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Silhouette Wood               Section Contents

                                                                                          SILHOUETTE FURNITURE
                  Casework Styles .................................................42
    Furniture     Laboratory Bench Assemblies .....................44
                  Octagonal All-Science Tables .......................45
                  Perimeter Student Tables ..............................46
                  Service Benches ...................................................47
                  Tall Storage Cases .............................................48
                  Instructor’s Benches .........................................49
                  Sitting Height Base Cabinets ......................50
                  Standing Height Base Cabinets .................51
                  Wall Mounted Storage Cabinets ...............52

                           Laboratory Furniture
                  The Silhouette style of wood fur niture
                  offers a sophisticated, European-con-
                  temporary design with radiused edge
                  door and drawer fronts. An integral
                  recessed pull is machined into the solid
                  hardwood panels.
                  Silhouette furniture is constructed of
                  high quality Appalachian hardwoods
                  and veneers. See page 43 for construc-
                  tion details.

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                                           from stock. A             details.
                                                              e for

                                                 Call us at 800-727-4368

                       Silhouette Wood Furniture

                                                                                                  The Silhouette Style
                                                                                                  The Silhouette Style of wood fur niture offers a
                                                                                                  sophisticated, European-contemporary design with
                                                                                                  radiused edge door and drawer fronts. An integral,
                                                                                                  recessed pull is machined into the solid har dwood
                                                                                                  panels, creating a practical and interesting alterna-
                                                                                                  tive to pull handles.
                                                                                                  Silhouette laboratory furniture meets today’s quality
                                                                                                  and value standards. All surfaces are finished with a
                                                                                                  chemical-resistant synthetic varnish system. The
                                                                                                  coating withstands reagents and is heat, moisture,
                                                                                                  and impact-resistant. Stain color: Fawn Oak.
                                                                                                  The Silhouette Style wood laboratory fur niture has
                                                                                                  all the components necessary for a complete labo-
                                                                                                  ratory set-up: base cabinets, special-use cabinets,
                                                                                                  wall storage units, trim parts, and extra shelves.
                                                                                                  All wood laboratory fur niture is constructed of
                                                                                                  Appalachian red oak. This premium wood meets
                                                                                                  the highest standards for wood casework construc-
                                                                                                  tion and is available in a variety of beautiful, acid-
                                                                                                  resistant finishes.
                                                                                                  Contact your Furniture Specialist for information
                                                                                                  on other casework woods and samples of the vari-
                                                                                                  ous finishes available.

                       Contemporary Style                        Conventional Radius                              Full Radius Edge Style
                       • Square-edged, full overlay door              Lip Style                                    • Full radiused edge
                         and drawer fronts                      • Understated design                               • Semi-overlay door and
                       • Different finishes and decorative      • Traditionally styled radius lip door               drawer panels
                         pulls add style                          and drawer fronts                                • Contoured edges add style
                       • Practical for any classroom or         • Radiused edges of the fronts par-                  and textural interest
                         laboratory                               tially overlay the solid hardwood                • Available in Oak
                       • Available in Oak or White Maple          case edges
                                                                • Available in Oak or White Maple

                                                             Also available as factory order.

Silhouette Wood Furniture

                                                                                                                                        SILHOUETTE FURNITURE
Silhouette Style Construction
The Silhouette European-contemporary design creates a
practical and interesting alternative to standard classroom
and laboratory furniture.

                                            Back Frame Rail:
                                             ⁄4" hardwood.
      Front Top Rail Assembly:                                       Drawer Back, Sides,
       ⁄4" hardwood with                                             and Inside Front: 1⁄2"
       ⁄16" hardwood facing.                                         9-ply birch plywood.             Dovetail Joint: Used to
                                                                                                      fasten drawer slides to
                                                                                                      inside front drawer.

 Back: 1⁄4"                                                                                                              Drawer Head:
                                                                                                                          ⁄4" solid
 dadoed into                                                                                                             hardwood
 end panels.                                                                                                             with

                                                                                                                Hinge: Five
 Drawer Slides:                                                                                                 institutional
 Constructed of                                                                                                 satin finish
 epoxy-coated steel,                                                                                            stainless steel.
 the 100lb. self-closing
 slides are bottom-
 mounted for added

                                                                                                                 Door: 1" 3-ply
                                                                                                                 particleboard core
                                                                                                                 plywood plain-sliced
      End Panel:                                                                                                 face veneer.
       ⁄4" veneer
      core hardwood

                                                                              Shelf Clips: Twin-pin
                                                                              corrosion resistant.
                                                                              Adjustable on
          Bottom: 3⁄4" veneer core                                            32mm centers.
          hardwood plywood.

                                             Toe Space Rail: 3⁄4" plywood.

                                                                                                 Call us at 800-727-4368
                       Single-Sided Student Bench Assemblies
                       Student benches can be either fr ee-standing tables or single-sided for wall mounting. They allow capacities of up to 16 student s.

                       Multiple bench assemblies may be installed on a single wall. All bench assemblies include 1" thick solid epoxy work surface, ep oxy
                       sink(s), each with one cold water faucet, electrical outlet(s), gas cock(s) and r od sockets. Select base cabinets for the subje ct being
                       taught in the laboratory. Configurations shown here can be customized with any base cabinet shown below . Assemblies do not include
                       electrical or plumbing connections. Products on this page are made to order, shipped fully KD, and ar e designed for installed projects.

                                                                         Single-Sided Student Benches
                                                                             Number            Overall Size                     Gas        Electrical
                                                                           of Students         (L x D x H)          Sinks      Cocks        Fittings          Cat. No.
                                                                                 2           66" x 30" x 353⁄4"        1          1             1             KST40H36         3*
                                                                                 4          129" x 30" x 35 3⁄4"       2          3             2             KST48H36         3*
                                                                                 6          192" x 30" x 35 3⁄4"       3          4             2             KST43H36         3*
                                                                                 8          254" x 30" x 35 3⁄4"       4          5             3             KST49H36         3*
                                   Two Student Single-Sided Bench        * See Optional Base Cabinets below for the necessary 2 digit code to complete the assembly catalog number .
                                    KST40H36 9 3 3

                                  Double-Sided Student Bench Assemblies
                        Double-sided student benches include all necessary materials except electrical wiring and plumbing connections. Assemblies incl ude
                       1" thick solid epoxy work surface, epoxy sink(s) each with two cold water faucets, electrical outlet(s) and gas cock(s). Select base cabi-
                                                   nets from the list below to customize the laboratory for the subject being taught.

                                                                                                                     * See Optional Base Cabinets below for
                                                                                                                     the necessary 2-digit code to complete
                                                                                                                     the assembly catalog number.

                                                                         Double-Sided Student Benches
                                   12 Student Double-Sided Bench
                                                                             Number            Overall Size                        Gas       Electrical
                                   KST82H36 9 5 3
                                                                           of Students         (L x D x H)             Sinks      Cocks       Fittings        Cat. No.
                                                                                  4          66" x 49" x 353⁄4"            1          1             1         KST80H36          3*
                                                                                  8         129" x 49" x 35 3⁄4"           2          3             2         KST81H36          3*
                                                                                 12         192" x 49" x 35 3⁄4"           3          4             2         KST82H36          3*
                                                                                 16         254" x 49" x 35 3⁄4"           4          5             3         KST83H36          3*

                              Base Cabinet Options — Insert the 2-Digit Codes to the Above Assembly Catalog Numbers

                         Two-Digit Code 9 0                         Two-Digit Code 9 3                    Two-Digit Code 9 5                        Two-Digit Code 9 6

Octagonal Science Workstations
Octagonal assemblies provide greater flexibility over Peninsula workstations and fr ee-standing tables,

                                                                                                                               SILHOUETTE FURNITURE
as instructors have better access to individual students with these tables. Islands can be installed as
free-standing units or they can be connected to student tables to form extended work ar eas. Products
on this page are made to order, shipped fully KD, and ar e designed for installed projects.

     Overall Size:            551⁄2" L x 55 1⁄2" D x 35 3⁄4" H
   Work Surface:              1" Thick Solid Epoxy Resin
                              551⁄2" x 55 1⁄2"
                              (661⁄2" x 66 1⁄2"
                              diagonal measurement)
         Cabinets:            Optional—See below
Electric Fixtures:            120VAC GFI Duplex Receptacles
              Sink:           Trough Sink —48" L x 6" W x 5" D
                              Round Sink —18" Dia. x 18" H
 Service Fittings:            (2) – Combination Water and Gas

           Fittings:          (4) – Rod Sockets
                              (4) – Upright Rods                         KSX82H36563

  Sink           Water/Gas            Electrical            Catalog
  Type            Fittings             Fittings             Number
   None                None                2            KSX82H36563
  Trough                2                  2            KSX81H36563
  Round                 2                  2            KSX83H36563



                                           Optional Base Cabinets —Order Separately

           Cupboard Cabinet                        3 Drawer Cabinet        2 Drawer Cabinet               6 Drawer Cabinet

             KSC03H15213                            KSD00H15213               KSD03H15213                  KSD02H15213

 Cabinet sizes are 21" L x 15" D x 15" H

                                                                                                  Call us at 800-727-4368
                       Perimeter Student Tables
                       Perimeter Student Tables are ideally suited for the teaching laboratory. You simply select the exact combination of storage space you

                       need. Each Perimeter Student Table is furnished with a 1" epoxy r esin worktop with a 4"-high curb, filler panels, scribe strips , sink
                       supports, base molding, and molding cor ner guards. Any combination of cabinets shown below may be used.
                       Products on this page are made to order, shipped fully KD, and ar e designed for installed projects.

                                                                                                           Overall Size:    90" L x 84" W x 353⁄4" H
                                                                                                     Worktop Surface:       1" Epoxy Resin with 4" H curb
                                                                                                         Worktop Size:      Wall Bench —18" x 90";
                                                                                                                            Peninsula —42" x 66"
                                       KSX75H92953                                          KSX75H           Cabinets:      2 pair —24" L x 16" D x 34 3⁄4" H

                          KSX75H Shown with 9 2 at wall and
                              9 6 under the peninsula.                                      KSX80H           Cabinets:      1 pair —24" L x 16" D x 34 3⁄4" H
                                                                                                                            1 pair —36" L x 16" D x 34 3⁄4" H
                                                                                                                   Sink:    (1) – 18" L x 6 1⁄2" W x 6" H
                                                                                                                            (1) –11⁄2" I.P.S. Sink Outlet
                                                                                                                Fittings:   (2) –120 VAC GFI Duplex Receptacle
                                                                                                                            (2) – Combination Water Faucet
                                                                                                                            and Gas Cock
                                                                                                                            (4) – Rod Sockets
                                                                                        No service piping or electric conduit included.


                          KSX80H Shown with 9 3 at wall and
                              9 8 under the peninsula.

                                Base Cabinet Options — Insert the 2-Digit Codes to the Above Assembly Catalog Numbers

                           24"L                              24"L                                24"L                             24"L
                           Two-Digit Code 9 2                Two-Digit Code 9 3                  Two-Digit Code 9 4               Two-Digit Code 9 5

                           36"L                               36"L                               24"L                             24"L
                           Two-Digit Code 9 8                 Two-Digit Code 9 7                 Two-Digit Code 9 9               Two-Digit Code 9 6


Wall and Island Service Benches
Wall and Island Service Benches, when used with moveable student tables, allow flexibility in placement of tables

                                                                                                                               SILHOUETTE FURNITURE
while allowing easy access to electricity and water pr ovided in the service benches. Each Service Bench includes a
sink and fittings. No service piping or electrical hookups ar e provided. Products on this page are made to order, shipped
fully KD, and are designed for installed projects.

