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									                    BADHAM ONE NAME SOCIETY
                     Overseas Membership Application Form

Membership number/s (We will complete this when your form is received and you will
be notified of your number/s): ___________

Please note members’ details are recorded on the Society’s membership computer
database which is maintained by the Membership Secretary and used solely for
Society purposes. Information will not be given to any other person or organisation
without specific consent. Signature of this form is taken to give agreement to this
method of holding your information. You will be welcome at any time to have a copy of
the details held.

Please enter your details below IN CAPITAL LETTERS except for email
addresses which should be as clear as you can make them. Please also ensure
you complete all 5 sections.

1. Personal Details
Full Name: _________________________________________________________
Address:    _________________________________________________________



Telephone: ____________________________________

Email address: _______________________________________________________

Joint Member Personal Details
Full Name: _________________________________________________________

Email address: __________________________________

How did you hear about the Badham One Name Society? _____________________


2. Computing
Please give details of any computer operating system e.g. Windows XP, Mac, Linux.


Please tell us of any Genealogical programmes you use and if possible the version of
Gedcom files the programme will import and especially export.


3. Badham Interests
Please would you give us your Badham(s) interests in a common format. We would like to see this
divided into two parts, one which shows fully-researched places with the first date at that location e.g:

     Researched: Stretton Grandison, Herefordshire, 1780; Upton on Severn, Worcestershire, 1834;
     Mount Barker, South Australia 1912

And a second part which shows more speculative information e.g:

     Speculative: Stoke Lacy, Herefordshire 1663 to 1780

Researched means that original documents have been consulted (possibly on film or fiche, etc) and the
original record seen in its ‘as created’ form rather than as a transcript. In addition, possible alternative
individuals for each generation have been identified and eliminated with a reasonable degree of
certainty. The information in this format will be included in the members’ area and will possibly help us
to identify common research needs between members. Speculative, means that a possible line to
research has been identified, perhaps from the IGI, but that more work needs to be done. If need be,
supply on a separate sheet.






4. Questionnaire Please delete as appropriate:
1. I/We will allow my/our name/s and address or email details to be given to members who are
researching the same family or area YES / NO
2. I/We understand that the members of the Badham One Name Society are bound by the
Constitution. A copy of this may be read on the Society website (least expensive for the
Society!) or will be sent on request.

5. Payment Options UK
        A.   Individual membership at £10 sterling per year
        B.   Joint membership at £15 sterling per year
        C.   Individual 5-year membership at 10% discount, cost £45 sterling
        D.   Joint membership for 5 years at 10% discount, cost £67.50 sterling.

I/We chose option ______ and enclose an International money order or equivalent for

£ ______ payable to: Badham One Name Society

Signed: _______________________________________                            Date: _______________

Joint Member’s signature: _______________________                           Date: _______________

Please send form(s) and remittance to:
Membership Secretary, Badham One Name Society, Old School House, Old Radnor,
                                                                                          Overseas Sep 2010

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