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					                                             2011-2012 Million Dollar Words
                  Part of
     Word                                  Definition                             Sentence                       Discoverer
                             to come as natural growth or
accrue                       periodic, as interest on money       Ethan's room is accrue every week             Melissa 2011

Adversary                    an opponent                          I have an adversary at gymnastics meets. Carli 2011

                   verd      to be camo and popout when they      The army men ambushed people in the Logan Graham
ambush                       don't now your their                 war and killed them all.                  2011
                             to put an end to                     The boy had to annihilate his dog because
                   verb                                           he had cancer.
annihilate                                                                                                  Konnor 2010
                             to overwhelm and stun somebody       It was astounding when the man was
Astounding       adjective                                                                                  Peter 2008
                             with sudden surprise                 shot out of the cannon at the circus.
                             very bad or ugly to look at          The dinner that my mom made last night
Atrocious                                                         was atrocious.                            Brandon 2008

atrocity                     an atrocious act or object           The 9/11 disaster was an atrocity.            Cassie 2011
                                                                  I baffle my brother when we play
baffle                       to confuse of puzzle                 checkers.                                     Kyle 2010
Balky                        stubborn                             I am very balky when it comes to laundry. Zoie 2011
bamboozle          verb      cheat, dupe to confuse               I like to bamboozle my sister             Jordan 2011

barbarian                    a cruel person                       I think my sister is barbarian.             Jordan 2011
                             aggressive behavior                  The belligerent Nazis killed over 1 million
                 adjective                                        Jews.
belligerent                                                                                                   Mykala 2009

besmirch                     to dishonor                          My sister always besmirches my parents. Jordan 2011
bewilder           verb      to confuse hopelessly, puzzle        I some times bewilder people.           Jordan 2011

                   verb                                                                                         Logan Graham
blunder                      to move clumsily                     My friend blunder to the front door.          2011

                   verb                                                                                         Logan Graham
boisterous                   rowdy                                My mom is boisterous when I get home.         2011
bushed                       very tired;exhausted                 The player was bushed after the game.         2011

                   noun    one who often fumbles and drops        whenever I pick up glass I am a butter
butter fingers             things.                                finger and drop it.                           Zoie 2011
                           easily angered and difficult to get    The old man was very cantankerous
                 adjective along with                             when he was awakened from his nap by
Cantankerous                                                      his noisy grandchildren.                      Anna 2008
                                                                  I was chivalrous when my friend asked         Logan Goose
chivalrous                   to be nice or kind in a way          for a piece of candy and I gave him some.     2011
                             unusually large                      It is a challenge to climb a colossal sized
                 adjective                                        mountain.
Colossal                                                                                                        Conor 2008
                             a hysterical fit caused by extreme   I had a conniption when Wesly broke my
                   noun                                                                                  Jack H. 2009
conniption                   excitement or anger                  bike .
                                                                I have been coveting the newest video
covet                       to wish for earnestly               game                                       Xaivier 2011
                                                                                                           Gretchen Hilt
Crony                       a close companion                   Miranda is one of my favorite cronies      2011
                                                                Sarah had to daunt people to make her      Gretchen
Daunt                       to intimidate                       happy.                                     2011
                            to waste (time) in trifling or by
Dawdle                      being slow                          My sister is very dawdle.                  Jordan 2011
                            to surprise or arouse admiration    many people have a dazzle ling
Dazzle                      with brilliant qualities, display   personality.                               Jordan 2011
                                                                My room is a debacle, and I do not like it
debacle                     disaster, failure                   to be a mess.                              Cassie 2011
                                                                The debonair person just dropped his       Gretchen
Debonair                    carefree jaunty                     money to the wrong place.                  2011

defy                        to challenge or dare                Defy my friends in a game of dodge ball.   Cole 2011

