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                      Food and Nutritional
                       Standards Policy

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             Sponsor : Chair – Stu/Par/Com Committee
                         December 2007

With effect from 1st April 2011 all references to Corfe Hills School in the policy document or
   any appendices should be deemed to refer to the Corfe Hills School Academy Trust.

Food and Nutritional Standards                                Chair: Stu/Par/Com
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The school’s Food and Nutrition Policy is a central part of developing healthy lifestyles and promoting
the overall health and well being of the students, staff and visitors to the school. This includes
promoting adequate physical exercise, eating and drinking healthily and the ability to develop healthily

In order to achieve this, the school will:

       Endeavour to engage all stakeholders in the Every Child Matters framework with a particular
        focus on the importance of a healthy lifestyle
       Ensure students receive nutritional information through the curriculum in RPSE, Food
        Technology, Science, PE and the Tutor Programme. Included in these are practical catering
        skills, diet, nutrition, food safety and hygiene
       Encourage the wider community of staff, parents and governors to be involved in raising the
        profile of healthy eating and help to develop healthy eating and drinking habits
       Consult parents as part of the policy review process
       In partnership with Scolarest, ensure that there is a pleasant dining area where healthy and
        nutritious food will be served, well cooked and well presented to encourage good social eating
        habits and the consumption of a balanced diet
       Provide a clean and comfortable environment for the students to consume packed lunches
       Ensure that fresh water is easily accessible and that students are encouraged to drink freely
        when appropriate
       Where possible, ensure that all dietary requirements, whether health, religious or cultural can
        be taken into account and accommodated. Parents of students with such needs should give
        early notice of a request.
       Encourage high standards of hygiene

Food Provision

Catering within school is provided by the Scolarest Company (school caterers), and the team work
hard to provide a variety of healthy options for both students and staff.
Hot and cold food is available at both the “Snack Shack” and in the school canteen during break from
11.00am to 11.20am and at lunch from 1.20pm to 1.55pm. In addition to this sixth form students also
have access to their own food provision in the Shades Cafe which is open throughout the day.
As well as a varied hot menu each day, students can purchase hot and cold sandwiches, a range of
hand held snacks such as fruit bags and Smoothies, a range of salads including shaker style salad
pots or choose from the Yoghurt and Fruit Bars.
Scolarest actively promote the importance of a balanced diet and all menu offers meet the
Government’s Food Based Standards.

Governors’ Responsibilities

This policy on Food and Nutrition will be reviewed regularly and consultation will take place with all
stakeholders to monitor content, quality of provision and cost.
There will be regular communication between the school caterers, the Headteacher and Bursar and
reports made to Governors as necessary.
A member of the Leadership team will have a specific responsibility for Food and Nutrition within the
school in conjunction with the member of staff with specific responsibility for Health Education

Food and Nutritional Standards                                        Chair: Stu/Par/Com
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