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Your Post Officers for 2008 – 2009:
Regular Members:
Commander – Marty Gould
Senior Vice Commander – Mark Conrad
Junior Vice Commander – Craig Ogea
Quartermaster – TBD
Chaplain – Ron “Padre” Groves
Judge Advocate – Mike Null
Surgeon – Jesse Cancino
1st Year Trustee – Carolyn Sargent
2nd Year Trustee – Laura Ogea
3rd Year Trustee – Paul Healy

Ladies Auxiliary:
President: Mary Wuellner
Senior Vice: Teresa Bates
Junior Vice: Iona Garner
Secretary: TBD
Treasurer: Joyce Syx
Chaplain: Joyce Mitchell
Conductress: Barb Null
Guard: Rosemary Davis
1st Year Trustee: Brenda Critell
2nd Year Trustee: Shirley Sill
3rd Year Trustee: Joanne Tackett

Men’s Auxiliary:
President: Scott Mundy
Senior Vice: Bruce Davis
Junior Vice: Dave Perry
Secretary: Dick Syx
Treasurer: Nick Thaxton
Chaplain: Chad Baird
3rd Year Trustee: George Lynch

During the month of April we elected our new Post
leadership team for 2008-09, regular and auxiliaries.
The cover of our post newspaper carries the names
of all newly elected officers.         The “induction
ceremony,” i.e., swearing in of officers, regular
and auxiliaries, is scheduled for Saturday, 24
May, 7P.M., in the Post. The new leadership team
will “officially” assume their duties effective 30 June
08. As we move forward in the coming year I would
challenge all Post members (regular + auxiliaries) to
support our new Post leadership team, something
I will certainly do as the soon-to-be “Past Post
Commander”, focus our time and energy on the VFW
mission, “Honoring the dead by helping the living,”
and not be drug down by non-value “PETTY
this might occupy the time of some, but contributes
nothing towards directly supporting veterans, our
community and those who continue to serve our

   SPECIAL ELECTION - POST QUARTERMASTER: During our regular Post meeting on
     14 May, we will hold a special election for the position of Quartermaster. Our current
     Quartermaster, Chuck Dobney, will be moving to Tennessee at the end of May. The
     position of Quartermaster is an elected regular member position, pays a stipend of
     $350/month, and is bonded! In general, the Quartermaster is required to be audited four
     times a year by our Post Trustees and annually by the Ohio Attorney Generals Office,
     pays the majority of Post operating bills, taxes, licenses, and expends funds in support of
     charitable activities. The Quartermaster is required to maintain detailed records, subject
     to audit/inspection, and a close working relationship with the Post Canteen Manager and
     VFW of Ohio Charities.
   JOB OPENING - CANTEEN MANAGER: The position of Canteen Manager is a paid
     employee position, appointed by the incoming Post Commander with recommendations
     from the House Committee when necessary. Ratification of the selected individual by
     regular membership is required per our new Post By-Laws! In general, the position is
     responsible for all Canteen operations, i.e., Canteen employees (maintaining employee
     records, work schedules, disciplinary matters and leave/pay), maintaining detailed
     records on instant gaming ticket sales and traditional bingo games, ordering and pricing
     Canteen stock items, supporting entertainment and special events, and reporting
     Canteen activities to the House Committee. The Canteen Manager is also subject to
     inspection by the Ohio Attorney Generals Office and must not have any criminal record
     that would preclude being authorized as an “agent” of the state of Ohio with regards to
     the handling of “instant gaming tickets” and traditional bingo games. If interested in the
     position submit a resume in a sealed envelope annotated on the back, “canteen manager
     resume” and give to the on-duty bar maid for forwarding to the current House Committee
     Chairman (Mike Null) or Commander-elect (Marty Gould)!
     appointed by the incoming Post Commander. The House Committee Chairman runs the
     monthly Post House Committee meeting and out-briefs membership of the Committees
        activities at the monthly regular membership meeting. In general, the House Committee
        provides oversight regarding maintenance, repair and upgrade of Post facilities, Canteen
        operations, and plays a critical role with regards to the Post disciplinary process. Anyone
        interested in being House Committee Chairman should contact the incoming Post
        Commander-elect (Marty Gould) directly, or leave a note of your intent to be Chairman in
        a sealed envelope annotated on the back, “House Committee Chairman” and give to the
        on-duty bar maid for forwarding to the Commander-elect.