demented                    mentally deranged; insane           Logan has a demented mind.                 Jordan 2011
Derange           verb      to upset or disturb                 I am feeling a little deranged.            Jordan 2011
                                                                When you walk in a creek your legs get
dingy                     grimy, muddy, soiled                  dingy.                                     Melissa 2011
                          discreetly careful about what one     My mom had to be discreet about what
discreet                  says or dose                          she said                                   Cole 2011
                                                                I looked fowrard to dringling the day
dringle                   to waste time in a lazy manner        away watching T.V.                         Xaivier 2011
                          stylishly graceful, and showing
                adjective sophistication and good taste in      My Mom and Dad went on a date and
elegant                   appearance and behavior               they both looked elegant.                  Melissa 2011
                          hard to find                          Our campsite was in an elusive area of     Megan V.
elusive                                                         the forest.                                2009
                                                                I was exhilarated by my social studies
exhilarate                  to make cheerful and excited        grade.                                     Xaivier 2011
                            extreme                             Once I was watching TV and a guy did an
                adjective                                       exorbitant trick on a four-wheeler.        Austin N.
exorbitant                                                                                                 2009
                                                                That reporter has exquisite taste for news
exquisite                   keenly appreciate                   stories.                                   Hannah 2010
                                                                                                           Dakota V
famish                      to make or be very hungry           Everyone at home is famished.              2011
                                                                Right before the battle the man was
Fatigue                     exhaution, weakness                 fatigued.                                  Cole 2011
                            to amaze or astonish somebody       He was flabbergasted by the news of his    Miss
Flabbergasted               completely                          promotion.                                 Greenholt
Flaunt            verb      to show something off               The eagle was flaunting his feathers.      Matt 2008
                                                                The flippant boy was sent to the office
                adjective                                       because of his disrespectful behavior in   Gretchen
flippant                    frivolous, disrespectful, saucy     class.                                     2011
flourish          noun      a period of thriving                I am flourishing in math.                  Marc. 2008
                                                                                                           Gretchen Hilt
Fraud                       an imposter or cheat                Most of the time my brother is a fraud.    2011
Frenzy            noun      rage, craze, furor                  I was in frenzy when I heard pizza.        Zoie 2011
frivolous               lacking in seriousness               I am not frivolous to anybody.              Hayden 2010
                        not wasteful; thrifty inexpensive or
frugal                  meager                               I am very frugal about money.               Jordan 2011
                        one who is old fashioned and         The old fuddy duddy was out of style.
                noun    negative
fuddy duddy                                                                                              Wesley 2009
                                                                A gaberlunzie man asked me for a
gaberlunzie             a begger                                quarter.                                 Xaivier 2011
                        tremendously large in amount,           My mom always tells me that I have a
              adjective number, or size                         gargantuan sized mess in my room.
Gargantuan                                                                                               Kyle 2008
                                                                Some people are gawk I tell people to
Gawk                      to stare stupidly                     come back down to earth.                 Jordan 2011
                                                                It was very ghastly when my door
Ghastly                   horrible, frightful                   slammed shut.                            Zoie 2011

                verb      brag; to gaze or think with malicious It is not kind to gloat about birthday
Gloat                     pleasure; often with over.            presents.                                Cari 2011

                verb                                            Sometimes I hold a grudge against my     Dakota V
grudge                    jealousy                              dad.                                     2011
                                                                Ethan is grungy when eh doesn't take a
grungy                    dirty, messy                          shower.                                  Melissa 2011
                          having or showing great pride on      The winner of the race was very haughty Gretchen
haughty                   one self and contempt for other       but bib not brag or boast                 2011
                          to harass by interrupting with        Ethan likes to heckle me when I'm talking
heckle                    questions or taunts                   to my dad.                                Melissa 2011
                          to this place                         I told my sister to come hither.
hither                                                                                                   Taylor 2010
hoax            noun    a trick or fraud                        I played a hoax on my sister!            Zoie 2011
                        feeling or showing respect toward       The man was very humble and had a
humble                  people                                  modest look.                             Cole 2011

              adjective                                         My room isn't immaculate but it isn't    Dakota W.
Immaculate                very clean, spotless                  really dirty either                      2011
                                                                I saw an immense dragon one time… but    Dakota W.
Immense                   big                                   it was in a movie.                       2011
                          good natured or teasing joke          My brother can josh people for fun.
josh                                                                                                     Daly 2009
                          to push, as in a crowd; shove
jostle                    roughly                               A lot of people jostle me at home.       Jordan 2011
                                                                The competer had to jouce over the       Gretchen
jounce                  to jolt or bouce                        hurdle.                                  2011
Jovial        adjective full of playful good humor              The girl is jovial.                      Cari 2011

keak                      to laugh or cackle                    The wicked witch keaked as she jumped. Xaivier 2011
                                                                Humpty Dumpty labascated off the wall
labascate                 to begin to fall or slide             and fell to pieces.                      Xaivier 2011

latibule                  hiding place                          Our new backyard has many latibules.     Xaivier 2011
lenient                     not strict, relaxed about rules     I am very lenient about rules               Jordan 2011
                            in a rapid way                      I throw the baseball lickety-split to the
                 adverb                                                                                     D.J. 2009
lickety-split                                                   catcher.
                            to dislike greatly                  I loathe my brother.                        Megan V.
loathe                                                                                                      2009

