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									             Automated Flatness Inspection

Surface Characterization Solutions and
         Competitive Analysis
           April 25, 2008
               Automated Flatness Inspection

           Akrometrix Mission

To deliver innovative flatness measurement
  software solutions, hardware, analysis
    capabilities and test services to the
 microelectronics industry supply chain...
                                 Automated Flatness Inspection

                      Company Overview
Akrometrix was founded in 1994 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, based on applied
research by Professor Charles Ume at the Georgia Institute of Technology.
Innovation Milestones:
• 1994 – Started delivering test services
• 1997 – Introduced the TherMoiré PS88
• 2000 – Introduced the LineMoiré PS16
• 2003 – Introduced the TherMoiré PS400
• 2004 – Introduced the Convective Module
• 2005 – Introduced the PS600 and next generation PS200
• 2006 – Introduced the J5000, CoolBoost Module
• 2007 – Introduced the LineMoiré PS16M, XL , DIC Module and MP10 Module
• 2008 – Worldwide sales, service and support in the Americas, APAC and EMEA

Akrometrix has over 170 installations worldwide, as well as local China service/support.
          95% of the top 20 OEMs in the world have Akrometrix equipment.
                Automated Flatness Inspection

           Value Proposition
  Akrometrix provides the microelectronics
industry with unique and enabling metrology
solutions to address yield loss and reliability
            related field failures…
Akrometrix Flatness Characterization
techniques can identify and reduce common
flatness related defects such as:
   • Solder joint opens, bridges, cracking
   • Package delamination
   • Silicon chip cracking
   • Solder paste misprints
   • Component placement errors
              Automated Flatness Inspection

         Core Competencies

• Modular Metrology

• Advanced Thermal Profiling

• Application Specific Analysis Algorithms

• Comprehensive Data Management

• Global Service and Support
                  Automated Flatness Inspection


• Research and Development – Prototyping

• Performance Validation – Stress and strain

• Reliability Modeling

• Product Development – NPI line

• Manufacturing QA/QC – Defect/failure analysis

• Manufacturing Process Optimization – New materials
                              Automated Flatness Inspection

Modular Metrology Platform:          HHCM                    DIC
 - Shadow Moiré
 - Convective Module (HHCM)                  TherMoiré
 - Digital Image Correlation (DIC)
 - Micro Fringe Projection (MP10)
                                      MP10               CoolBoost
 - CoolBoost
                                      Automated Flatness Inspection

                 Current TherMoiré Product Line

• Sample Size: PS200 - up to 200 x 200 mm
                PS400 - up to 400 x 400 mm
                PS600 - up to 600 x 600 mm
• Vertical Resolution: ± 0.8 µm
• Lateral Resolution: 1392 x 1080 pixels
• Data Acquisition Time: 1 second
• Temperature Range: Room Temperature to
   300 C
• Automated heating, cooling and exhaust
                       Automated Flatness Inspection

      Recent TherMoiré PS400 Improvements

• 1.4 MP camera allows for 4x higher pixel density
• Windows XP-compatible software
• Convective Module is 4x larger (200 x 200 mm)
• Capable of being integrated with DIC and MP10 Modules
                                                               Automated Flatness Inspection

CoolBoost Module Delivers 50% higher throughput
                                           Productivity with Refrigerated Boost - 250 to 30 C Profile


    Temperature (C)





                                                                                Time (seconds)

                                                             Refrigerated Boost                  Room Temperature Air
              Automated Flatness Inspection

Batch Processing and Statistical Analysis
             Automated Flatness Inspection

   Spider Frame with Quartz Insert:
Enables further increases in throughput
                               Automated Flatness Inspection

 Digital Image Correlation fully integrated with the
                TherMoiré PS400
• Exclusive, global partnership with Correlated Solutions (Columbia, SC USA) for
the distribution of DIC equipment into the microelectronics industry
    • CS was founded in 1998 and has over 150 installations worldwide
    • Their engineering staff has over 80 combined years of DIC experience
    • DIC software is robust, versatile, highly automated and fully integrated into
      the TherMoiré platform
• Camera mounts integrated into PS400 oven
• Designed for simple installation/removal
• Can be used with Convective Module
• Features remote control movement of calibration sample for ease of use
• Together, Akrometrix and Correlated Solutions deliver 25 combined years of
optical, non-contact metrology expertise
          Automated Flatness Inspection