       POST POLICY – ILLEGAL DRUGS: As membership in the Post has changed over the
        past 2-3 years, along with various guests entering our Post, I want to “re-state” Post
        657’s policy with regards to “illegal drug activity.” Approximately 3 years ago our Post
        adopted a “Zero Tolerance” illegal drug policy. Anyone (regular, auxiliaries or guests) in
        possession of drug paraphernalia, illegal drugs, or found in the act of using illegal drugs,
        within our Post building, or adjoining property will be permanently barred from the Post.
        In addition, our Post will notify and fully cooperate with law enforcement to aide in the
        prosecution of such activity!! There is “no” exception or waiver to this policy!!!


Fallen Warriors:
     On Saturday, 11 April, our Sr. Vice-Commander and I, accompanied by the “Blue Star
       Mothers of America,” Miami Valley Chapter 3, attended the funeral of Air Force Staff
       Sergeant Travis Griffin in Springboro, Ohio who was killed in Iraq by a roadside bomb.
       SSgt Griffin’s funeral was attended by hundreds and was a city-wide event. Moving to
       me was the line of adults and children on both sides of the road, standing in the damp
       cold, wrapped in blankets and coats, holding American flags and signs of support as the
       funeral procession proceeded to the cemetery.

       On Saturday, 26 April, our Sr. Vice-Commander and I accompanied by the National
        President, Past National President and local Chapter 3 President of the “Blue Star
        Mothers of America,” attended the decoration presentation and visitation for SSgt Matt
        Maupin at the Union Township Civic Center. During the decoration presentation, the
        National President of the Blue Star Mothers presented to Matt’s mother and father the
        “Gold Star Banner” for a son or daughter killed in action or dies in service. The Maupin’s
        flag also contained a “Blue Star” as Matt’s brother Micah is a SSgt in the United States
        Marine Corps. For me, this was the most moving part of the ceremony as this was
        parents of service men and women reaching out to each other and sharing in the pain
        and sorrow as only a parent can know! It was a privilege to shake the hand of Matt’s
        father, brothers and to hug his mother after the ceremony. Senior Vice-Commander
        Conrad and Madam President-elect Wuellner escorted the Blue Star Mothers to SSgt
        Maupin’s funeral on 27 April.

        To honor Matt Maupin and all former POW/MIAs our Post conducted a ceremony
        by our flag pole and evergreen trees planted in memorial to all POW/MIAs and
        Comrade Neff, WWII Veteran, POW, and survivor of the Bataan death march.

        “I have come to the conclusion that the strength of our nation does not lie solely in
        the number and sophistication of the weapons we can yield, but in the towns and
        cities that instill through example the values of what it is to be a citizen of our great
        Republic. To include the courage and selflessness to stand and bear arms against
        those that fear most the basic principles of democracy: “Life, Liberty and the
        Pursuit of Happiness.”
May the 26 is Memorial Day: Over the Memorial Day weekend our Post will be actively
engaged in supporting the “Walk with Giants” celebration at the Dayton VA Medical Center and
providing the 21-Gun salute at the National Cemetery, next to the historical side of the Dayton VA
complex, on Memorial Day. We will also have a short Memorial Day remembrance at our Post,
time to be determined. On May 10 we will be holding a special “medals presentation” for
Comrade Joe Denton. We will formally present Joe the decorations he earned while
serving our country during WWII.

Respectfully, Commander Dan


We now accept VISA and MASTERCARD for dues payment, but ensure your receipt is marked
“Dues.” It has been a pleasure (and sometimes a real headache) serving as your Post
Quartermaster, and I wish you all the best in the future!