Island Service Bench
Overall Dimensions:         271⁄2" L x 27 1⁄2" D x 35 3⁄4" H
      Work Surface:         1" Epoxy Resin
            Cabinet:        24" L x 24" D x 38 3⁄4" H
               Sink:        Epoxy, 6" D x 10" W x 14" L (I.D.)
   Electric Fixtures:       (4) – 120VAC GFI Duplex Receptacle
            Fittings:       (2) – Combination Hot/Cold Water and Gas             KST62H40283

Wall Service Bench
Overall Dimensions:         26" L x 24" D x 35 3⁄4" H
      Work Surface:         1" Epoxy Resin
            Cabinet:        Sink Cabinet with Door
               Sink:        Epoxy, 11" D x 15" W x 18" L (I.D.)
    Electric Fixture:       (1) – 120VAC GFI Duplex Receptacle
            Fittings:       (2) – Combination Hot/Cold Water w/VB Gooseneck

Wall Service Bench (2 Tables)
To specify base cabinets, insert the cabinet’s two-digit code
below into the assembly catalog number.
                            KST39H36          3
Overall Dimensions:         90" L x 24" D x 353⁄4" H
      Work Surface:         1" Epoxy Resin
            Cabinet:        (2) – 24" L x 16" D x 34 3⁄4" H
                            (see below for choices)
               Sink:        Epoxy, 8" D x 12" W x 16" L (I.D.)
   Electric Fixtures:       (2) – 120VAC GFI Duplex Receptacles
                                                                                                     KST39H36 9 3 3
            Fittings:       (1) – Combination Hot/Cold Water w/VB Gooseneck
                            (2) – Single Outlet Service Fitting

                                 Optional Base Cabinets (Nominal 16" Depth)

    Two-Digit Code              Two-Digit Code                 Two-Digit Code       Two-Digit Code            Two-Digit Code
        9 2                         9 0                            9 3                  9 5                       9 6

                                                                                                     Call us at 800-727-4368
                                 Silhouette Full Height Storage Cabinets

                                                                  Products on this page are made to order, shipped fully KD, and ar e designed for
                                                                  installed projects.
                                                                  • Standing height storage cabinets are 84" high and 16 3⁄4" deep. Length as shown
                                                                  • Supplied with four adjustable shelves and one fixed shelf
                                                                  • Other sizes available. Consult your fur niture representative for a full list
                                                                  • Stain color is Fawn Oak
                                                                  • Locks available as an option

                          Sliding Glazed Doors                      Open Storage                       Swinging Glazed Door                   Swinging Panel Door

                                       (L x D x H)                            (L x D x H)                           (L x D x H)                          (L x D x H)
                       KSS11H16363     36" x 16" x 84"    KSS00H16363         36" x 16" x 84" KSS20H16363           36" x 16" x 84"     KSS25H16363      36" x 16" x 84"
                       KSS11H16483     36" x 16" x 84"    KSS00H16483         36" x 16" x 84" KSS20H16483           36" x 16" x 84"     KSS25H16483      36" x 16" x 84"

                               Microscope Storage Cabinets                                                                Tote Tray Cabinets
                                                • All shelves (except center) and                                                 • Tote tray cabinets are 22" deep
                                                  vertical partitions are adjustable                                                and 84" high. Lengths as shown
                                                • Locks available as an option                                                    • 36" L cabinets hold 36 tote trays
                                                • Stain color is Fawn Oak                                                         • 48" L cabinets hold 48 tote trays
                                                                                                                                  • All cabinets provided with
                                                                                                                                    one fixed shelf and 10
                                                                                                                                    adjustable shelves
                                                                                                                                  • Locks available as an option
                                                                                                                                  • Stain color is Fawn Oak
                                                                                                                                  • Tote trays sold separately

                            KSS21H16363                                                                     VFS64-H2248

                         Microscope Capacity             Length          Catalog Number                     Door Type                 36" L             48" L
                                  15                      24"            KSS21H16243                    Solid Sliding Door        KSS62H22363       KSS62H22483
                                  20                      36"            KSS21H16363                   Solid Swinging Door        KSS64H22363       KSS64H22483
                                  30                      48"            KSS21H16483                        Tote Trays              WLG9900         WLG9900

Instructor’s Demonstration Benches
These benches provide the required space to conduct effective table top demonstrations. The benches ar e available in

                                                                                                                                            SILHOUETTE FURNITURE
two sizes and with either right or left hand configurations. Both have cupboar d and drawer storage areas, a 1" black epoxy
resin worktop and a sink. Each bench also includes fittings, fixtur es, rod sockets, upright rod assembly, finished back, knee
space filler panel, base molding and molding cor ner guards. Also available with flat tops. Please call for or dering assistance.
Products on this page are made to order, shipped fully KD, and ar e designed for installed projects.

                                                                  60" Instructor’s Demonstration Bench
                                                                       KST20H36603            Sink on Right
                                                                       KST30H36603            Sink on Left

                                                                        Overall Size:         60" L x 30" D x 35 3⁄4" H
                                                                    Worktop Surface:          1" Epoxy Resin
                                                                       Worktop Size:          60" x 30"
                                                                            Cabinets:         (1) – Sink Cabinet, 18" L
                                                                                              (1) – Four-Drawer Cabinet, 18" L
                                                                                 Sink:        (1) – Epoxy Tub Sink; 6" H x 14" L x 10" W
                                                                                              (1) –1-1/2" I.P.S. Sink Outlet
                                                                  Electrical Fixtures:        (1) –120 VAC GFI Duplex Receptacle
                                                                             Fittings:        (1) – Cold Water VB Gooseneck Faucet
                                           KST20H36603                                        (1) – Single Outlet Service Fitting
                                                                                              (2) – Rod Sockets
                                                                                              (1) – Upright Rod Assembly
Add an instructor’s desk
 assembly to complete
                                                                  96" Instructor’s Demonstration Bench
    the installation.
                                                                       KST21H36963            Sink on Right
                                                                       KST31H36963            Sink on Left

                                                                        Overall Size:         96" L x 30" D x 35 3⁄4" H
                                                                    Worktop Surface:          1" Epoxy Resin
                                                                       Worktop Size:          96" x 30"
                                                                            Cabinets:         (1) – Sink Cabinet, 36" L
                                                                                              (1) – Five-Drawer Cabinet, 36" L
                                                                                 Sink:        (1) – Epoxy Tub Sink; 11" H x18" L x 15" W
                                                                                              (1) – 1-1/2" I.P.S. Sink Outlet
                                                                  Electrical Fixtures:        (1) –120 VAC GFI Duplex Receptacle
                                                                             Fittings:        (2) – Cold Water VB Gooseneck Faucets
                                           KST21H36963                                        (1) – Double Outlet Service Fitting
                                                                                              (2) – Rod Sockets
                                                                                              (1) – Upright Rod Assembly

 Instructor’s Desk Assembly                                          Instructor’s Desk Assembly
 with Drawer                                                         with Keyboard Tray
                   KST24H3048R3       Right Side                                          KST25H3048R3        Right Side
                   KST34H3048R3       Left Side                                           KST35H3048R3        Left Side

                      Overall Size:   48" L x 30" D x 28 3⁄4" H                              Overall Size:    48" L x 30" D x 28 3⁄4" H
                 Worktop Surface:     1" Solid Epoxy Resin                               Worktop Surface:     1" Solid Epoxy Resin
                          Cabinets:   (1) Three-Drawer Cabinet                                  Cabinets:     (1) Three-Drawer Cabinet
                                      with Pull-out Writing Board                                             with Pull-out Writing Board
                                      (1) Apron with Drawer                                                   (1) Keyboard Tray – 29" L
                                      (1) Book Shelf —                                                        (1) Book Shelf —
                                      47" L x 6" D x 24 3⁄4" H                                                47" L x 6" D x 24 3⁄4" H

                                                                                                          Call us at 800-727-4368

                                                             Silhouette Sitting Height
                                                             Base Cabinets

                                                             Products on this page are made to order, shipped fully KD, and ar e designed for
                                                             installed projects.
                                                             • All Sitting Height Cabinets are 283⁄4" high and a nominal 22" deep. Lengths as shown.
                                                             • Cupboards have one adjustable shelf.
                                                             • Open Cabinets have one adjustable shelf.
                                                             • Not all available cabinets are shown. Consult your Fur niture Representative for a full list.
                                                             • Stain color is Fawn Oak.

                                 Cupboard Cabinets                                                             Corner Cabinet

                        KSC03H30183     18"L           KSC03H30363          36"L            KSG14H30153                                  Corner Cabinet
                        KSC03H30243     24"L                                                                                               Dimensions

                           Drawer Cabinets                                             Cupboard and Drawer Cabinets

                                         Pull out shelf,
                                         1 card file,
                                         1 file drawer
                                         with hangars

                          KSD90H30183      18"L                          KSE40H30183         18"L                            KSE41H30363         36"L
                                                                         KSE40H30243         24"L

                                                           Open Storage Cabinets Sitting Height

                                        KSB00H30183          18"L                                        KSB00H30303         30"L
                                        KSB00H30243          24"L                                        KSB00H30363         36"L
                                                                                                         KSB00H30483         48"L

   Silhouette Standing Height Base Cabinets
                                   Products on this page are made to order, shipped fully KD, and ar e designed for

                                                                                                                                     SILHOUETTE FURNITURE
                                   installed projects.
                                   • All Standing Height Cabinets are 34 3⁄4" high and a nominal 22" deep. Lengths as shown.
                                   • Cupboards have one adjustable shelf.
                                   • Open Cabinets have two adjustable shelves.
                                   • Not all available cabinets are shown. Consult your Fur niture Representative for a full list.
                                   • Stain color is Fawn Oak.

        Cupboard Cabinets                                                      Drawer Cabinets

                                                  KSD30H36183          18"L
                                                  KSD30H36243          24"L
KSC03H36183   18"L   KSC03H36363      36"L        KSD30H36363          36"L     KSD31H36363                    KSD31H36363
KSC03H36243   24"L   KSC03H36483      48"L        KSD30H36483          48"L

     Cupboard and Drawer                               Corner Cabinets                                 Acid Storage
          Cabinets                                                                                    Base Cabinets


 KSE40H36183 18"L KSE41H36363 36"L           Corner Cabinet     Corner Cabinet is supplied            KSE41H36363 36"L
 KSE40H36243 24"L KSE41H36483 48"L            Dimensions             with lazy susan                  KSE41H36483 48"L

                      Sink Cabinets                                                   Open Storage Cabinets
                                                                                         Standing Height

KSG00H36243    KSG00H36363 36"L              KSG00H36363 36"L                    KSB00H36183 18"L          KSB00H36303 30"L
24"L           KSG00H36483 48"L              KSG00H36483 48"L                    KSB00H36243 24"L          KSB00H36363 36"L
                                                                                                           KSB00H36483 48"L

                                                                                              Call us at 800-727-4368

                                              Wall Mounted Storage Cabinets

                                              Products on this page are made to order, shipped fully KD, and ar e designed for installed projects.
                                              • Wall cabinets are 30" high and a nominal 12 3⁄4" deep. Lengths as shown.
                                              • Wall cabinets have two adjustable shelves.
                                              • Other depths and heights available
                                              • Stain color is Fawn Oak

                                Open Storage                                                        Sliding
                                                                        Plate Glass               Glazed Doors               Panel Doors

                        KSW00H30183 18"L KSW00H30303 30"L         KSW10H30303 30"L           KSW11H30303 30"L           KSW12H30303 30"L
                        KSW00H30243 24"L KSW00H30363 36"L         KSW10H30363 36"L           KSW11H30363 36"L           KSW12H30363 36"L
                                         KSW00H30483 48"L         KSW10H30483 48"L           KSW11H30483 48"L           KSW12H30483 48"L

                                                             Swinging Glazed Doors
                                                                                                          Corner Cabinets

                          KSW20H30183 18"L         KSW20H30303 30"L                          KSW21H30173                      Plan View
                          KSW20H30243 24"L         KSW20H30363 36"L
                                                   KSW20H30483 48"L

                                                              Swinging Panel Doors
                                                                                                        Corner Cabinets

                         KSW25H30183 18"L          KSW25H30363 36"L                        KSW26H30173                        Plan View
                         KSW25H30243 24"L          KSW25H30483 48"L


 Furniture for                Section Contents

                                                                                          SPECIAL PURPOSE CASEWORK
Special Purpose   Plastic Laminate Furniture ............................54
 Laboratories     Metal Furniture ...................................................59

                     Special Purpose Furniture
                     Biotechnology, agricultural sci-
                     ences and some research labora-
                     tories have special lab require-
                     ments, especially for cleaning.
                     Metal and high-pressure laminate
                     furniture can meet those needs.
                     For more information on these
                     types of furniture, contact your fur-
                     niture representative.