DIC Module: Camera Configuration
                                Automated Flatness Inspection

                       DIC Module: Data Output

U Strain measurement       V strain measurement (26°C to         Z-axis displacement at 260°C. 3D plot.
(26°C to 210°C). 3D        260°C). 2D plot overlayed on sample
MP10 Module - Micro Fringe Projection
                         Automated Flatness Inspection

       The MP10 Module for the TherMoiré PS400

•   Ability to measure small samples down to 1 x 1 mm and below
•   Finer XY imaging resolution
•   No grating adjacent to the sample
•   Higher tolerance for measuring discontinuous surfaces
•   Analysis almost identical to shadow moiré
                Automated Flatness Inspection

       Fringe Projection Technique

•   Non-contact, non-destructive
•   Full field, high data density
•   High speed
•   Combined with Phase Shifting Technique
                                          Automated Flatness Inspection

                  The MP10 in the TherMoiré PS400

Region of Interest: 17 x 13 mm
Vertical Resolution: ± 2.5 µm
Lateral Resolution: 1392 x 1040 pixels
Temperature Range: Room Temperature to
300 ºC (continuous)
Air cooling and exhaust
Time per Measurement: 3 seconds
 (data acquisition), 3-10 seconds total
                  Automated Flatness Inspection

               MP10 Configuration
Light Bundle
        Lens                           Camera
     Grating                           Micro-motor
  Projection                           Controller
         Automated Flatness Inspection

Principle of Fringe Projection

                        Automated Flatness Inspection

        MP10 Module: Measurement Capabilities

•   Based on fringe projection
•   Full-field, non-contact optical technique
•   Time per measurement - 3 seconds
•   Temperature-dependent z-axis measurement (-55C to 300C)
•   2.5 micron resolution
•   Sample sizes as small as 1 x 1 mm
•   Pixel size of 12 x 12 micron
                    Automated Flatness Inspection

• MP10 comes with a metal calibration standard (NIST-
  traceable certification) and white flat reference plane.
• Measured heights from the MP10 system are
  compared with known heights from the standard
  certificate to verify system calibration.
• Fringe value (the height-per-fringe-change) is the
  calibration constant.
• The AkroDAQ software has a special calibration
  wizard for measuring the calibration sample and
  recalibrating the system.
                  Automated Flatness Inspection

           (12×12mm area on a coin)

PS400, 300lpi      PS400, 100lpi        MP10
                Automated Flatness Inspection

(14×14mm PCB BGA Site)

PS400, 300lpi                    MP10
           Automated Flatness Inspection

(14mm PCB BGA Site, Zoomed View)
   Automated Flatness Inspection

(14 × 14 mm PoP)
           Automated Flatness Inspection

4.5×4.5mm area with solder bumps
      Ball pitch ~= 0.56mm
                Automated Flatness Inspection

            (14 × 14 mm PoP)

PS400, 100lpi                    MP10
       Automated Flatness Inspection

Applications (13mm PBGA)
       Automated Flatness Inspection

Applications (13mm PBGA)
                  Automated Flatness Inspection

         2nd/3rd Order Surface Fit

3D surface plot              2nd order surface fit
                    Automated Flatness Inspection

New Features in MP10 Fringe Analysis Software

 • Multiple phase images and display windows may be
   open at the same time
 • Commands are available by right-mouse clicking on
   the image
 • Phase image filtering is applied as a command, not
   an option during analysis, and can be applied
   multiple times
 • 2nd order and 3rd order surface fit functions added
                       Automated Flatness Inspection

     Convective Module for the TherMoiré PS400

• Convectively heated and cooled
• Modular design for simple
  installation/removal (<2 minute
• Sample sizes up to 200 x 200 mm
• -55 C to 300 C temperature range
• 30 minutes from room temperature to
  –55 C to 150 C
                  Automated Flatness Inspection

Case Study: BGA Temperature Cycling Using
Convective Module for the TherMoiré PS400