- Chuck Dobney, Post Quartermaster


The House Committee will convene on Tuesday, 6 May, 2008 at 6:30PM. Got anything you
would like to see implemented? Your House Committee is eager to serve!

- Mike Null, House Committee Chairman

The next VA Bingo trip to Ward 7 South will be on May 22        ; we’ll plan on leaving the Post at
6:30PM - come out and join us!

    -   Ron “Padre” Groves


If you know of any Comrades who are in ill health or hospitalized (or you yourself are), please let
me know so I can help you with assistance you might need. I can be reached at 258-8303.

    -   Jess B. Cancino


If you know of a Post Comrade, or a family member who might need help, please feel free to call
me at 603-3494. We are always ready to help another veteran or his/her family – they don’t need
to be a member of this Post, or the VFW for that matter. If you know of a person or group doing
good work for the community that could use a helping hand, let me know that as well!

    -   Mark Conrad, Service Officer

April was a very busy month for your Post Honor Guard. As the Commander previously
mentioned, we had the honor of participating, albeit in small way, at the funerals of two true
heroes, Air Force SSgt Griffin and Army SSgt Maupin. We also provided the honors for the
funeral of a veteran at the Dayton VA. We had the distinct privilege of welcoming home nearly
100 WWII veterans when they returned from an Honor Flight to Washington DC. Due to
Commander Faulkner’s need to deal with a family emergency, I, along with Comrades Craig and
Davidson, attended the Sunday morning drill session at the LaPointe Army Reserve Center,
where we were able to brief the soldiers on the various programs of the VFW and answer their
questions. We also handed out approximately 60 new member applications.

As I was writing the newsletter, my 9-year old asked me what I was writing – I told her the
newsletter, and she asked why I was doing it. I explained to her that in each VFW Post, some
people have extra duties they perform, and this was one of mine. She then asked “Even after you
spent all weekend at the funeral (SSG Maupins)?”. I told her that sometimes there’s just extra
work that has to be done. She then asked me something that gave me pause - “Why do you love
the Post more than us?” I asked her why she thought that, and she said that it seems “like you’re
always gone to a meeting, a detail, or something at the Post.”. And in some respects, she’s right.

 Just the “boots on the ground” time for the details I mentioned above comes to over 30
hours…when you figure in the prep time…calling people, making arrangements, preparing a
uniform, etc, then throw in writing this newsletter….it would easily be over 45 hours – more than
the equivalent of a full work week. If you’re wondering why I’m boring you with all these facts and
figures, it’s because I want to make sure that I clarify a few things. First, contrary to how it might
seem, I am not complaining. If anything, I’m bragging. Secondly, it’s to make something very
clear to a very small minority in the Post.

 As I’ve said in previous issues of the newsletter, the people on the Honor Guard are dedicated
individuals…they represent the epitome of the VFW motto “To honor the dead by serving the
living”. Many people in the Post, especially those whose loved ones we’ve provided honors for
their funerals, appreciate the time and effort that goes into being on the Honor Guard. To those
members of the Post, whether they be Regular, Ladies or Men’s Auxiliary members, we all
appreciate your support and stand ready to support you in any way we can –Thank You! Yet, in
spite of all the great work we do, there are still a few individuals who continue to verbally snipe,
make disparaging remarks, profess some deep “love” of the Post, and yet, contribute little or
nothing to the welfare of the Post except their “expert” opinions. Personally, I grow weary of all
the rumor mongering – it does nothing but create problems, hurts morale, and makes our Post
into nothing more than Riverside’s very own “Peyton Place”.

 For the minority, here are the facts: if you feel the need to make snide and hateful comments, by
all means, feel free to do so. If your idea of “love of the Post” or “Service to others” means you
have to do everything you can to cast dispersion on my character, or the other Honor Guard
members, if it’s what makes you feel like you’re “somebody” then go right ahead. Go on, pop
open another can of courage because regardless of what you do, say or think, we will continue to
spend our time representing our Post to the community, we’ll continue to serve the members
within the Post, and we will continue do our honor the dead by serving the living.

