                                              Chiefs to determine
                                                              the “Way Ahead”
                                                            • Continue critical
                                                              efforts to align with
                                                              larger DoD strategies

                 Primary Care Physician

Goal #3: Governance
                                             Senior Military Medical
                                              Advisory Committee

              PMOC               CPSC                                  CFOIC
                                                     JHOC                 Chief              FHPC
              Portfolio           Clinical
                                                   Joint Health         Financial          Force Health
            Management          Proponency
                                                   Operations            Officer            Protection
             Oversight           Steering
                                                     Council           Integration           Council
             Committee          Committee

  Executive Owner:        Executive Owner:      Executive Owner:        Executive Owner:         Executive Owner:
      MHS CIO              Clinical DASD         TMA Dep. Dir.            HBFP DASD               FHP&R DASD

• Established CIO-Management Board and developed draft charters for its committees
• Supported the enterprise-wide Decision Making and Governance Working Group
• Standardized meeting minutes, decision tracking & action item tracking processes

 Goal 4: Enterprise Intelligence

• Developed future vision of Enterprise Intelligence for MHS
• Completed initial assessment of funding for analytic capabilities for central portfolio
• Conducted review of MHS Mart (M2) and Clinical Data Module (CDM) users

 Goal 5: Personal Health Agenda
                                                          TOL Patient Portal Presentation
                                                          Single Sign-on                  Common Look Feel
                                                          Defined Internet Links          User Customization

                                                                                                                              Federation with Other Portals
             Integration, Infrastructure)
           (Security, Account Creation,
           Management, Development,
               TOL Core Portal Services

                                                                                                                                  (eBenifits, DKO, etc)
                                                 Current                                 Future

                                              On Line
                                            Appointment       HART            NAS            PHR     Secure       Health
                                              Booking                                               Messaging    Education

                                                RX          Appointing                              Preventive    Disease
                                               Refill      Enhancements   Health Links     Others    Service      Specif ic
                                                                                                    Reminders    Reminders

• Completed analysis of alternatives (AoA), IRD initiative and DBT Certification process
• Contributed patient portal components to the EHR Way Ahead ICD

Goal #6: IT Interoperability

                       6.1: Develop a                     • Chartered the Interoperability
                      Virtual Lifetime                      Workgroup
                     Electronic Record                    • Consolidated list of all efforts
                                                            around VLER/NHIN

      6.2: Integrate with
      the private sector

                               6.3: Establish data &
                                information structures
                             6.4: Define/develop data
                                 translation services &
                                    system adaptors

Goal #7: Maximize Portfolio Value

                                    • Developed cost
                                      estimating targets
                                    • Developed draft
                                      Portfolio Management
                                      processes & policies
                                    • Kicked off Consolidated
                                      Portfolio initiative

Goal #8: Innovative Technologies

                                   • Completed development of
                                     MHS Innovation Charter
                                   • Completed establishment of
                                     criteria for evaluating
                                     Innovation candidates

Goal #9: Human Capital Management

                                    • Identified critical definitions
                                      and deliverables within the
                                      action plan to maximize
                                    • Completed competency
                                      assessment effort in late
                                    • Finalized strategic job
                                      families and labor

Goal #10: Distributed Development

                                         Secure Access

                                 Development Environments

                              Sandbox         Dev        Test
• Completed preparation of the following:                 • Completed MHS Common
    – Current State Common Services Candidate Catalog       Development Toolkit
    – Implementation Roadmap                              • Completed Distributed Development &
    – MHS Common Library Portal & Collaborative Site        Common Services Charter
Operationalizing the
IM/IT Strategic Plan

Action Plans: From Strategy to Action

   For each goal, IM/IT leaders developed specific objectives
   39 total objectives
   Tactical “action plans” were created to meet these objectives
   Action Plans describe how we will deliver value to our customers while
    realizing the goals and objectives of the Strategic Plan

                                     10 Goals
                                 -------------------        13 Action Plans
                                 39 Objectives

Action Plans: Ownership                                                       As of Feb 01, 2011

Action Plan                                 Exec. Owner                      AP Owner

Alignment with
                                          Dr. George Taylor             Dr. Michael Dinneen
MHS Strategy

Distributed Development              Mary Ann Rockey (Acting CIO)            Rich Foster

