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					                                                                                       Number 42: April 2011

The 2011 Reunion
     This year’s reunion will be held the weekend of July 30-31 at Heimwald Park. More details will
follow in the reunion letter in June.
Mid-Winter Board Meeting
     The meeting was held Jan.18 in the Lee Glatfelter room at the Glatfelter Insurance Group
building. Seven members attended, three teleconferenced and two asked to be excused. Five were
     Judy Martin reported for the Executive Committee. She and Jean Robinson agreed to be co-chairs
for the Reunion Committee. The theme for this year’s reunion will be "Glatfelters in the American
Revolution." Jean will try to arrange for an American Revolution reenactor to be a speaker. (See more
on this later in the newsletter.)
     Larry Gladfelter Jr., reporting for the Communications Committee, noted that the first bulk e-
mailing went out with the latest newsletter and that obituaries have been added to the website. In
addition, our web site now displays a reminder that, in accordance with the by-laws, no alcohol may be
brought to Heimwald Park.
     From the Development Committee, Larry Gladfelter Sr., Larry Gladfelter Jr. and Lori Dudney
reported they are producing two DVDs about their 2010 family trip to Glattfelden, Switzerland. One
DVD is on the church service and the second on sights around Glattfelden. The DVDs should be
available for sale at the reunion, with proceeds going to the Endowment Fund.
     Larry Gladfelter Sr. announced that he and his wife, Lois Gladfelter, have set up an endowment
fund at Messiah College for student scholarships and that the Association received a letter from the
college regarding the scholarships. The recipient must be a Glattfelder descendent and attend Messiah
College, or another Christian college.
     For the Property Committee, Bryan Miller reported that he is still checking on the price for a new
driveway entrance gate to Heimwald Park. He also presented a proposal to allow the Jacobus Boy
Scout troop to earn some badges by spending a weekend at Heimwald Park painting the refreshment
stand, preferably sometime in May. (Bryan recently confirmed that the scouts will be camping at
Heimwald the weekend of May 13 - 15.)
     Bryan also reported for the Glattfelder Education Fund and noted that he has received several
scholarship applications so far. We plan to award six $1000 scholarships again this year.
Cleaning up
     The annual park clean up will be held Saturday, July 23, beginning at 9 a.m. Everyone is welcome
to lend a hand.

             Newsletter of the Casper Glattfelder Association of America, April 2011                 1
Revolutionary visitor
     Our reunion program this year begins our series on Glattfelders (and spelling variations thereof)
that have served in our military in some capacity. This year we will have Dan Roe from the York
County Heritage Trust present a dramatic interpretation of a York County resident living around the
time of the Revolutionary War. Following this presentation, Dr. Charles Glatfelter will provide some
interesting information concerning the participation of some Glattfelders from York County in the war.
Brick Patio
     A detailed chart of the brick patio should be on display at this year’s reunion, including an
explanation of the placement of the bricks. We also plan to put the chart on our website.
     The mailing deadline for new brick orders this year is May 10, which allows time for ordering,
delivery and placement of the bricks before the reunion in July. Cost remains $75 each (see enclosed
order form). All proceeds from this project go to our Endowment Fund. For more information,
contact Philip Glatfelter, 430 Charles Circle, Hallam, PA 17406, call (717) 968-4577 or email to
     The Glattfelder Education Fund selection committee is currently in the process of reviewing this
year’s applicants for the Nathan Glattfelder and Ives Bricker Scholarships. The selection committee
will be meeting in April to make this year’s selections and then announce the winners at the reunion in
     Next year’s scholarship application period will begin in January. However, anyone interested in
starting early can request an application by emailing to Keep in mind that
the yearly deadlines will change, but the requirements will stay the same. Bryan Miller will place a
current application form on the Glattfelder website ( in January when the new
application period begins.

