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									      The Intellectual and Artistic Renaissance
                         Anticipation/Reaction Guide

Before                              Statement                             After
Reading                                                                   Reading
1.          A key intellectual movement of the Renaissance was
            secularism.                                                   1.
2.          Humanists used the works of Cicero as a model for prose
            and those of Virgil for poetry.                               2.
            Dante’s masterpiece, the Divine Comedy, is the story of
3.          two clowns in a medieval circus.                              3.
4.          The Canterbury Tales is a collection of stories told by a
            group of 29 pilgrims headed for the tomb of Saint Thomas      4.
            a Becket.
            During the Renaissance, studied were called “liberal”
5.          because of their non-conservative approach.                   5.
6.          In Renaissance art, God was the focus of attention.
7.          By the end of the fifteenth century, Italian painters,
            sculptors, and architects had mastered the new techniques     7.
            for symbolically portraying the world around them.
8.          The High Renaissance in Italy is associated with three
            artistic giants, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, and              8.
9.          The Flemish painter Jan van Eyck was among the first to
            use oil paint.                                                9.
10.         By 1500, artists from northern Europe had rejected Italian
            techniques.                                                   10.
How to do a 3-2-1:
       After reading each section of the text, write down:
            3 things you found out (facts)
            2 interesting things
            1 question you still have (what is confusing you after reading?)
       -Repeat this procedure until you have read all of Chapter 25, Section 2
       -Use the key ideas or facts from all of your 3-2-1s to write a short summary
       of the section.

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