Enterprise Intelligence                   Dr. George Taylor             Dr. Michael Dinneen

                                         Dr. Warren Lockette
                                                                     CAPT Weiner, COL Barrow
Electronic Health Record                     Larry Sipos
                                                                      COL Greig, CDR Anthony
                                          George Chambers

Governance                                Dr. George Taylor              Col Portia Prioleau

Human Capital                        Mary Ann Rockey (Acting CIO)        Col Portia Prioleau

Infrastructure & Tech. Arch.         Mary Ann Rockey (Acting CIO)         Col Jaime Rosado

Innovation                           Mary Ann Rockey (Acting CIO)            Rich Foster

                                                                           Stone Quillian
Interoperability                     Mary Ann Rockey (Acting CIO)
                                                                            Nancy Orvis

Maximize Portfolio Value                     Al Middleton           Sharon Larson, Col Alan Smith

MHS Ent. Requirements and Business                                         Col Alan Smith
                                         Dr. Warren Lockette
Architecture                                                              COL Ron Moody

                                        RADM Christine Hunter             COL Tom Greig
Personal Health Agenda
                                         Dr. Warren Lockette              COL Ron Moody

Streamline IM/IT Lifecycle           Mary Ann Rockey (Acting CIO)            Chris Kuhn
Action Plans: Services Representation                                                                        As of Feb 01, 2011

Action Plan                     Army                            Air Force                   Navy
Alignment with MHS Strategy     C. Damian, S. Smith             LtCol Huweart               K. Shine

Distributed Development         COL H. Pak , COL J. Bentley     LtCol Huweart               CAPT B. Marshall, R. Estrada

                                C. Damian, D. Williams, J.
Electronic Health Record                                        Col Bonnema                 CAPT B. Marshall, R. Estrada

Enterprise Intelligence         MAJ F. Tucker , S. McAdams      LtCol Harvey                R. Estrada, CAPT P.Rockswold

Governance                      LTC N. Kerkenbush, M. Blocker Col Bonnema                   G. Stevens, K. Shine

Human Capital                   LTC N. Kerkenbush, LTC N. Do    LtCol Beaz , LtCol Pham     J. Perkins

                                                                LtCol Collier , LtCol
Infrastructure & Tech. Arch.    B. Drewry , T. Gregurvich                                   E. Jackson

                                                                LtCol Eppolito, Col
Innovation                      MAJ F. Tucker , T. Gregurvich                               CAPT B. Marshall, CDR P. Park, R. Estrada

Interoperability                KC Christensen , S. McAdams     LtCol Collier, LtCol Seeley CDR P. Park, R. Estrada, E. Jackson

Maximize Portfolio Value        S. Parker , C. Damian           Maj Ryder                   CAPT B. Marshall, K. Shine, G. Stevens, P. Lindsey

                                                                                            CAPT B. Marshall, CDR P. Park,, CAPT M. Padden ,
Personal Health Agenda          LTC N. Do. T. Holt              LtCol Balog
                                                                                            C. Rees

MHS Requirements and Business
                                LTC N. Kerkenbush               LtCol Pham                  CAPT B. Marshall, CAPT M. Padden

Streamline IM/IT Lifecycle      S. Smith, S. Parker             R. Davis                    R. Estrada
Operationalizing the Strategic Plan
   Annual Review occurred on 10 January; allowed for feedback on the plan from
    all stakeholders
   Continued, joint efforts to make our strategic goals reality through regular
    Strategic Plan/ Action Plan community meetings
   Regular updates to and buy-in from Governance Boards
   Developing performance metrics to show the benefit of our collective actions in
    meeting the goals and objectives of the plan

                      -How we will make the plan reality?
                      -How will we insure collaboration & consensus?
                      -How will we measure our effectiveness?

 IM/IT Trends
and Research

IM/IT Industry Trends
   To ensure the MHS IM/IT Strategic Plan remains current and relevant, we researched industry
    trends and leading practices across the commercial and federal health IT sectors
   Researched 2010 IT trends reports across commercial and government sectors

                                    Summary of Initial Findings
           The focus of the IM/IT Strategic plan appears to be well aligned to current IT trends.
          Several trends were identified as needing further discussion to determine if gaps exist.


Full plan available online:


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