                                               President’s Message

     Several years ago, long-time Board Vice President Philip Glatfelter II suggested that we have a
series of reunion themes to honor the various generations of the family who have served in the Armed
Forces of the United States during wartime.
     The "stars and stripes of liberty" of which we sing in the Reunion Hymn did not descend from the
sky as a free gift. They were earned with the blood, sweat and tears of those who served honorably in
times of conflict, and especially by those who gave "their last full measure of devotion," to borrow the
words of Abraham Lincoln.
     I am pleased to announce that Philip’s suggestion will at last be implemented, beginning with this
year’s reunion when we honor the sons of Casper who served in the militia during the American
     Next year, we will honor those descendants who served during the War of 1812 – a tribute that
will coincide with the bicentennial of that foreign invasion.
     In 2013 – the sesquicentennial of the Battle of Gettysburg – we will honor the family members
who served during the Civil War.
     This year’s tribute will be truly revolutionary in that planning is underway for a costumed
reenactor from the York County Heritage Trust to deliver historical information.
     Do plan to join us as we explore the life and times of our patriot patriarchs!

                                                                                       Rev. J. Thomas Shelley

             Newsletter of the Casper Glattfelder Association of America, April 2011                  2
                                        Financial Page
                                   Dallas L. Smith, Treasurer

Increased investment income from our Endowment Fund and increased contributions
combined with lower printing and mailing costs produced a net gain of $4,987 in our
General Fund for 2010.
Our Endowment Fund now stands at $72,806, an increase of $1,359 over 2009. The
balance in the general fund is $28,227.

                                           General Fund 2010
       Reunion events                                                            $ 2,732
       Contributions                                                               6,215
       Merchandise proceeds, net                                                      35
       Earnings from investments                                                   4,585
              Total income                                                                 $ 13,567
       Park maintenance & operating expenses                                     $ 3,222
       Reunion costs                                                               3,199
       Postage, printing, records expenses                                         2,159
              Total expenses                                                                $ 8,580
       Receipts over expenses                                                               $ 4,987

       Newsletter of the Casper Glattfelder Association of America, April 2011                        3
                                           2011 Directors

Rev. J. Thomas Shelley – Loganville PA                          Bonnie Flaharty – York PA
Judith Martin – Dallastown PA                                   Jean Robinson – Red Lion PA
Dallas L. Smith – York PA                                       M. Richard Hoover –
Larry Gladfelter Jr. – Edgemont PA                                State College PA
Dean B Glatfelter – Glen Rock PA                                Pamela Tuscany-Warren –
E. Neil Glotfelty – Mechanicsburg PA                              Cape Canaveral FL
Bryan L. Miller – York PA                                       Christina E. Glatfelter – Aspers PA
Rev. Dr. Dennis Gable – Dover PA                                Larry E. Gladfelter Sr.–
Joann C. Jones – Armagh PA                                        New Oxford PA
Kristine Hake – Jacobus PA                                      Lori Dudney – York PA

                                        Contact Information

 President                      Rev. J. Thomas Shelley                   717-428-3600
                                P O Box 38
                                Seven Valleys PA 17360         

 Treasurer and                  Dallas L. Smith                          717-968-9446
 mailing list coordinator       P O Box A
                                Jacobus PA 17407               

 Historian                      Jean Gladfelter Robinson                 717-927-6623
                                2335 Burkholder Rd
                                Red Lion PA 17356              

             Newsletter of the Casper Glattfelder Association of America, April 2011                 4
Name: ____________________________________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________________________
                       Street                                Town or City                      State   Zip
Please order and place        bricks, at $75 each = $                             Total
Date of order _______________
           May 10, 2011 is the mailing deadline for bricks to be placed for the 2011 reunion.
                        Make check payable to: Casper Glattfelder Assoc.
                Mail to: Dallas L. Smith, treasurer, P O Box A, Jacobus, PA 17407

One name per brick, with year of birth or years of birth and death.
Be sure to explain briefly how this person is related to Casper Glattfelder.
Photocopy this form if you wish to order more than four bricks.

