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									    Navigating in Their
  Space: Get Connected
     and Improve Your
 Effectiveness with Teens
  a presentation on Online Social Networking

Nadine Fogt, Brian Raison, Andrea Davis, and Mark Light
         Ohio State University Extension
4-H Profile – Brian Raison
4-H Profiles – Mark Light
4-H Profile – Nadine Fogt
4-H Profile – Andrea Davis
                RESEARCH PROPOSAL

Navigating in Their Space: Get Connected and Improve Your
Effectiveness with Teens

Current collegians can immediately identify the newest trends in online
profile and posting activity.

This project will survey up to 500 current college students, identify key
themes, and disseminate the insight to youth development professionals
and high school students.

A new curriculum, “Navigating in Their Space” will result.
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1. Do you have a profile on:   (check all that apply)

Facebook                                 173        90%
Myspace                                  105        55%
Xanga                                     35        18%
Other, please specify                     19        10%

2. If yes, how often do you access your profile?
more than once/day                        99        52%
daily                                     50        26%
2-5 times/week                            33        17%
1/week                                     3            2%
every couple of weeks                      6            3%
Total                                    191       100%
3. Is your site private (accessed only by those
Yes                                  130          68%
No                                    54          28%
Not Sure                              8           4%
Total                                192          100%

4. Do you add friends that you have never met before
    (allowing them access)?
Yes                                   47          24%
No                                   145          76%
Total                                192          100%
5. Have you posted anything you wouldn’t want
   your parent, professor, or a future employer to
Yes                                      28   15%
No                                      119   62%
Well, kinda...                           45   23%

6. Have any of your friends posted something on
   YOUR site that you wouldn’t want your parent,
   professor, or future employer to see?
Yes                                       82 44%
No                                        62 33%
Well, kinda...                            44 23%
7. What’s the hottest trend right now? That is,
  what are people posting or talking about?
  (check all that apply)
friends                          151      80%
clubs / organized events          88      47%
road trips                        48      25%
parties                          117      62%
drinking                          67      35%
drug use                           5       3%
sexually explicit material        15       8%
music sharing                     43      23%
video sharing                     35      19%
Other, please specify             26      14%
10. Check the number indicating how much you knew of the following:

Top number = count of respondents               I did not     2     3     4   I already
Bottom = percent of the total respondents          know                           knew
                                                     that                           that
                                                      11     25    22    41          91
My online posts can last forever.
                                                     6%     13%   12%   22%        48%
There are some safety issues with online               3      4    11    37        135
   posting.                                          2%     2%    6%    19%        71%
Some employers check online profiles prior             4      5    11    23        147
   to hiring.                                        2%     3%    6%    12%        77%
Some universities check online profiles prior         36     22    22    37          72
   to admitting.                                    19%     12%   12%   20%        38%
Some colleges monitor underage drinking               22     15    30    35          88
   via these sites.                                 12%     8%    16%   18%        46%
Some Law Enforcement and courts have                  18     27    26    25          93
   used these sites as evidence.                    10%     14%   14%   13%        49%
An offhand comment posted as a joke could              5      5    22    52        105
    be perceived as a real threat.                   3%     3%    12%   28%        56%
                                                      12     11    23    36        108
I can be liable for posting certain things.
                                                     6%     6%    12%   19%        57%
11. Is it ethical for employers or universities to
check your online profile?
Yes                                         116   62%
No                                          70    38%
Total                                       186

12. Should people be accountable for what they
Yes                                         172   93%
No                                          12    7%
Total                                       184
Question 13: What do teachers or adults who work with
teens need to know about online profiles and activities?

   E = exaggerated notion                           35%
   L = limited understanding only is possible

   P = personal information / security risk /       32%
   W = warning (signs to watch)

   S = sexually explicit; provocative               5%
   U = opportunity for understanding / can get to   20%
   know kids

   O = get out!                                     8%
Exaggerated –
“we exagerate! its not all true! blogging
sites like xanga and live journal an be a
way to vent and arent necessarily
100% accurate. They normally express
a lot of angry feelings and not a lot of
happy ones bc when we are happy we
tell our friends, we dont run to our
Exaggerated –
“Online profiles do not give a 'real
inciteful view' of what the
teen/student/employee is feeling or
is acting. There may be things on
the profile that the teacher or adult
didn't know, but usually these
profiles are used as a vent or simply
Get Out –
“It is not meant for their access, it is meant for
high school through college students, maybe
graduate students, and they need to keep their
noses out of that business.”