    -   Mark Conrad, Honor Guard Commander
(Caption) Senior Vice Commander Mark Conrad presents an Adopt-A-Unit certificate to members
of the Joseph G. LaPointe Army Reserve Center.

(Caption) Residents of Springboro turned out in the wet and cold to honor SSgt Griffins funeral
procession through the city; (right) A heroes’ final journey by caisson.
(Caption) Commander Faulkner with the Miami Valley Chapter #3 President, the National
President, the Past National President and the Chapter Chaplain at the visitation for SSG
Matthew Maupin.

(Caption) Madam President-elect Mary Wuellner waits with two of the Blue Star Mothers for the
start of SSG Maupin’s funeral service.
(Caption) The Honor Guard for SSG Maupin was ceremoniously changed every 20 minutes.

(Caption) The Honor Guard fires the traditional three volleys in honor of all Prisoners of War while
at right, Comrade Laura Ogea renders “Taps”.

Spring has sprung and laughter is a tranquilizer with no side effects. Congratulations to all the
newly elected officers. Our next meeting will be on May 13, 2008 at 7pm. On Friday, May 16,
2008, is the Ladies Auxiliary dinner from 6-8pm All you can eat for $6.00.

For God & Country,

    -   Teresa Bates, President


       Well, it is now officially spring outside sort of. The weather is beautiful - well at least it is
warming up a little.

         We’ll continue to sponsor Bar Bingo on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month.
This event continues to be a big success. Coupled with Nick’s Famous Subs on the same night is
proving to be a great combination, Come on out and join us. We payout 100% of all money taken
in at bingo, with some of our coveralls surpassing the $175 mark. A special thanks goes out to all
the guys who helped with Bingo and Sub’s last month. Your help is greatly appreciated and does
not go unnoticed by others at the Post. Thanks again to everyone!

         Remember that the next Auxiliary meeting will be on May 1st at 7:00pm and our next
hospital visit will be May 7 at 7:00pm; the van will leave at about 6:30pm and return at around

    -   Steve Wuellner, President


The winner of the April trivia contest and $25 U.S. is Comrade Jesse Cancino, who correctly
answered that the person credited with establishing the present-day Arlington National Cemetery
was Brigadier General Montgomery C. Meigs General Meigs recommended that property in
Arlington, Virginia owned by Mary Custis Lee, the wife of Robert E. Lee, be used as a military
burial ground. Based on this recommendation, Arlington National Cemetery was created in 1864.
Congrats Jess!

A winner will be randomly drawn from a pool of correct answers submitted, and will receive $25
(there won’t be any trick questions, but they won’t always be easy either). Write your answer
down and place it in the mess kit in the Memorial Room or send an email to
by the 20 of each month. Good Luck!

The May question is:
The United States flag contains thirteen stripes to represent the original 13
colonies, and a star representing each state of the Union. By law, what is
the maximum number of stars that can be displayed on the canton?
This month in military history:

May 1, 1898: Commodore George Dewey wins seven-hour battle of Manila Bay.
May 2, 1863: Confederate General Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson is accidentally shot by his
own men during the Battle of Chancellorsville, and dies on May 10th.
Mary 8, 1945: Victory in Europe Day.
May 10, 1775: Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys capture Fort Ticonderoga.
May 17, 1951: Communist Chinese Forces launch their 2 Spring Offensive.
May 20, 1965: Hanoi restates its peace proposal which has already been rejected.
May 28, 1918: US forces open their first offensive at Catigny

Did you or one of your relatives serve in World War II? Have you (or they) had your name
registered in the Book of Remembrances at the National WWII Memorial? If not, contact me and
I’ll do it for you. I need to know:

    -   The person’s full name
    -   Rank
    -   Branch of Service (this includes civilians who worked on the Home Front!)
    -   Hometown
    -   Anything special you want people to know, such as where they served, awards and
        decorations etc.

