Galicia and Santiago by HC120730093039


									If questions are not answerd in complete sentences, they will be marked as
"wrong", unless the question asks for a specific one word answer. It is critical
that you follow these instructions.


After reading about Galicia and Santiago de Compostela, answer the following


           1. How is Galicia best described?
           2. How is Galicia separated from the rest of the country?
           3. How many Autonomous Communities are in Spain?
           4. Who invaded Galicia in the past?
           5. What country lies on one of Galicia’s borders?
           6. What is Galicia surrounded by on its other sides?
           7. Why is Galicia so popular?
           8. What cultures helped to shape Galicia?
           9. What languages are spoken there?
           10. What are some physical similarities and differences of Galicia and the
               state in which you live?
           11. What can the people of Galicia and North Portugal do well?
           12. How is housing compared to other regions of Spain?
           13. What is the main reason that the population of Galicia decreasing?
           14. How is the inland weather compared to the coast?

Santiago de Compostela

       Historical online

           15. How is Santiago de Compostela known as? Santiago de Compostela is
               the capital of what region?
           16. Why is this city popular in the Christian world?
   17. What does the word “Santiago” mean?
   18. What influences does the second phase of the Cathedral show?
   19. What important medieval arts can you find at the Cathedral?
   20. What did Alfonso de Fonseca do?
   21. What are the symbols of the pilgrims?
   22. What is the Plaza de las Platerias and what is it named after?
   23. What is the Hospital Real?
   24. What is the Rajoy Palace?
   25. What is one of the best crafts in Santiago?


   26. What event is celebrated in the spring with impressive processions?
   27. Describe the Festival of the Apostle.
   28. What is Feria del Ganado?
   29. What takes place in August and September?
   30. What is the Fuego del Apostol

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