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									Transforming Assessment Culture

                Brigitte Valesey, Ph.D.
                   Widener University

         AICUP Assessment Workshop
                 Swarthmore College
                      August 7, 2006
                 Duquesne University
                     August 10, 2006
Student Learning as High Priority

     Strategic planning priorities
      – Academic excellence
      – Student-centered experiences
      – Distinctive educational programs
     Regional and professional accreditations
      – Higher expectations for learning and assessment
      – Greater accountability
     Assessment of Student Learning
      – Faculty learning communities
      – Avenues for faculty scholarship
Redefining Academic Excellence

   Leadership

   Widener  Strategic Plan
   Middle States Accreditation Pilot

   Professional Accreditation Cycles

   Widener Capital Campaign
Streamlining Processes

   Vision   2015- created in 2004
    – Creation of 5 task forces:
        Institutional Assessment
        Planning, Resource Allocation and
         Institutional Renewal
        Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes

        Institutional Resources
Culture of Collaboration

   Faculty Collaborations
      – Assessment of Student Learning Taskforce
      – Unit assessment committees
   Senior Leadership Team (SLT)
   Service Learning Initiatives

   General Education Network
Student Learning Refocused

   Blueprint   for Assessment of Student
   Assistant Provost position

   Plans for ongoing assessment

   Links to strategic planning
Focus: Learning and Assessment

   Faculty needs surveys
   Faculty development
   Assessment planning by programs
   General Education Initiatives
    – Task Force
   Approval of Institutional Learning
Student Learning as Strategic

   Focus on continuous improvement
   Program- and unit-level plans

   Connects to institutional assessment

   Formal commitments and
    accountabilities embedded in strategic
Continuous Improvement

  Report   in annual and periodic cycles
  Prioritize closing of assessment loop

  Foster faculty ownership and
  Mesh with professional accreditations

  Keep strategic plan as “evergreen”

  Transformation is an ongoing process
  Focus on academic excellence

  Shared commitment to assessment

  Student learning is strategic

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