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					              Childhood in its Time: The Child in British Literature
                                       International Conference
                                           28-29 March 2009

                                         Powell Building,
                      Canterbury Christ Church University, North Holmes Road
                                 Canterbury. Kent CT1 1QU, UK

                   Conference organizers: Adrienne Gavin and Andrew Humphries

                                     CONFERENCE PROGRAMME


9.00-10.00    Registration in Foyer of Powell Building

10.00-11.00   Keynote Lecture 1: Pg09
              ‘Childhood and Happiness,’ Professor Hugh Cunningham, University of Kent, UK
              Chair: Adrienne Gavin

11.00-11.30   Tea/Coffee served in Pg05

11.30-1.00    Parallel Session 1: A Children’s Renaissance?
              Chair: Claire Bartram

              Kate Chedgzoy (Newcastle University, UK): ‘Did Children Have a Renaissance?’

              Edel Lamb (University College Dublin) ‘“Children read for their Pleasantness”: Reading Books for
              Early Modern Children’

              Lucy Munro (Keele University, UK): ‘Children and Theatrical Culture in Caroline England’

              Parallel Session 2: Childhood in Dickens, Wilde, and Bearne
              Chair: Margot Hillel

              Lynn Revell (Canterbury Christ Church University, UK): ‘Dickens, Childhood and the Classroom’

              Izumi Tanaka (Urawa University, Japan): ‘Oscar Wilde’s View of Children: The Child as a Symbol of
              Beauty in The Selfish Giant’

              Pat Pinsent (Roehampton University, UK): ‘An Angelic Child: David Bearne’s Francis Apricot

              Parallel Session 3: Contemporary Novelists and the Child
              Chair: Stefania Ciocia

              David Waterman (Université de La Rochelle, France): ‘“Kids can be very cruel:” Childhood, Guilt,
              and Burdens of the Past in Pat Barker’s Another World and Border Crossing’

              Katherina Dodou (Uppsala University, Sweden): ‘The Uses of Childhood: Ian McEwan and the Case
              of Post-war British Culture’

              Ayako Mizuo (Prefectural University of Kumamoto, Japan): ‘A Little Girl’s Perception of the Mother
              in Post-War Britain: Kate Atkinson’s Behind the Scenes at the Museum’
1.00-2.00   Lunch in Food Court

2.00-3.00   Keynote Lecture 2: Pg09
            ‘Dying Young: Shakespeare’s Children,’ Professor Warren Chernaik, University of London
            Chair: Andrew Humphries

3.00-4.30   Parallel Session 4: The Literary Child in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
            Chair: Andrew Humphries

            Antonella Cagnolati (Università degli Studi di Foggia, Italy): ‘“Not too Little to go to Hell”. Literary
            Representations of Childhood in Seventeenth-Century England’

            Claire Bartram (Canterbury Christ Church University, UK): ‘William Burch’s Boke of Drawings
            1590: A Preliminary Investigation of One Child’s Engagement with Early Print Culture’

            Lucy A. Underwood (Magdalene College, University of Cambridge): ‘“If their elders are permitted to
            join them”: Representations of Childhood in Post-Reformation English Catholic Writing’

            Parallel Session 5: The Eighteenth-Century and Romantic Child
            Chair: Peter Merchant

            Andréa da Silva Ramos Cardoso (University of Oporto, Portugal): ‘How to “render the infancy of
            children more healthy and happy:” Mary Wollstonecraft’s Views on the Education of Offspring’

            Brigitte Friant-Kessler (Université Paul Valéry, France): ‘And how is the child, pray?’ Envisioning
            Tristram Shandy from Birth to Breeching

            Pete Newbon (Cambridge University, UK): ‘“The Impertinence of Manhood”: Charles Lamb’s

            Parallel Session 6: Trauma, Families, and the Nineteenth-Century Child
            Chair: Adrienne Gavin

            Daniela Evans (Roehampton University, UK): ‘Childhood Trauma and Attachment in Charlotte

            Esra Melikoğlu (Istanbul University, Turkey): ‘Foster-Parents and Children Across the Class-Divide:
            Wuthering Heights’
            Christine Poulson (Sheffield University, UK): ‘Cinderella Revisited: Stepchildren in 19th-Century

4.30-5.00   Tea/Coffee served in Pg05

5.00-6.30   Parallel Session 7: Shakespearean and Other Renaissance Children
            Chair: Antonella Cagnolati

            Anke Sandleben-Krah (Philipps-University Marburg, Germany): ‘The Role of the Child in
            Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale’

            Steve Orman (Canterbury Christ Church University, UK): ‘“Moste Wrongfully, Vnduly & Vniustly
            Taken”: Commodities, Use-Value, Object-ification, and Early-Modern Children

            Katie Knowles (University of Liverpool, UK): ‘“…the tender pathos of the loving and lovely boy…”:
            Why did the Victorians idolise King John’s Arthur?’
5.00-6.30     Parallel Session 8: The Edwardian Child
              Chair: Paul Skinner

