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									                                   Choosing Colors and Tints for Your Prescription Glasses
                                   Prescription glasses cannot really be avoided and millions of people wear them today prodly. If
                                   you select the right color and tint, you can look quite good even in glasses. Colors can make a
                                   big impact even on your mood and they reflect your style and personality. Your glasses may be
                                   just an accessory but they are still a part of you. Your glasses can make a bold statement about
                                   who you are to the world and so it is very important to select the lens and the frames in the right
                                   color and hue.

                                   Selecting the Right Colors is Very Important

                                   Most people think that when it comes to prescription eyeglasses only the size and shape of the
                                   frame is important. However, even the color is very important for your face and must be
                                   carefully selected. There are several opticians online where you will find a detailed guide on the
                                   importance of selecting a color that matches your personality. The color that you select should
                                   depend on your skin tone and hair color. It is necessary to try a large number of frames so that
                                   you will know which one suits you. This can also be done online virtually.

                                   A Guide on How to Select the Color

                                   The color for your prescription glasses must be chosen carefully. Red is generally considered as
                                   a danger signal but is also signifies passion. Green signifies calmness and even recycling,
                                   green revolution and climate change today. Blue signifies safety as well as conservative and
                                   respectable. However, lenses that have a blue tint are also known to be an appetite
                                   suppressant and may be useful to those who are dieting. For this reason, it will be important for
                                   you to know what each color stands for before you select it.

                                   Making a Statement by Using Colors

                                   If you select large patterns and bold colors, you can make a bold statement. Medium and warm
                                   colors like beige, brown, coffee, camel, peach and gold are for fair complexion individuals.
                                   Warm colors suit fair hair individuals since they can soften unwanted features without adding
                                   much definition. Red, purple, magenta, blue and green colors work well for those with dark and
                                   brown hair. People who have an olive or a darker complexion should choose shiny frames in
                                   gunmetal or soft brown tints. Also, each color stands for something unique and depending on
                                   your own stand and what kind of statement you want to make, you can select a particular color.
                                   These are only a few guidelines on how you can select the colors of your prescription eye

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