                                                      Call us at 800-727-4368
                           Plastic Laminate Casework

                                                                                                                 Eastport South Manor, NY

                                                                      The Solution for Changing Needs
                           This casework combines modular and fixed laminate casework          The high-quality laboratory grade plastic laminate cabinets ar e
                           with coordinating hardware, trim, countertops, fixtures, and many   manufactured to exact tolerances with consistent quality standar ds.
                           complementary accessories.                                          Construction features an industrial-grade board core, top quality
                           Plastic laminate provides superior resistance to chemicals,         plastic laminate and heavy-duty institutional grade har dware. The
                           scratching, and abrasion, which makes it the perfect choice for     result—cabinets that are as attractive as they ar e durable.
                           laboratory or classroom environments. The radiused 3mm PVC
                           edging on doors and drawers further pr otects the casework from
                           dents and marring while eliminating sharp edges and cor ners.

                                                                                                                  Sci-Tech is a magnet school for math
                                                                                                                  and science that occupies the former
                                                                                                                  YMCA building in the Harrisburg down-
                                                                                                                  town area.
                                                                                                                  Each of the three laboratories includes
                                                                                                                  small product work areas for small group
                                                                                                                  work in addition to the fixed workbenches
                                                                                                                  and instructor stations, each supplied with
                                                                                                                  compressed air, de-ionized water, gas and
                                                                                                                  other utilities. Flexibility and mobility ar e
                                                                                                                  achieved with mobile work surfaces,
                                                                                                                  allowing easy reconfiguration of the rooms
                                                                                                                  as required.

                                                     Sci-Tech High School, PA

Case Systems Cabinet Construction

                                                                                                                            SPECIAL PURPOSE CASEWORK
                        Drawer Box: Constructed of 1⁄2" engineered          Mod-Eez* Mechanical
                        board, finished with thermally-fused lami-          Fasteners: Provide proven
                        nate and nominal 1mm (0.020") PVC edging.           joinery strength and a con-
                                                                            sistent fit.

                              Subtop: 3⁄4" full.
Interior Components and
Unexposed Side Panels:
Finished with thermally-
fused laminate.

                                                                                                      ⁄4" Thick Stretcher
  Twin-Pin Shelf
  Clip: Adjustable,
  anti-tilt, locking.

                                                                                                      ⁄2" Back Panel:
                                                                                                     Inset and captured.

         Doors and Drawers:
         Balanced with
         CL20 laminate.          Engineered Board Doors and                                   Separate Toe Base
                                 Drawers: 3⁄4", finished with
                                 GP28 and high-impact 3mm
                                 PVC edge.
                                                                     Engineered Board Core:
                                                                     M-3 industrial grade.
                                Drawer Slides: Constructed
                                of epoxy-coated steel,the
                                100 lb. self-closing slides
                                are bottom-mounted for
                                added strength.

                              Drawer Box Corners:                    Platform Bottom: 1⁄2",
                              Made with hardwood                     screwed in place.
                              dowel joints.

                                                                                         Call us at 800-727-4368
                           Plastic Laminate Instructor’s Desks

                           Instructor’s Desk
                           • Includes sink cabinet and 5 drawer cabinet
                             (both 36" x 35" x 42")
                           • Apron panel
                           • Finished back and side panels
                           • Comes equipped with 14" x 10" epoxy r esin sink and      Instructor’s Desk
                             38"x 127" epoxy resin top                                • Includes sink cabinet and 4 drawer cabinet (both 36" x 29" x 18")
                           • Features hot/cold mixing faucet, burette sockets, rod/   • Apron panel
                             crossbar package, and single valve gas fixtur es
                                                                                      • Finished back and side panels
                           • Overall dimensions: 127"W x 38"D x 36"H
                                                                                      • Comes equipped with 14" x 10"epoxy r esin sink and
                           WLG6620            $1,670.00                                 32" x 61" epoxy resin top

                                                                       s are
                                                              All unitizable.
                                                                                      • Features hot/cold mixing faucet, burette sockets, rod/crossbar
                                                                                        package, and single valve gas fixtur es

                                                                                      • Overall dimensions: 61"W x 32"D x 56"H
                                                                     r                WLG6660             $990.00
                                                               Call fo

                           Instructor’s Desk                                          Student Workstation
                           • Includes sink cabinet and five drawer cabinet            Four student, double-face lab table (67"W x 48"D x 36"H)
                             (both 36" x 29" x 36")                                   includes:
                           • Apron panel                                              • Double-sided book box
                           • Finished back and side panels                            • 2 hot/cold mixing faucets
                           • Comes equipped with 14" x 10"epoxy r esin sink and       • 16" x 18" epoxy resin sink
                             32"x 96" epoxy resin top
                                                                                      • 48" x 67" epoxy resin top
                           • Features hot/cold mixing faucet, burette sockets,
                             rod/crossbar package, and single valve gas fixtur es     • One sink outlet
                           • Overall dimensions: 96"W x 32"D x 36"H                   File Cabinet Base          WLG5500            $2,100.00
                           WLG6600            $1,400.00                               9-Drawer Base              WLG5520            $2,350.00

Plastic Laminate Mobile Carts

                                                                                                                                 SPECIAL PURPOSE CASEWORK
Mobile Demo with Mirror                                              Science Demo
• Features two adjustable shelves                                    • Black, acid-resistant plastic
• Includes four general                                                laminate top
  storage drawers                                                    • Includes 11" x 13 1⁄2"
• Comes with 22" x 56"                                                 stainless steel sink
  demonstration mirror                                               • Features two
• Overall dimensions: 60"W x
                                                                        ⁄2 gallon carboys
  35"D x 36"H                                                        • 5⁄6" dia. x 24"
                                                                       long clear supply
                                                                       hose and drain
WLG55320              $3,200.00                                        hose with clamp
                                                                     • Overall
                                                                       dimensions: 60"W
                                                                       x 35"D x 36"H                        WLG55200

                                                                     WLG55200              $1,980.00

Teacher Wardrobe                                                       Teacher Wardrobe
• Features two adjustable                                              • Features two adjustable
  shelves                                                                shelves
• Includes hang rod and                                                • Includes two letter-size
  door-mounted mirror                                                    file drawers
• Two hinged drawers                                                   • Hang rod and door-
  and pin tray                                                           mounted mirror included
• Overall dimensions: 48"W                                             • Two hinged drawers
  x 35"D x 60"H                                                          and pin tray
                                                                       • Overall dimensions: 48"W
WLG22700              $1,109.00                                          x 35"D x 60"H
                                                                       WLG22800                $1,619.00

     WLG55350 Front View
                                                                          WLG55350 Back View
  ADA Mobile Cabinet
  • Includes five drawers                           • Laminate top
  • Features two pull-out writing surfaces          • Overall dimensions: 66"W x 33"D x 34"H
  • Rewind wheel with cord

  WLG55350                 $4,100.00

                                                                                                       Call us at 800-727-4368

                                                                  Standing Height Base Cabinets
                                                                  Products on this page are made to order, shipped fully KD, and ar e designed for
                                                                  installed projects.
                                                                  • Standing height base cabinets are 341⁄2" high and 24" deep. Lengths as shown
                                                                  • Common for traditional laboratory and technical envir onments
                                                                  • Installed for permanent or semi-permanent layouts
                                                                  • Base cabinets have one adjustable shelf; wall cabinets have two
                                                                  • Standard color is Beige

                                 Cupboard Cabinets                                              Cupboard and Drawer Cabinets

                           One Door                Two Doors              One Door,               Two Doors,         Four Drawers,             Four Drawers
                           33501-088               33501-078 36"L         One Drawer              Two Drawers        One Door                  33501-096 24"L
                           24"L (Swings right)     33501-080 48"L         33501-140               33501-134 36"L     33501-122 36"L            33501-098 36"L
                           33501-084                                      24"L (Swings left)      33501-136 48"L     33501-124 48"L            33501-100 48"L
                           24"L (Swings left)                             33501-144
                                                                          24"L (Swings right)

                                     Sink Cabinets                                              Wall Mounted Storage Cabinets
                                                                                    Hinged Panel Doors                         Hinged Glazed Doors

                             One False Front, Two Doors                   33501-222   30" H x 24"L (Swings left)        33501-214     30" H x 24"L (Swings left)
                             33501-154    36"L                            33501-224   30" H x 24"L (Swings right)       33501-216     30" H x 24"L (Swings right)
                             33501-156    48"L                            33501-218   30" H x 36"L                      33501-210     30" H x 36"L
                             33501-158    54"L                            33501-220   30" H x 48"L                      33501-212     30" H x 48"L

                                                                        Full Height Storage Cabinets

                               Hinged Panel Doors                                                           Hinged Glazed Doors

                                                                                                33501-230    84" H x 24"L (Swings left)
                           33501-238      84" H x 24"L (Swings left)                            33501-232    84" H x 24"L (Swings right)
                           33501-240      84" H x 24"L (Swings right)                           33501-226    84" H x 36"L
                           33501-234      84" H x 36"L                                          33501-228    84" H x 48"L
                           33501-236      84" H x 48"L

VWR™ Metal Furniture

                                                                                                                             SPECIAL PURPOSE CASEWORK
For Demanding Applications
Metal furniture is easy to clean and de-contaminate, making it the ideal choice for
biotechnology, advanced biology, and similar applications. Made of electr opainted steel,
and carrying a three-year limited warranty against rust and corr osion, this furniture is
highly valuable to any advanced laboratory.

    • Exclusive positive latching mechanism
    • Heavy-gauge steel full-face frame construction
    • One-piece bottom and front rail with radius at sides and r ear
    • Completely enclosed toe space with leveling bolts at all four cor ners

                                                                                            Redilhshte pr niture
                                                                                                i ifu
    • One-piece, radiused drawer body with sound deadening material
    • Self-closing drawer with nylon tired, ball bearing rollers
    • Five knuckle institutional stainless steel hinges, positive catches,           Some of our                       y
                                                                                                        r fast deliver
      and rubber door bumpers                                                           is available fo      ur fur niture
                                                                                                      sk yo
    • Interchangeable doors and drawers                                               from stock. A           r details.
    • Environmentally friendly paint system                                               representative fo
    • Full width recessed pulls

                                                                                                   Call us at 800-727-4368
                                 Contour™ Steel Furniture

                                 The Contour™ Style
                                 The Contour style of laboratory fur niture features smooth, easy to maintain surfaces. The full-width extruded door
                                 and drawer pull become integral elements of each assembly . The heavy gauge steel full-frame construction has
                                 been specially engineered to withstand a full ton of pr essure.
                                 All Contour Casework is manufactured of prime grade, cold r olled, U.S. Standard sheet steel with no ragged edges.

                                                                        One-Piece Drawer Body:
                                 Self-Closing Drawer: Lock                                                    Flush Face Construction:
                                                                        Radiused on all four sides
                                 open feature allows drawer to                                                All doors and drawers are 3⁄4"
                                                                        with sound deadening
                                 stay open for loading and                                                    thick with radiused edges and
                                                                        material for smooth,
                                 unloading. Drawer self-closes                                                full width integral pull.
                                                                        quiet operation.
                                 at 5". Nylon-tired, ball bearing
                                 rollers in the drawer slide
                                 channels provide additional
                                 load-bearing capability.
                                                                                                                                   Radius Edges
                                                                                                                                   on Doors and Drawers:
                                                                                                                                   Eliminates sharp corners.

