Art Appreciation by 5VBfbV


									Art Appreciation
1. Read about the life of Pablo Picasso.
2. Outline the life of Pablo Picasso. You may choose to do this in paragraphs,
a timeline, a story map etc.
3. Write a definition for "abstract" and "semi abstract" in your own words.
4. Write a paragraph about each of the following:
. The Blue Period
. The Rose Period
. Cubism
. "Guernica"
5. List at least 10 pieces of Picasso's work.
6. Write a paragraph on your favourite piece of art work done by Picasso.
Describe it and state why you like it.
7. Bibliography
Due: Wednesday Week 10

    Choose a piece of Picasso's work and do your own interpretation.
    Artwork can be from any practical medium (oil pastels, acrylic paint,
watercolours, screen printing etc)
    Artwork can be presented on art paper, board, canvas style board

You will be given class time to work on this, make sure you use your class
time well. Be organised!!
Due : Term 3, Wednesday, Week 1

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