“not to infringe on personal privacy - it's like
tapping phone conversations or searching
through somebody's personal belongings.”

“Privacy should be respected but an
obvious cry for help should not be
“if a teen is acting in an unusual
behavior and you feel that insight
could be gained by viewing their
profile, do so.”
What they said…
        Why do you use it
Keep in contact with people I don’t see
very often

Keep up with the lives of my friends
  Advice for a potential user
Go ahead and do it. If you don’t like it, you can
always delete it. But they’re a lot of fun!

Don’t feel obligated to accept friends requests
from people you don’t know

Be careful what you put on there. Avoid
addresses, phone numbers, etc.

Know that what you post can last forever, even if
you delete it.
           Unwritten Rules
Cyber stalking – so not cool

Don’t be stupid. Use common sense.

It’s ok to have adults ask kids to be their friends

Follow normal life rules. 45 year old men
shouldn’t ask 16 year olds out.
      4-H in social networking
Their ideas

   Advertise our

   Use applications
    and groups to
    promote 4-H and
    other activities
Look at other groups/pages

“You have to keep it somewhat kid
oriented because even though we are
teenagers we like to have fun.”

Update, add pictures, start blogs, add
BRB   F2F    G2G    IDK      IRL      JK        LOL    NIFOC

NP    P911   PAW    PIR      POS      TOS       TTYL   WTGP

                           be right back
                           face to face
                              got to go
                           I don’t know
                             In real life
                            just kidding
                        laughing out loud
                   naked in front of computer
                            no problem
                    my parents are coming!
                      parents are watching
                          parent in room
                      parent over shoulder
                     teacher over shoulder
                         talk to you later
                       want to go private?
Tips When Working with Youth
Prepare youth for the online world just as you would for the real

Learn about Social Networks and how youth are communicating

Protect their privacy

How to Notice and Address a Problem
    Questions to ask youth
Are you comfortable with the kinds of
things others might find online?
Is everything you’ve posted in line with
values and good representative of you?
Is there anything a supervisor, coach,
faculty member might find questionable?
How will you react if someone draws
something like this to your attention?
Please be my friend….
 Posting Advise for Students
Be prudent about what you post.
Remember that faculty, coaches, staff,
and even future employers can examine
Facebook and MySpace profiles.
Take advantage of privacy settings that
permit only friends to take a peek.
Keep removing old content and pictures.
Remove old groups.
Think before you click.
           Profile Advice
“Visible only to friends”
Do not list cell phones
Do not list your address where you live
Consider leaving off your last name
Do not list sn or other information that link
you to websites or personal information
Use an icon versus a picture of yourself.
Is this your 4-H Youth?
        How did it start?
“Facebook is an online directory that
connects people through social networks
at schools.
    How did MySpace Start?
MySpace is an online community that lets you meet
your friends' friends.

TOM                           TOM
Create a “private” community on MySpace and you can
share photos, journals and interests with your growing
network of mutual friends!
   Blah, Blah, Blah

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Violating the right of third party, including
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Misrepresentation of self –
Tort of invasion
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   Public disclosure of private information
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       Contract - Litigation
Limits liability to the cost of membership
Venue is in California
Not Liable
 Facebook/MySpace policies
Facebook/MySpace prohibits the posting
of words or images that it deems to be
objectionable. But it's impossible to police
154 million profiles. And some people will
always push the limits of good taste and
common sense.
4-H Profile - CathannArceneaux Kress
Allen County Fair
4-H Camp Palmer
Allen County 4-H
4-H Project pages
Is your friend George W.?
Will you be MY friend?
Great place to communicate with youth
Good way to network with colleagues
Share pictures/videos with friends
Birthday reminders
Keep in touch with people you meet in person
Personal messages
Friend’s information all in one place
Easy of keeping up with what your youth are

Open to over 154,000,000 people (MySpace)
Fake information or profiles – Principals, celebrities
Continuous changing user agreement
Internet Record
Can’t sue or force them to remove someone’s content
Anyone can copy information off your site
Online Predators
Spam Profiles and junky ads (MySpace)
Information Overload
I’ll be your Super friend
Online Social Networking can be a good
 communication tool if used correctly

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