Speaking of awards and decorations, if you never received yours, or they’ve been lost over the
years, I can help you get them replaced FREE OF CHARGE! The process can take up to six
months, but it’s absolutely free and gives you a chance to leave a tangible reminder of your
service to our great Nation to your children and grandchildren.
On Saturday, May 10 , please join us when Commander Faulkner will formally present PFC Joe
Denton with the awards and decorations he earned during WWII, which include the Bronze Star
Medal and the Purple Heart. The ceremony will start at 6PM.

    -   Mark Conrad, Post Historian


 As you might have noticed, the approved increase in liquor based drinks went into effect on 15
April. Please bear with us while we work out all of the bugs with the register and menu. Please
pancake breakfasts are now scheduled for the first and third Sundays of each month. We
experienced some very successful events in April: the Wuellner wedding, “Just N Tyme”, and two
very good bingos to mention just a few, and the May schedule looks to be just as entertaining.
Come out and participate! If there’s something special we’re NOT doing, there’s that PINK
suggestion box in the Heritage Room. Also, watch the schedule for some reduced drink prices
and Canteen chit awards. Also plan on grabbing one of the Men’s Aux’s famous subs or the enjoy
the Ladies Auxiliary fish fry dinner. In some cases, we might substitute Ruzicks pulled pork for the
Friday night steak dinner..
    -   Al Link, Canteen Manager


 Hello again! We have a few of our “usuals” this month, so let's say hi to Spotlight and HotKat
Karaoke, and welcome back Jim's Party Time and the Dallas Denver band. I would also like to
include that “thank you”s are very much in order to Dave Perry and Barb Null who came out and
supported the meatball subs last month, and to everyone who helped set up for Steve and my
wedding! You guys ROCK! But a very special thank you needs to go out to my husband,
because without his support and patience, I could not complete all of the tasks that I line up.
Thanks Dear!

 On a different note, I will say again: The pink box is not there just for jokes - suggestions for
entertainment go in there too. I can’t possibly remember every request, complaint, etc. every
time I’m given one when I walk into the canteen. Comments, questions, suggestions, and
business cards need to go into the box, and not screamed at me. Thanks!

"You should never feel important for the large things you do, rather you are important for the
small things you do with great love."

        -   Mary Wuellner, Entertainment Committee Chair


This year’s Loyalty Day Queen winner was from VFW Post 9936, however, our FOUR nominees
for Loyalty Day Queen were, I believe, a “first” for the Montgomery County Council. Again, our
candidates were:

    -   Alexandria Black: Alexandria is 18 years old and in her first year at Wright State

    -   Laura Conrad: Laura is 17 years old and a student at Beavercreek High School. She is a
        member of the BHS Band, National Honor Society and Post 657 Ladies Auxiliary. She
        has helped with the Honor Guard on several details, as well as serving the VA veterans
        Thanksgiving dinners.

    -   Sarah Conrad: Sarah is 12 years old and a student at Fergusson Middle School. She is
        active in school activities and enjoys participating in the Sons of the American Revolution
        parades and serving Thanksgiving dinner for the vets at the VA.

    -   Amy Conrad: Amy is 9 years old, and a student at Main Elementary School; she also
        takes part with her older sisters in the VA Thanksgiving dinner.
(Caption) The Post 657 Loyalty Day Queens for 2008: (Left to Right) Alexandria Black, Laura
Conrad, Sarah Conrad, and Amy Conrad.

Thanks to everyone who contributed money towards the girls participation, including a private
fund raiser held at the Pla-Mor Bowling Lanes in Beavercreek, which resulted in an additional
$40.00 donation – good job to all the “keglers” who gave up their Sunday afternoon to support the
Loyalty Day Queen program!