                           Formed Back:
                           Constructed for
                           strength. Back
                           is removable on
                           cupboard units
                           for access to
                           pipe space.                                                                                                      Positive Latching Doors:
                                                                                                                                            The doors are equipped
                                                                                                                                            with an exclusive posi-
                                                                                                                                            tive latching mecha-
                                                                                                                                            nism. This locking
                                                                                                                                            mechanism ensures
                           Heavy Gauge Hinges:                                                                                              that the doors will
                           Five knuckle institu-                                                                                            self-close within the
                           tional type stainless                                                                                            last few inches and
                           steel hinges, nylon                                                                                              prevents rebounding.
                           roller catches and
                           rubber door bumpers
                           ensure quiet, secure
                           closure. Hinges are                                                                                          Interchangeable
                           non-corrosive to most                                               Leveling Bolt Access:                    Doors and Drawers.
                           acids and solvents.                                                 Provides access for
                                                                                               minor adjustments.
                                                                                               Cabinet base features a
                                                                                               die-formed gusset with a
                                                   Completely Enclosed Toe                     3" long leveling bolt.             Rubber Door Bumpers:
                                                   Space: Prevents dirt and                                                       For safe, quiet closures.
                                                   bacteria from collecting in
                                                   inaccessible areas. Helps
                                                   prevent contamination in
                                                   the laboratory.
                                                                                 One-Piece Case Bottom
                                                                                 and Front Rail: Bottom is
                                                                                 radiused at sides and rear
                                                                                 for easy cleaning.

    Contour™ Standing Height Base Cabinets

                                                                                                                          SPECIAL PURPOSE CASEWORK
                                             • Standing height cabinets are 353⁄4" high and 22" deep.
                                               Lengths as shown.
                                             • A 1" thick work surface cr eates an overall height of 36 3⁄4"
                                             • All cupboard cabinets have one full width adjustable shelf
                                             • Cabinets are phosphate-coated with a baked, chemical-resistant,
                                               synthetic powder coat
                                             • Color is Light Neutral

    Open Storage                                                  Cupboard Cabinets

CFB-2002-00      18"L                CFC-2032-12         18"L     CFC-2032-0L2        18"L          CFC-2035-12   30"L
CFB-2004-00      24"L                (Swings right)               (Swings left)                     CFC-2036-12   36"L
CFB-2006-00      36"L                CFC-2034-12         24"L     CFC-2034-0L2        24"L          CFC-2037-12   42"L
                                     (Swings right)               (Swings left)                     CFC-2038-12   48"L

                 Drawer Cabinets                                        Cupboard and Drawer Cabinets

CFD-2302-10      18"L             CFD-2316-10         36"L          CFE-2402-12         18"L        CFE-2415-12   30"L
CFD-2304-10      24"L             CFD-2318-10         48"L          CFE-2404-12         24"L        CFE-2416-12   36"L
CFD-2306-10      36"L                                                                               CFE-2417-12   42"L
CFD-2308-10      48"L                                               CFE-2402-12L        18"L        CFE-2418-12   48"L
                                                                    (Swings left)
                                                                    CFE-2404-12L        24"L
                                                                    (Swings left)

                                                  Sink Cabinets

24"L              24"L               CFG-2005-F22 30"L          CFG-2049-F22 52"L                  CFG-2019-F21 60"L
CFG-2004-F22      CFG-2004-0L2       CFG-2006-F22 36"L          CFG-2058-12 58"L
(Swings right)    (Swings left)      CFG-2008-F22 48"L

                                                                                                Call us at 800-727-4368

                                                      Contour™ Wall Mounted

                                                      Storage Cabinets
                                                          • Steel wall cabinets are 30" high and 12 3⁄4" deep (except where noted).
                                                            Lengths as shown
                                                          • Wall cabinets come with two adjustable shelves
                                                          • Cabinets are phosphate-coated with a baked, chemical-r esistant,
                                                            synthetic powder coat finish
                                                          • Color is Light Neutral

                             Cabinet with Sliding Glass Doors                         Cabinet with                        Cabinet with
                                                                                     Swinging Glass                      Swinging Panel
                                                                                         Doors                               Doors

                                                Smoked Glass
                           CFW10M3036   36"L    CFW30M3036         36"L              CFW20M3024        24"L             CFW25M3036         36"L
                           CFW10M3048   48"L    CFW30M3048         48"L              CFW20M3036        36"L             CFW25M3048         48"L
                                                                                     CFW20M3048        48"L

                                               Contour™ Full Height
                                               Storage Cabinets
                                                • Full height steel storage cabinets ar e 84" high and 16" deep. Lengths as shown
                                                • Full height steel cabinets have five adjustable shelves
                                                • Doors must be ordered separately
                                                • Cabinets are phosphate-coated with a baked, chemical-r esistant,
                                                  synthetic powder coat finish
                                                • Color is Light Neutral

                                                                                                            Storage Cabinets
                                                                                                            CFS-2116-01        36"L
                                                                                                            CFS-2118-01        48"L

                                                                                                            Sliding doors are packed as a set of two.
                                                                                                            Please specify choice at time of or der.

                                                                                                            Framed Glass
                                                                                                            CFS-3611-00       36"L
                                                                                                            CFS-4811-00       48"L
                                                                                                            Metal Panel
                                                                                                            CFS-3615-00       36"L
                                                                                                            CFS-4815-00       48"L


Support                  Section Contents
Products   Metal Science Tables ........................................64

                                                                                           SUPPORT PRODUCTS
           Seating ............................................................65–67
           Lab Carts .................................................................68
           Specimen Cabinets .............................................69
           Refrigerators/Freezers ..................................70
           Glassware Washer ............................................71
           Chemical/Storage Shelving ..........................72

             Mechanical Considerations
           When designing a lab room, take the time
           to add the equipment and accessories
           needed to effectively run the laboratory.
           A part of the design should be the posi-
           tioning of any items requiring electrical,
           water, or gas hookups.

                                                Call us at 800-727-4368
                   Metal Frame Science Tables
                                  Seating     When purchasing seating, leave a minimum of 12" for

                                              legroom. For example, with 30" Tables, use an 18" seat
                                 Guidelines   height; with 36" tables use a 24" seat height.

                                              Steel Frame Adjustable Height Science Table
                                              This table’s frame is constructed by fully unitized fabricated fr om 11⁄4", 16-gauge
                                              square steel tubing, but welded to form a solid r ectangular support under the top.
                                              Adjustable legs are of telescopic type with 1 1⁄4", 16-gauge square steel tubing to
                                              receive 11⁄2", 16-gauge square steel tube leg. Legs adjust fr om 22"H to 35"H. Smooth
                                              adjustment is achieved with a set scr ew-style mechanism. Legs are equipped with
                           15 Year            plastic-base adjustable levelers to compensate for uneven floors. Frame and legs ar e
                           Warranty           finished with baked black enamel paint. The top is attached to the frame assembly
                                              using #10 x 1 3⁄4" truss head screws. Available with black 1" solid epoxy or Chemical
                                              Resistant tops. Bookbox options also available, call for pricing.
                                                                    Epoxy Chem.
                                              Size                   Top     Weight      Price    Resistant Top Weight           Price
                                              48"W x 24"D        WLG42036    175 lbs. $736.00       WLG42026         90 lbs.   $450.00
                                              54"W x 24"D        WLG5203     180 lbs. $866.00       WLG52026         95 lbs.   $594.00
                                              60"W x 24"D        WLG62036    195 lbs. $930.00       WLG62026        106 lbs.   $590.00
                                              60"W x 30"D        WLG6303     205 lbs. $1,024.00     WLG6302         135 lbs.   $652.00
                                              72"W x 24"D        WLG7203     215 lbs. $1,074.00     WLG7202         160 lbs.   $690.00

                                                     Allied Steel Budget Science Table
                                                     These tables combine the heavy-duty str ength of steel legs and apr ons with quali-
                                                     ty chemical resistant tops in three choices. Legs and apron are constructed of
                                                     black enameled 16-gauge steel channel for str ength, and legs feature 11⁄4" diame-
                                                     ter glides for easy, safe leveling. Standard height is 29 1⁄2"; heights of 37 3⁄4" are
                                                     available upon request.
                                                                    Wilson Art               Phenolic
                                                     Size         ChemSurf Lam Price          Resin        Price         Epoxy       Price
                                                     48" x 24"      WLG8801      $229.00     WLG8805      $339.00      WLG8809      $509.00
                                                     54" x 24"      WLG8802      $249.00     WLG8806      $379.00      WLG8810      $559.00
                                                     60" x 24"      WLG8803      $249.00     WLG8807      $389.00      WLG8811      $619.00
                                                     72" x 24"      WLG8804      $269.00     WLG8808      $459.00      WLG8812      $719.00

                                                 Metal Science Tables
                                                 These tables include an environmentally friendly black mar, abrasion, acid and
                                                 chemical resistant thermo set powder coat top with maximum scratch r esistance.
                                                 Black metal legs are standard in matte black finish. A vailable in four different
                                                 lengths. Standard height is 28 1⁄2".
                                                     Size (L x D)           Catalog Number        Price
                                                            48" x 24"         WLG5000                $369.00
                                                            54" x 24"         WLG5100                $379.00
                                                            60" x 24"         WLG5300                $399.00
                                                            72" x 24"         WLG5400                $439.00

                                                 Adjustable Planner Science Table
                                                 Shipped ready to assemble, the Planner Science Table has a sturdy work surface
                                                 that won’t sag, and leveling glides on each table leg allow for stability on uneven
                                                 floors. These tables can be loaded with up to 400 pounds, and they stand str ong.
                                                 Dimensions: 54" W x 24" D x 24–34" H. Frame is constructed of 1" x 2", 14-gauge
                                                 steel tube cross supports welded 10", 11-gauge steel mounting plate with 1-1/4"
                                                 square, 12-gauge steel legs. Sturdy 1-1/4" desktop features a high-pressure lami-
                                                 nate surface above and a durable backing sheet below . Other sizes and laminate
                                                 top color options available, call for pricing.
                                                             Description       Catalog Number         Price
                                                        Laminate Top       *WLG4802                   $339.00
                                                          Trespa Top       WLG4803                    $849.00
                                                 * Ships in 5 days—80 piece maximum
Lab Chairs and Stools
VWR Contour™                                                VWR Contour™

