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About Dyson Vacuum Cleaners


									                                       Presented by Daniel Toriola

      Vacuum cleaners are an unavoidable appliance for those who would like to keep their households neat and
    clean. They are indispensable tools in today’s household, able to tackle with ease any type of floor: hard wood,
                                                laminate, carpet or tile.
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                       Dyson Vacuum Cleaners: Better By Design Or Better By Marketing?
                                                  By Marty White

    Since the US launch of Dyson vacuum cleaners in 2003, they have taken the US market by storm.
In fact, Dyson has been so successful – not just in the US, but throughout the world - that Hoover,
once the powerhouse of the vacuum cleaner industry, has rapidly lost market share. In fact, Hoover
has experienced such a decline in profitability that it has been put up for sale by its parent company.

But how has Dyson achieved this success? Is it due to superior design and functionality or is it the
result of a slick marketing campaign? The real question is this: how sustainable is Dyson’s success?
Marketing hype is OK in the short term, but can cost you down the line if customers do not become
repeat buyers because they feel cheated by the initial sales pitch. On the other hand, if the Dyson
range really does deliver, then customer loyalty will no doubt ensure long-term success.

After much hard work and thousands of prototypes, James Dyson unveiled his first vacuum cleaner -
the G force – back in 1991. He’d tried to take the Dyson concept to all of the major players in the
industry, but was politely shown the door at every turn. With a lack of funding to turn his dream into
reality, he was facing bankruptcy. However, he caught a break by winning a Japanese design award
and soon the G-Force was selling for $2,000 a pop there. This gave him the cash flow he needed to
set up on his own and the popular DC01 model was launched in the UK in 1993. It was an instant
smash hit and it took on the mantle of being the best selling vacuum cleaner in the UK within 2 years.

Engineering and good design definitely played a hugely important role in the success of the Dyson.
The Cyclone technology is at the heart of the Dyson concept, the claim being that there are no bags or
filters to clog up and so there is no gradual loss of suction, as is experienced with traditional vacuum
cleaners. Usability is also key and the Dyson is brimming with ergonomic features. The DC05, for
example, is designed to balance solidly on your stairs. The latest Dyson, the DC15, is the subject of
182 patents and 3 years of R&D investment and offers “The Ball” technology. “The Ball” replaces the
wheels and makes it easier to manoeuvre the vacuum cleaner around your house, around furniture
and into nooks and crannies. No more back and forth, pull-push manoeuvres, now you can twist and

On the other hand, all of this gadgetry comes at a price. Not just a monetary price – which is a
significant factor - but the reliability of the Dyson range has been called into question. With all of these
interacting parts and design features, it is little wonder that a 2004 survey by consumer magazine

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                                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

Which? placed Dyson vacuums at the bottom of the pile in terms of reliability. However, and perhaps
counter-intuitively, the same study reported that Dyson users were most likely to refer the product to a
friend! Could it be that a lack in long-term reliability is offset by a truly superior product that delivers on
its marketing messages?

And talking of the marketing messages, Dyson undoubtedly has a great campaign. Much of its initial
success was built on the clear-chamber “bagless” concept. As it turns out, the fact that people can see
the dirt being extracted from their furniture and carpets is enough to make them buy an expensive
vacuum cleaner… especially when they are encouraged not to store it away in the back of a cupboard
because of the bold color scheme and futuristic exterior styling (think iPod or iMac for vacuum
cleaners!) The Dyson really has been positioned as a trendy design statement. But who would have
known? Far from being marketing genius (although it was) the campaign was built around the
engineering and usability strengths of the product. Because the Cyclone technology delivers maximum
power without degradation over time, it will pick up more dirt. The clear-chamber “bagless” concept
was driven by a passion to demonstrate the power of the product, rather than as a marketing gimmick
– it just happened to be a stroke of genius!

For all its success the jury is still out on how the Dyson will fare in the future. The time when customers
start to think about replacing their existing Dyson will be make-or-break time in terms of the company’s
future. But despite some concerns over the reliability of their machines, it seems that customers like
what they see in the Dyson range of vacuum cleaners and believe that the Dyson is a superior product.

Martin White is the founder of where you can find the lowest prices on brand
new Dyson vacuum cleaners such as the DC07, DC14 & DC15. What’s more, with Vacs4U you
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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

               Dyson Vacuum Cleaners - Should You Buy A New Dyson Vacuum Cleaner?
                                                         By Elizabeth V. Bindas

 In today's world of bigger, better and faster, Dyson vacuum cleaners are the only way to go when it
comes to picking stuff up out of your carpet. If you've seen the ads on television, you know that Dyson
vacuum cleaners are the only vacuum cleaners on earth that don't lose suction. You can vacuum from
here till next Tuesday, room after room after room, and the machine will still pick up as much today as
it did weeks ago. There are a lot of vacuum cleaner brands that claim to be the best, and I'm sure
we've all seen a demonstration or two on late night infomercial TV. None of them, however, have ever
made the claim that they don't lose suction.

I'm sure I don't have to tell you that the most important thing a vacuum cleaner can do is suck stuff up
off of the floor. Dyson vacuum cleaners just seem to do it best. The reason, or so I'm told, is because
of the way that they're designed. The engineers behind it were more innovative and skilled than any
other vacuum cleaner engineers that preceded them, and with the Dyson vacuum cleaner, it shows. In
addition to doing their job of sucking dirt and debris out of your carpets the best, they're also extremely
good looking machines. The regular Dyson vacuum cleaner is a bright yellow color, and all of the stuff
that comes out of your carpet gets locked into a chamber that you empty when it gets full.

Because there are no bags associated with Dyson vacuum cleaners, there are no additional costs that
are incurred. After several years of use, vacuum cleaner bags can cost you a lot of money to purchase.
Also, you have to worry about remembering which size vacuum cleaner bag your particular model of
vacuum takes. When you think about it, it's really a simple purchase and a great value.

To read our Dyson vacuum cleaner reviews, visit the Vacuum Cleaner Forum at today. Free membership.

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