                  verb                                          Isatrted to loom into my sister's room to Gretchen
loom                        to come into sight instinctly       scare her.                                2011
lug                         to carry or drag something heavy    I had to lug my backpack to school.         2011
Luxurious                   comfortable, easy, affluent         Sarah's room is luxurious.                  Melissa 2011
                            to wander slowly and aimlessly      It is very annoying when a car is
                  verb                                          meandering down the road when I have
Meander                                                         somewhere I need to go.                 Amanda 2008
menace                      a threat                            the man was In a menace in the robbery. 2011
                            a lie on purpose                    Most of the time, tabloids are full of
                 noun                                           mendacity.
Mendacity                                                                                               Mykala 2009
                                                                After playing Xbox too long my legs were
noggle                      to walk awkwardly prevent by
                            To do away with or                  asleep. I had to noggle down the stairs  Xaivier 2011
                            effective measures ; make           The girl tried to obviate the play so others Gretchen
Obviate                     unnecessary.                        could get a bad drama grade.                 2011

                adjective                                       Bob was bragging because all of his stuff Logan Graham
ornate                      fancy or showy                      was ornate.                               2011
                            to get rid of some one or                                                       Logan Graham
ostracize                   something.                          I ostracized the car for the magic.         2011
                                                                at the game I perplexed my dad with the Gretchen
perplex                     to make uncertain; doubtful         wrong score                             2011

                adjective placing too much emphasis on trivial The manager was persnickety about            Gretchen
persnickety               or minor ideas; fussy                putting together the file papers.            2011
                            to cause to be alarmed, agitated, or The burglar was perturbed by the police    Gretchen
Perturb                     upset.                               finding him with the famous bird.          2011
                            to cause to be alarmed, agitated, or The burglar was perturbed by the police    Gretchen
perturb                     upset.                               finding him with the famous bird.          2011

pester                      to annoy                            Ethan likes to pester me.                   Melissa 2011
                                                                That was phenomenal when you hit that Logan Graham
phenomenal                  extraordinary                       ball.                                 2011

Piercing                    Loud, scream                        I heard a piercing noise.                   Cari 2011

                 noun                                           A man saw another guy pilfer or steal the
pilfer                      to steal                            box of pancakes.                          Cole 2011
Plunder                      to take by force or fraud              I saw a burglar plunder a purse.           Zoie 2011

ponder                       to think deeply                        I ponder in math class.                    Melissa 2011

                 adjective                                          The posh hotel has many beautiful          Gretchen
Posh                         luxurious and fashionable              chandeliers.                               2011

preeminent                   outstanding or distinguished           My mom made a preeminent apple pie.        Reece 2011
                             to whimper or whine, as a sick or      The sick girl puled to her mother because Gretchen
pule                         fretful child does                     her stomach hurt.                         2011
                             a sudden, brief felling of sickness,   I felt qualm so I stayed home from
qualm                        faintness                              school.                                    Melissa 2011
                                                                                                               Logan Graham
queasy                       affected with nausea                   I was queasy to my friends                 2011
                                                                    We quenched the camp fire before we
quench                       put out , extinguish                   Wilbur bed.
                                                                    went tothe radiant pig was famous for a    Xaivier 2011
                                                                                                               Gretchen and
                                                                    long time because of the help of           Dakota W.
radiant                    happy                                    Charlotte                                  2011
                           noisy, very active, and hard to          I would describe my students as very       Miss
                 adjective control                                  rambunctious at times.
Rambunctious                                                                                                   Greenholt
                                                                    The smart girl had a razzle -dazzle display Gretchen
Razzle- Dazzle               A flashy, deceptive display            in the hallway                              2011
                                                                    The guy relinquish because he was out      Logan Graham
relinquish                   to give up or surrender                numbered.                                  2011
                                                                    When my sister asked me a question I
retort                       to make a sharp witty reply            gave her a retort.                         Quinton 2011