                                                                                                                                SUPPORT PRODUCTS
Upholstered Stools                                          Deluxe Lab Chair
Featuring high-resilience foam to main-                     The comfortable look and feel
tain their shape and support thr ough                       of this lab chair features black
hours of intense lab use, these stools                      vinyl upholstery on a con-
have a 26" diameter composite                               toured foam cushioned seat
base with casters, pneumatic                                with a larger backrest featur-
seat-height adjustment, and a                               ing kidney support. Chairs
round 15" diameter black vinyl                              include pneumatic height
upholstered seat. Meet Califor nia                          adjustment for the seat, and
Technical Bulletin 117 requirements.                        both bench height chairs have
Both medium and high bench heights                          an adjustable height foot ring.
feature a 20" diameter adjustable-                          A 26" diameter composite
height footring.                                            base offers sturdy support.
Desk Height (17"–22")                80086-424    $189.00
Medium Bench Height (21"–28")        80086-428    $252.00
High Bench Height (22"–31")          80086-426    $249.00
                                                            Desk Height (17"–22")         80086-418                   $442.00
                                                            Medium Bench Height (21"–28") 80086-420                   $499.00
                                                            High Bench Height (22"–31")   80086-422                   $566.00
Adjustable Lab Stool
The 16" base is compact yet offers solid
support for 13"-diameter steel seat,
adjustable from 19–243⁄4" high in order to fit              Rotating Stool
any size table or desk. Steel glides pr otect               Now you can work at the desk
floors and move the stool easily. Gray.                     in front of you or the table
Weight: 16 lbs.                                             behind you without moving your
WLG7700453       $146.00                                    chair. This high-quality
                                                            adjustable-height rotating stool
                                                            has a metal frame and a durable
                                                            enamel finish. The seat height
                                                            adjusts from 45–60cm.
                                                            WLG6304401        $264.00
Biofit Ergonomic
Adjustable Chair                                            ArmorSeat™
The Biofit chair was developed to be                        Lab Chair
ergonomically sound, functional and
durable. The backrest is 36cm W x 24cm                      A comfortable seat with
H, with lumbar support and a plastic pr o-                  state-of-the art construction,
tective panel on its back and edges. The                    this chair features antimicro-
concave upholstered seat is 46cm W x                        bial resistance agents and UV
41cm D x 7cm thick and has an inter nal                     inhibitors infused directly into
bumper guard that protects the edges.                       the resin of the back and seat
The seat fully adjusts from 61–74cm high                    for a cleaner classroom. Seat
to ensure a proper fit for varying body                     height, back tilt, and backrest
sizes and types, as well as easy adjust-                    height are easily adjusted
ment for tasks performed at dif ferent                      through pneumatic soft touch
work levels. The chair has a 5-legged                       controls. Height also adjusts
tubular base with a 45cm diameter                           from 17" to 23". The rugged
footring. The glides are nickel-plated.                     five-legged tubular steel base
                                                            includes a 20" diameter
WLG4723400       $285.00                                    attached foot-ring and 23" leg
                                                            spread. Standard seat color is
                                                            black; Navy and Burgundy
BioFit Molded Lab Chair                                     are also available by special
One-piece, high density polypropylene chair                 order. Available in two differ-
features durable five-leg tubular bases with                ent configurations to meet your needs.
fixed footring and glides. It also featur es a pneu-        Includes 13 year warranty. Weight: 19 lbs.
matic seat height adjustment. Chair shells ar e navy;
                                                            171⁄2"W x 15 1⁄2"D, With Waterfall Front Edge & Glides.
painted metal parts are gray or black. Dimensions:          Adjusts from 17" to 22"H.
151⁄4"W x 15"D x 15"H.                                      WLG77005-54            $274.00
Grey Frame, adjusts 18"–23"
                                                            16 "W x 10 3⁄4"D, With Lumbar Curve & Casters.
 WLG21405-014       $210.00
                                                            Adjusts from 17" to 24"H.
Black Frame, adjusts 22"–27"
                                                            WLG77005-55           $269.00
 WLG59081-666       $229.00
                                                                                      Call us at 800-727-4368
                   Student Chairs and Stools
                                                                 When purchasing seating, leave a minimum of 12" for
                                         Seating                 legroom. For example, with 30" Tables, use an 18" seat

                                        Guidelines               height; with 36" tables use a 24" seat height.

                                                                                                      Economy Metal Stools
                                                                                                      For economical seating, try these stools
                                                                                                      with our laboratory benches. Available
                                                                                                      with or without a back r est, these stools
                                                                                                      feature a tubular enameled frame and a
                                                 Wood Stools                                          14" sturdy Masonite seat (optional wood
                                                 Manufactured                                         seat). Stools with a back ar e height
                                                 entirely of oak, this                                adjustable, allowing an 8" height adjust-
                                                 high quality seating                                 ment (Simple handtools required for
                                                 will provide years of                                height adjustment). Standard color is
                                                 service. Standard                                    gray. Height is for the seat.
                                                 stain is natural oak.

                                                                                                                                WLG349W                WLG355

                   Description       Cat. No.            Price
                   Stool, 18"        WLG307             $81.00
                   Stool, 24"        WLG308             $90.00                                                 WLG349
                   Stool, 30"        WLG309             $100.00

                   Student Stools                                                                                        With     Seat      Catalog
                                                                                                       Height           Back?    Material   Number     Price
                   Solid, thermosetting hard plastic seat                                               18"               N      Masonite   WLG349    $39.00
                   measures 13" wide by 9⁄16" thick. Four                                               24"               N      Masonite   WLG351    $47.00
                   tubular 19-gauge steel legs and 7⁄8"                                                 30"               N      Masonite   WLG353    $59.00
                   19-gauge steel foot ring provide maximum
                                                                                                      18"–26"            N       Masonite   WLG349A   $61.00
                   strength and stability. Standard color is
                                                                                                      24"–32"            N       Masonite   WLG351A   $68.00
                   blue. Other colors available, please call.
                                                                                                      30"–39"            N       Masonite   WLG353A   $76.00
                   Height        Cat. No.                Price
                                                                                                      18"–26"            Y       Masonite   WLG355    $88.00
                   18"           WLG691                 $78.00                                        24"–32"            Y       Masonite   WLG356    $90.00
                   24"           WLG692                 $79.00                                        30"–39"            Y       Masonite   WLG357    $99.00
                   30"           WLG695                 $80.00
                                                                                                         18"             N        Wood      WLG349W   $79.00
                                                                                                         24"             N        Wood      WLG351W   $83.00
                                                                                                         30"             N        Wood      WLG353W   $72.00

                                                      Scholar Craft Chair and Stools
                                                      Both constructed of 16-gauge chrome-plated steel, chairs have a
                                                      seat of high-density polyethylene and a five-spoke base with dual
                                     Black            wheel casters on each spoke; stools have a seat of Melamine r esin
                                                      and nylon glides. Please specify color on your
                                     Blue             order. See color chart for available colors.

                                                                   Seat Catalog
                                     Brown            Description Height Number              Price
                                                      Chair       15 – 20" WLG390          $149.00
                                     Burgundy         Stool         18" WLG391A             $88.00
                                                      Stool         24"    WLG392           $91.00
                                                      Stool         30"    WLG395           $95.00

                                     Lt. Gray


Student Chairs & Stools
                                                                                                                                                Chemica t!
                                                                                                                                                Re sistan ce
                                                                                                                                                       r Scie
                                                                                                                                               Great fo s

                                                                                                                                                                              SUPPORT PRODUCTS

                                                                     Year                                                              10
                                                                   WARRANTY                                                            Year

   Heavy-Duty Fixed
     Height Stools                            Adjustable
                                             Height Stool                                                  *Specify color when ordering.
                                                                              Adjustable Height
                                                                               Stool with Back
Masonite Seat Stools
The heavy-duty steel stools are made of 7⁄8" O.D., 18-gauge steel tubing                               Black       Blue      Wood      Stone
in three fixed and three adjustable sizes with an optional backr est. The
seat is a full 14" diameter with an 11 1⁄2" diameter masonite board                                                                                             WLF008-1000
                                                                                                     The Rhino™
recessed into the pan and will not chip or crack. Footrings, 5⁄8" O.D., are
welded to each leg, with four contact points at each leg for added                                   The Rhino Series Chairs are designed to take abuse. They fea-
rigidity. The optional backrest is 6" high and 12" wide and adjusts                                  ture super-tough urethane armor that provides protection and
up/down and forward/back. Standard color is Metallic Gray. Stools ship                               support for years. The patented ur ethane skin and 3" molded
in full cartons. Freight class 125.           for small orders.                                      foam of the Rhino ™ Plus set a new standard for durability and
Ships             for larger orders.                                                                 comfort. Cleans easily. Freight class 100.
                                                                                                             for small orders. Ships            for larger orders.
                                        Per                           Cat. Price
Description                            Carton               Wt.       No.        (each)              Rhino™ Chair
18"H Heavy-Duty Stool                        5           8 lbs.   WLF051-1017        $29.00          Resists chemical and physical damage.Made of ur ethane in a
24"H Heavy-Duty Stool                        4           9 lbs.   WLF051-1018        $31.00          dense, durable foam molded right onto the inner structur e.
30"H Heavy-Duty Stool                        3          10 lbs.   WLF051-1019        $38.00          Available in Black only.
19–27" Adjustable Height Stool               5          10 lbs.   WLF051-1020        $42.00          Rhino™ Plus Chair
25–33" Adjustable Height Stool               4          11 lbs.   WLF051-1021        $44.00          Patented, thick urethane skin. Resist punctures, tears and
31–39" Adjustable Height Stool               3          12 lbs.   WLF051-1022        $50.00          most chemicals. Steel seat pan won’ t wear out. Molded seat
19–27" Adjustable Height Stool                                                                       cushion of 3" foam. Available in Black (292), Blue (207), W ood
  w/Back                                     5          17 lbs. WLF051-1023 $46.00                   (225) or Stone (219).
25–33" Adjustable Height Stool
                                                                                                     Description      Dimensions       Wt.     Cat. No. Price (each)
  w/Back                                     4          18 lbs. WLF051-1024 $49.00
31–39" Adjustable Height Stool                                                                       Rhino Chair 49"H x 28"W x 29"D 35 lbs. WLF008-1000 $479.00
  w/Back                                     3          19 lbs. WLF051-1025 $54.00                   Rhino Plus 50"H x 28"W x 31"D 37 lbs. WLF008-1001 $569.00

Intellect Wave Pedestal Chair
A one-piece contoured shell made of static fr ee high-impact polypropylene exceeds
industry standards for durability. Lightweight, pliable poly shell is r esistant to scratching,
fading, chipping and denting. Ergonomic seat strength and durability is assured through
an engineered internal elliptical tubing structural cavity. Seat height adjusts from 161⁄2" to
211⁄2" with lever-activated pneumatic cylinder. Hard floor casters are constructed with
soft plastic double wheels and the five-blade pedestal base frame is constructed of 12-
gauge steel covered with an injection molded high-impact plastic. Base and cylinder ar e
black. Please specify seat color choice on or der. Weight: 15 lbs. Freight class 125.
WLF017-2056                $129.00

                    SEAT COLORS

 ENBL        ENBD         ENCY       ENGX          ENLG
  Black     Bordeaux      Cayenne    Grape        Light Tone

            Marine Teal
                                    Warm Grey                                                       15

          *Specify color when ordering.

                                                                                                                                    Call us at 800-727-4368
68                 A. Stainless Steel Rolling Carts
                   Keep things moving in your classr oom and laboratory with a
                   strong stainless steel cart. Top shelves have one open side;                      Laboratory Carts
                   lower shelf is open on all sides. Fr ont and handle have bumpers.
                   Moves easily on four swivel casters.
                   Cap.,       Dimensions             Shelf       Catalog

                   lbs          (L x W x H)       Clearance       Number        Price
                   300    161⁄4" x 27 1⁄2" x 32 1⁄8"     113⁄4"     WLS-79475-A $269.00
                   500      19" x 31" x 33 3⁄8"          117⁄8"      WLS-79476 $359.00

                   B. Plastic Rolling Cart
                   For durability and shock resistance, shelves are constructed of
                   chemically-resistant polyethylene and cor ner posts of ABS plastic
                   (also used in football helmets). Full width handle and four swivel                                                                               B
                   casters ensure easy handling and maneuverability. All three shelves
                   have rims around three sides to keep contents on cart.                                                    A
                   Shelf clearance: 12 1⁄8". Capacity: 300 lbs.
                   Dimensions: 321⁄2" L x 17 1⁄8" W x 34 7⁄8" H.
                   Shipping weight: 32 lbs. Cart is shipped unassembled.
                   WLS-79456          $299.00

                   C. Chemical Cart
                   For transporting laboratory supplies and equipment, this cart is
                   made of 1" square epoxy-coated steel tubing and has two shelves
                   of high pressure melamine laminate. The lower shelf has guar d rails
                   on the ends and rigid PVC extrusions on the cart's sides pr event
                   containers from sliding off. Ergonomic, molded plastic handle grips
                   are included for convenience and two of the four 4" diameter cast-
                   ers feature a toe lock for safety. Lifetime guarantee. Dimensions:                                       C                                                    D
                   35"L x 19"W x 36 1/2"H. Shipping weight: 44 lbs.
                   WLS-19760-A        $595.09