   •Sample: 37.5mm BGA

   •Temperature profile: RT -> –40C -> 125C

   •Equipment: TherMoiré with Convective

   •Data collection every 10 degrees
Automated Flatness Inspection
        Automated Flatness Inspection

Akrometrix TherMoiré PS400
 Direct Projection Technique
                                               Automated Flatness Inspection

                            Akrometrix PS400 vs. DPT
                                           Akrometrix PS400                             Direct Projection Technique

Principle                                 Shadow Moiré technique                            Direct projection technique

Real-time inspection                 Yes (<1 sec data acquisition time)                   No (4 sec data acquisition time)

Depth of field (DOF)                  5 mm fixed (with 100 lpi grating)             Variable from 4 – 32 mm (dependent on FOV)
                                      20 mm fixed (with 50 lpi grating)
                                   Larger DOF possible with DIC module

Step height measurement?                   Yes (with DIC module)                                        Yes

Sample size                            5 mm to 400 mm (base PS400)                              10 mm to 200 mm
                                    <1 mm to 13 mm (with MP10 module)

Field of view (FOV)                Min: 13 x 17 mm (with MP10 module)                           Min: 25 x 25 mm
                                    Max: 400 x 400 mm (base PS400)                             Max: 200 x 200 mm

Z-axis resolution           FOV up to 400 x 400 mm: 2.5 um (with 100 lpi grating)           FOV of 25 x 25 mm: 2.5 um
                            FOV up to 100 x 100 mm: 0.8 um (with 300 lpi grating)          FOV of 200 x 200 mm: 20 um

Z-axis resolution                                    No                                                 Yes
dependent on FOV?
Simultaneous X-Y-Z                         Yes (with DIC module)                                        Yes
deformation measurement
(warpage, CTE, strain,
Max temperature variation                          <2.5 C                                           Up to 12 C
during data acquisition
                                           Automated Flatness Inspection

                     Compliance - JEDEC JESD22B112
                                                Akrometrix PS400               Direct Projection Technique

         Measuring Parameters

Total warpage magnitude as function of                  Yes                                   Yes
reflow temperature
Sign convention                                         Yes                                    No

3D and 2D plots                                         Yes                                   Yes

Diagonal line scan                                      Yes                                   Yes

          Measurement Setup

Number of thermocouples available for                    8                                 Unknown
sample temperature monitoring
Driving thermocouple placement                      Bottom only                    Top and bottom of sample
                                                                                   (can result in loss of data)

Temperature range                                  -55 C to 300 C                         -40 to 300 C

    Disclaimer: Information on direct projection equipment obtained from published literature, 3rd party
    evaluators and technical publications.

                                        Automated Flatness Inspection

                Akrometrix Customer List (Partial)
                               >170 Installations Worldwide

•   Siemens AG                      •   ChipPac               •   Shinko
•   HP                              •   TI                    •   Fujikara
•   Flextronics                     •   IBM                   •   Micron Technologies
•   Alcatel Lucent                  •   Cisco                 •   Sanyo
•   ASE                             •   Fujitsu               •   Shinko Electric
•   Samsung                         •   3M Corporation        •   Infineon
•   Henkel                          •   Sony Semiconductor    •   Philips CFT
•   ISE Labs                        •   Canon                 •   EMC
•   Altera                          •   CMK                   •   Research In Motion
•   Nitto Denko                     •   Intel                 •   Sony Japan
•   Sony                            •   Cookson Electronics   •   Toshiba Japan
•   IZM Fraunhofer Institute        •   Denso                 •   NEC
•   Nippon CMK                      •   Shiima Electronics    •   Amkor
•   Agere                           •   Namics Corporation    •   STMicroelectronics
•   Freescale Semiconductor         •   Hynix                 •   Renesas
•   Mitsubishi Gas Chemical         •   Kyocera SLC           •   Seagate
•   Spansion                        •   Sun Micro             •   OSE
                                                              •   Skyworks
                           Automated Flatness Inspection


• Innovative solutions provider for flatness measurement and analysis

• The industry leader in temperature dependent metrology

• Vendor committed to innovation through software development

• An Industry leader in standards for methodology
      Automated Flatness Inspection


  Joe Thomas in the USA
      HT Poh in Asia
  Automated Flatness Inspection

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