                         (Caption) Post 657 2008 Loyalty Day Queens
The Friday evening steak dinners are on again! As previously mentioned, we will serve from 6PM
to 8PM – BUT!!!!! You must place your food order NOT LATER THAN 7:30PM. Prices will
remain at $8.00 - a deal you can’t get anywhere else for a made-to-order dinner. We would
appreciate it if some more people would volunteer to cook this year (regardless of what the
rumor-mongers say, the dinners are NOT “Honor Guard dinners”) – don’t be a fair-weather patriot
– support your Post!

    (Caption) Friday night steak dinners – “Service with a Smile” – now THAT’S home cookin’!

Newsletter reminder: Please provide your inputs to Comrade Mark Conrad not later than the 20
of each month. You can send input via email to:, or contact me at 603-
3494. To speed the editing process, please do not use fancy fonts or all capitals; “Arial 10pt” is
the preferred font. I can also add digital pictures to the newsletter, they need to be in jpeg format,
and of a reasonable size; I’ll convert them to black and white and make enhancements where
needed and when possible. Also, make sure you identify what the photo is of and who is in it –

 If there are errors in this newsletter, I accept full responsibility for them. However, I’m not perfect,
so mistakes are going to happen. If you have an “issue”, a complaint (or whatever you want to
call it), come see ME.

Thursday – May 1 – Men’s Auxiliary meeting @ 7PM

Friday – May 2 – “HotKat” karaoke
                 Post steak dinner 6PM – 8PM, order before 7:30PM

Saturday – May 3 –NASCAR $.75 mugs of DRAFT beer for race
                  Jukebox night

Sunday – May 4 – Pancake breakfast 0900-1200

Monday- May 5- Darts 7:30 – 10PM
               “Margarita” Night

Tuesday – May 6 - House Committee meeting @ 6:30PM

Wednesday – May 7 – Auxiliaries VA Hospital Visit @ 6:30PM

Thursday – May 8 – Bingo at the Post 7 – 9PM
                   Nick’s Famous Subs 6PM to 8PM, Cost $4.00
                   Post VA visit to Building 410 @ 6:30PM

Friday – May 9 – “Spotlight“ Karaoke
                 Post steak dinner 6PM – 8PM, order before 7:30PM

Saturday – May 10 – PFC Joe Denton award ceremony @6PM
                    Jukebox night

Sunday – May 11– Luck of the Draw - Free canteen chip for sign up

Monday - May 12– Darts 7:30 – 10PM

Tuesday – May 13 - Ladies Auxiliary meeting @ 7PM

Wednesday – May 14 – Regular membership meeting at 7:00PM

Friday – May 16 – Ladies Aux. cookout 6-8PM $5 all you can eat
                  “Jim's Party time” karaoke

Saturday – May 17 – NASCAR- canteen only
                    Wedding shower 2-5PM in hall

Sunday – May 18 – Pancake breakfast 0900-1200

Monday – May 19 – Darts 7:30 – 10PM

Tuesday – May 20 - Ladies Auxiliary Bingo 7 - 9PM
                   Panini sandwiches and chips $4.50
Wednesday – May 21 - Entertainment + scheduling meeting at 6:30PM

Thursday – May 22- Bingo at the Post 7 – 9PM
                    Nick’s Famous Subs 6PM to 8PM, Cost $4.00
                    Post VA visit to Ward 7 South @6:30PM

Friday – May 23– NO Post steak dinner
                 Veterans Hist. Festival Dayton VA
                 “HotKat” karaoke”

Saturday – May 24 – Veterans Hist. Festival Dayton VA
                   Installation of officers

Sunday – May 25– Veterans Hist. Festival Dayton VA
                 “Luck of the Draw”

Monday – May 26 – Memorial Day
                  Post Memorial Day ceremony TBD

Friday – May 30 – Post steak dinner 6PM – 8PM, order before 7:30PM
                  “Spotlight” karaoke

Saturday – May 31 – Band: “Dallas Denver and the Rhythm Kings”

NOTE: Bar Maids now have discretion when to implement "Juke Box" night!

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