Analyzing Arguments Powerpoint Slides by dandanhuanghuang


									Analyzing Arguments

   What cultural contexts inform the argument---and
    what do they tell you about where the writer or
    creator is coming fro?
   What emotional, ethical, and logical appeals does
    the argument make?
   How does the writer or creator establish credibility?
   What sources does the argument rely on?
       How current and reliable are they?
       Are some perspectives left out?
       What effect does this exclusion have on the argument?
Analyzing Arguments

   What is the main proposition/claim of the
    verbal or visual argument?

       What reasons (subclaims or premises) and
        assumptions support and underlie the claims?
       What additional evidence backs up the
        assumptions and premises?
Analyzing Arguments

   Do the premises/subclaims reflect the
    proposition/thesis accurately?
   What fallacies can you identify?
   What effect do they have on the argument’s
   What overall impression does the argument
   Are you convinced?

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