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FACULTY:               LAW

The Faculty Manager is accountable to the Dean for the effective and efficient professional
leadership, management and development of faculty-wide administrative and technical services
including strategic and operational planning, financial management, management information,
academic programs support, research infrastructure, governance support, course and student
administration, facilities management, marketing and communications and human resource
management to ensure delivery of the core activities of teaching and learning, research,
scholarship and community engagement.

Academic staff:                                67 FTE and 65-70 FTE casual
Professional staff:                            18 FTE
Number of courses:     Research                3
                       PG Coursework           13
                       Undergraduate           12

Total Law student enrolments:                  1787 EFTSL / 2240 Headcount
Cross-disciplinary enrolments:                 500 EFTSL
Research income pa:                            $1.5 million
Faculty Expenditure:                           $14.5 million


The position reports to the Dean. All support staff report either directly or indirectly to the Faculty
Manager (21 staff). Six (6) of these staff are supplied and managed operationally under service
level agreements with the Information Technology Division (ITD) and the Marketing and
Communications Unit (MCU).

Collaboration and Communication

Internal to the Faculty: The Faculty Manager is a member of the Dean’s Management Group
(DMG) and the Dean’s Advisory Committee (DAC). The manager consults with and advises the
Dean, Associate Deans (Research and Teaching & Learning), Director of Students, Director of
Courses, Director Academic Programs, Academic Liaison Officer and academic staff, Director of
Centre: Communications Law Centre, Anti-Slavery Australia, Director (AustLii) on faculty and
university administrative policies and procedures which affect staff and students. The Faculty
Manager is an ex-officio member of Faculty Board and all major faculty committees for the
purpose of contributing advice and wide knowledge of the infrastructure supporting business and
developments in a collegial governance structure.

Internal to UTS: The Faculty Manager consults and negotiates with central administration units
regarding faculty needs and provides the primary link for administrative matters with all central
administration units. There are 4 major service level agreements which impact on faculty services
to students and staff – with Student Administration in relation to student centre engagement and
subject logistics management, with the Marketing and Communications Unit for

marketing/web/alumni and events services and with Information Technology Division for IT
services. The Faculty Manager is in regular contact and negotiation with managers from each of
these central areas as well as being responsible for operational guidance for faculty-based staff.

External to UTS: The Faculty Manager liaises with alumni, professional or industry bodies,
funding bodies, government departments, suppliers, other related educational organisations,
colleagues from other higher education institutions and others as appropriate to ensure
appropriate services, links and opportunities are maximised.


Developmental and Business Plans, Strategy and Policy Development
The Faculty Manager is accountable to the Dean for the co-ordination and drafting of the Faculty’s
strategic plan. This involves the preparation of a range of analytical and informative documents,
and ensuring that the appropriate internal and external consultations have taken place within the
Faculty. It also involves the management and co-ordination of the reporting of any strategic
initiatives, and co-ordinating the production of strategic management plans and the three-year
development and action plan.

The Faculty Manager is responsible for supplying and when necessary creating appropriate
management information to inform decision-making eg: finances, human resources, physical
plant, international trend data and student information.

The Faculty Manager is also responsible for a broad range of policy or procedure formulation and
advice to the Faculty. Such policy broadly relates to the academic, administrative, marketing and
technical operations of the Faculty.

Financial Management
The Faculty Manager is the principal officer in the Faculty responsible for financial management
and budgetary processes, and as such assumes a significant and critical role in advising the Dean
and senior management on the financial operations of the Faculty. Specific activities include:

   Undertaking and advising the Dean on strategic planning associated with the Faculty’s budget
   Being a core signatory to a broad range of Faculty cost codes
   Directing the Faculty Operations Manager in the production and distribution of appropriate
    reporting for line management use
   Monitoring of overall budget and expenditure, reporting concerns to appropriate managers
    and making recommendations to the Executive for managing and problem areas
   In conjunction with the Faculty Finance Officer, provide budget analysis and modelling as
    required or relevant, including the preparation of income and expenditure projections and
    monitoring against actual outcomes
   Overseeing the implementation of correct procedures for activity account management
   Implementation and management of the Faculty’s use of the I-Procurement system.

Human Resource Management
The Faculty Manager has overall responsibility for implementation of best practice human
resource management across the professional support staff. This includes coaching and
supervisors on staff management issues and facilitating easy access to UTS HR policy and
procedures. Specific activities include:

       Recruitment and development
       Foster and maintain a high level of morale and strong team spirit within the Faculty’s
        professional support staff

       Train, supervise and motivate administrative staff to ensure that they carry out their duties
        effectively while meeting their own career objectives
       Ensure the incorporation of principles, aims and objectives of equal opportunity in the
        management of tasks, and to emphasise environmental health and safety responsibilities
        and procedures in staff duties
       Ensure human resources are deployed in the most effective and efficient manner
       Develop and monitor performance standards
       Workforce planning
       Provision of an appropriate workplace environment and resources to enable staff to carry
        out their duties effectively
       Best practice human resource management of direct report staff.