              Andrew F. Humphries (Canterbury Christ Church University): ‘“Seen and not heard”: Dissenting
              Voices and Resistant Attitudes—Shifting Childhood Perspectives in Butler, Wells and Forster’

              Adrienne E. Gavin (Canterbury Christ Church University): ‘Unadulterated Childhood and the
              Edwardian Bestseller: Henry de Vere Stacpoole’s The Blue Lagoon’

7.30          Conference Dinner at Marlowe’s Restaurant, 55 St Peter’s Street (i.e. Canterbury High Street)
              for those who have pre-registered


9.30-11.00    Parallel Session 9: The Victorian Child and the Message
              Chair: Liz Thiel

              Margot Hillel (Australian Catholic University, Australia): ‘“She faded and drooped as a flower”:
              Constructing the child in the child-rescue literature of late Victorian England’

              Frederick S. Milton (Newcastle University, UK): ‘“The Hereditary Instinct of Cruelty”: Forewarning
              about the Conduct of Children towards Animals and the Corrective Action taken in Victorian Britain’

              Victoria Lei (University of Macau): ‘The Child Heroine in Daffodil and the Croäxaxicans: A
              Romance of History Suffrage Allegory by Augusta Webster’

              Parallel Session 10: Childhood Modern and Postmodern
              Chair: Irina A. Shishkova

              Šárka Bubíková (University of Pardubice, Czech Republic): ‘Childhood in Postmodern Times’

              Yukino Semizu (Nottingham University, UK): ‘Changing Ideas of Childhood in British Children’s
              Literature from 1950s to the Present’

              Sarn Rich (Canterbury Christ Church University): ‘Parents and Young Children in Today’s Language:
              Anxiety and Celebration’

11.00-11.30   Tea/Coffee served in Pg05

11.30-1.00    Parallel Session 11: The Child and Crime
              Chair: Adrienne Gavin

              Liz Thiel (Roehampton University, UK): ‘Degenerate “innocents”: Literary Portraits of the
              Nineteenth-Century Child Gang’
              Carolyn Oulton (Canterbury Christ Church University, UK): ‘“Murderous impulse”: children as
              victims of violence in Mary Cholmondeley’s major fiction’

              Dorothea Flothow (University of Salzburg, Austria): ‘Childhood in Recent British Crime Fiction’
11.30-1.00   Parallel Session 12: The Twentieth-Century Child
             Chair: Andrew Humphries

             Paul March-Russell (University of Kent, UK): ‘The Dead Time: Childhood and Empire in J.G.

             Margarida Morgado (Castelo Branco Polytechnic Institute, Portugal): ‘Anxiety Symptom or How to
             “Other” the Child in the 20th Century’

             Paul Skinner (Canterbury Christ Church University, UK) ‘Childhood and Sexuality in Dennis Potter’s
             Blue Remembered Hills’

             Parallel Session 13: The Child Constructed and Reconstructed
             Chair: Andréa da Silva Ramos Cardoso

             Kate Macdonald (University of Ghent, Belgium): ‘Containing the Child: Private Infants and Public
             Schoolboys in the Fiction of Angela Thirkell’
             Baptiste Moniez (Canterbury Christ Church University) ‘“Who in the world am I?”: Girls’ Portrayals
             in Children’s Literature between 1865 and 1881’

             Amberyl Malkovich (Concord University USA): ‘Chasing Innocence: Satirical and Ironic
             Reconstructions of the Victorian Child and Childhood’

1.00-2.00    Lunch in Food Court

2.00-3.00    Keynote Lecture 3: Pg09
             ‘Words about War for Boys: Representations of Soldiers and Conflict in Popular Late Victorian
             and Edwardian Periodicals,’ Professor Kimberley Reynolds, Newcastle University, UK
             (delivered on behalf of Professor Reynolds by Adrienne Gavin)
             Chair: Andrew Humphries

3.00 -3.30   Tea/Coffee served in Pg05

3.30-5.00    Parallel Session 14: The Child in Contemporary Children’s Literature
             Chair: Adrienne Gavin

             Irina A. Shishkova (Gorky Literary Institute, Moscow, Russia): ‘Representation of Childhood in the
             Writing of Jacqueline Wilson’

             Anne Booth (Canterbury Christ Church University, UK): ‘Childhood in Community: The Picture
             Books of Shirley Hughes’

             Sara Broad (University of Reading, UK): Historical or hysterical? Looking at the family in
             contemporary children’s literature’

             Parallel Session 15: The Cosmopolitan Child
             Chair: Andrew Humphries

             Chamutal Noimann (Borough of Manhattan Community College, City University of New York,
             USA): Cosmopolitan Childland: Victorian Fantasy and the Cosmopolitan Child’

             Priyali Ghosh (Canterbury Christ Church University): ‘D. L. Richardson and the Anglo-Indian Child’

             Veronica Barnsley (University of Manchester, UK): ‘“This is the road to our Father’s House”:
             Childhood Direction in Kipling’s Earl Stories’

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