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									                                  SOUTHEAST ASIA
                                 RECRUITMENT PACK
Greenpeace, one of the world’s most respected and dynamic organization, is an international
non-profit global campaigning organization that acts to protect and conserve the environment.
At the heart of Greenpeace campaigns is the tradition of non-violent, direct action against
environmental abuse and destruction.

For over 35 years, Greenpeace has been successful in campaigning to reverse environmental
degradation by bearing witness to environmental degradation by bearing witness to
environmental destruction and exposing and confronting environmental abuse. Greenpeace
campaigns have been vital in informing government policies on the environment and effecting
changes in business practices which lead to various environmental problems.

Greenpeace does not accept funding from governments or corporations to ensure our
independence from financial and commercial interests. We rely on the support of individuals to
be able to continue our work in protecting the environment.

Greenpeace in Southeast Asia

Greenpeace has been present in Southeast Asia since 2000. Greenpeace has led successful
campaigns in the region, including preventing the entry of hazardous waste imports and
radioactive shipments, campaigning against destructive logging, stopping polluting technologies
such as waste incinerators and coal power plants, promoting sustainable agriculture, renewable
energy and necessary solutions to key environmental problems.                Greenpeace actively
campaigns across the region to catalyze an energy revolution, protect the world’s ancient
forests, create a toxics-free future, and campaign for sustainable agriculture.

Greenpeace has three offices in Southeast Asia – in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.
GPSEA is composed of four departments --- the Campaigns Department, the Fundraising
Department, Communications, and Organizational Support Department. Currently, Greenpeace
has more than a hundred staff around the region, excluding the direct dialogue/fundraisers.


Reporting to the Communications Director, the Regional New Media Manager is responsible for
developing and implementing a new media (online, mobile, games, etc) communications
strategy for Greenpeace Southeast Asia. The Regioal New Media Manager is responsible for
rolling-out GPSEA’s new media communications strategy across all departments to ensure
coherent and consistent public messaging and profiling which reflects Greenpeace’s objectives
and identity in the region. The Manager would also be responsible for ensuring high quality new
media outreach for GPSEA’s campaigns and organizational profiling activities.

In addition, the Manager will establish an engaging online profile for the organization and
develop a cohesive online community of Greenpeace cyberactivists who can generate discourse
on Greenpeace campaigns and be deployed if needed for online activities.


1.    Develop GPSEA’s new media communications strategy, based on the framework already
      developed by Greenpeace International, to make it more engaging for audiences in each
      of the GPSEA offices in the region. This may include special online features, podcasts,
      slideshows, web banners, screensavers, wallpapers and other downloadable materials.

2.    Develop new media guidelines and procedures for all GPSEA new media communications
      and ensure that guidelines are observed and implemented in all GPSEA new media

3.    Working with the Communications Director, coordinate Greenpeace’s new media
      communications activities in the region including online engagement with GP
      cyberactivists, friends, sympathizers and critics by utilizing the various online tools such as
      SMS, Greenpeace Mailing List Manager, Blogs, online games, e-cards social networks,
      Indymedia, Online Forums, Social Network sites Mailing Lists, E-groups and web portals,
      Newswires, RSS Feed Aggregation, etc.

4.    Oversee the GPSEA websites, external online campaign materials, online reports and
      other content. Develop campaign specific websites if needed for certain campaign push.

5.    Lead new media campaigner team in the region.

6.    Develop and maintain strong relationships with the new media across the region via
      informal briefings, information provision, etc, in order to encourage them to view
      Greenpeace as a credible source of environmental news commentary; Represent GPSEA
      in international comms/media planning and strategy meeting as needed and when

7.    Oversee the new media work for campaign actions and offer support in new media for fund
      raising and mass networking.

8.    Carry out online engagements with GP cyberactivists, friends, sympathizers and critics by
      utilizing the various online tools (SMS, Greenpeace Mailing List Manager, Blogs, online
      games, e-cards, social networks, etc).