                   D. Heavy Duty Service/Utility Carts
                   These long-lasting carts are made of structural foam that won’t rust,
                   dent, chip or peel. Sturdy yet lightweight, the service/utility carts ar e
                   highly maneuverable. Rounded cor ners mean no sharp edges to
                   nick walls or fur niture. Carts also feature large, non-marking casters
                   and are available with an optional middle shelf.
                                    Dimensions          Cap.,       Catalog
                   Description      (L x W x H)          lbs        Number          Price
                   Black Utility Cart 36" x 24"        400 max WLS-19758-A        $285.00                                   E
                                       x 321⁄4"         per cart
                   Beige Utility Cart 30" x 16"          200     WLS-19758-B      $244.00
                                       x 321⁄4"        per shelf
                   Black Shelf for
                   WLS-19758-A 36" x 24"                 —        WLS-19758-AA    $134.00
                   Beige Shelf for                                                                                                                                         F
                   WLS-19758-B 30" x 16"                 —        WLS-19758-BB    $118.00
                                                                                                                                                   CART COLORS
                   E. Utility Cart
                   Designed for easy transport, this service/utility cart featur es smooth,
                   easy to clean surfaces, two convenient handles for transport, and                                                    ST
                   quiet swivel casters. Brushed aluminum uprights of fer stability and                                     G
                   plastic construction helps eliminates added noise. Dimensions:
                   311⁄2"L x 16 1⁄4"W x 36"H.
                                                                                                                                         *Specify color when ordering.
                   CP32578-00           $292.00                                                                                                                          Price
                                                                                                Description                  Color           Wt.        Cat No.         (each)
                   F. Metro Polymer Utility Carts
                                                                                                F Deep Ledge Utility Carts
                   Deep ledge utility carts are specially designed with a 2 3⁄4" deep
                                                                                                38"W x 27"D x 41"H D
                   ledge to contain product and spills. Easy to position center shelf
                                                                                                   2-Shelf Cart              Specify    35 lbs. WLF063-1012 $239.00
                   option adjusts at 1" increments. Polymer shelves are easy to clean           38"W x 27"D x 41"H D
                   and corrosion proof. Two and three shelf models are available in                3-Shelf Cart              Specify    46 lbs. WLF063-1013 $299.00
                   four colors: Stone, Berry, Blue, and Black.                                  Deep Ledge Carts with Microban
                                                                                                32"W x 21"D x 41"H D
                   G. BC & Deep Ledge Utility Carts                                                2-Shelf Cart                Blue     29 lbs. WLF063-1014 $229.00
                   (with Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection)                             32"W x 21"D x 41"H D
                                                                                                   3-Shelf Cart                Blue     37 lbs. WLF063-1015 $279.00
                   Shelves on these two carts have built-in Micr oban antimicrobial
                                                                                                G. BC Carts with Microban
                   product protection that protects them from bacteria, mold, and
                                                                                                33"W x 21"D x 33"H Flat
                   mildew that cause odors, stains and pr oduct degradation. Carts
                                                                                                   2-Shelf Cart                Blue     34 lbs. WLF063-1016 $219.00
                   with Microban are available in Blue only.                                    33"W x 21"D x 33"H Flat
                                                                     3-Shelf Cart                Blue     43 lbs. WLF063-1017 $269.00

Specimen Storage Cabinets

                                                                                                                                                       SUPPORT PRODUCTS
                                                                                Cornell Drawer
                                                                                This drawer is fabricated
 Cornell Cabinet                                                                with a natural finished
 Constructed of solid oak                                                       poplar and features a hard-
 and hardwood veneers                                                           board bottom with a plas-
 with a polished chrome                                                         tazote pinning liner that
 locking handle for security,                                                   easily accepts and securely holds any size insect pin. The
 this cabinet will hold up to                                                   tight-fitting glass topped lid is secured by two hooks on
 12 Cornell drawers (sold                                                       the front and two on the back, and featur es a pair of brass
 separately). Dimensions:                                                       card holders and a brass drawer pull on the fr ont. Overall
 207⁄8"W x 18"D x 43 1⁄8"H.                                                     dimensions: 19" L x 16 1⁄2" D x 3" H.
 WLS-3095-60       $522.50                                                      WLS-3007-20       $64.00

                                                                                Economy Cornell
                                                                                This drawer is fabricated
                                                                                with a natural finished pine
                                                                                and features a hardboard
                                                                                bottom with a plastazote
                                                                                pinning liner of uniform density for easily inserting insect
                                                                                pins. The drawer front has a single combination car d hold-
                                                                                er/drawer pull. Overall dimensions: 19" L x 161⁄2" D x 3" H.
                                                                                WLS-3007-22       $55.00

       Cornell Unit Pinning Trays
       These trays allow easy removal of specimens or assembly of a new
       group of specimens. Drawers are chipboard with a white enamel paper
       coating and a foam drawer bottom for easy pinning. A vailable in three
       sizes and supplied in a package of 10 trays.

       Outside Dimensions         Number that fit       Catalog
       (L x W x H)              in Cornell Drawer       Number        Price
       43⁄8" x 71⁄4" x 15⁄8"             8           WLG3021-00       $6.00
       43⁄8" x 35⁄8" x 15⁄8"            16           WLG3021-10       $5.00
       43⁄8" x 11⁄4" x 15⁄8"            48           WLG3021-30       $1.50

                                                                       Cabinets and Display Cases
Cabinet                                                                                             Versatile Cabinet
For Storage of Valuable
                                                                                                    This oak cabinet provides secure storage
Specimens and                                                                                       of odd-shaped items and is sold without
Laboratory Instruments                                                                              drawers so you can configure storage to
This particle board cabi-                                                                           meet your needs. Metal brackets inside
net is constructed of solid                                                                         the cabinet hold up to 16 drawers.
oak with a thick 1 1⁄2"                                                                             Weight: 100 lbs. Overall dimensions:
maple butcher block top                                                                             231⁄4" L x 21 1⁄2" D x 43 1⁄8" H.
for an excellent working                                                                            WLG3095-06 $904.00
area. Drawers are 31⁄4"
deep inside and include                                                                             Versatile Cabinet Drawers
chrome pulls and card                                                                               Each drawer is 20 3⁄8"L x 18 7⁄8"D x 1 7⁄8"H and
holders on the outside.                                                                             is a perfect fit with the V ersatile Cabinet
Just one lock secures all                                                                           above. Drawers are formed of natural finish
ten drawers at once.                                                                                basswood. A front drawer cutout provides
Overall dimensions: 24 1⁄4"                                                 WLG3095-06              easy access to each drawer.
W x 23 3⁄8" D x 43 1⁄8" H.                                                                          WLG3096-50 $71.00
WLG3047-36 $1,674.00

                                                                                                       Call us at 800-727-4368

                                                         Refrigerators and Freezers

                                                         VWR™ Brand Explosion-Proof and
                                                         Flammable Refrigerators and Freezers
                                                         To provide maximum safety, we offer a complete line of explosion-proof and flammable material
                                                         storage refrigerators and freezers. Specially designed and constructed, each featur es a spark-
                                                         proof, corrosion-resistant interior with steel encased electrical components, hermetically sealed
                                                         compressors, adjustable temperature controls, and nonsparking magnetic door gaskets.
                                                         Refrigerator temperature range is 36°F to 50°F. Freezer temperature range is 10°F to -40°F.
                                                         All units require 120V, 60Hz. All models are UL listed and meet OSHA and NFP A safety require-
                                                         ments. Explosion-proof models must be hard-wired at installation in compliance with NFPA
                                                         standards and local codes.

                       Volume,                           Refrigerator Size                    Freezer Size                   Overall Dimensions            Catalog
                        cu. ft.          Doors             (W x D x H)                        (W x D x H)                       (W x D x H)                Number
                   Explosion Proof
                          4.7               1            213⁄10" x 18" x 21"               193⁄5" x 15 x 7 1⁄10"              233⁄5" x 30" x 33 9⁄10"      55703-190
                          11                2            203⁄4" x 17 1⁄4" x 42"           203⁄4" x 17 1⁄4" x 19 1⁄4"           231⁄4" x 24" x 62"          55703-442
                         10.1               2             191⁄2" x 18" x 39"                18" x 16 1⁄4" x 12"               231⁄4" x 30 1⁄2" x 60"       47747-226
                   Flammable Material Storage
                         4.7             1               219⁄10" x 18" x 21"               193⁄5" x 15" x 7 1⁄4"            233⁄5" x 26 9⁄10" x 33 9⁄10"   55703-134
                         11              2               203⁄4" x 17 1⁄4" x 42"           203⁄4" x 17 1⁄4" x 19 1⁄4"          231⁄4" x 24" x 62"           55703-444

                      VWR™ Brand General-Purpose
                      General-purpose laboratory refrigerators and refrigerator/freez-
                      er combinations are available as tabletop, undercounter and
                      single door-upright configurations. Refrigerator range is 2º to
                      10°C (36º to 50°F) and fr eezer range is -12º to 20°C (10º to
                      40°F). A rugged white acrylic exterior finish and corr osion-
                      resistant, seamless interior construction resists scratches and
                      is easier to clean. Unit 14236-532 featur es a frost-free design,
                      all others offer manual defrost.

                          Volume, cu. ft.                     Refrigerator Size                   Freezer Size             Exterior Dimensions             Catalog
                      (refrigerator/freezer)     Doors            (W x D x H)                      (W x D x H)                   (W x D x H)               Number
                                2.5                1         161⁄4" x 14 3⁄4" x 15 1⁄4"          8" x 11 1⁄4" x 6"          193⁄4" x 20" x 20 5⁄16"        14236-526
                                5.6                1           18" x 20 1⁄4" x 29"             151⁄4" x 11 1⁄2" x 5 3⁄4"   213⁄8" x 25 3⁄8" x 33 3⁄8"      14236-528
                               10.3                2         191⁄2" x 21 1⁄4" x 35 3⁄4"         19" x 17" x 12 1⁄2"         235⁄8" x 27" x 58 5⁄8"         14236-532


Glassware Washers
VWR™ Undercounter and Freestanding/

                                                                                                                        SUPPORT PRODUCTS
Mobile Glassware Washers
Stainless steel construction provides durability, strength, corrosion protection, and a
clean attractive appearance for these VWR washers. Loading of glasswar e is easy and
flexible with both upper and lower racks. A high ef ficiency operation reduces energy
and chemical costs, and temperature selections range from 29°C (85°F) to 77°C
(170°F) for use with a variety of loads and purposes. Ther e is a one year warranty on
all units, parts, and labor for one year . The Undercounter Washers fit in a standard
cabinet opening with adjustable legs. The Fr eestanding/Mobile Washers are shipped
with casters and adjustable leveling feet.
Undercounter Washer             82020-922
Freestanding Washer             82020-924

Spindle Racks
This lower spindle rack with 22 spindles must be used without an upper rack.
82020-956            Lower Spindle Rack, 19" clearance
This half depth upper spindle rack contains 12 spindles and allows washing of
short and tall items in the same load.                                                    82020-956
82021-090            Half Depth Upper Spindle Rack, 6" clearance
Spindle Rack Set includes upper and lower racks, of 22 spindles each, designed
to be used together.
82020-958            Spindle Rack Set
Test Tube Baskets and Lid
These baskets and lids fit 1⁄2 of the top or bottom rack. All fit up to 150 tubes.
82020-972            75mm long
82020-974            105mm long
These baskets and lids fit 1⁄2 of the bottom rack only. All fit up to 150 tubes.
82020-976            165mm long
82020-978            200mm long                                                                       82020-972
Bottle Insert
These stainless steel, full rack bottle inserts for the washers hold bottles of vari-
ous sizes and fit either in the bottom rack only or can be used in both top or
bottoms backs.
                              Bottle Capacity                    Rack Use
82020-984                        16 1L bottles                  Bottom only
82020-986                        9 2L bottles                   Bottom only
82020-988                      48 50mL bottles                  Bottom only
82020-990                     44 100mL bottles                Bottom and top
82020-992                     24 250mL bottles                Bottom and top                          82020-984
82020-994                     20 500mL bottles                Bottom and top
Open Basket with Handles and Retainer Top
82020-980 Stainless steel basket fits 1⁄2 of the top or bottom rack.
Petri Dish Insert
82020-966 Stainless steel rack fits 1⁄2 of top or bottom rack.
Small Basket and Cover
82020-960 Stainless steel basket fits 1⁄2 of top or bottom rack.
              Size: 71⁄2" x 7 1⁄2" x 4"                                                               82020-980
Additional Accessories
82020-962 Erlenmeyer Flask Insert, holds 5 flasks up to 1500mL,
              use on top or bottom rack
82020-982 Watch Glass Insert, holds 40 pieces up to 125mm dia.,
              fits 1⁄2 top or bottom rack
82020-964 BOD Bottle Insert, holds 18 bottles, fits 1⁄2 top or bottom rack
82020-996 Cover/mesh bottom for full size inserts, use in top or bottom rack
82020-998 Bottom mesh for 1⁄2 size inserts, for use in top or bottom rack

