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									                                   BA 303 – Business Finance
                                    Portland State University
                                School of Business Administration
                                          Summer 2011

Professor: Michael Dimond              Faculty Website:
Email:                LinkedIn:
Voicemail: (503) 208-5725              Facebook:
Office Hours: by appointment           Twitter:

This course covers the core issues facing corporate financial managers and the professional service
providers in the finance industry. Topics include understanding, interpreting and forecasting
financial statements; seeing the trade off between risk and return; using time value of money
concepts to understand the net present value of financial decisions; and, learning tools needed to
make effective long term financial decisions for budgeting capital, investing and borrowing.

1. BA 211 (Fundamentals of Financial Accounting); 2. Junior Standing. This business course is
reserved during priority registration to students admitted to the School of Business. This course
requires students to be proficient in Microsoft Excel. Students will not be added unless they are on
the official wait list for the course.

A financial calculator is required for this course. I recommend the Texas Instruments TI84 Plus.

Text: Fundamentals of Corporate Finance customized for PSU’s BA 303 Business Finance by Ross,
Westerfield and Jordan, 9th edition.

Lecture will cover a specific chapter/topic. Students should read the chapter and attempt the
questions and problems prior to the lecture. This will enhance the learning experience and make the
class discussion more productive. For each chapter, students are recommended to work the Concepts
Review and Critical Thinking Questions and the Questions and Problems found at the end of each

Minicases                     10%
Exam #1                       30%
Exam #2                       30%
Final Exam                    30%

Minicases will be given full points if they are complete and on time, and should be turned in at the
beginning of class. They will not be accepted late for any reason.

Exams will cover the chapters, lectures, problems, questions and other material which precede the
exam. Students are responsible to be familiar with all material in the course.
Class participation is encouraged and will be used in the final grade evaluation in border line cases.


1. Personal digital assistants or any other type of mini-computer are not allowed for exams.
Financial calculators are allowed and recommended.

2. One 8½ x 11” sheet of notes (both sides) is permitted for the tests

3. Failing to demonstrate honesty and integrity will result in a grade of ZERO for that test.

4. Students are held responsible for all announcements regarding class.


  DATE     TOPIC                                                           TURN IN
 Week 1    Overview, Chapter 1 – Introduction to Corporate Finance
           Chapter 2 - Financial Statements, Taxes and Cash Flow           Minicase Ch 1
 Week 2    Chapter 3 - Working with Financial Statements                   Minicase Ch 2
           Chapter 4 – LT Financial Planning, Ch 5 TVM                     Minicase Ch 3
 Week 3    (Independence Day Holiday July 4)
           Exam #1                                                         Exam, Minicase Ch 4
 Week 4    Chapter 6 – Discounted Cash Flow Valuation
           Chapter 7 (Bonds) & Chapter 8 (Stock Valuation)                 Minicase Ch 6
 Week 5    Chapter 9 - Net Present Value and Other Investment Criteria     Minicase Ch 7 & 8
           Exam #2                                                         Exam, Minicase Ch 9
 Week 6    Chapter 10 - Making Capital Investment Decisions
           Chapter 11 - Project Analysis and Evaluation                    Minicase Ch 10
 Week 7    Chapter 12 - Capital Market History, Chapter 13 Risk & Return   Minicase Ch 11
           Chapter 14 - Cost of Capital                                    Minicase Ch 12 & 13
 Week 8    Review                                                          Minicase Ch 14
           Final Exam                                                      Exam

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