                   verb                                             My mom is rigid when I do my               Logan Graham
rigid                        severe; strict                         homework.                                  2011
                             strong and healthy                     When the baby was born, he was very
                 adjective                                          robust.
Robust                                                                                                         Kylie 2008
                                                                    The teacher had to scamper to the          Gretchen
Scamper                      to run or go quickly                   meeting because the was late.              2011
                                                                    The scrawny dog was staring at me at       Gretchen
Scrawny                      Very thin; skinny                      the vet adoption center.                   2011
                                                                    There was a scuffle at the mall. It was just
scuffle                      struggle at close quarters             for a pair of flip-flops.                    Morgan 2010
                                                                    The sincere girl told her mother the truth
Sincere                      truthful, honest                       about her math grades.                     Getchen 2011
                                                                    The dog was sluggish when running a        Dakota V
sluggish                     slow, tired                            block.                                     2011
                             to reproach scornfully or
taunt                        sarcastically                          Ethan likes to taunt me all of the time.   Melissa 2011
                             having or showing tolerance of         The cantankerous girl was tolerant when Gretchen
tolerant                     others beliefs, ect.                   she got to the doctor's office.         2011
                                                                  The tranquil clerk took forever to cash in Gretchen
Tranquil                   calm, serene, placid, ect.             a 20 dollar bill                           2011
                                                                  The plane was very turbulent because we Gretchen
turbulent                  wild or disorderly                     were in a storm.                        2011
Uncanny                    mysterious; weird                      The museum was very uncanny at night. 2011
                                                                                                              Dakota V
Vigorous                   having or showing energy               Everyone on fieldtrips are vigorous.        2011
                         energetically, alertly, eagerly,
vigorously               quickly                                  I vigorously dug around my bag of candy. Melissa 2011
                         showing liveliness and high              The team was very vivacious when they Miss
               adjective spiritedness                             won their game.
Vivacious                                                                                                  Greenholt
                                                                  Gary was vorciously eating his              Gretchen
voraciously                to be eager                            thanksgiving dinner.                        2011
                           to hit hard                            The gorilla walloped his chest.             Hayley C.
wallop                                                                                                        2010
                           to utter a loud sound, as in pain or
whimper                    right                                  Hayley likes to whimper all the time.       Carli 2011
                                                                  That joke gets more whimsical every         Dakota W
whimsical                  funny                                  time.                                       2011
                                                                  Ethan experienced my wrath when he
wrath                      intense anger, rage, fury              blamed me for something I did not do.       Melissa 2011
                                                                  A lot of the time my mom is wretched a      Dakota W
wretchedness               stressed                               lot because my litter sister is brat.       2011

zanked                     exaghauted                             I am zanked from a hard day at work.        Jordan 2011
                                                                                                              Logan Graham
zany                       a silly or foolish person              My brother was zany at dinner.              2011

               adjective                                          I was feeling really zealous about going to
zealous                    very enthusiastic                      the football game.                          Jordan 2011
                           strong and harsh sensation             The salsa smells zesty
zesty                                                                                                         Maddi 2009

zest                       keen enjoyment                         I have an amazing zest for life             Jordan 2011
jitters                    and uneasy feeling                     I felt jitters when I was sick in my bed.   Rhianon 2011
                                                                  I had very etiquette manners at
Etiquette                  manners                                Thanksgiving                                Jordan 2011

Wallow                     to roll about in mud                   I like to Wallow sometimes.                 Jordan 2011
                                                                  I was fatiqued when I cleaned the whole Logan Goose
weary                      exausted, fatiqaued overworked,        house.                                  2011
                           unwiling to believe, showing doubt     Mary is incredulous when it comes to bad Gretchen
Incredulous                or disbelief                           grades.                                  2011
Incandesent               very hot or steaming                  the pot was very incandesent.                Aidan C. 2011
                                                                Jason was debauched when he lost the
debauched                 bad or mean                           kickball game.                               Aidan C. 2011

Brazen                    smart or intelligent                  jack was very brazen on dolphins.            Aidan C. 2011
                                                                I think my mom's car is fragmentary, it      Dakota W.
fragmentary               broken                                won't start                                  2011
                                                                                                             Dakota W.
Erratic                   broken                                I hate when old things become erratic        2011
                                                                Dang it, I have just received my toy         Dakota W.
spasnodic                 broken                                spasnodic.                                   2011

              adjective                                         Gosh, that car got pulverized by that        Dakota W.
Pulverized                crushed into pieces                   machine.                                     2011
                                                                I have to gad around the field at football
gad                       to wonder adoutin a restlessway       practice                                     Quinton 2011

rendezvous                a metting place                       After five, you should go to a rendezvoys. Quinton 2011
                                                                My brother and I bicker over what
bicker                    to argue over petty matters           channel to watch.                            Xaivier 2011
                                                                The citizens of Gohtam City revere
revere                    to show devotion and honner to        Batman and robin.                            Xaivier 2011
                                                                Avegetarion adominates red meat but
abaminate                 to dislike intensely; loathe; detst   likes salad.                                 Xaivier 2011
                          struck by shock, terror, or           My mokm was agast at the price of the
aghast                    amazemant                             new xbox game.                               Xaivier 2011
                          of no practical impotance,
moot                      irrelevante                           Wether or not you wanted to go to the        Xaivier 2011
                                                                concert is now moot, since it's been
                                                                cancelles due to rain.