                                                                                              Call us at 800-727-4368
                                                   Chemical Shelving
                                                                   Chemical Shelving Unit

                                                   These solid oak shelves provide ample space to house your hazar dous chemicals. The open-
                                                   shelving style of each unit allows for a clear view of all chemicals inside. For added safety ,
                                                   anti-roll lips are featured on each 1" think shelf. A UV chemical r esistant finish coat the top,
                                                   back, and sides of each unit.
                                                   36"W x 16"D x 36"H, 150 lbs.            WLC94999-01          $438.00
                                                   36"W x 16"D x 48"H, 200 lbs.            WLC94999-02          $522.00
                                                   36"W x 16"D x 72"H, 240 lbs.            WLC94999-03          $695.00

                                                                                       Chemistry Teacher’s
                                                                                Comprehensive Handbook
                                                                                Indispensible teaching guide for storing, using, and
                                                                                disposing of chemicals.
                                                                                WLC94998-09         $44.00

                                                                                                              Storage Conversion Kit
                                                                                                              Create a consistent labeling system
                                Shown with our
                                                                   your FR
                                                                           EE                                 for correct use and storage.
                                ScholAR labeling          Call for e ScholAR                                  WLC94996-09        $23.00
                                                          copy of th Manual
                                                            Resource 7-4368

                                                                 Plasteel™ Non-Corrosion Shelving
                                                                 Shelves have 1000-lb. capacity per shelf—evenly distributed. Molded of high
                                                                 density structural foam polyethylene shelf over 1" squar e steel tubular frame
                                                                 coated with a hard baked plastic resin. Square 16-gauge steel post is coat-
                                                                 ed with a hard baked plastic resin. Available in solid or vented shelf. Shelves
                                                                 have Lifetime Guarantee against rust. Freight class 70.

                                                                 Dimensions              Wt.        Solid Shelf    Price    Vented Shelf    Price
                                                                 36"W x 18"D x 64"H     82 lbs.    WLF060-1024    $469.00   WLF060-1070    $449.00
                                                                 48"W x 18"D x 64"H    102 lbs.    WLF060-1025    $519.00   WLF060-1071    $519.00
                                                                 60"W x 18"D x 64"H    134 lbs.    WLF060-1026    $649.00   WLF060-1072    $599.00
                                                                 36"W x 24"D x 64"H     94 lbs.    WLF060-1027    $499.00   WLF060-1073    $499.00
                                                                 48"W x 24"D x 64"H    118 lbs.    WLF060-1028    $579.00   WLF060-1074    $589.00
                                                                 60"W x 24"D x 64"H    150 lbs.    WLF060-1029    $699.00   WLF060-1075    $669.00
                                                                 36"W x 18"D x 72"H     84 lbs.    WLF060-1036    $599.00   WLF060-1076    $599.00
                                                                 48"W x 18"D x 72"H    104 lbs.    WLF060-1037    $669.00   WLF060-1077    $669.00
                                                                 60"W x 18"D x 72"H    136 lbs.    WLF060-1038    $739.00   WLF060-1078    $719.00
                                                                 36"W x 24"D x 72"H     96 lbs.    WLF060-1039    $759.00   WLF060-1079    $759.00
                                                                 48"W x 24"D x 72"H    120 lbs.    WLF060-1040    $799.00   WLF060-1080    $789.00
                                                                 60"W x 24"D x 72"H    152 lbs.    WLF060-1054    $819.00   WLF060-1081    $819.00


                                                                                          Plasteel Cutaway


Safety Fixtures                Section Contents
  & Supplies      Acid Storage Cabinets .....................................74

                                                                                                SAFETY PRODUCTS
                  Flammable Storage Cabinets .......................75
                  Eyewash & Safety Shower ..........................76
                  Goggle Sanitizing Cabinet .............................77
                  Fire Safety .............................................................78

                          Safety equipment, including
                          Acid and Flammable Materials
                          Storage Cabinets, Safety Showers,
                          Eyewashes, Fire Extinguishers,
                          and more, should be an integral
                          part of your design. Review local
                          codes to determine exact
                          requirements for your area.

                                                      Call us at 800-727-4368
                  Non-Metal Acid Cabinets

                  Polyethylene Corrosives Cabinets                                                Undercounter polyethylene cabinet safely stores thirty one-liter
                                                                                                  bottles or a variety of containers. Each segr egated compartment
                  These high density, one-piece molded polyethylene acid
                                                                                                  has an adjustable shelf and storage in both doors for small con-
                  cabinets provide maximum chemical resistance against harsh
                                                                                                  tainers. Two removable sumps slide out for easy cleaning of inci-
                  acids and corrosives. Countertop polyethylene cabinet stores up
                                                                                                  dental spills. Two vent holes (with removable caps) on backside
                  to two 4-liter bottles with a door that can be hinged fr om either
                                                                                                  accommodate pressurized vapor removal systems. Unit includes
                  side for best countertop space utilization. Polyethylene spill tray
                                                                                                  hardware to secure cabinet to wall.
                  inside contains leaks and removes for easy cleaning. A separate
                  polyethylene tray stores under cabinet and can be used as a                     Both models are clearly labeled for ACID contents and accept a
                  handy work tray.                                                                padlock for added security.

                                           Capacity,        Ext. Dimensions                     No. of         Shelf
                  Description                gal.             (W x D x H)                      Shelves       Load, lbs.     Catalog Number           Price
                  1 Door, Countertop           2          141⁄4" x 16 1⁄4" x 19 1⁄2"             —               —           WLC94999-04            $485.00
                  2 Door, Undercounter         8            36" x 23 1⁄2" x 35"                  2              100          WLC94999-05            $998.00

                                                                                 VWR Flammable Liquids Safety Cabinet
                                                                                 Provide compliant storage and organization of flammable liquids. Cabinets
                                                                                 are constructed of welded 18-gauge steel, while all sidewalls, doors, top,
                                                                                 and bottom are double walled with 3.8cm (1 1⁄2") of air insulation. Smooth
                                                                                 lever handle automatically self-latches. Cabinets include two 5.1cm (2")
                                                                                 vents with built-in flame arresters and grounding connector on an outside
                                                                                 panel. A leak tight, 5.1cm (2") sump also safely contains danger ous spills.
                                                                                 Unit includes leg levelers and war ning label in English, Spanish, and
                                                                                 French. Cabinets are finished inside and out with a chemical-r esistant,
                                                                                 powder paint finish in light neutral. Cabinets include 10 year warranty .
                                                                                 Available with manual, self-closing, or sliding doors. Self-closing and sliding
                                                                                 door models meet the Uniform Fir e Code and feature a fusible link that
                                                                                 melts at 74°C (165°F) for automatic closur e. All cabinets comply with OSHA
                                                                                 29 CFR 1910.106, NFPA Code 30, sec. 4.3.3, and ar e FM approved. The
                                                                                 113.6L (30gal.) and 170.3L (45gal.) Self closing styles ar e also UL listed and
                                                                                 feature a fusible link that melts at 74°C (165°F) for automatic closur e.

                    Capacity,     Exterior Dimensions,                                           Capacity,     Exterior Dimensions,
                    L (gal.)         H x W x D, in.    Catalog No.                     Price     L (gal.)         H x W x D, in.    Catalog No.              Price
                    Cabinets with Two Self-Latching Manual Close Doors                           Cabinets with Two Self-Closing Doors
                    113.6 (30)      44 x 43 x 18"     97008-326    $1,019.00                     113.6 (30)      44 x 43 x 18"     97008-328          $1,199.00
                    170.3 (45)      65 x 43 x 18"     97008-332    $1,249.00                     170.3 (45)      65 x 43 x 18"     97008-334          $1,356.00
                    227.1 (60)      65 x 34 x 34"     97008-340    $1,609.00                     227.1 (60)      65 x 34 x 34"     97008-342          $1,649.00
                    340.7 (90)      65 x 43 x 34"     97008-344    $1,899.00                     340.7 (90)      65 x 43 x 34"     97008-346          $2,025.00
                    Cabinets with Bi-Fold, Self-Closing, Sliding Door
                    113.6 (30)       44 x 43 x 18"      97008-330             $1,149.00
                    170.3 (45)       65 x 43 x 18"      97008-336             $1,457.00
                    227.1 (60)       65 x 34 x 34"      97008-338             $1,799.00
                    340.7 (90)       65 x 43 x 34"      97008-348             $2,109.00

 Wood Acid & Flammable Storage Cabinets
Wood Acid Storage Cabinet
The Acid Storage cabinet uses no metal in its construction, so ther e is

                                                                                                                                             SAFETY PRODUCTS
nothing to corrode as in most other acid cabinets.
Acid cabinet has a liquid-tight polypr opylene tray top and cabinet floor
to contain leaks or spills. Cabinet can hold up to 12–2.5 L bottles.
Cabinet color is blue with r ed “ACID” printed on doors. Doors lock with
included padlock. Epoxy paint and 9-ply plywood used for chemical
resistance throughout.

                       Outer/Inner Dim.
Description              (L xD x H)              Cat. No.                Price
Fully lined             31 x 20 x 36 1⁄2"
w/polypropylene        29 x 17 1⁄4 x 281⁄2"     18500-066            $1,299.00
(not shown)
Partially lined         31 x 20 x 36 1⁄2"
w/polypropylene        29 x 17 1⁄4 x 281⁄2"     18500-070             $999.00

                                                           Also available
 Optional Nitric Acid Storage Compartment                                                                                 18500-070
                                                           Benchtop Cabinet. Capacity five 2.5 L bottles.             with optional nitric
 (for 18500-070 and 18500-066)                             Dimensions: 153⁄4" x 16 3⁄4" x 21 1⁄2".                    acid compartment
 18500-072           $132.00
                                                           18500-074                       $539.00

    Wood Flammable Storage Cabinets
    Flammables cabinet is constructed of 1" plywood which is finished with a yellow
    epoxy paint. Cabinet will easily hold 4L bottles. Its shelf is adjustable and the
    door is secured with corrosion-resistant lock and full-length hinges. Meets
    NFPA30 and OSHA standards. Self-closing doors available upon r equest. Call
    for details.

   Flammables Cabinets
   Cabinet         Cap.               Dim.                               Catalog
   Type            (gal)           (W x H x D)             Shelves       Number          Price
   Bench Top           4      163⁄4" x 21 1⁄2" x 15 3⁄4"       0        18500-002       $432.00
   Floor 18                   237⁄8" x 36 1⁄2" x 23 7⁄8"       1        18500-006       $720.00
   Floor            45         43" x 44 3⁄4" x 18"             2        18500-004     $1,169.00

Stack-a-Cab® Safety Storage Cabinets
Cabinets are constructed of 1" thick multi-ply plywood and finished with clear epoxy
paint. Cabinets are designed for stacking or as stand-alone units for the laboratory
bench and allow for the safe or ganization of compatible chemicals. Cabinets ar e
easily identified by cabinet color and 10" hazar d label. All cabinets are supplied with
suitable locking mechanisms and are constructed to meet all applicable NFPA and
OSHA standards. Self-closing doors available upon r equest. Call for details.