Management of Faculty Administrative Infrastructure, Operations and Facilities
The Faculty Manager directs the functional responsibilities of the Faculty’s support operations.
Through the line supervisors, the Faculty Manager is responsible for ensuring best practice in
faculty processes relating to academic programs support, academic managers assistance,
research services, escalated student administration matters, timetabling and room logistics,
course accreditation and on-going course support, international student recruitment and in-house
support, facilities management, governance and committee services, financial services, human
resources, marketing and communication, information technology services.

The Faculty Manager is responsible for managing and facilitating change within the Faculty as it
relates to the administrative staff and associated systems. The incumbent is responsible for the
on-going review of the support infrastructure to ensure that it remains efficient, effective and
responsive to the Faculty’s strategic directions. This will involve on-going facilitation and
enhancement of processes and work flows in all aspects of the support structure, as well as
maintenance of a level of flexibility to enable significant process redevelopment and change as
the Faculty’s strategic direction evolves over time.

The Faculty Manager liaises closely with and advises the Associate Deans (Teaching & Learning
and Research), Directors (Courses, Academic Programs and Students), Academic Liaison Officer
and Centre Directors, CLC, Anti-Slavery and (AustLII) regarding the administrative, financial and
human resource functions for which they are responsible.

The Faculty Manager together with the Faculty Operations Manager is responsible for the overall
management and maintenance of the Faculty’s physical accommodation and allocation of rooms
and office spaces. The incumbent will advise/advocate to the Executive on proposals for changes
to physical space and ensures that capital and operational expenditure is framed to meet
improvements and in particular the annual return through the Capex process for improvements to
faculty spaces. The incumbent is responsible for all negotiations with the Facilities Management
Unit in relation to upgrades, re-fits and new space development and on-going interaction during
construction phases.

It is the responsibility of the Faculty Manager to remain abreast of developments in other faculties
and universities in order to monitor what entails best practice and how it can be achieved and
maintained in the Faculty. Associated with this is the facilitation of a culture that supports
continuous improvements in all administrative operations.

Faculty Governance and Decision-Making
The Faculty Manager is a member of the Faculty’s Executive and an ex-officio member of Faculty
Board, Dean’s Management Group, Dean’s Advisory Committee and the Associate Deans
Advisory Group and as such contributes to the senior decision making processes within the
Faculty for administrative, technical and academic related issues. The Faculty Manager may,
based on need or relevance, become involved in other faculty committees and advisory groups as
a contributing member.

With the Dean or delegated authority, the Faculty Manager may negotiate and manage any
agreements and contracts with external providers or where the Faculty is providing services for
outside organisations.

The Faculty Manager maintains an effective communication link between the faculty and the
university, as well as ensuring the effective operation of the Faculty’s internal communication and
committee structures.

The Faculty Manager has overall responsibility for ensuring correct governance practices in line
with University requirements, eg committee governance, records management.

Management of Service Level Agreements
The Faculty Manager is responsible for the management of four (4) service level agreements and
the maximisation of service effectiveness for faculty purposes. These agreements cover student
administration and subject logistics, marketing and related activities and information technology.
The Faculty Manager is responsible for the determination of resource levels through the annual
budget provision for these services.

a & b. Student Administration and Subject Logistics
The Faculty Manager is responsible for negotiating the Student Centre and SLM agreements with
the Director (Student Administration Unit) and the Deputy Director (Subject Logistics
Management) and their on-going maintenance, review and updating to meet the provision of
efficient student and academic support in collaboration with staff of the university student centres
and the timetabling (SLM) team. The Faculty Manager has responsibility to ensure that faculty
objectives and strategies are met by the SAU and SLM teams.

The incumbent ensures that Faculty Board decisions on student matters are translated
operationally by the student centres in line with precedents and best practice to refine and reduce
response times to student enquiries and requests. Where difficult matters requiring academic
input are escalated to the faculty, the Faculty Manager ensures that the local support staff are
responsive to service level targets.

c. Marketing and Communication, Events, Alumni Relations
The Faculty Manager is responsible for negotiating the MCU agreement with the Marketing
Services Manager (MCU) and its on-going maintenance, review and updating to meet faculty
objectives designed to enhance the “whole of relationship” experience of prospective and existing
students together with proactive alumni networking. The Faculty Manager has responsibility to
ensure that faculty objectives and strategies are met by the MCU team.

The incumbent provides operational guidance to the four staff located within the faculty: the
Marketing Manager, Marketing Officer, Web Coordinator and Events and Alumni Officer.

The Faculty Manager plays an integral role in the planning, co-ordination and implementation of
the Faculty’s marketing and promotional activities, and has responsibility for the budgeting and
financial expenditure associated with these activities. This position oversees the promotion of the
Faculty in a variety of publications to which the Faculty contributes including media advertising,
Faculty Handbooks, UAC guide, and in addition oversees management of web content.

d. Management of Technology Resources
The Faculty Manager is responsible for negotiating the ITD agreement with the Manager (Internal
Partnerships) and its on-going maintenance, review and updating to meet the provision of an
efficient information management infrastructure to support faculty business systems and
academic support services.


