Butterfly Symmetry Directions by 5VBfbV


									                               BUTTERFLY SYMMETRY PROJECT

    1.   Pass out papers showing the drawings of actual butterflies to the students (see below). Discuss symmetry and
         how they will only paint one-half of the butterfly because they will copy and flip the first half to make the
         second half.

    2.   Log to server.

    3.   Open eZedia QTI.

    4.   Save your project to your folder on the server

    5.   Create one half of the butterfly
              Click on the Paint button
              Choose a canvas size of width 200 by height 400
              Draw the center line of the butterfly all the way on the right
                 on the canvas. Use the line tool with a “Line Color” of black
                 and a “Fill Color’ of black and a “Line Size” of the biggest
              Draw the rest of the outline of half a butterfly using a black
                 paintbrush at a small to medium width.
              Make it look like a coloring book,
              Fill in open spaces by dumping in color using the paint bucket.
              Make sure you demo how to undo (Apple-Z) and how to change the fill color of the paint bucket.

    6.   Once finished select “Save”.

    7.   Copy your half of the butterfly
          If it is not already selected, select the paint object by clicking on it
            once. (You should see its handlebars.)
          Under the “Edit’ menu, select “Copy”; then under the same menu
            select “Paste”.

    6. Flip the copy of the butterfly
              Make sure the copy is selected. (You should see its
              Click on the “Attributes” button. Make sure the “Selection”
                  tab is chosen. Put a checkmark in the “Flip—Horizontal” box.

    8.    Reposition the butterfly halves to make a complete butterfly by
         dragging each paint object as necessary.

    9.   Save your final project.

    10. Use the “Scale” box found in “Page Setup” (under to file menu) for printing to the appropriate size.

Donna Homan Highland Elementary ISD 196
Natural extensions:

1.Write a haiku about butterflies. Use the worksheet given below for students to write the poem.
Then use a text box object to add the haiku to your eZedia QTI project.

2. Make “stained glass” out of the butterflies by printing them out on transparencies made
especially for laser printers.

Donna Homan Highland Elementary ISD 196
                                          Butterflies have one line of symmetry

                                                                 QuickTime™ and
                                                               QuickTime™ and a a
                                                             TIFF (LZW) decompressor
                                                          TIFF (LZW) decompressor
                                                           are neede d to see this picture.
                                                        are neede d to see this picture.

Donna Homan Highland Elementary ISD 196
                                          Let’s Write a Butterfly Haiku

Haiku is a type of poetry from the Japanese
culture.                                                       Floating through the air
                                                           Fluttering from bloom to bloom
Common themes include nature, feelings, or                     Drift, flit, glide…to me
                                                                  In the sun I look
                                                              Butterfly wings flutter by
They do not rhyme!                                             Mini church windows

Pattern:                                                       Symmetry patterns
      5 syllables                                           Make a splash of rich color
      7 syllables                                            What an eye’s delight!
      5 syllables

5 syllables

7 syllables

5 syllables

Donna Homan Highland Elementary ISD 196

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