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Social Messaging


									 ICQ Presents:
Social Messaging

            May 2010
• From Instant Messaging to Social Messaging
• ICQ 7 & Social Messaging
• Trends in the Russian Market
       It’s about Communication
• Social activity is in its essence a communication
  activity. Think of…
  – Status updates/posts   These are all communication activities,
                           different from IM in being:
  – Comments               1. Sometimes a-synchronous
  – Friends lists          2. Many-to-many communication
                           3. Friends-of-friends easy reach
            From Instant Messaging
              To Social Messaging
• ICQ is first and foremost a communication tool – users see it as a
  personal tool for 1*1 conversations with their closest friends
• But users also like socializing online and public communication
  with their extended network (friends-of-friends-of-friends)

   ICQ 7 – a Social Messaging client – bringing users’ social world
       into their ICQ – it’s all here – communication options, my
    friends from other sharing websites, and status updates from
                            my social networks!
     Integrating Social into ICQ 7
Communication features were improved,
and social features were added:
• Feeds from Friends
• Status Updates
• User Profile

• Picture Sharing Tool
    My Box & Feeds from Friends

•   A new tab on the contact list
    where users can get real time
    updates from the leading social

•   No need to open a browser or
    go to the social networks’
    websites, it’s all in ICQ – friends’
    status updates, photos and
ICQ Status Updates
•   Users can update their status on
    ICQ and post it automatically to
    their Social Networks

•   ICQ status updates also include
    photos and links - easy upload
    and sharing interface
User Profile
•   The user profile is available in the ICQ
    client and in an extended form on the

•   In the profile users can add and edit
    personal info, upload photos, share social
    updates, and search friends of friends.
Picture Sharing Tool
•   A sharing tool for images and photos
    with which users can share pictures
    with friends 1X1 directly from ICQ

•   The new interface allows quick and
    easy browsing through pictures, zoom
    in and zoom out
Social Messaging changes the way
users use their ICQ
              Top 5 Popular Features on ICQ 7
             Contact List
             Send Messages (IM)
             Send Emoticons
             Social Feeds
             ICQ Status Updates
            Source: ICQ internal data, Worldwide usage, May 2010

      Potential in the Russian market, with the inclusion of
                    feeds from social networks
ICQ 7 – how does it work?
A Closer Look at the Russian Market
ICQ Users in Russia:
Young, Loyal & Dynamic Community
•   Desktop presence of almost 6 hours per day
•   The leading communication tool in Russia with 59% unaided awareness
    and 98% aided awareness of ICQ*

                       Active Users by Age in Russia

                   5     2%

                         24%                         46%

                                           *Source: BrainJuicer survey for ICQ, Russia, December 09
      Trends in Russian Instant Messaging Market –
                  Social Networks Effect
                               4                             6                                                         6
•About 50% of users            3
use IM in the same                                                                        9

frequency since they
started using SNs              60
                                                            53                           48                            57

•About 20% use IM
more frequently                13                           15                           17                            10

                               20                           17                           15                            19

                       Facebook (118)             Odnoklassniki (376)            VKontakte (570)                Moi krug (172)

                         I use it hardly ever since                        I use it less than that time
                         I use it with the same frequency                  I use it slightly more frequently
                         I use it much more frequently

                       Q: Since you started using social networks, do you use instant messaging less, more, or the same frequency?

                                                            Source: AC Nielsen Russia survey, 630 respondents, April 2010
    Trends in Russian Instant Messaging Market –
                Communication is Key
    Top 5 communication features users would like to have
    in the ideal client:
•   Performance Speed (94%)
•   SMS to mobile (72%)
•   Email alerts (63%)
•   PC to PC voice chat (63% )
•   PC to PC video chat (52%)

                      Stay tuned for ICQ 8!

                                  Source: AC Nielsen Russia survey, 630 respondents, April 2010

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