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									       Microsoft MCSE 2003 + Security Boot Camp
       Dual Certification. The SerView Windows 2003 ® MCSET Boot Camp is an intense two-week
       course designed to get you certified under the rigorous Windows 2003 requirements for
       both MCSE and MCSA. See Content for details on the structure of the SerView Windows
       2003 ® MCSET Boot Camp.
       Get more than just certified. SerView gives you real-world knowledge and skills to succeed
       in your IT career--not just test prep. Our MCSE course combines custom developed
       curriculum, carefully designed labs, and the expertise of a world-class instructor to insure
       that you get the maximum return on your training investment.
       Why attend a SerView Boot Camp? If your career plans demand that you be certified as an
       IT professional, a SerView Boot Camp is the surest way to reach your goal. You will receive
       personalized, hands-on instruction from expert instructors, which moves you rapidly
       through the principles and practices you need to know. The boot camp setting allows you to
       focus on your education for a few weeks and get it done with minimum disruption to your
       professional and personal life. It is not for everyone - only for those who are committed to
       reaching their goals.
       Professional focus. SerView caters to working professionals and qualified individuals
       upgrading their skills. We value our success and yours. If our training isn't appropriate for
       you, we'll tell you. To determine whether the SerView Windows 2003® MCSET Boot Camp is
       right for you, call us, or request more information by email.
       Experience. Our experience stretches back almost 10 years and includes over 900 classes
       and over 5,000 students. We understand the details required to help you succeed: the
       hotel, the food, the study environment, the labs, the transportation, the camaraderie, and
       the personal support of the instructor.
       Get away from distractions. Sure you have to travel to Utah, but you're more likely to
       succeed if you do. Our experience has shown that students are more successful if they are
       insulated from their daily commitments. The beautiful mountains of Utah are a spectacular
       setting for you to achieve one of the most important benchmarks of your career.
       SerView Students Get:

           Best instructors in the industry
           Top quality training experience
           All 7 MCSE exams included, with up to one re-take per exam (up to $1750 value)
           Hands-on lab environment
           SerView's custom curriculum
           SerView's exclusive PowerCrams
           Intensive exam preparation
           Practice exams included ($595 value)
           Personalized coaching
           Catered lunches everyday
           Snacks and refreshments
           Laptops for personal study
           Tips, secrets, shortcuts, and tricks of the trade

Live Boot Camp                                                                     www.livebootcamp.co.uk
       New Requirements
       Windows 2003 MCSE candidates are now required to pass four core exams (70-270, 70-
       290, 70-291, and 70-298), plus one of three additional core exams and two elective exams
       (70-293, 70-294, or 70-297). Microsoft expects all Windows 2003 MCSE candidates to have
       at least one year of hands-on experience implementing and administering a network
       operating system to pass the exams, and nearly half the items in the core exams demand
       that the candidate have troubleshooting skills acquired through hands-on experience and
       working knowledge.

Live Boot Camp                                                                 www.livebootcamp.co.uk

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