                        Brick 1                                                           Brick 2

Line 1   ___________________________________                      ___________________________________

Line 2   ___________________________________                      ___________________________________

Line 3   ___________________________________                      ___________________________________

                        Brick 3                                                           Brick 4

Line 1   ___________________________________                      ___________________________________

Line 2   ___________________________________                      ___________________________________

Line 3   ___________________________________                      ___________________________________

              Newsletter of the Casper Glattfelder Association of America, April 2011                  5
                     Shipping Information                                      Make check payable to:
Name                                                                           Philip Glatfelter
Address                                                                        430 Charles Circle
City                               State               ZIP                     Hallam PA 17406
Telephone                                                                      717-751-4833
       Merchandise with the GLATTFELDER COAT OF ARMS                                             (As shown at the top of this order form.)
                                                                                                    Price      Shipping      Quan.     Amount
 Embroidered golf shirt            Yellow        Granite Blue           Green        White         $ 20.00       $ 4.00
         Gray        Aqua        Maroon                         S     M    L     XL* XXL*
 Silk-screened golf shirt with white printing on pocket                Green       Maroon           15.00          4.00
                                                                S     M    L     XL* XXL*
 Silk-screened golf shirt with white printing (no pocket)              Green        Maroon          15.00          4.00
                                                                S     M    L     XL * XXL*
 Silk-screened pullover sweatshirt with black printing              Light Gray       Dark Gray      12.00          5.00
                                                                S     M    L     XL * XXL*
 Packaway jacket (light weight rain jacket) – white with black printing          M   L   XL         19.00          3.00
 T-shirt (different spellings of Glattfelder)    Maroon        Navy          Light Blue             10.00          4.00
          Dark green        Purple         Red                S M          L XL* XXL*
        * Add $1 for sizes XL or XXL              XXXL sizes can be special ordered
 Baseball cap       red       dark blue                                                             15.00          2.00
 Canvas tote bag, 18” x 19” x 4”                                                                    10.00          4.00
 Coat of arms, full color print on parchment paper, 5” x 7”                                          4.00           .60
 Postal cards with coat of arms and interpretation of heraldic symbols; pack of 5                    1.00           .60
 Clear static cling with red coat of arms, 3” x 3.5”                                                 2.00           .60

                                                   OTHER MERCHANDISE
                                                                                                    Price      Shipping      Quan.     Amount
 Blank greeting cards & envelopes, set of 3 ink drawings: old homestead at Glatfelter                 6.00           .60
 Station, original Heimwald pavilion, & family’s church in Glattfelden, Switzerland
 Glattfelder emblem (on first page of newsletter) in full color on heavy paper, 5” x 7”               3.00           .60
 Booklet, The Casper Glattfelder Association: The First 100 Years 1906 – 2005                         8.00          2.00
 by Dr. Charles H. Glatfelter (2005); 39 pages; 8.5” x 11”

   Make check payable to:                   PHILIP GLATFELTER                                    Grand Total               $ ___________
             Net proceeds from sale of merchandise goes to the Casper Glattfelder Association of America
                       Newsletter of the Casper Glattfelder Association of America, April 2011                                  6
               My contribution to the Casper Glattfelder Association
  Name __________________________________________________________________________
  Address _________________________________________________________________________
  Telephone ____________________________                     General Fund           $ ____________

  Email ________________________________                     Endowment Fund *       $ ____________

                                                            Newsletter Donation              $ 5.00
                                                                 TOTAL              $ ____________
* A gift of $25 or more to the Endowment Fund may be made in memoriam.
  This gift is in memory of ___________________________________________________________

                              Make check payable to: Casper Glattfelder Assoc.
                            Mail to: Dallas L. Smith, P O Box A, Jacobus PA 17407
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      Reminder: The board of directors has requested that everyone receiving this newsletter
      contribute at least $5.00 annually to help cover the costs of preparing, printing and mailing
      the newsletter and the reunion invitation letter.
      Due to the increased costs of printing and mailing, we have discontinued sending
      newsletters to those who have made no contribution nor attended a reunion for the
      past three years.

      Paperless subscription: If you wish to be notified via email when the newsletter is
      available on our website, please include your email address above.

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