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Popularity is when a student or a person who is known and liked by many people. The
person is not always with a kind attitude; some might be mean, arrogant etc. being
popular can be a bit difficult because, the person who is popular might have to act
as a person who they are not, I mean they might have to act like someone else to
maintain their popularity.

Popular people seem to have a great time coming to school, but this may not be true
in all cases. When you become popular there are more people who don’t like you
which might make you feel bad. Someone being popular might also affect someone
who is not popular; they might start to lose confidence in themselves because they
see the popular person having a great time. You can become annoying naturally if
you become popular and sometimes people start ignoring you foe that, which will
make you feel bad.

Well people think that having the latest technology phone, wearing skinny pants to
school, having your own laptop that you can bring to school, you brag about yourself
etc. makes a person popular. I don’t think that is correct, popularity should come
the way you act to other people, how well you study, how caring you are and things
like that, these good qualities are not considered by many people. If you are one of
the unpopular people means that you are hated by particular people, you don’t have
the newest technology, so on. Which again is not true, popularity comes from your
heart and who you are as a person.

I think that Sita is a popular person in the script of Rama + Sita. I think Sita is
popular because, she is a show off, she brags about how pretty she is and how
people are fighting to marry her. She also brags about her things (gold watch,
necklace etc.). Finally she ends up with having no friends because she was such a
show off and she was annoying.

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