Stackable Cabinets (All 47"L x 18"D x 18"H)
Cabinet Type                  Capacity                             Cat. No.          Price
Acid (Blue)                      22 x 2.5 L                     18500-060           $895.00
Flammables (Yellow)              16 x 2.5 L                     18500-056           $864.00
Combination (Gray)             Acid: 10 x 2.5 L                 18500-054          $1,050.00
                            Flammables: 8 x 2.5 L
Floor Stand (Blue)                                              18500-048           $120.00
Floor Stand (Yellow)                                            18500-046           $129.00
Floor Stand (Gray)                                              18500-044           $120.00

                                                                                                            Call us at 800-727-4368

                   Safety Equipment
                                                                                         Safety Shower and
                  SEF Eyewash System                                                     Eye/Face Wash

                  A combination eyewash/drench hose                                      This combined safety device can be
                  and service sink faucet, this system                                   used to flush contaminants from
                  adds safety and versatility to your                                    eyes, face, or entire body. Space-
                  lab. The creative design allows                                        saving stainless steel unit consists of
                  the eyewash to be directly                                             a shower and eye wash with stain-
                  attached to the faucet’s cold                                          less steel basin. The shower has a
                  water integral stop cavity and                                         20.3cm (8") diameter head with
                  permits both the faucet and                                            impeller action and stay-open valve.
                  eyewash to be operated independently,                                  The eye/face wash is actuated by a
                  so there is never a concer n about deliv-                              stainless steel push handle. Six aer-
                  ering scalding water to the eyes. Only                                 ated outlets in each spray head pr o-
                  one plumbing connection is required for                                vide a 22.8 x 20.3cm (9" x 8") curtain
                  this chrome plated brass finished system.                              of aerated water for more extensive
                  Eyewash is activated with squeeze valve                                washing action. Meets ANSI Z358.1-
                  including an automatic stay open device. Dual                          1998 standard.
                  sprays are delivered with flip top caps and an automatic flow
                  control. Flow rate is 2.4 GPM at 30 psi. Pr essure is 30 psi mini-
                  mum flow pressure, 125 psi. maximum static pr essure. Meets                                                      Catalog
                  ANSI Z358.1-1998.                                                      Description                               Number         Price
                                                                                         With Galvanized Steel Stanchion      WLS-1801-70       $999.50
                  WLG9000        $462.00                                                 With Stainless Steel Stanchion       WLS-1801-71      $2,335.00
                                                                                         Hand and Foot Operated Option        WLS-1801-72         $88.95
                  Safety Shower
                  Reach for the handle of this safety
                  shower for immediate rinsing off of
                  harmful contaminants. An impeller-
                  action head allows more thorough rins-
                  ing action. The stay-open valve does
                  not require operator control once acti-                                  Shower Tester
                  vated. Features a 20.3 cm (8") diame-                                    Canvas funnel, with a string
                  ter yellow shower head, 2.5 cm (1")                                      for connection to shower
                  NPTF chrome-plated brass ball valve,                                     head, empties into a bucket
                  and stainless steel pull handle. Meets                                   or floor drain.
                  ANSI Z358.1-1998 standard.
                                                                                           VF-0950-SE          $145.00

                                                     Catalog                               Test your shower!
                  Description                        Number             Price
                                                                                           Industrial laboratories
                  Shower Overhead Mount           VF-0220-SE           $202.00
                  Shower Horizontal Mount         VF-0227-SE           $218.00
                                                                                           test their safety showers
                                                                                           monthly. We recommend
                                                                                           you test yours regularly.
                  Eye Wash
                  Quickly flush harmful
                  contaminants from the
                  eyes. Unique eye wash
                  mounts into countertops                                              Wall
                  up to 5 cm (2") thick, or                                            Mounted
                  can be mounted on a wall                                             Eye Wash
                  or pedestal. Features                                                Station
                  stainless steel receptor
                                                                                       Featuring two
                  activated by stainless
                                                                                       “Gentle Spray”
                  steel trigger bar; twin aerated outlets; stay-open ball valve; and
                                                                                       Heads, this wall-
                  adjustable volume regulator. Cutting and drilling template sup-
                                                                                       mounted unit
                  plied with VF-0565-SE to simplify countertop installation. Meets
                                                                                       quickly and gently
                  ANSI Z358.1-1998 standard.
                                                                                       rinses contaminants away. A low-density polyethylene filter
                                                                                       removes scale, deposits and debris fr om the water and keeps
                                                                                       water line impurities out of user’s eyes. Eye wash is activated by
                  Description                          Number              Price
                                                                                       a push handle. Heavy-duty pipe and fittings r esist corrosion.
                  Countertop Eye Wash                VF-0565-SE           $456.00      111⁄2" stainless steel bowl and 1⁄2" chrome-plated brass stay-open
                  Wall-Mounted Eye Wash              VF-0505-SE           $478.00      valve. ANSI compliant identification sign included.
                  Pedestal-Mounted Eye Wash          VF-0545-SE           $644.00      WLS-33820-05        $315.00

Safety Equipment
Eye/Face Wash                                                              Deck-Mounted

                                                                                                                                              SAFETY PRODUCTS
Quickly flush harmful                                                      Eye Wash
contaminants from face                                                     Can be deck-mounted on
and eyes with this pro-                                                    countertops up to 6.3 cm (2 1⁄2")
tective eye wash activat-                                                  thick, or used as a hand-held
ed by stainless steel                                                      drench hose. Features a stay-
push handle. Choose                                                        open valve and twin aerated
stainless steel or plastic                                                 sprays with flip-top dust caps
receptor. Six aerated                                                      and automatic flow control.
outlets in the spray heads pr oduce a 22.9 x 20.3 cm (9" x 8")             Supplied with an 1.8m (6') r ein-
curtain of aerated water for superior pr otection. Water outlets are       forced hose. Meets ANSI
shielded by polypropylene covers. Pedestal model also available.           Z358.1-1998 standard.
Meets ANSI Z358.1-1998 standard.                                           VF-0927-SE      $343.00
Description                                Number            Price
Wall-Mounted, Stainless Steel           VF-0400-SE         $572.00
Wall-Mounted, Yellow Plastic            VF-0401-SE         $495.00
Pedestal-Mounted, Stainless Steel       VF-0420-SE         $729.00

                                      Eyesaver® Faucet
                                      The eyewash and faucet
                                      operate independently of
                                      each other in this unique
                                      unit combining a goose-
                                      neck faucet with an eye-
                                      wash. The faucet features
                                       ⁄4 turn Speakman Ceramic
                                      Perfect® valves. The eye-
                                      wash features twin aerated
                                      sprays and flip top dust
                                      covers. Eyewash is activat-
                                  ed by pull handle. Chrome plat-
                                 ed brass finish system provides
                            30 psi. minimum flow pressure, 125
                             psi. maximum static pressure. Meets
                            ASME A112.18.1, ANSI Z358.1, and
                             CSA B125-98.
WLG1800           $457.60

                                                  Eye Wash             Safety Goggle
                                                Countertop style       Sanitizing Cabinets
                                                eye wash flushes       Rugged heavy-gauge steel sterilizing cabinets can deliver clean
                                                contaminants           sterile goggles or spectacles in minutes. A 15-minute timer con-
                                                from the eyes;         trols the UV lamps ensuring suf ficient exposure to kill germs with-
                                                water can              out shortening goggle life. Safety featur es include double-latching
                                                escape down            doors, a key-operated lock and ON indicator light. Units will not
                                                sink drain.            operate unless cabinet doors are closed. Welded seams and
                                                Activated by           tight-fitting piano hinges safely contain UV light. WLS40419-40
                                                stainless steel        also has a shiny aluminum lining that r eflects UV light toward all
push handle, twin spray outlets pr ovide 2.5 gpm of aerated            goggle surfaces. Thirty goggle cabinet dimensions: 28" H x
water. Each outlet is individually adjustable. Unit swivels 90°        241/2" W x 9 1/4" D; shipping weight: 32 lbs. Forty goggle cabinet
for access to sink. Can be mounted in countertops up to 3.1            dimensions: 32" H x 24 1/2" W x 9 1/4" D; shipping weight: 35 lbs.
cm (11⁄4") thick. Meets ANSI Z358.1-1998 standar d.                    Both with 3-wire cord and plug for 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz.
                                                                       Description                    Cat. No.                   Price
                                        Catalog                        30 Goggle Cabinet              WLS-40419-20            $589.95
Description                             Number         Price           40 Goggle Cabinet              WLS-40419-40            $715.00
Eye Wash                              VF-0572-SE      $347.00          Replacement Bulb               WLS-40419-20R             $52.50
Eye Wash, Left Hand Operation         VF-0572-LH      $365.00

                                                                                                     Call us at 800-727-4368

                  Safety Equipment
                  A. Wool Fire Blanket with Wall Case, Square

                  Flame resistant 100% wool blanket for smothering fir es can also be
                  used as a First Aid blanket. Blanket size: 62" x 84". Container dimensions:
                  16" H x 13" W x 5" D. Includes bracket for wall mounting. Mar oon color
                  blanket is dry clean only.
                  WLS-33780-25               $141.00

                  B. Pyroglas™ Fire Blanket with Wall Case
                  For smothering fires, this 60" x 72" Pyr oglas blanket has a clean soft
                  surface which insulates, repels water and is impervious to most acids,
                  alkalis and solvents. It is stor ed in a metal, wall-mounting fir e red
                  container which opens easily at the bottom for quick r emoval.
                  Container dimensions: 18" H x 7" diameter.
                  WLS-33780-15            $129.00

                  C. Wool Fire Blanket with Wall Case
                  A flame resistant 90% woolen blanket for smothering fir es is also useful
                  as a first aid blanket. Dimensions: 72" x 90". With 9" diameter x 20" L
                  container and bracket for wall mounting.
                  WLS-33780               $141.00

                  D. Dry Chemical Type Fire Extinguishers
                  For Class A, B, and C fir es, this extinguisher is very ef fective against
                  Class A overhead fires because of the clinging action of the chemicals.                                                               C
                  Opening and closing of the str eam is accomplished by the single
                  squeeze-grip nozzle control. With steel shell, visual pr essure gauge and
                  wall bracket. UL rated 1A-10B:C; meets UL standar d 299, DOT and
                  OSHA requirements.

                  Cap.         Height x Dia.           Ship Wt.   Catalog No.     Price
                  2.5 lb         14" x 4"              51⁄2 lb     WLS-33782      $44.50
                  10 lb    19.52" H x 5.21" Dia.       161⁄4 lb   WLS-1752-33    $115.00

                  E. Halotron Type Fire Extinguisher
                  For Class A, B, and C fir es, its inert cooling and smothering agent
                  leaves no residue, and is particularly effective in protecting environ-
                  ments with sensitive electronic computer equipment. Halotron 1 filling
                  is an ozone-friendly replacement for the well-known Halon 1211 mate-
                  rial. EPA approved. With steel shell, pressure gauge and wall bracket.
                  Capacity: 5 lb. Size: 15 1⁄4" H x 4 1⁄4" diameter. Ship weight: 10 lb.
                  WLS-33787        $298.00                                                                D                   E                         F

                                                                                                Class A Fires are fires in easily combustible materials,
                  F. Max Power Dry Chemical Fir e Extinguisher                                  such as paper, wood, fabric and rubbish. They r equire
                  For Class B, and C fir es, this extinguisher uses an agent based on           cooling and smothering to extinguish them.
                  potassium bicarbonate, which is 2.5 times mor e effective than regu-          Class B Fires are fires in flammable liquids, such as
                  lar dry chemical agents, especially on Class B fir es. With aluminum          gasoline, oil, paint, var nish, and alcohol. They require
                  shell, pressure gauge and strap bracket. Capacity: 5 lb. Size: 19.8" H        blanketing or a smothering effect to extinguish them.
                  x 4.5" diameter. Ship weight: 9.4 lb.
                                                                                                Class C Fires are fires in live electrical equipment,
                  WLS-33788         $72.50                                                      such as motors, switchboards, generators and circuits.
                                                                                                They require the use of an extinguisher containing a
                                                                                                nonconducting extinguisher agent.


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