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									                Business Finance - Shares and Equity

Financing of capital, the medium and long term, the property, and in
many cases the concept of investing in companies share control of
company. There are two basic methods to finance the activities of the
company. Investors and business angels. Financing is one of the most
popular ways of collecting money for the society.
Equity finance is a good example of a place where risk capital. Also,
because there is no guarantee that the investor never get money. Unlike
the common law, the rights of creditors, investors do not have the
resources, or to a specific point in time. This Silver investors, investment
and business activity, the profit rates. Due to the high risk involved in
financing, which it is not possible to attract capital, if the company has an
annual growth rate of at least 20%. Investors are willing to invest in a
person who believes that you can trust a clear strategy and a business
Companies need a strategy, March, hopes more financial and business
plan, regardless of the activity. You need a comprehensive business plan,
marketing plan, detailed financial projections. The business plan should
be a lot of money on such matters as are required, and how long you want
to keep control of the company. In addition, it's the completion of their
funding, and if plans are realistic, and the business use of the necessary
external funding for d'interdire. A business plan is completed, it is also
important to note that the investors may be affected. Without Limit; This
step is also close to the design and execution of the activities, potential
candidate is important if you want to provide external resources.
If you wish to receive financial aid, there are a few items to existing
investors, the company is ready for the management of the company to
raise capital? Investors are expected to say something, so the business is
willing to be, what you need in your business, products and services
offered by the company that one of the ways that can do business
definition, the only sale. In addition, it should also be able to create and
experience the company.
For more information on the funding and administration of Justice, if the
deal is now Angel or venture capitalists, and tell me what you can do.

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