9.    Oversee the provision of new media related input for campaigns and provide direction on
      media coverage for campaign. Offer assistance for same for fundraising events in the
10.   Periodically evaluate and measure the effectiveness of GPSEA’s communication strategy
      in terms of increasing brand awareness, public perception, support for GPSEA’s
      campaigns, and achievement of campaign objectives.
11.     Undertake other duties as directed by the Communications

Other typical tasks would include:

12.     To participate in campaign discussion and planning regarding strategic issues and events
        planning within GPSEA, with other Greenpeace offices and with Greenpeace International
        (GPI). This will include both written and verbal discussion as well as attendance at specific

13.     Coordinate information flow within GPSEA about new media work and to other NROs and
        Greenpeace International,

14.     Represent Greenpeace at relevant national and regional public events, activist
        meetings/groups, and gatherings of political decision makers, local citizens and other
        affected communities that may assist in the development of mass networking and new

15.     Keep Communications Director informed of activities in the work (including preparation of
        monthly reports, work plans ) and recommend changes in strategies if necessary, and

16.     Oversee and manage the budgets for New Media

Qualifications and Skills Required:

     4+ years experience is required.

     Excellent English writing skills, as well as the experience and knowledge of how to manage
      the full content of a website.

     Experience managing and mentoring staff.

     Extensive online content management required, including experience with content
      navigation, maximizing readership based on placement, links, search engine optimization,
      customer engagement and retention, social networking and community building.


All items below are applicable to full time permanent employees only. Different policy applies for
Project Employees.


Normal hours of work for full time Employee will be forty (40) per week or (5) days in a week, at
8 hours per day excluding an hour lunch break. This will be from Monday to Friday, between the
hours of 8:30 am to 6: 30 pm. Ordinary hours of work may be varied as agreed between staff
and the line managers.


A permanent employee will be entitled to the following leaves:

Annual Leave – 20 days
Sick Leave – 25 days (may be used for significant others including family members)
Parental Leave - 60 to 78 days maternity leave with paid leave, and 7 days paternity      leave
                with pay
Sabbatical leave – 2 months paid leave after 5 years of continuous service
Compassionate leave – 5 days for the death of significant others


In determining salary offer for this position, Greenpeace applies its Salary Grading Process,
taking into consideration the job description and applicant’s previous experience, and the
organization’s salary grade.

Greenpeace provides health insurance and travel insurance to it’s employees.


Greenpeace is committed to providing its employees with learning and development
opportunities to be able to perform its functions more effectively. Through its mentoring process
and annual Performance Management System, staff’s development objectives are identified and


Greenpeace is committed to the principle of Equal Employment Opportunity for all employees,
regardless of sex, marital status, nationality, religion, age, sexual orientation and any other
characteristics unrelated to the performance of the job.

Selection will be in accordance with objective, job related criteria and the appointment will be on
the basis of applicant’s merits and abilities.

Greenpeace management and staff are given guidance on the implications of the equal
opportunities policy. Policies and procedures are reviewed to review and adapt current practices
to promote equality of opportunity.

Other organizational policies and procedure will be fully discussed to the successful applicant.


Interested candidates are invited to write Letter of introduction, explaining why you are qualified
for the position, and fill-up application form which you can download from

 and email by the closing date to:


Deadline of applications: September 25, 2011

We regret that shall be unable to acknowledge receipt of the form but should you wish to confirm
that we have received your application, please call our office at tel. +63-2-3321807.

As we receive a large number of applicants for our advertised vacancies, we are unable to
respond to those applicants who have not been shortlisted and we apologize for this in advance.
If you do not hear from us within two weeks of the closing date, please assume that you have
not been shortlisted.


   1.    Read the recruitment pack carefully before filling up your application form. Recruitment
        pack contains information about Greenpeace, about the job you are applying for, and
        brief information on employment condition.

   2. Fill up all items in the application form. Remember that this will be our basis for
      shortlisting candidates. Curriculum Vitae (CVs) will not be accepted.

   3. Make sure you email the form to the correct email address (,
      addressed to the HR Department, and ensure that your application form arrives before
      the closing date. Application forms received after the closing date will not be honored.

   4. If you have questions, kindly email

Thank you and we look forward to receiving your application letter and completed application

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