The Faculty of Law is a leading Australian law faculty with strong undergraduate and graduate
award courses and a reputation for teaching and learning innovation. It is rapidly growing its
research, community engagement, international student recruitment and professional
development initiatives as part of a strategic agenda responding to the competitive environment at
every level (local, national and international). Major curriculum reviews have re-vitalised its
undergraduate and postgraduate programs to meet industry needs and student expectations. Its
professional administration is responding to the move to centralised management of support
services in IT, student administration, timetabling and marketing by re-organising locally into two
distinct arms – academic programs support and faculty-wide operations. These changes are
subject to regular review in line with quality management actions embodied by the commitment to
PRDI principles.

The role of Faculty Manager in an environment of change must address a number of challenges
in order to:

        Successfully promote the faculty and its services in increasingly competitive markets, both
         locally and internationally
        Strategically and operationally support the faculty drive to be more self-sustaining and to
         function effectively despite the increasing challenges of diminishing government funding
        actively manage the continuous quality process of administrative review and change within
         the faculty to maintain a harmonious balance across common and conflicting demands
         between staff and client groups
        Actively manage and negotiate the provision of services to the faculty by central divisions
         (IT, student administration, timetabling and room allocation, marketing and
         communications, alumni relations, events management)
        Act as principal source of advice to the Dean and colleagues upon the interpretation and
         application of the university rules and policies and the interaction with faculty guidelines
         often in situations where the rules/policies are non-specific and decisions must be made


The Faculty Manager is expected to act autonomously within broad guidelines set by the Dean
and university policy. The incumbent has financial delegation of $20,000.


        Incumbent                         Supervisor                    Manager
        (if currently occupied)                                         (minimum level
Name:         [vacant]                                                  Jill McKeough

Title:        Faculty Manager                                           Dean,
                                                                        Faculty of Law




UNIT or FACULTY                     FACULTY OF LAW

Skills and Attributes

   Highly developed skills in relationship and people management including communication,
    negotiation, motivation and team development
   Excellent project management skills including the ability to analyse complex issues and
    problems, develop feasible solutions, and manage multiple concurrent complex projects from
    initiation through to completion
   Capacity to effectively utilise information and communication technologies
   Ability to initiate and successfully manage process and structural change
   Ability to bring about a service orientation


   Demonstrated knowledge of higher education sector governance and management
    processes, including people, technological and financial issues and infrastructure
   Demonstrated knowledge and application of EEO and EHS principles in the workplace


   Degree in an appropriate discipline
   Postgraduate qualifications in an area relevant to one of the major accountabilities would be
    an advantage


   Successful experience in strategic planning and monitoring
   Proven experience in financial and communications management
   Demonstrated effective experience in developing people’s capabilities and in leading people
   Administration management in higher education or similar



                                                            Associate Dean                                             Director,
                            Associate Dean                                                                                                Faculty Manager
                                                             (Teaching &                                           Alumni & External
                                                              Learning)                                              Engagement

                                                                             Dean’s Management Group

                                                                                                  Director                                                     Marketing &          External
                                                      Director             Director                                     Director
      Director (AustLII)                                                                      (Communication                                                  Communication       Engagement
                                                     (Courses)            (Students)                                  (Anti-Slavery
                                                                                                Law Centre)                                                     Manager            Manager

                                                                                        Dean’s Advisory Committee

                             FRN Network,
                            Health, Family &
                                                                                                                                          Assistant (Dean)
                                                                         Professor                 Faculty
                             FRN Network,
                                                                                                   Manager               Academic
                            Criminal Justice &       Director                                                                                Executive
      Executive Director                                                                                             Services Manager
                               Criminology          (Academic                                                                              Assistant (A/D)
                                                                       Senior Lecturer
                                                    Programs)                                     Governance
                             FRN Network,                                                           Officer
                              IP, Media &                                                                               Academic                              Marketing &
          Systems           Communications        Program Head,                                                     Services Officer x4    Finance Officer
        Developer x4                                 Industrial           Lecturer
                                                                                               Subject Logistics                                                Officer
                                                                                                                                                                                  Client Systems
                            FRN Network,                                                                                 Academic                                                  Coordinator
                              Corporate,                                                                             Services Assistant                        Recruitment
      Project Officer x4                          Program Head,                                                                             Coordinator
                                                                      Associate Lecturer                                    x2                               Marketing Officer
                           Commercial & Tax      Dispute Resolution                               Admissions

                             FRN Network,
                                                                                                                                             Research                            Customer Support
        Administrative         Int'nal Law,       Program Head,                                    Executive         Research Officer
                                                                           Clinical                                                         Development      Web Coordinator       Officer x1.5
          Assistant         Human Rights &        Practical Legal                                  Assistant
                                                                         Practitioner                                                         Officer
                            the Environment          Training

           AustLII         Faculty Research           Teaching & Learning Group              Faculty Operations Academic Services           Dean’s Unit         Marketing          Information
                              Networks                                                                                                                                             Technology


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